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🆕 @NicolaKelly reports in the @guardian on @ukhomeoffice plans to surveil migrants through smartwatches, informed by our @LucieCAudibert. We’ve been investigating this latest stride in the UK’s cruel migration policies.

A thread🧵
Organisations like @BIDdetention and @migrantsorg alerted us a while ago to the roll-out of GPS ankle tags to monitor migrants released on immigration bail.…
GPS tags are a dehumanising, invasive method of control that monitors people’s precise location 24/7.
The Home Office knows where they’ve been, when, every second of the day.…
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Can we have one day without some new horrible discriminatory rights-abusing Government proposal?
The Government is intent on wrecking privacy rights and monitoring us.
Almost 2 years ago we won the world's first legal challenge against police use of live #FacialRecognition tech in public.

But South Wales Police - who we beat - has used it since, and is even trialling facial rec smartphone apps so officers can use it out and about
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Something anecdotal av noticed in Scotland that'll b of interest tae English lefties ad think. Glesga the auld @ScottishLabour fiefdom- noo centre ae left wing nationalist politics- n' a @theSNP stronghold - the few yoons left here r aw either blinded by affinity wi' sectarian..
specs, n' a hateful orange order fed diet eh flag sh*ggimg yoonionism, flute friendly fascism & loyalty tae a Queen who's the heid ae a religion wi mair in common wi their hated Catholicism than their brand ae Presbyterianism that recognises Ibrox as the only church they've...
ever set fit in. BUT here's the juicy bit for English lefties, the only other hawd oots a ken, r auld Labour voters, noo disproportionately daen very well, wi' an economy brutal tae maist, working very well indeed for them. Usually aulder, in a profession, (mind wages in the...
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We wanted to step up and show our support for the @Care4Calais #StopRwanda campaign.

The way Britain treats refugees and asylum seekers is part of the #HostileEnvironment, that led to the #NationalityAndBordersAct. We are pleased to support action to mitigate against it.

1/6 Side by side selfies of Ali holding a sign, and Lizzi holdin
We want to see the success of this campaign and all others that aim to challenge the deliberate cruelty of the #HostileEnvironment and are proud to work with and alongside organisations and individuals who make this their goal.
The #HostileEnvironment consists of a set of policies and laws made to make it unbearable for some people to live in Britain. Originally intended to deter 'illegal immigrants', the plans backfired, throwing all non-White people into harm's way.
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When an instinctive reaction is simultaneously good and bad - THREAD:

After Mo Farah’s recent revelation, many of us instinctively applauded the Home Office as they delivered their lightning speed verdict of ‘no action’ against him.
This in itself was a positive move. However, it highlights the blatant hypocrisy of their standard treatment towards victims of trafficking, refugees or asylum seekers…

If we are to be COMPLETELY HONEST, they're not the only hypocrites in this situation.
As a society, WE also need to take responsibility for our support of the HO in this instance versus our usual complacency to their persecution. But it's tricky, this ‘instinct’ or involuntary emotion of empathy in certain instances - it's exceptionalism.

Let's unpack...
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Since its introduction in 2012 as part of the #HostileEnvironment, the NRPF policy has been found to be unlawful FIVE TIMES 🚨🚨🚨

The NRPF policy continues to breach multiple aspects of basic decency and humanity as written into various laws.
Over a million people in the UK are affected by NRPF, which largely affects people with temporary visas, such as students. In the Covid lockdowns, many were unable to work or get financial aid, some were left starving or lost their homes as a result.
The policies that make up the #HostileEnvironment are intentionally cruel, causing deliberate hardship to people who are, by and large, just trying to live their lives and get on in society.

Perhaps this sums it up best?
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We made a little collection of Tory perspectives on refugees, asylum seekers, and the #Rwanda policy. One of these people may be our next PM!

Starting with Rishi Sunak, who has consistently voted against a more accessible, supportive asylum system, he’s evil as they come…

Penny Mordaunt, following her Twitter posts from yesterday, she is best summed up by @WilksBecca
"Some have tried to paint me as marginally less monstrous than the other candidates - Let me assure you, they are wrong."

