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Spitzt mal die Öhrchen, ihr emsigen Molche beim @WDR. Hier kommt euere nächste Erfolgsserie:


@BBielendorfer, @ReinhardRemfort, @TStraeter44149, @carolinkebekus, @Peter__Mann, @twitkalk und @TommyKrappweis

Kurz der Plot: Image
Nachdem Astrogator @TStraeter44149 auf eine Alpha-Order mit

"#Schlabunsen, Kikeriki, wollen Sie meinen Pillemann sehen?"

geantwortet hat und Major @BBielendorfer General Wemser, den Lurch, bei einem Rapport verbal geduscht hat,
muss die Crew der Orion 69 zur Strafe am Arsch des Universums Patrouille fliegen.

Damit Armierungsoffizier @ReinhardRemfort den Frogs nicht wieder Physik erklärt oder etwas abfackelt (R.i.P Orion 67) und @BBielendorfer
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Today, @HouseForeign & @HouseForeignGOP's "During and After the Fall of Kabul" hearing will focus on our withdrawal from #Afghanistan.

Veterans know that we have a long way to go to ensure the U.S. keeps our promise & protects our #Afghan allies.

Follow along with us here ⤵️🧵
Background: After 20 years in #Afghanistan, the U.S. ended our military presence in August 2021. The Taliban quickly took over the country & rapidly eroded gains made by the Western-backed #Afghan government in the past twenty years. 82,000 #Afghans were evacuated into the U.S.
Today, we’ll hear from veterans @PeterLucier from @teamamrelief, @FQhoang from @AlliedAirlift21, Aidan Gunderson, Sgt Tyler Vargas-Andrews, and @RooftopLeader from @TForcePineapple, as well as immigration expert @cmackler from @immigrantarc.
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GM #GM, we are so excited to share that courtesy of our portfolio frens @staratlas, we have a #giveaway for you to celebrate their second anniversary!

Check the thread to learn how to enter the giveaway:

#HappyBirthday #WeAreStarAtlas #AAA
2/But first, let us explain what we are celebrating & what is at stake: today is the 2nd anniversary of the moment when the vision of @staratlas started becoming a reality. It marks the day this world of the future we're #BUIDLing together began expanding at an exponential rate🚀
3/ @staratlas is known for its exceptional user experience and visually striking multi-dimensional visuals. We're excited to share with you the opportunity to take a tour of the Showroom and experience it for yourself!

#AAA #blockchain #gaming
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Those beginning to look in from outside & try to figure out what all this #AfghanAdjustmentAct noise is about may notice us calling out certain senators. You need to know that from the beginning our @afghanevac @EvacOurAllies work has been devoid of partisanship. We don't 1/🧵
care what party affiliations we each have. For 17 months and counting we've just been working to uphold US promises to Afghans. This should give us all hope for America - it is completely possible to avoid the party fights tearing our country apart. 2/
We have been unified and willing to call out whichever elected official needs to be called out. This is about doing what's right. Not about politics. We are working to hold our govt to account for promises it made. We also particularly stand with 3/
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Here's the thing about the #AfghanAdjustmentAct: The evacuation chaos that resulted in 10s of thousands of Afghans being rushed to the US w/o careful prioritizing of who should get on planes, is the fault of @POTUS. Reps & Dems are right to call out the admin over this. 1/ 🧵
However, by blocking the #AfghanAdjustmentAct, @ChuckGrassley is punishing the Afghans who have already been been punished by poor US actions. It's not their fault the evac was chaos. It does not make sense to further punish the victims of the chaos. 2/
As for the vetting @ChuckGrassley has hollered about, his complaints are nonsensical. 1-This bill requires another round of more intense vetting of any Afghans who request permanent residency. The vetting he wants IS IN THIS BILL. Faulty vetting of those who entered US 3/
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Maybe you are not aware that #developers know everything about current state of the project and the future plans for it

Lets start the #DevAlphaLeak series (this is the moment for RT)
#blockchain #web3 #gaming #web3gaming #AAA
Who knows from where does it come from and what does it mean (image below)?

