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We are #Jammu We are #Kashmir We are #GilgitBaltistan We are #Ladakh We are #AksaiChin Open your ears & eyes listen carefully! We are one State A Internationally disputed territory people of #JammuKashmir will make our own decisions not foreigners #Pakistan #India #UN #IOK #POK
Azaad Kashmir known as (free Kashmir) where politicians are forced to sign a declaration “I solemnly declare I believe the ideology of Pakistan the state’s accession to Pakistan & integrity sovereignty of #Pakistan A Dictatorship Black Laws imposed on the people of #AJK #POK ImageImage
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The #IndianGovt is arming thousands of civilians in the #Jammu, one of the world’s most militarized places, showing the limits of PM @narendramodi more muscular approach to controlling the region.
#Hindutva #RSS #Kashmir
Many villagers have been equipped with automatic rifles and given defense training for #terrorist attack” scenarios, according to officials. It comes amid a recent uptick in violence against the region’s #Hindu minority.
#rssterror #Kashmir @narendramodi @AmitShah
The decision to revive the groups originally set up in the 1990s was taken by the authorities in March 2022, but the training was ramped up following an attack in #Dangri, a remote village in the #Rajouri district in southern Jammu. @BBCWorld @AlJazeeraWorld @ndtv @timesofindia Image
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15. krimchi temples (Udhampur - Jammu).

Complex of 7 ancient temples.
Dating back to 8th & 9th century and one of the oldest temples in Jammu.
Temples reflect ‘Nagara’ style of architecture.

Some sources say that they were built by Dev dynasty of Jammu.
Even though the walls are eroded, I found similarities to the temples in Bhuvneshwar built around the same era.

An hour in this complex took me centuries back.

I feel sorry so little is known about these temples even among locals in Jammu.

#jammu #cityoftemples
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#BreakingNews: In a first, #Jammu Police recovered Perfume IED from LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) Jihadi Terrorist, Arif in connection with Narwal Blasts 🙆‍♂️

The IED will blast if anyone tries to press or open it

#Jihad #Terrorist #Perfume #PerfumeIED
#Jammu, DGP Shri Dilbag Singh said that Arif, who is a govt. employee, was working for terrorist organisation for past 3 years. #JammuAndKashmir police arrested Aarif in #Narwal double blast case. A perfume IED from Arif has been recovered.
(Immediately terminate him from Job)
#JammuAndKashmir police arrest govt teacher #Arif involved in twin blasts in Jammu’s Narwal; recover perfume IED from him

#Jihad #Terrorist #PerfumeIED
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photos: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
President of India #DroupadiMurmu paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres urged people to shun violence by following #MahatmaGandhi 's principles of #Ahimsa (non-violence) on the occasion of his 153rd birth anniversary.
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PM Modi, who won 2014 elections on Hindutva, has surpassed all previous govts on Muslim appeasement. This govt is hardly even secular, let alone Hindu.This govt is purely Islamist, working with a singular goal of the extinction of Hindus. Lets look at the facts 1/n

Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme 2/n…

Post-matric Scholarship Scheme 3/n…
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“This is dangerous. What happened to J&K sets a precedent for other states.”
@AdnanAshrafMir of @JKPC_, petitioner in challenge to removal of #Article370 in #Jammu & #Kashmir. Case pending before #SupremeCourt for 1115 days. Last hearing: 2.5 yrs ago
In April 2022, a petitioner in J&K #Article370 abrogation case requested Chief Justice N V Ramana’s bench for a hearing.
His answer: “We’ll see”.
He said he would reconstitute 5-judge bench & hear case “after the vacation”, which ended on 10 July. There was no hearing
“The judges must show some willingness to hear this case or they must give an explanation as to why they can’t hear the case on priority despite (sic) 3 years,” Mir told @OfficialSauravD
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Indian Army sources say there has been a suicide attack involving at least two terrorists, targeting Indian Army company near Rajouri, in Jammu Kashmir region.
Two militants, three Indian Army personnel killed in the suicide attack. Multiple Indian Army personnel are also injured.

PAFF has claimed responsibility for the suicide (fidayeen) attack on Indian Army company near Rajouri. Three Indian military personnel were killed in the attack.

