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कल @VVCFilms की #shikara देखी... क्या जमीलतरीं फ़िल्म है जिसका गोशा गोशा अपनी प्यारी सरजमीं की मुहब्बत से मुअत्तर है.. सिर्फ़ कश्मीरी पंडितों की नहीं, हर खानाबदोश की अभिव्यक्ति है यह फ़िल्म..

फ़िल्म की रिलीज़ पर एक बड़ा वर्ग ऐसा था, जो चाहता था कि इसमें (1/n)
इस्लाम का स्पष्ट उल्लेख होना चाहिए था। यहाँ दो बातें हैं- पहली यह कि यदि यह फ़िल्म वापस लोगों को community की बुनियाद पर demonize करने लगती, तो अपने मकसद को पाने में विफल होती। इस फ़िल्म का उद्देश्य दरारों को बढ़ाना नहीं बल्कि पाटना है, यह दिखाना है कि जो कुछ (2/n)
हुआ 1990 में कश्मीरी पंडितों के साथ वो कितना अन्यायपूर्ण था, और साथ ही यह भी बताना था की ऐसा किसी के साथ नहीं होना चाहिए, न कि बदले के लिए उकसाना इसका मक़सद था। दूसरी बात, किसी भी घटना को लेकर हर व्यक्ति की प्रतिक्रिया भिन्न भिन्न होती है, 19 जनवरी 1990 की रात (3/n)
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Let me very clear on one thing. Just because a few of you think i am arrogant for merely putting forward an opinion in public domain, i am not going to keep shut. Never ever. My training in school, college, university, offices, streets and real life has taught me to speak up.
You may have a problem in the tone in which i take down anyone trying to bully me with their patronising version of who i am and with what intent i do what i do. But i am not going to change this ‘attitude’ for the larger good of bullies who wish to box me in set moulds.
A heart-rending, melancholic piece on #Shikara…

Curious eyes of Muslim kids peering over a KP for they haven’t seen one, evocative scenes where Shanti lays out Rogan Josh in refugee camp, Shiv’s claiming of his brother’s coat - #Shikara makes one weep.
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I watched #Shikara yesterday. Trauma of leaving our homes & natural habitat in the beautiful valley is unbearable. While our parents were busy picking up our lives, they kept their trauma under cover. I start this thread today to begin a conversation on our exp. post displacement
This experience may help countless others to build and gain strength.After watching #Shikara and reading so many stories of KPs, it helped me put many things into perspective. Most significantly, I have respect for our community who put love above hate. So, let us hear and share.
My parents were in their late 20s when the burden of leaving their established life & homeland happened to them. They re-started their life from scratch in #Jammu. My father took a room on rent as he was worried for our future. He had 2 young daughters and wife to take care of.
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Finished watching #Shikara

Will discuss its art & politics separately.

Art: For a foreigner who has little context or bias, this wud appear thoroughly confusing. Everything happens for no rhyme or reason. Shoddily assembled scrapbook of news clippings. Painfully Painfully long
2.5 hrs into the movie the guy next to me looks around a packed hall and says "Bahut logo ko bevkoof bana Diya"

A kid was watching doraemon with the volume up on his father's phone, without people minding it. Someone said, at least one person is watching something interesting 😂
So basically, no matter which side you are inclined to, this movie especially the 2nd half is torturous.

