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For those who are attacking @LordCFalconer (especially his fellow Jews or Lords) for trying to help solve an issue such as #Antisemitism in @UKLabour or elsewhere in society reflect upon what this suggests about your own attitudes:
1) Do you want antisemitism to be tackled?
2) Why can't fellow Jews, such as Falconer (within the party) or @BoardofDeputies (wider engagement/healing) be part of the process ... without being attacked without tropes that hint at 'wrong sort' being used?
3) If you are a Lord or MP are you asking about ...
or tackling the significant rise in hate crime in UK over the last 8 years (@Conservatives government)?
4) Would you be advocating people to leave the UK due to its institutional #racism? The #HostileEnvironment and #Windrush crisis was caused by government policies and money.
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holy ish...Q posts blasting off at rapid pace...will try to decode once all posted...
Lots to this one...not sure who a lot of these initials referring to...
Declas of FISA will initiate resignation or recusal &/or removal of Rod Rosenstein (why [RR] continues to appear... [ ] = removal/ending soon)
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1/ On the Immigration Bill committee the immigration minister @carolinenokes shows that she does not understand differing immigration systems. When asked about #Windrush & EU Settled Status she is saying that declaratory system does not work. This is wrong...
2/ Windrush was not about a choice of people needing to apply for rights (constitutive system) or were entitled automatically by law (declaratory system). It was a problem of not having documentation to prove status. A declaratory system can still issue documents.
3/ @Stuart_McDonald points exactly this out to @carolinenokes. The lack of documentation was the issue not the way people obtained the new status.
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A quick THREAD on the contradictions of the home office and @sajidjavid over the stripping of #ShamimaBegum's British citizenship.
It's a MUST READ to see just how @theresa_may's old department's #hostileenvironment appears to discriminate against BAME people... 1/n
So currently there are international laws which state that when a citizen commits a crime in a foreign country, that country has the right to deport the person to their home country. This is accepted, and not a contentious issue. 2/15
In fact, the British gov't loves using these powers.
It regularly deports British residents of Caribbean descent. People who moved to Britain as toddlers and have British kids have been taken away from their families and sent 'back' to the Caribbean. 3/15…
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Useful clarification by the @ukhomeoffice following a Guardian article on the Settled Status application system yesterday.…
Why the Home Office uses the emotionally loaded word "Accusation" in its clarification on an article written by a concerned EU citizen is difficult to understand. Articles like the one yesterday simply show that there is still a lot of work to be done to inform EU citizens.
3.6m EU citizens going through a change process that creates understandable anxieties. Especially after the experience many had through the permanent residence process that was not handled in the same way as Settled Status.
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Coming soon to your childrens’ school playground?

Go Home vans are a bit messy so... here, have some Stasi informers for £58.20 an hour. Recoup the cost by letting some brown people die.


Brexit is a disaster. Election coming. Shit.

I know! Mike, go hang at the hospital. Turn away some people. Harsher the better. Soft lefties @Guardian will write stories. Pictures of dying brown faces. Get some UKIP votes. Sorted!


@guardian Mike, it’s called the #HostileEnvironment for a reason. Stop whinging. More babies sleeping on buses is awesome. Cause more people up in arms = more votes. Plus council does the dirty work! What’s not to like?!


@maybulman writes.