#DevAlphaLeak #TaskForHero

Some clues:
I am also sure that you all #web3gaming community are waiting for these juicy #NFT from @starheroes_game

Probably you are wondering where you will be able to mint?
#DevAlphaLeak #TaskForHero
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리슨 NCTzen 127 커뮤니티 #도영 백업 타래
💌 From. NCT 127
💟Only ACE
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도영 리슨 FROM. NCT 127 게시판 백업 📂

도영입니당 @.@

GMA 를 마치고 ㅎㅎㅎ
앞으루 자주자주 만나용 힣

시즈니들 굿모닝@.@

날아 저 하늘로 ㅎㅎㅎ
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1/ Incredibly excited to announce that the incredibly talented team at @Darewise creators of the #AAA #MMORPG @LifeBeyond and expert builders of online worlds is joining the @animocabrands fam a quick🧵👇 as to the reasons #NFT #blockchaingames…
2/ The team behind @Darewise has one of the most storied and experienced AAA development backgrounds having worked on @assassinscreed @fable @TheDivisionGame @Crytek Black & White which will help level-up our collective experiences in #gaming #mmo #nft
3/ Led by @Ben_Charbit @kahncode @Vincemarty the #mmo #openmetaverse they are building @LifeBeyond is both ambitious as it is beautiful built with @UnrealEngine you can learn more about it and join their community over at: #NFTs Image
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🚨 We are excited to announce the shortlist for the Archaeological Achievement Awards! 🎉
This year’s Awards includes the introduction of 5 NEW award categories and the Annual Outstanding Archaeological Achievement Award. #AAA #ArchaeologicalAchievement
🗣️ The shortlist for the Archaeological Innovation Award is 🥁
- Derbyshire Scout Archaeology Badge
- Changing Minds, Changing Coasts (CMCC)
- Highland Archaeological Research Framework
📢 We are happy to announce the shortlist for the Early Career Archaeologist award is 👇
- Zoe Arthurs
- Grace Griffith
- Isabelle Johnsen
- Dr Iris Kramer
- Liam Hand & Samantha Purchase representing Students of Sheffield Uni for ‘Save Sheffield Archaeology’
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UK micro > small cap 🔬 snap shot

Sales - £277m
Cash - £92m
COVID prods on sale - 10+
Market Cap - £565m

#Abingdon, #BBI, #Omega, #Avacta, #GeneDrive (#GDR) & #Yourgene

Sales - £28m > £30m (Yourgene £18>£20m)
Cash - 🤔
COVID prods on sale - 3🤔
Market Cap - £761m Image
There's a margin of error to account for BBI accounts which aren't public, awaiting GeneDrive which reports 31/03, Avacta account were published 23/01 last yr.

Say £5m tops. Small fry when you consider imbalance of collective market capitalisations.
AIM 2020 Top % Risers (cash / Mcap)
#NCYT - £91.8m / £553m
#AAA - £10.2m / £204m
#SNG - £10.9m / £305m
#GGP - £6m / £983m
#EQT - €1.7m / £156m
#SVE - £118k / £13m
#EUA - £50.8k / £759m
#MNO - £1.43m / £25m
#PHE - £5m / £306m
#OMI - £7.6m / £51m

*info as per latest relevant RNS Image
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Inicio un hilo en el que iré incluyendo los videojuegos que vaya terminando este año 2020. Seguramente haya muchos que habré comenzado el año anterior, e incluso antes, pero lo importante es cuando se termina. ✌️

¡Vamos allá! 🎮🎮🎮
World of Illusion - Mega Drive Mini

Lanzado en 1992 para la consola de #SEGA, este cartucho de #MegaDrive fue probablemente el primer videojuego cooperativo que jugué en mi vida. Y qué mejor forma de comenzar el año rejugándolo y recordando viejos momentos de mi infancia. 🙂 Image
Luigi's Mansion - Nintendo 3DS

Original de #GameCube en 2001, #Nintendo nos sorprendería con una subsaga del universo #Mario que introduce nuevas mecánicas fuera de las plataformas. La verdad es que lo he disfrutado mucho y con ganas de continuar la saga. 😌 Image
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1. A thread on #Vancouver city-building, politics & bikes:

I’ve still got a lot of optimism about most of our new city council, but I’m still hearing the concern that they are trying too hard to distance themselves from work/directions of the #VisionVancouver terms of Council.
2. This may be particularly true regarding safe bike infrastructure, & the still badly needed work toward getting to the next level in bike mode share, & making our bike infrastructure safe & comfortable for all ages & abilities. See here for more on #AAA:…
3. I’m not here to defend #VisionVancouver, but one thing that’s long been true here in #Vancouver is that new councils have generally built on past successes, rather than undoing or reversing (as we’ve unfortunately seen in many other cities). That’s how we’ve made progress...
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