#Jammu #India ImageImage
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The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (#OIC) expresses it deep concern over the pronouncement of life sentence for one of the most prominent #Kashmiri leaders, Mr. #YasinMalik, who has been leading a peaceful freedom struggle for many decades.
Reiterating its solidarity with the people of #Jammu and #Kashmir, the #OIC General Secretariat urges the international community to ensure that the legitimate struggle of the #Kashmiris for the realization of their rights must not be equated with #terrorism.
The General Secretariat calls on the Government of #India to release all #Kashmiri leaders unfairly incarcerated, halt forthwith the gross and systematic persecution of Kashmiris in the #Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and #Kashmir (IIOJK);…
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माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी,
जम्मू #Jammu एक छोटा सा शहर है मगर लोगों के दिल बड़े है जिन लोगों ने आपके केहने पे गैस सब्सिडी छोड़ी है, आँख बंद कर के आपकी सरकार को चुना है, 370 , 35A हटाने में आपका समर्थन किया है!
आज उन लोगों को बेसहारा और बेबस किया जा रहा है!
#Jammu के कुछ लोगों को पड़ताडित किया जा रहा है, जो दशकों से वहा बसे हुए हैं! आगे पीछे के इलाकों को regularize किया गया है, हर बार इन लोगों से मुआफ़ज़ा लिया जाता हैं, मगर जम्मू के नेता को देने के खातिर उन गरीबों से उनका हक छीना जा रहा हैं गैरकानूनी तरीकों से उनके व्यापार और घर को
इनके जैसे बहुत से #Jammu के लोग अपने प्रधान मंत्री @narendramodi जी से गुहार लगाना चाहते है, यह लोग 1947 से यहा रह रहे हैं! इनका इंसाफ करे! यह लोग अपने साथ साथ अपने देवी देवताओं के स्थान की भी वहा रक्षा करते है! मोदी के नाम के पीछे जम्मू को तोड़ रहे हैं!

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Dogras were Brave, Loyal and Patriotic. In this thread i will go back in history and give you few instances which will prove that #BraveDogras were #LoyalDogras and #PatrioticDogras . Some disgruntled communities have run an absurd campaign to malign #GloriousDograHistory
There were more than 23 principalities of Jammu ruled by smaller kingdoms. They were brave, religious and by an large protected the area despite being a divided lot. There were many in more than 3000 years history who have brought them under one power center. #BraveDogras
In 1808 Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s army lead by Hukam Singh Chimni captured the Jammu city along with General Hari Singh Nalwa. At that time there was a conflict going on between the two kingdoms and Dogras lost the battle. Ranjit Singh thought now the road to Kashmir is open.
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1.5 lakh is base figure of missing Hindus & Sikhs from POJK in 1947. There were mass killings, mass rapes, suicides, abduction & selling of Hindu & Sikh women. Hindus & Sikhs completely disappeared from POJK. Yet the horrors & genocide was forgotten. Not just #TheKashmirFiles ImageImage
What did Congress do?
Pt Nehru refused to meet multiple delegations of Mirpuris. Mahatma Gandhi insisted that Indian Army couldn’t be sent to save the Hindus & Sikhs in POJK because it was snowing in Mirpur. This despite Mirpuris telling him that it doesn’t snow in Mirpur.
On 23rd November Professor Balraj Madhok and Premnath Dogra met with Brigadier Paranjpe of the Indian Army in Jammu who sympathised with them but told them that their instructions were that there could be no troop movement in Jammu Kashmir without Sheikh Abdullah’s permission.
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Being from #Jammu, I thought that genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by local muslims was common knowledge across India. Surprising that it takes #KashmirFiles movie made after 3 decades for people to finally take note.

Yet there are atleast 2 more Hindu communities from state,

refugees from PoK (Should be called PoJK as most area belongs to Jammu) & Hindus from north and west Jammu which suffered no less than KPs.

Former were living in Jammu since 1947, yet didn't even have proper citizenship rights and didn't receive any govt aid before BJP...


2nd community is of Dogra and Pahadi Hindus which suffered countless terrorist attacks & attempts of conversion at gunpoint same as KPs. many had to migrate to other places.

Imagine 1000s of Hindus killed, raped and many more forced to live as refugees & 2nd..

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Established to empower children with education, the school system of 46 #AGSs since its inception in 1998 has taught more than 1.5 Lakh children from the region


@ChinarcorpsIA @RadioChinar @asthana_shashi @kakar_harsha @EduMinOfIndia @kayjay34350
The Northern Command of the #IndianArmy running these schools provides education to nearly 15,000 students every year

There are 30 AGSs in #Kashmir, 8 in #Ladakh & 8 in #Jammu

#EducationForAll #IndiaNarrative

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केंद्रीय मंत्री @nsitharaman आणि @ianuragthakur 4 वाजता #CabinetDecisions ची माहिती देतील.

लाइव पाहा 🎥
ठेव विमा आणि पत हमी कॉर्पोरेशन विधेयक #Cabinet द्वारा मंजूर. प्रत्येक ठेवीदाराच्या 5 लाख पर्यंतच्या ठेवी आता सुरक्षित .

98.3% पर्यंत ठेवीदार आता लाभान्वित. 50.9% ठेवी आता सुरक्षित

बँकेवर निर्बंध असले तरी 90 दिवसात ठेवी परत मिळणार - @nsitharaman
मर्यादित दायित्व भागीदारी कंपन्यांना (Limited liability partnership) आता काम करणे सुलभ होणार.

12 त्रुटी आता गुन्हे म्हणून गणल्या जाणार नाहीत.

या निर्णयाचा स्टार्ट-अपना लाभ होणार


लाइव पाहा 📹
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#Breaking: An Encounter break out between terrorist and security forces at Shokbaba forest, Sumblar area of #Bandipora.