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1/ At the Immigration Bill committee @smismanss on behalf of the3million gave evidence. He is astounded that the proposed Immigration Bill removes the legal basis of us 3.6m EU citizens to live in the UK without dealing with the future immigration status.
2/ @smismanss calls the idea of removing the current status for us EU citizens and replacing it with a new, lesser legally protected, status people have to apply for and if missed or unsuccessful will become illegal: "radical".
3/ @smismanss then sets out what needs to change in the bill:
- protection of status in the Bill itself and not through regulations to increase legal certainty
- a registratration ("declaratory") rather than application ("constitutive") system
- limited Henry VIII powers
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At @CommonsHomeAffs evidence session @YvetteCooperMP lists the consequences of Home Office failing to process all EU citizens for Settled Status under current system:
These EU citizens would be here unlawfully, unable to work, rent or access the NHS.
All experts agree.
.@ColinYeo1 from @freemovementlaw stating that it could be 100s of thousands of EU citizens failing to apply by the deadline - at risk of falling into the #HostileEnvironment. No clear indication by Home Secretary @sajidjavid yet on how these EU citizens will be helped.
Having listened to the experts @YvetteCooperMP warns/summarises:
"Is it fair to say that effectively the [application] system [for EU citizens] currently put in place by the Government is like Windrush on steroids?"
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There's been relatively little discussion about Brexit at @ucu VP hustings. This is likely because of our collective levels of despair, and ferocity of views held, but we as a union MUST be on top of the issues as strongly as possible. Here are my thoughts ⬇ /1
Thanks to @alvaromp for the question - I hope to be able to talk more to him and others in person about this (and more) at remaining hustings!
(List:…) /2
It would be easy to panic & disappear into a black hole of doom over current state of #Brexitshambles. But as a trade union we must always look for ways to defend, protect + improve the situation for our members & for society as a whole. 3/
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🔹Each time people voice their legitimate concerns re collusion with "Zionist Orgs" we have seen the Zionist movement call Antisemitism but Zionism isnt exclusively Jewish but Christain Hindu & Althiest among others. We are witnessing a pattern emerging to silence us .
The steady rise in #FarRight support for Zionist Orgs whilst involving themselves in disgraceful Antisemitism online & in real life in itself shows that Zionism is not Judaism. When we see Zionist Orgs finance and give platforms to the Far Right more people need to question why.
We have also witnessed British Orgs who receive financial backing from Zionists use "Extremist" & "Antisemitism " as the beating stick /dog whistle to draw support from zionist trolls and/or silence those who dare to question/challenge the legitimacy of the org and its agenda.
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As more and more problems with #SettledStatus emerge, it is time to hold those to account who failed the 3.6m EU citizens and put them in this situation. First up are Vote Leave who made a commitment to EU citizens during the EU referendum but #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis! 1/
Vote Leave also often referred to the Vienna Convention to lure EU citizens into a false sense of security. Here is @GiselaStuart telling a German EU citizen about it. Stuart talked about it often even though the statement was always a lie. And #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis 2/
What is interesting about @GiselaStuart is that although she kept saying the right things all the - she even chaired an inquire that recommended protections, her actions tell a different story. #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis as it does not respect the rights of EU citizens. 3/
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1/ It's good to see that, after relentless campaigning by us together with @unisontweets, @InLimboBrexit & @MoreUnitedUK, the Prime Minister has listened & scrapped the £65 Settled Status fee for EU citizens. MPs raised further concerns though yesterday...…
2/ to make Settled Status a success the Govt must ensure no one is falling into the #HostileEnvironment. SNP MP @Stuart_McDonald rightly asking why there is no appeal right for EU citizens on Settled Status and why there is a a cliff edge cut off date for applications in 2021.
2/ Labour MP @Afzal4Gorton is asking what the Govt is doing to ensure that EU citizens know that they must apply for Settled Status. 37% if EU doctors surveyed don't even know what Settled Status is.
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1/ Today the Settled Status application scheme is opened up to the wider EU citizen community. A scheme that generates £190m of revenue for the Home Office. Revenue from a fee to stay in the country we call home. A fee forced upon us with no say.
2/ A forced mandatory application not registration. An online application almost inaccessible to those with limited technological knowledge (or with an Apple phone). For those who struggle the Govt has opened up local help centres, charging those most in need of help extra.
3/ Failing to successfully process just 2% of EU citizens will push 72k people into the #HostileEnvironment by 2021. The fallout of Govt failure to create an accessible registration system rather than this online application system will have dire consequences for decades to come.
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I am a scientist and #OneOfThe3Million EU citizens in the UK. #FOM has been essential, both for my professional career, as well as my personal life. It has allowed me to live, work, and build personal relationships with people from all over Europe. To me, #BrexitIsPersonal. 1/10
More than that though, #Brexit is about who we are as people & country: do we celebrate diversity and internationality, or do we hide away from the wider world, alone behind a wall? 2/10
May's witch-hunt against non-UK citizens (which started while she was in the HO where she implemented the #HostileEnvironment) is inexcusable and misguided. It needlessly constricted her negotiation space with the EU, resulting in the damaging deal currently on the table. 3/10
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1/ With 2018 drawing to an end we are looking back at a year with many ups and some downs.
2/ In March 2018 the #citizensrights part of the Withdrawal Agreement was finalised.

Though not optimal, especially for our friends the @BritishInEurope who will lose onward movement, for the first time since the referendum EU citizens in the UK had some form of certainty.
3/ Towards the end of 2018 the threat of #NoDealBrexit was growing though. The #citizensrights certainty provided by the Withdrawal Agreement slipping away slowly. Replaced by ‘unilateral promises’ of fewer rights with lesser future protection.
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I agree with the sentiment but I cannot emphasise enough that #homelessness, #foodbanks, #ChildPoverty, #HostileEnvironment all existed before #brexit. They are not a consequence of #brexit but #Conservatives policy. It doesn't have to be this way, it's a political choice ->
Before someone from #FBPE jumps in and says "that's because focus has been on brexit" ... not it isn't. This is #Conservative policy. The privatisation of #NHS, the changes in #Education, reductions in #LegalAid ... where has the #EU been in stopping all this? It hasn't.
There has been a constant drive to reform society from health to education, none of which is about addressing the issues of inequality.

