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It's Day 7 of trial in Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester's lawsuits against LA County. Judge Walter said at the end of yesterday that we should be getting to the "client witnesses" today. Three @LACOFD officials are to testify first - Sky Cornell, Arlin Kahan and William McCloud. Image
^^^Cornell is pictured above on the far right, next to Kahan. The lawyer talking is Jason Tokoro of @MillerBarondess. On the left is Deputy @LACOFD Chief Dennis Breshears, who's been at the defense table the entire trial.
The first of the "client witnesses" on the Aug. 5 joint witness list is Paul Westhead Jr., who appears to be the son of former @Lakers (and @OregonWBB #GoDucks) coach Paul Westhead. He'll be testifying for Chris Chester. Image
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I, for one, am looking forward to MSNBC demonstrating its journalistic rigor by holding the Biden administration accountable to the people.
Come on, you guys, I’m serious here. MSNBC’s newsroom is like right out of an Aaron Sorkin show!

Who better than Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Brian Williams to keep ‘em honest?!
We can all go back to brunch knowing they’ve got our backs! #SquadGoals
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Having worked in several matrixed situations for solving cross-cutting problems, I couldn't agree more with this article by @jeremiahlee on the so-called Spotify model.

"Failed #SquadGoals" -…
(1) Matrixed work requires certain assumptions to be true

(a) Everyone can thrive in ambiguity
(b) You can naturally and organically determine who should make a decision
(c) You can also naturally and organically know who is accountable for delivery

These are rarely true.
(2) You need some amount of collaboration to get anything done, but if your outcome depends entirely on collaboration, you get democracy, which is a slow way of getting things done. Let's admit it, corporations are not democracies.
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1/ The @beondeck March Fellowship Virtual Kickoff was inspiring. We believe anything you can do in-person, you can find a creative way to do remotely.

Here are some highlights 👇
2/ Converting our in-person overnight kickoff retreat to a fully virtual one called for creativity...

Virtual Carpools! 🚗

Fellows traveled together to the "venue" in style, getting there via:
- Ferrari 🏎
- Train 🚂
- Airplane ✈️
- Racecar 🏁 ImageImageImageImage
3/ As Fellows joined our @zoom_us room they were
- Auto-split into 5-person breakout groups
- Encouraged to screenshare driving videos
- Picked the music to put "on the radio" (ie @Spotify)

We suggested conversation topics, time flew by & all arrived safely! 😇
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Thrilled that we can finally share our first NICER neutron star mass-radius results, for pulsar PSR J0030+0451. It’s been quite the ride getting to this point!!
Before I go any further, here’s the link to papers, which are published together in an ApJ Letters Focus Issue.…
So what’s the bottom line?! What did we find?
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1/ Here’s a 🧵 of all the endorsements I’ve found for @PeteButtigieg, organized chronologically. If I accidentally omit anyone, I’ll add them at the end. I’ll also add new endorsements as they’re announced.
Thank you, endorsers!
2/ I believe @SteveGrossmanMA became the first to endorse #Pete2020, on 4/11. He is a former DNC Chair, former Massachusetts State Treasurer, and current CEO of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, a non-profit that trains inner-city entrepreneurs.…
3/ Grossman called Pete “a Midwestern, down-to-earth, smart, savvy, in-touch candidate” who can flip industrial states. “My concern is the future of the US... I think Pete has the capacity to be the beacon for an awful lot of people who really feel a deep, deep sense of concern.”
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Woke up to a research challenge from Mike D.

Holding up data to justify racist statements doesn’t make it OK to hold racist beliefs. Data ignores the systemic white supremacy that was put in place to maintain the socioeconomic disparity so white people can maintain power. 1/10🧜🏻‍♀️
For example, here Mike “Dinesh D’Souza” D blames the lack of black fathers pointing to data.

You can’t fix a problem by focusing on just outcomes. You get to solutions by addressing root cause.

What is the reason for the disparity of lacking a consistent father figure? 🧜🏻‍♀️
Mike D hasn’t given specific reasons why he thinks there is a disparity; however, his comments the other night seem to elude that he has a belief there is a connection to the criminal justice system. 3/10 🧜🏻‍♀️
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Wow ... GREAT presentation today at @FPRACapChap's monthly mtg. by @RBOA_PR's Vice Prez @DigitalWINN called "The Secret Combination To Unlocking The Social Media Vault."

Like many in the room, I thought I already had a key to this secret city, but I learned a TON more today. 1/
.@DigitalWINN, whose public speaking skillz are my new #SquadGoals for 2019, made it clear that we (communications pros) need to start re-thinking the way we are analyzing data in terms of who we're reaching.

Forget "target audiences." Focus on "VIPs" (Very Important People). 2/
Connect FIRST w/ ppl behind the numbers - the ones who truly care about your msg. - and then let them do the talking and sharing for you.

What good are "blanket campaigns" when your msg falls on (some) deaf ears? As Jimbo Fisher used to like to say, "Eliminate the clutter." 3/
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Ok, nerds, here is a list of the articles, blog posts, and books that have been piling up on my virtual desk.

You will see that I'm kind of obsessing on the future of technology and how we govern it, and ourselves, as technologists, governments, and international bodies. 1/
Note: these aren't in any particular order. I'm friends with some of the authors (sorry I haven't gotten to your thing yet!), don't know others but thought their stuff looked compelling.
Read with me! Or comment or question or (and I don't say this often on Twitter) judge me. 2/
Hot off the presses from the fabulous @datasociety and @latonero: "Governing Artificial Intelligence; Upholding Human Rights & Dignity"…
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I've been lucky to grow up academically around many #prostatecancer scientific 'big machers' & helped with early cancer genomic maps over the last 5+ years, e.g.:
1) (@Chris_Barbieri1)
3)… (@NCIgenomics)
About two years ago, @stephanie_mul tallied the whole exome data we had & mapped it against theoretical power calculations @gaddyg set forth for discovering significant cancer genes in any cancer type (see:
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