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New Airdrop Hunt Strategy 🪂 #30


Potential profit: $2,000+ 💰

Time: 20 minutes ⌛️

Gas fee: $0 ⛽️

A detailed 🧵 thread on how to Complete All tasks and get eligible for @alt_layer Airdrop Image
1/ Adding Networks to wallet

⭕✨Go here :-

➖Connect Wallet

➖Add Testnets network: Avalanche, BNB, Polygon, Fantom, Metis Image
2/ Get Faucet Tokens

➖Avalanche ->

➖BNB Smart Chain ->

➖BNB Smart Chain ->…

➖BNB Smart Chain ->…

➖Metis ->
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$BNB chain has the third highest TVL of $4.5Billion.

But some are not sure which projects to Invest in #BSC.

List of my Top 7 project picks on @BNBCHAIN 🧵 Image
1/ Radiant Capital

@RDNTCapital is an omnichain protocol where users can deposit any major asset on any major chain and borrow various supported assets across multiple chains.

Total Market Size on BSC - $240M

Below are the assets on the BNB chain. Image
2/ Thena

@ThenaFi_ is a Ve(3,3) protocol on BSC that has improved the Solidly model with new features such as NFTs, Referrals and Gauges.

TVL of Thena - $73.13M
Market Cap - $3.8M Image
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THE FUSION - A GameChanger solution in DeFi @ThenaFi_

Part 7 - Key Advantages of FUSION 🗝️ Image
2/17) In my previous thread we learned what are the 6 Pathways to Optimal Strategy 🛣️

3/17) In this last thread we will go through the key advantages of FUSION, and check the new pool types in Thena V2 🌊
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We all saw how $PEPE went crazy

Just imagine merging a #memetoken with actual utility. Ngl, the thought alone is bullish.

What's more, some are calling it the #BSC version of $PEPE.

Open this to know why. A 🧵

Let's talk about:
1. Introducing @fronk_ai
2. The $FRONK Token
3. $USDT Reflections
4. Why Binance Smart Chain
5. Utilities of @fronk_ai
6. Tokenomics
7. Roadmap
8. Other facts you should know
9. Presale details
10. Audit
11. Socials
Drum rolls 🥁 🥁 🥁

Introducing the first AI-powered GameFi and meme creator. @fronk_ai

Let me explain

Fronk AI is the first platform to combine both GameFi and meme creation using AI technology.

With this

✓ you can transform low-quality memes into high-quality ones. Image
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Wombex @WombexFinance has been making significant strides in recent weeks, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of #DeFi

I witnessed that team has been very active since its launch on @arbitrum

A recap of the most important milestones till now 👇 Image
1⃣ New Pools Added

🔹On April 8th, @WombexFinance pools were added to @DeBankDeFi, followed by new pools & yields added to @DefiLlama on April 12th

🔹On the same day, #Wombex added $BOB, $Frax, $MAI, and $MIM pools to the #Arbitrum Dapp Image
2⃣ Increasing TVL

🔹Just a day later on April 9th, #Wombex joined #Arbitrum X @WombatExchange AMA on Twitter, which helped to increase its visibility

🔹By April 29th, #Wombex had passed a total of $70M TVL on its platform, indicating strong growth & adoption Image
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#DIS #迷因幣 發行兩周,現價0.018對比首日開盤價0.000000695,#暴漲 2,597,198.88%
#BSC 網絡,跟隨+轉推+留言貼Metamask/TP等錢包地址,贈送 #空投!預計這周三上架第一個交易所!
*CMC,Coingecko,BscScan等申請中… Image