Labour demands inquiry into how GCSE reform has benefited private schools -…
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1/ We at @The3Million are very grateful to the support given by everyone who is an #EUcitizensChampion supporting the @eucitizenschamp campaign.
2/ The money allows us to reach & inform more EU citizens across the country doing our part in ensuring no one is left behind.
3/ For every 1% the UK Government fails to process during the Settled Status application period 36,000 EU will fall into the #HostileEnvironment - with the potential of dwarfing the #Windrush scandal
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Today has been a very bad day for #The5Million. I had prepared myself for defending #FreedomOfMovement against @theresa_may. Turns out I should also have prepared myself for defending it against @HackneyAbbott who chose to pit EU citizens against other immigrants today. 1/
Earlier today I tweeted that I consider doing this - pit people against people -the lowest of the low. I expected it from @theresa_may and @sajidjavid, but I did not see coming that @HackneyAbbott would choose to do so too. This is always wrong, but especially in this case. 2/
1) It neglects the fact that freedom of movement is a *reciprocal* right, not preferential access, not a one-way street into the UK.
2) It is in the UK Govt's choice to treat immigrants from elsewhere in the way they are being treated - that is not a result of FoM. 3/
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1/ In June the Govt told @EURACTIVUK that the Settled Status scheme will cost £170m. This was a lie as official Govt papers from July show which the Home Office has now confirmed to us. The actual cost over the next 2 years is closer to half a billion.
2/ We asked the UK Govt to provide us with detail on how much of the £0.5bn is actually planned to be spent on outreach, advice & information for EU citizens. But despite seemingly having a detailed costed plan the @ukhomeoffice could not provide that information to us.
3/ the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK are tax payers too. Settled Status affects us directly and we deserve to know how much of our tax money is actually spent on ensuring that not one of us is left behind - not one must be dropped into the #HostileEnvironment. /end
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Well, @theresa_may, I guess the certainty you now have that nobody can challenge you for 12 months must be comforting. Certainty. That is something #The5Million of us have not had for 901 days. And thanks to you that won't change anytime soon. I do not have confidence in you. 1/
I have no confidence because one thing is already clear and can never be undone: that you, @theresa_may, *chose* to make the lives of 3.7 million EU citizens at home in the UK collateral. In so doing you also made the lives of 1.3 million Britons in the EU collateral. 2/
You robbed 5 million people and their families of certainty with the choices you made. You were not pressured to make them. You wanted to make them. That much is certain too. 3/
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1/ Shadow Brexit minister @PaulBlomfieldMP & Shadow Immigration minister @Afzal4Gorton wrote to @carolinenokes & @WalkerWorcester yesterday to raise major concerns over the Govt approach on #citizensrights of EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope in case of no-deal Brexit.
2/ the Labour MPs raise issues on:
▪️How to distinguish between 2 sets of EU citizens post March 29th
▪️Deadline for Settled Status applications
▪️Appeal rights
▪️Family reunion rights
▪️The impact of no deal for the 1.2m @BritishInEurope
3/ on scope (who will be protected) the Labour MPs question whether the no-deal guarantee includes everyone the Govt promised to protect above and beyond the Withdrawal Agreement as previously indicated.
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So @ukhomeoffice: you and firms hired are too inept to develop a system that allows iPhone users, and many users with older Android devices, to use the app for their #SettledStatus application. And now you *CHARGE* them for the alternative route?! JFC!… 1/
Having clicked on the links provided for individual locations the charge is £14 on top of the fee. So many may conclude that this shouldn’t be something to be too concerned about - for many families it will be. More generally: if you think that you’re missing the point. 2/
3.7 million EU citizens already at home in the UK - your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family - are being forced to apply if they want to stay. This is retroactive and *only* because @theresa_may wants to suck all of us into the #HostileEnvironment. 2/
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Today @DExEUgov published what it calls a policy paper on #citizensrights for @The3Million and @BritishInEurope in the event of #NoDeal. We have had to wait for this for far too long and, in a nutshell, this adds additional anxieties rather than help.… 1/
To understand the immediate concerns the paper raises, read this thread by @The3Million. I share all the concerns flagged there and emphasise the conclusions drawn. This is not good. 2/
In particular, I am concerned about this change from the Withdrawal Agreement in case of #NoDeal. This will impact people immediately because it is not what had, for nearly a year now, been promised. 3/
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1/ The UK Govt has finally published the #Nodeal Brexit preparedness notes on the #citizensrights for the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK. Here are our main concerns.…
2/ According to points 7 & 8 #citizensrights will only be guaranteed for those resident/living in the UK on 29th of March 2019. What will happen to those who are currently studying or working on assignment abroad?
3/ the document lays out an exemption of the resident/living in the UK on March 29th condition for those who work cross border, frontier workers, who travel regularly in and out of the UK. But not for any other group.
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