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Unscrupulous legalities and racist political policy resulted in #ShamimaBegum losing the appeal to have her citizenship reinstated. The ultimate reason being that the ex-Home Secretary having declared her ‘a threat to national security’...

1/ Image containing the following text:  When the policy makers
It does seem to be the height of hypocrisy to declare Ms Begum a threat to national security when the UK and other Western countries have been fuelling the fire in, arming, and training Al-Qaida terrorists FOR YEARS.

Let's dive into some history...
The truth about the West's collusion with terrorists started to emerge as early as 2013, but we’ve been busy finding ways to remain in denial

Let’s explore...

March 2013:
‘The US has announced an extra $60m (£40.2m) in DIRECT AID TO THE REBELS’
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I’ve just finished reading the #shamimabegum judgment and despite the many assertions to the contrary, it can be summed up as the Home Secretary’s assessment of national security is a trump card, regardless of all other considerations.
It’s important to understand the difference between ‘national security’ and the Home Secretary’s assessment of ‘national security’. They’re not the same.
SIAC, the secret court that heard the appeal, repeatedly refers to its extremely limited role in assessing the national security threat posed by any individual. As the Supreme Court held 2 years ago, it needs to give due deference to the Home Secretary’s ‘inscrutable’ assessment
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#shamimabegum 🧵

1 - Every fibre of my being is appalled at what Shamima Begum did. The detachment, arrogance and lack of any discernible compassion or emotion she has displayed at the consequences of her actions is sickening.
2 - Part of me is thrilled that she will never come back to the UK, and she should pay a huge price for becoming part of a nihilistic death cult, which ruthlessly beheaded charity workers and military personnel alike. It feels like the right decision. The “just” decision.
3 - But feelings are different from thoughts and having thought about it, in my view, I don’t think it is the right decision to stop her returning the to the UK.
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But the hypocrisy of our government is out of this world... 🧵

The verdict for her appeal over the removal of her UK citizenship for joining Islamic State, which started in Nov last year, is about to be delivered.

#ShamimaBegum ended up in Syria as a 15-year-old with two other girls in 2015...

Here’s a recap of what’s occurred so far:
2/ Image of Shamima Begum with...
Her lawyers are arguing the [then] Home Secretary @sajidjavid should have taken into account that she was trafficked to Syria and sexually exploited, when making his 2019 decision to revoke her citizenship rendering her stateless, against international law.
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1. #ShamimaBegum was not radicalised in Syria and Iraq. She was radicalised in the UK. When you have sitting MPs such as Naz Shah, Jeremy Corbyn and Liam Byrne as well as Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi openly calling for jihad against India this Islamic fascism is mainstream Image
2. Just as Anthony Blunt, Kim Philby and Guy Burgess were not radicalised in USSR. William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) as not radicalised in Nazi Germany. But like Shamima they made exile to their respective fatherlands to be with similar ilk. William Joyce learnt his fascism in the UK Image
3. Cambridge spies were from the country's elite, and were not working class heroes leading a communist revolution, but willing tools for Stalin. They were brainwashed in a quest for a new utopia that never materialised Image
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This "breaking" news was revealed 7 yrs ago. What's "new" is MI5 would've known all this before her #ShamimaBegum's nationality was revoked. In other words, they tacitly knowingly approved. During my time in HMP Belmarsh I met a young British man who told me a shocking story. 1 Image
He'd been recruited & paid large sums by #MI5 to infiltrate #ISIS & report back. But after suspecting he was working both sides they arrested & prosecuted him under terror laws. His case was so sensitive much was heard in secret with unprecedented media reporting restrictions. 2
Despite being found not guilty of the main charge he was placed under TPIMs (house arrest). When that order expired he was rearrested. He remained in prison while the government sought to deport him to the land of his parents' origin - even though he was British and had 3
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@Andrewwood17 @TowerHamletsNow @THConservatives @TH_Labour @RabinaKhan @THLDs @going4golds @RohitKachrooITV @tamhussein @mohammedakunjee Listen to Episode 3 hear @PuruMiah @Andrewwood17 & @RabinaKhan demonstrate what it means to be a true representative of the people. Well done all three councillors and shame on @TowerHamletsNow for its weasel words and refusal to conduct a Serious Case Review.
The words of @PuruMiah were particularly eloquent as he talked of the case of Shamima being only one part of the reality that #TowerHamlets is 'an entire population that has been abandoned by the government'. We can see why he resigned the TH Labour whip!
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Citizenship Deprivation: A thread on how the origins of the current practice have their roots in Tony Blair's desperation to deport one British man in the wake of the 9-11 attacks 20 years ago, the Muslim preacher Abu Hamza.…
Subjected to one of the most grotesque racist media campaigns of dehumanisation in the post 9-11 world, in which his prominent disabilities became the focus of acceptable mockery and ridicule, press and politicians alike regularly called for Abu Hamza's deportation from the UK.
The only difficulty however was that Abu Hamza was a British citizen and had been so since 1986, so could not simply be banished from the country for expressing distasteful views. That would be medieval.
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I, like many others, am disappointed with the Supreme Court’s (SC) ruling on #ShamimaBegum