*The amount of this airdrop will not be 1000Dis but the amount is undetermined
*This will not be released immediately, it will be released in batches next week
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If you pay attention, you will notice that #BITCOIN, #ETHEREUM & the general #cryptocurrency market is DOWN! However the emerging ecosystem inside CARDANO DOES NOT CARE! Cardano is having a mini bull run in Image
its ecosystem. Wether you know it or not, these are the beginnings of A RIDICULOUSLY EXPLOSIVE 🧨 BULL MARKET FOR CARDANO this cycle. Most Of you can’t see it now, some of your have been misled or deceived to think you are late to the opportunity, you are DEAD WRONG.
Take another look, our top dex @MinswapDEX still has a market cap of $24 million dollars, our top lending protocol @AadaFinance still has a MKCAP of $24 million, our top synthetic @Indigo_protocol has a MKCAP of $10 million, Our top #memecoin @snekcoinada $SNEK is under
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PRICE PREDICTION for @AadaFinance $AADA highlighting what value I think it’s token will attain this bull market & reasons why. I challenge you to BOOKMARK this post for reference to see how I did come bull market top. Follow the thread 🧵 🪡 Image
In analysing potential price action for $AADA this market cycle, I will like to highlight the performance of the top lending protocol on #ETHEREUM, $AAVE & the top protocol on #BSC $VENUS protocol.

Last bull market $AAVE reached a MKCap of $7,953,335,447 Billion on
may 19th 2021, that very day #Ethereum the layer 1 it is built on reached a market cap Of $390,227,141,901 Billion Dollars. AAVE’s MKCAP reached approximately 2% of #ETH’s MKCAP at ATH.
In the same Bull market VENUS PROTOCOL, #BSC’s NO.1 lending protocol reached a MKCap of
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Good Morning #Crypto Twitter!

Embr Labs is revolutionizing the DeFi space with the Mattr One Protocol, the most advanced trust-minimized, real-time cross-chain technology:


#CryptoNews #CryptoCommunity #ETH #BSC #memecoin #web3 #PEPE… Image
Embr Labs is a leading technology company that develops and supports the Mattr One Protocol.
The Mattr One Protocol is the most advanced trust-minimized, real-time cross-chain technology.
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1/ 这是一份空投指南,适合一鱼多吃 🪂

@CashmereLabs 是基于 @LayerZero_Labs 的 MEV 保护跨链交换的协议,由 @BinanceLabs 负责孵化。参与早期交互是获得潜在空投的必要路径,推荐做。


🧵 线程如下 Image
2/ 交互策略

- 领水
领取 Base Goerli 和 Optimism Goerli ,后面会用到

- 交互
将 0.002 $ETH 从 Base 跨到 #Arbitrum
将 0.002 $ETH 从 #Optimism 跨到 #BSC
3/ 获得早期 OAT 勋章

- Galxe :…
关注 @CashmereLabs
加入Discord Image
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Vì gần hết tháng, nên hôm nay lại là chuyên mục: "BW với những câu chuyện luyên thuyên về @Level__Finance trên Twitter" bắt đầu.

Cập nhật hiện tại, $LVL đang có giá $9 với Mcap là $51.4m, giá đã giảm khá nhiều vì market xấu và proposal gần đây của dự án. Image
1/ So sánh các thông số trong 7 ngày qua:

- Fees: GMX $3.6m, GNS $540k , LVL $2m
- Revenue: GMX $1m, GNS $340k, LVL $1m

Còn trong 30 ngày qua:

- Fees: GMX $17.8, GNS $2.5m , LVL $8.5m
- Revenue: GMX $5.3m, GNS $1.7m, LVL $4.2m Image
2/ Nếu xét trong 30 ngày vừa qua, Fees thu được từ tính năng perps của các Perps DEX trên thì $LVL hơn $GNS 3.4 lần, và gần bằng 50% nếu so với $GMX.

Trong khi Revenue của $LVL gấp 2.5 lần so với $GNS, và chỉ thua $GMX 20%.
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🎉Summary of the best #Dapps on #BNBChain

🚀The best #decentralized apps are tools that make everyday life more convenient, accessible, and in some cases, improve your quality of life

🔥See more below and tell me which is your favorite Dapp

#BSC #BNB $BNB Summary of the best #Dapps ...
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Let's take a look at a timeline examining how deeply @binance helped promote @NeblioTeam & #NEBL then you guys make your own mind up as to how involved they were in enabling criminals to commit fraud against #Binance users.

