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A quick THREAD on the contradictions of the home office and @sajidjavid over the stripping of #ShamimaBegum's British citizenship.
It's a MUST READ to see just how @theresa_may's old department's #hostileenvironment appears to discriminate against BAME people... 1/n
So currently there are international laws which state that when a citizen commits a crime in a foreign country, that country has the right to deport the person to their home country. This is accepted, and not a contentious issue. 2/15
In fact, the British gov't loves using these powers.
It regularly deports British residents of Caribbean descent. People who moved to Britain as toddlers and have British kids have been taken away from their families and sent 'back' to the Caribbean. 3/15…
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If you're celebrating that #ShamimaBegum has had her citizenship revoked, do keep in mind that you are probably being played. No minister wants to say we're bring her back so they've shunted the decision to an appeal court where they know UKgov knows it will probably lose.
What we're likely to get is a protracted court case costing the better part of a million quid and then she will have to come home and face the music. It's our problem and she is definitely a product of our society. Only a Brit could have that sense of self-entitlement.
And I think that she does need to come back. This is a deeply disturbed young lady - still a child in a very real sense. She needs psychiatric evaluation and she needs to be punished. And for our side of it, we must follow the rule of law- because that's how we do.
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A few thoughts on the decision to deprive #ShamimaBegum of her UK citizenship:

1. It is unlawful to deprive someone of their citizenship if this would render them stateless. Making someone stateless is denying them the right to have rights ( as Hannah Arendt put it.
2. Even if someone is entitled to another citizenship but does not possess it at the time of deprivation, they cannot be deprived of their citizenship. Therefore it cannot be argued that someone could apply for another nationality.
3. The UK government did not begin its deprivation policy today. The power has been increasingly used in recent years with 104 citizens deprived in 2017 alone. Those deprived include aid workers and a man who went abroad to support his wife who was giving birth.
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In February 2015, Amira Abase (15*), #ShamimaBegum (16*) & Kadiza Sultana (15*), travelled to #Syria from UK via Turkey. They went to become "#ISIS brides". Till this day, I still don't know how they were not stopped or questioned at any port of exit/entry.

*At the time
The reason I say this, is that few weeks later after the girls left the UK, I was travelling back to the UK from Jordan, via Turkey. When I got to the UK, I was detained under #Schedule7 of the #Terrorism Act 2000.

Police said because I was alone & had come from Turkey & Jordan, & taking into account foreigners (#Muslims) using those countries to enter Syria, they wanted to have a chat. During the questioning, I was asked about my opinion of the 3 girls (I heard in the news about them).
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#ISIS Schoolgirl Wants Return To Britain | #ShamimaBegum | She Should NOT Be Allowed Back

#PresidentsDay #QAnon #MAGA #KAG2020 #Trump2020 🇺🇸
#DarkToLight ♥️🌌 #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
Janice Atkinson: “Disgraceful rag” faces backlash over #Jihadis ...

#PresidentsDay #QAnon #MAGA #KAG2020 #Trump2020 🇺🇸
#DarkToLight ♥️🌌 #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
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So much being said about #ShamimaBegum without any legal background to what is possible. She is a British citizen, which means she has a right to enter the UK - unless she is deprived of citizenship.
The Home Sec can deprive her of citizenship under s.40(2) British Nationality Act 1981, if it would be conducive to the public good & she would not become stateless as a result.
Ordinarily, deprivation doesn't apply to those like Shamima Begum who were born in the UK and British from birth. However, it is theoretically possible. But it's v unclear that she is entitled to any other nationality.
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Stripping ISIS returnees of citizenship and/or refusal to take them back (with or without prosecution) is a horrible idea.

Such a policy aligns with ISIS strategic goals and propaganda.

Now let me explain why.

ISIS actively encourages sympathizers to sever ties to their respective nation-state of citizenship.

For that nation-state to similarly strip them of citizenship renders rehabilitation an impossibility, and institutionalizes ISIS’ zero-sum concept of political loyalty.
Nation-states like the US and the UK, moreover, have close to zero credibility in much of the “Middle East” because of unconscionable foreign policy, flagrant violations of civil liberties, and human rights abuses - especially in the “Global War on Terror.”
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