Politics: This is where it gets murky. They show everything is hunky dory, Hindu Muslim brotherhood, song n dance, suddenly the Indian army kills one person for no reason.
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YES, I watched #Shikara & I would ask everyone to watch it. Every1 who doesn't know about us or knows little about our pain should watch it. This was not a movie for me to review. #Shikara for me is the FIRST attempt to tell the world that KPs are alive & you all have let us down
I am going to speak a lot here but let me tell you, some moments in the movie are searing. They break your heart. But again, I am speaking about the likes of myself. When Shanti before leaving her home folds here hands in front of the gods, it reminds me of my mother.
The montage of real abandoned houses of #KashmiriPandits breaks your heart. The song in the background of this scene makes you cry. It leaves you heartbroken. Shanti's wish to write 'good news' even in an 8*8 camp is moving. Optimistic in the face of hopelessness.
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It was 19th January, 2020- 30th Anniversary of #KashmiriHinduExodus when the PR companies geared up to promote #Shikara on SM with the filmmakers asking fellow Kashmiri Pandit’s to record videos with a dialogue from the movie and use #HumWapasAayenge
The dialogue ‘Haji Saab’ in these short videos on SM reeked opportunism by the filmmakers to promote #Shikara and unfortunately many KP’s fell for it. It was like trivialising the entire genocide by none other than the victims themselves. #HumWapasAayenge…
@rahulpandita the writer of the movie #Shikara says he has an unsaid understanding with his Muslim friends to refrain from discussing the 1990 #KashmiriHinduExodus! Are you serious? What a hypocrite? How low can you sink just to promote your movie?
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Watched #Shikara....Vidhu Vinod Choora has reduced the most horrific chapter in the history of independent India to 4 burning houses,murderof 8-10 KPs& a mob of10-15 chanting Azadi slogans, not a word on Islam, jihad ...Total airbrushing of the brutal ethnic cleansing of KPs...
In this background we get an insipid lovestory which fails to hit a cord.The hero spends half his life writing letters to “the President”of US who,btw,is blamed 4 sending arms into kashmir!In d end,d movie falls flat..pol correctness &warped secularism triump over truth& honesty!
Its like somebody makes a movie on #Holocaust and totally whitewashes the atrocities of Nazis under Hitler on the jews .. instead makes a mushy lovestory in which nazis help the lovers to get away ... Do you think anyone can ever dare to do something like this? #Shikara
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Watch and share this video widely! Feel d sheer angst, pain, trauma and anger of Kashmiri Hindus in this outburst of a young Kashmiri Hindu woman who calls out the hypocrisy of this rank opportunist Vidhu Vinod Chopra of @VVCFilms! Support Kashmiri Hindus by boycotting #Shikara.
And to those individuals from among Kashmiri Hindus who contributed to #Shikara for reasons best known to them,laanat hai tum pe! The community shud disown you & sever all ties with you & u shud never be allowed to speak again on behalf of Kashmiri Hindus! U r careerists. Period.
Since these individuals never objected to the final product and instead promoted it, it must be assumed that they stand by the airbrushed version of the Kashmiri Hindu Exodus they have contributed to capture on the big screen. With "representatives" like these, who needs Jihadis!
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Watched #Shikara.
It has secularised the #HinduGenocide in #Kashmir and romanticised it for the mega bucks it will make.
Our homes and murders are a mere prop in this story.
Massacres, rapes and vandalised temples must've been too gory to qualify for even a prop, in a love story.
It reeks of the bhaichara politics of @VVCFilms right through
Blaming American guns
Disparaging the #Ayodhya movement
Rationalising #Jihad and cleverly masking its underlying #HinduHate
Glossing over the judicial apathy
Mocking at the help rendered by a 'Party' in the camps...
Airbrushed #Islam as a non-issue
Underplayed #Jihad as mere stray events
Exaggerated exceptions of individual warmth over deep society wide hostility.
Gross simplification of the issue of our return.
#Shikara like #Padmavat turns #HinduGenocide into entertainment for commerce.
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"It was a complete spectacle, a total Entertainment, d running away,It was a DAVAT lk atmosphere. My friend’s father gave him a pair of binoculars to go& watch it fm d rooftop" ,a militant fm Kashmir lodged in Tihar Jail narrating on Kashmiri Hindu Exodus
Kashmiri Hindus Genocide wsn't possible without their Neighbors participation but no one holds Kashmiri Muslims responsible for d sordid genocide they actively participated with glee
Liberals claim them as victims for being deprived of internet
Writer of #Shikara movie @rahulpandita being grilled by Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi when he tried to defame the image of Indian Army over AFSPA , These seems to be his views about Indian Army and Nation and he is willing to exploit the cause of Kashmiri Hindus for commercial gains
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These Words of Sunanda.

My column in @SwarajyaMag.…
Horrified that the ethnic cleansing & genocide of Kashmiri Pandits by Islamic fundamentalists, who have spent the last 30 years without any remorse whatsoever, is now being posited as "a fallout between two friends who love each other".

Why has the tagline of #Shikara been changed from 'The Untold Story of Kashmiri Pandits' to 'A Timeless Love Story in the Worst of Times'?
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