August 2nd 2022

@NeblioTeam announce acquisition Image
August 24 2022

@binance announce #NEBL added to #Binance Earn with #Staking rewards at 3% APY Image
September 1 2022

@binance announced AMA with 'CMO' Younes Hariss @YounesHariss of @NeblioTeam, who stopped being active shortly after this AMA. Youness never presented himself to the Neblio community at all and nobody has heard from him since. $5000 in #NEBL giveaway. Image
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1/ Nearly every non-native #ERC token including ALL #NFTs are FLAWED! 🚨

Yes, that includes most on #EVM compatible ⛓️

#ETH tokens FLAWED
#SOL tokens FLAWED
#BSC tokens FLAWED
#XRP tokens FLAWED
#AVAX, #FTM, #MATIC, #HBAR, #TRON all flawed!

You get the idea…

But why? 🧵
2/ Well first, unless you are brand new to #crypto then you’ve heard of a wallet being drained from interacting with a token/#NFT

Someone sends you an #NFT. You try to sell it or even burn it. Poof all your #crypto is gone! 🤯

WTH just happened?!? Read on…📖
3/ #ERC tokens are specialized smart contracts NOT actual tokens

This includes ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

So every token action be it fungible or non-fungible requires interaction with a smart contract
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In this🧵#thread, i'd be calling out #web3 brands and listing some of the problems i noticed in building its #community and the notable solutions.

#communitybuilding #DeFi #web3community #BSC #DEX

@SwychFinance is my first call out. Image

I am impressed by the innovative all-in-one solution offered by @SwychFinance to the complex world of DeFi. Its comprehensive platform provides users with a seamless experience, allowing them to easily access a range of DeFi services, from DEX, staking,, launchpad & others.

However, there is a significant challenge that @SwychFinance faces in building its community.
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Next week, $1bn is going to flow into #Arb projects.

Call it the trickle down effect 💦

Holders will sell their $ARB (received in the airdrop) and will use the liquidity to invest in low cap gems, in the hope of #ArbSeason.

Let's look at some potential plays 👇🧵

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All that you need to know about @RoseonExchange expanding its ecosystem to introduce RoseonX

Let's do #Defi, Big Move.

A Thread 🧵
What is @RoseonExchange?
Roseon is an ecosystem of smart, all-in-one defi features to make trading and other daily interactions as seamless and stress-free as possible, with you having all you need for your everyday activities with your favorite token holdings. Image
It offers automated market-making and liquidity services to users. It aims to create a seamless user experience by providing access to a wide range of DeFi products, including lending, borrowing, staking, and trading.
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@RDNTCapital 做为全链借贷和 #DeFi 创新者,其TVL已超1.35亿美元,在 #Arbitrum 排名第三(只在 #GMX#Uniswap 之后),价格也持续攀升,但这还都只是基于V1和单链就已做到,V2才是 $RDNT 的真正腾飞
🧵 ImageImage
#Radiant V2和 #AAVE 等基础借贷协议的几个重要区别:
1/基于 #LAYERZERO 支持全链借贷,这意味着可以实现:在 #Arbitrum 质押 $USDC ,在 #BSC 上借出 $BNB , 彻底摆脱当前在同一公链上借出资产 -> 寻找安全低成本的跨链桥 -> 长时间等待的困惑,全链借贷是聚合被众多公链割裂流动性的基础入口
#AAVE V3 的跨链解决方案对比,基于 #LAYERZERO 意味着 #Radiant 全链借贷能快速支持更多L1/L2公链及其资产、更快速、低成本和安全,在安全事故频发的跨链桥领域,建构在 #LAYERZERO 之上的 #Stargate 跨链桥到目前为止尚未发生过任何重大安全事故。
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🧵Introducing The Burn Dashboard

We at Blockchain Army care about the community and truly wish the best for the crypto world. We strive to deliver value in everything we do.