This has nothing to do with her as an individual or her beliefs, which (of course) I do not agree with.

BUT imo the importance of a fair trial & human rights have been undermined.
The SC found that the Court of Appeal (CA) was wrong to make its own assessments about national security. “There was no evidence before the Court as to whether the national security concerns about Ms Begum could be addressed and managed by her being arrested and charged upon her
arrival in the U.K., or by her being made the subject of a Terrorist Prevention and Investigation Measure [109].

It is disappointing that as a country we cannot ‘manage’ an individual returning to our country... in order to ensure that she has a fair trial.
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ICCT Project Manager/Research Fellow @reinierbergema kicks off Day Two of #ICCTConf by introducing this morning’s panelists, @clairevandyck, @DrDPrabhat, and @lauravanwaas! @TMCAsser Image
@BristolUni’s @DrDPrabhat uses the recent case of #ShamimaBegum to illustrate how statelessness is the foremost concern when the deprivation of citizenship is used for #counterterrorism purposes #ICCTConf Image
Next up @lauravanwaas, cofounder of @institute_si, explains how denial of nationality is used as a way to strip people or communities of rights - and how it is one of the most challenging human rights issues we face today. #ICCTConf Image
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There has been quite a lot of debate around the appeal process in the Special Immigrations Appeal Commission (SIAC) and her access to legal aid to support the challenge.
Check out the Perspective by our Research Fellow @DrRvanArk for analysis on the prospect of this appeal and the issue of deprivation of nationality as #CT measure.…
Also, read our Perspective by @tanya_mehra1 and @chpaulussen which addresses several policy options related to repatriation of foreign fighters and their families, taking into account legal, moral and (long-term) security perspectives.…
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In the coming weeks, ICCT will publish a series of op-eds on issues with regard to returnees, repatriation and deprivation of nationality. Responding and reflecting on current developments. Follow this thread to read them! #OpEds #PolicyOptions #InformedDebate
1) The first Perspective in this series is offered by Tanya Mehra and @chpaulussen. They address several policy options related to repatriation of foreign fighters and their families, taking into account legal, moral and (long-term) security perspectives.…
2) The second Perspective in this series by @DrRvanArk discusses the revocation of #ShamimaBegum's nationality by the UK govt and her prospects of appeal. Reflecting on issues regarding #statelessness and deprivation of nationality as a CT-measure.…
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A quick THREAD on the contradictions of the home office and @sajidjavid over the stripping of #ShamimaBegum's British citizenship.
It's a MUST READ to see just how @theresa_may's old department's #hostileenvironment appears to discriminate against BAME people... 1/n
So currently there are international laws which state that when a citizen commits a crime in a foreign country, that country has the right to deport the person to their home country. This is accepted, and not a contentious issue. 2/15
In fact, the British gov't loves using these powers.
It regularly deports British residents of Caribbean descent. People who moved to Britain as toddlers and have British kids have been taken away from their families and sent 'back' to the Caribbean. 3/15…
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A few thoughts on the decision to deprive #ShamimaBegum of her UK citizenship:

1. It is unlawful to deprive someone of their citizenship if this would render them stateless. Making someone stateless is denying them the right to have rights ( as Hannah Arendt put it.
2. Even if someone is entitled to another citizenship but does not possess it at the time of deprivation, they cannot be deprived of their citizenship. Therefore it cannot be argued that someone could apply for another nationality.
3. The UK government did not begin its deprivation policy today. The power has been increasingly used in recent years with 104 citizens deprived in 2017 alone. Those deprived include aid workers and a man who went abroad to support his wife who was giving birth.
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