Police and security forces are on the job. Further details shall follow.
#Jammu & #kashmir
#Updated: Two terrorists killed in outgoing encounter at Sumblar area of Bandipore in North Kashmir.

Operation still in progress. More details awaited......
Updated:Three soldiers were injured in the ongoing encounter with terrorist in Shokbaba forests of #Bandipora district.
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Updated:Three terrorists including a Top Pakistani LeT terrorist Commander Ishfaq Dar trapped inside residential house in Check-Sidiq village of #Shopian of South Kashmir.

The terrorists refused to kneel/surrender before the security forces....

#Jammu & #Kashmir
Updated🇮🇳: Encounter started between terrorists and Security forces in Check Sidiq area of #Shopian.
#Jammu & #Kashmir
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Updated: terrorist shot and injured a son of BJP worker Mohammad Shafi worker in #Gulgam area of #Kupwara.

He has received injuries in the attack and has been rushed to hospital.
More details awaiting...
#Jammu & #Kashmir
Updated:The Injured has been identified as Ishfaq Ahmad S/o Mohammad Shafi (BJP District President Kupwara).

His condition is stated to be critical and is being treated at hospital.

Ishfaq along with two others were distributing food items in the locality.
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Education enables us to make effective decisions about ourselves, our surroundings, and our societies.
Suffice to say #Education as an institution is notably significant in a civil society. And more so for #Kashmir.

@AdityaRajKaul @LtGenGurmit @AsimKhanTweets @MirYanaSY Image
In #Kashmir, the importance of structured #Education increases manifolds due to the dynamic nature of this region. Lack of education has a severe cascading effect here, eventually leading the gullible young people towards unlawful activities.
@kakar_harsha @neeraj_rajput Image
#Pandemic has restricted movement all over. With every public institution closed including schools and colleges, the Govt of #Jammu and #Kashmir have introduced initiatives to help students continue their studies, even in such uncertain times.
@MirYanaSY @Fayak_Wani1 @IAmErAijaz Image
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Dogras captured Imperial Chinese flag bearing image of flying tiger/dragon named as Mantalai (Mansarovar) flag by #Dogras

#Mantalai Flag remind us of the Victory at Taklakot, and how a #Dogra Army penetrated 1400 Kms deep into Tibetan territory.
30th May Mantalai Day
#180years Image
When a #Rajput defeated combined armies of China & Tibet

General Zorawar Singh
#GenZorawarSingh #ZorawarSingh #Dogra #JAKRIF #Jammu #Ladakh #Tibet #IndianArmy #180years #MantalaiDay #MantalaiDiwas #30thMay
Today 30th May is celebrated as the Mantalai Day by the 4 JAKRIF to commemorate the victory of Dogra forces led by General Zorawar Singh
(Chandel Rajput) over combined Chinese & Tibetan troops
#GenZorawarSingh #ZorawarSingh #Dogra #JAKRIF #MantalaiDay #IndianArmy #30thMay #Jammu Image
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Friends, calling up your MPs and MLA's and getting them to help might be a good option. Here's the list of MLA's for UP and on clicking on the constituency, you can find their contact details as well:…
Trying to do this for other states too.
This for Maharashtra:… trying to find a better link for this.
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The #1971IndoPakWar was the outcome of continuous atrocities & genocide by #Pakistan on the people of #Bangladesh. The genocide of 25 Mar 71, led to the birth of Mukti Bahini, which played a stellar role in the liberation of #Bangladesh. (1/n)

#Pakistan opted for war with #India instead of stopping genocide in #Bangladesh. On 3 Dec 1971 at 4.45 PM #Pakistan initiated the war with pre-emptive strikes at 12 #Indian airfields. (2/n)
As the basic strategy of #Pak was to launch a powerful attack in the West, a large portion of her Armed Forces was deployed there. These included two Armoured Divisions, ten Infantry Divisions, two Armoured Brigades and seven POK Brigades. (3/n)

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#Update: At least 155 Rohingyas living in Jammu have been sent to HiraNagar sub jail, official sources.

Reports state that these #Rohingyas have been detained US 3(2)e of the Foreigners Act. The exercise of identifying more such immigrants is still in progress. Post verification, the process of deportation will start (PTI).
Video—Rohingya being taken to Hiranagar sub Jail.

#Rohingya #Jammu
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Reputed corporate houses are working with govt to drive socio economic growth & development for the youth of #Kashmir.
12 districts in Jammu & Kashmir will get District Youth Centres with state-of-the-art amphitheatres, auditoriums & libraries.
For these DYCs the Govt is working with reputed corporate houses of #India, including Reliance Foundation, Ashok Leyland & the Tata group. Reliance has shown interest in setting up sports leagues in the UT, while the Tata Group has decided to invest in the IT & education sectors.
These DYCs are a first-of-its-kind noble initiative by the administration to help the youth of J&K to realise their immense potential, dreams & aspirations. Youth can take advantage of these facility for education, social & recreational purposes.
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