We're proud to introduce, built for our partner @DEXToolsApp ! Image
2/ What is The Burn Dashboard?

The Burn Dashboard is a powerful tool empowering anyone to easily understand extremely valuable data with just a simple look at it.

Let's take a closer look at what it offers!
3/ In the first row there are two graphs:

The first one indicates the speed at which $DEXT is reducing supply, showing how the burn is performing overtime, in addition there is a prediction of the percentage of supply burnt yearly, based on the last 24 hours of data. Image
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Are you interested in the #Cryptoworld? Do you know what a fair launch in crypto is? This Twitter thread will explain the concept of a #FairLaunch and its benefits in the #Crypto Space. $QUACK #RichQUACK #cryptocrash

- THREAD - 🧵👇 Image
1/10 💡 Have you heard of the term "fair launch" in the crypto world? It's a term used to describe the process of launching a new #cryptocurrency in a way that ensures equal access and opportunities for all participants. $QUACK
2/10 🔍 So what exactly is a fair launch in crypto? In simple terms, a fair launch is when a new cryptocurrency is launched without any pre-mining, pre-sale or early access for select individuals or groups. $QUACK
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The #DEX movement is getting bigger and bigger

The 'move to @arbitrum' is also getting more popular by the day 🚀

@RoseonExchange lives on both these narratives

$ROSN is going to quickly move to $ROSX, a thread to Inform yourself about it
👇🧵 Image
@arbitrum @RoseonExchange 1/

What is this thread about? 🧵

@RoseonExchange is a one-stop shop mobile app for web3 activities

RoseonX is the name of the upcoming derivatives DEX on @arbitrum

The $ROSN token will migrate as well turning into 1:1 $ROSX
@arbitrum @RoseonExchange 2/

A quick $ROSN overview:

Price: $0.128
Market Cap: $6.3m

Keep in mind that this will soon (March) become $ROSX and will be on @arbitrum instead of #BSC and is still very undervalued compared to $VELA $GMX $GNS and other similar projects. Image
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#Metalauncher just confirmed its airdrop!!

Follow these steps to qualify!

{A thread 🧵, RT for others}

#MTLAAirdrop #Metalauncher #Airdrops #BSC
@meta_launcher is is a platform that aims to onboard businesses and customers into the metaverse and have 3D shopping experiences in the metaverse
Metaluancher recently announced their upcoming Airdrop Campaign, where you can earn 3000 $MTLA tokens just by completing a few simple tasks.
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Metalauncher just announced there Airdrop, here is the guideline on how to participate.

#Airdrop is confirmed.!

A Thread 🧵
@meta_launcher is is a platform that aims to revolutionize the way businesses and customers interact and have shopping experiences in the metaverse.
Through its innovative technology, Meta Launcher is leading the way in creating a new standard of customer engagement in the virtual world.
They are building massive web3 utility which encompasses MetaMall, MetaMarket, MetaStore and MetaPad
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1/ Are #GMT tokens on #BSC really burned?

Even though on chain transactions on #BSC show the daily #GMT burns, the total #GMT supply, after burns, might in fact not decrease.

Please allow me to explain 👇
2/ Binance Bridge

@binance has their own bridge to bring tokens from other chains to #BSC

They do so by holding collateral in a 1:1 ratio in certain wallets (102% ratio atm)

Today 1.3M #GMT was minted on #BSC and an equivalent 1.3M #GMT were sent & held in a wallet on #Solana.
3/ Why?

This is done to ensure that tokens can move both ways.

Theoretically: When #StepN decides to bring liquidity back from #BSC to #Solana, they could burn the tokens on #BSC and release an equivalent amount of #GMT from their wallet back into #Solana.
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