Liz Truss takes a leaf out Johnson’s book as she has been accused of lying about the horrendous #Rwanda policy, but she doesn't have any better ideas…

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#StateHypocrisy #StateRacism

‘When it’s one rule for your’s…

You have no right to be uptight
when we pull you up on you’ - (#SOC) Image
During his visit to #Rwanda, Johnson was asked by reporters whether Ukrainians will be sent to the East African nation if they enter the UK undocumented or by irregular routes: Image
“So I’m afraid the answer is I suppose, yes, in theory that could happen but I think it’s very unlikely.”…
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74 years ago, on the 22nd June, 1948, the HMT Empire Windrush docked in Essex with hundreds of Caribbean immigrants on board.
Join us as we explore why we mark the day, and why it matters...
They had been invited to the UK by the government to help rebuild Britain after the second world war. Many found jobs in the NHS and other sectors lacking workers.
At the time the Caribbean was part of the Commonwealth so the Windrush Generation - the people who arrived into the UK from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1973 - were free to live and work permanently in the UK
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Mr Justice Swift's judgement in which he gives his personal/official approval to sending vulnerable people fleeing for their lives to a nation as far as can be from their families, friends, connections, cultures, possibilities of medical, psychological, social support
all of which they desperately need, means, that the British government has, provided it is in total control of it, legitimised people-trafficking,
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We had reports from our In Limbo members experiencing difficulties at the border trying to return home in the UK even though they are EU citizens with #SettleStatus.

Airlines have asked for additional ID against official guidance.

Many are now anxious when traveling.
Our friends @the3million have reported the same problem of EU citizens refused boarding their flights back to their homes in the UK unless they provide additional ID.

This is unacceptable.

Why is @ukhomeoffice silent on this?

We need physical proof of our immigration status!
This is part of a wider issue, that of the #HostileEnvironment.

Airlines, universities, hospitals, landlords & employers have become border control but are not always well informed.

The issue is a system which is hostile to immigrants & citizens in general, even British ones.
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Hitler, Trump, May, Orban & Johnson have all demonised vulnerable minorities to win power.

On the 10th anniversary of the #HostileEnvironment, Home Office staff have warned of a “culture of fear” where they may be asked to act illegally.

#HostileEnvironment policies have changed the fabric of society. No other policy in living memory has left such a malign mark, a stain like an oil slick. It's racist, xenophobic, immoral, illegal, unfair, punishing, divisive, mean-spirited, discriminatory & counterproductive.”
Shami Chakrabarti, a former shadow attorney general, said: “Ten years of the hostile environment have been a disaster for race relations, community cohesion and national pride. Using starvation and destitution as a means of control led directly to the #Windrush scandal.”
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A 🧵about @GNDRising disruption of Home Secretary Priti Patel's talk at the Bassetlaw Conservatives Association dinner.

This🧵seeks to critically interrogate this action from the perspective of Black & WoC migrants @UnisNotBorders to develop discussion & better practices.
We recognise the importance of disruptions, we also question the ethicality in putting funds into the Tory party. Dinners like this go for an excess of £400 or £4,000 a ticket. Source:…
How much did @GNDRising pay to the Tories to disrupt their meeting?
Is it ethical for @GNDRising, a new NGO, to use funds to pay to “disrupt” a Tory dinner attended by right-wing xeno-racist sycophantic followers of Priti Patel who care nothing for migrants? Did @GNDRising think that their disruption would elicit policy change from a fascist?
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As @UnisNotBorders approaches another yr of organising during the Covid pandemic, we want to share highlights of what we've done in 2021 & what we hope to accomplish approaching our 6th yr of advocating for migrant university staff & students against #HostileEnvironment.
January 20201

@UnisNotBorders kept the pressure by amplifying in @FT the how UK universities were putting migrant student into destitution & how #NRPF, #HostileEnvironment & marketised higher education are all harming migrant students during pandemic:…
February 2021

@UnisNotBorders commences the #EmmaHardlyWorking campaign targeting @UKLabour Shadow Education Minister (from January 2020-March 2021) who failed to respond to our letter around migrant student destitution, & forced withdrawals. More here:…
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While the VC enjoys his Christmas, @UnisNotBorders has been assisting @USSU International Student Officer, @caituee on cases of migrant student homelessness @SussexUni. These cases are part of systemic issues including #HostileEnvironment + marketised higher education.
Student A is a migrant postgrad @SussexUni with their family (partner & 3 children). They arrived in October 2021 & since, have been moving from short-term let to another w/o any stable, long-term housing. Student A & their family's mental & physical health are deteriorating.
Student A's children have not been able to enroll in school since coming to the UK because of a lack of stable housing. Student A's has been so focused on finding housing that they can't focus on their coursework.
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We are deeply saddened and angered by the needless deaths of people trying to reach safety in the UK.
The continued loss of life in the Channel as well as in detention centres around the country are a direct result of the Government's racist #HostileEnvironment policies.
The answer can never be to ramp up toxic policies - which Gov's Nationality and Borders Bill (aka #AntiRefugeeBill) does by proposing pushbacks at sea and offshore 'processing' of asylum seekers.

And just this week Gov announced a new prison-like detention centre for women.
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Any dumb shit who uses the pejorative "illegals" gets an instant block.

Imho, accounts who use this misleading pejorative to describe a wide range of people are either too far gone, or are deliberately stoking fear, division & hatred.

Life is short enough without engaging them.
The number of people coming to the UK to claim asylum fell by 4% last year - less than half what it was in the early 2000s. Patel says 70% of those arriving on small boats are “not genuine asylum seekers”, yet two-thirds have been granted refugee status.…
30 years of anti-asylum measures mean Britain is already a #HostileEnvironment for asylum seekers. Those fleeing persecution & torture subsist on less than £5.50/day (less than in France) & are not allowed to work, unlike in many other countries.…
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A word on #VaccinePassports... The Prime Minister standing in front of a podium at a corona
#VaccinePassports will create a two-tier society where some people can access services and others are shut out.

And it's the most marginalised whose rights will be worst affected.
No NHS number? Then you can't prove your vaccination status.

Many Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people, homeless people and migrants for example don't have NHS numbers.
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My mom got a UK driving licence a few years after she moved to the UK in the late 1970s. She’s now trying to renew it. @DVLAgovuk wants her to send her passport and proof of her immigration status but will not guarantee safe return of original documents. #hostileenvironment 1/ 🧵
She needs to swap old licence for a photo licence but it’s unclear why immigration status is relevant to licence renewal.@DVLAgovuk ‘s website makes the process sound simple for GB residents but in fact this is not true if you don’t have a British passport. #hostileenvironment 2/
One major issue is that many non-British citizens are invisible in UK systems because they’re not on the electoral roll. Every year when she tries to renew her car tax @DVLAgovuk refuses to believe that she has lived in her house for 30 years. #hostileenvironment 3/
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Home Office chief responds to that devastating long read by @trillingual.

The two pieces capture the central schizophrenia of pledges to become more humane after #Windrush while dialing up hate against asylum seekers in service of the Conservative re-election strategy.
We see this schizophrenia every day in our dealings with Home Office leaders.

I don't doubt the sincerity of their commitment to implement lessons from the #Windrush review.
I've seen at close range the changes in mindset when it comes to thinking about institutionalised cruelty & discrimination.

Some Home Office leaders even wrote to me with their reflections on a piece that @SatbirLSingh and I wrote on the #Windrush review…
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Join our WEBINAR on 25th March 2021 w/t @slatter_alexis @jamildhanji & @saraanzani as they explore new post-Brexit imm rules surrounding the handling of non-EU asylum claims under 3rd country inadmissibility principles.
⏰12 pm
See👇 Image
Senior practitioners @slatter_alexis @jamildhanji & @saraanzani are live now with their webinar exploring the new post-Brexit immigration rules on non-EU asylum asylum claims under the new “Third Country Rules”
@saraanzani is starting off by looking at the Secretary of State's stated rationale for the changes which includes the intention to treat certain asylum claims as inadmissible
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"I wish to assure that the Home Office is making sure lessons have been learned and changes are being made to the approach it takes."

Yeah, right.

#HostileEnvironment #inLimbo
There is absolutely no excuse for such an inhumane treatment by the Home Office.

#HostileEnvironment #inLimbo

@lisaocarroll @gilestremlett @the3million…
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Watching the #Stansted15 appeal today, extending solidarity on behalf of @LSWUnited and @blkprotestlegal. @bencsmoke live tweeting the proceedings and I’ll be posting some updates too. Clare Montgomery QC currently setting out the grounds on behalf of the appellants.
The language of the Act should be interpreted restrictively. The offence is one of the utmost seriousness, carrying a potential life sentence and subject to universal jurisdiction.
Immense concerns raised about the chilling effect these convictions have on legitimate public protest. The ramifications of applying terrorism related legislation in this context could mean those supporting/encouraging the #Stansted15’s actions are also caught in the same web
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