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How do you image the large and the small at the same time? We developed new 🔬 technology to image centimeter-scale specimens - including whole mouse brains 🧠 - with diffraction-limited resolution and without sectioning. #mesoscale #imaging…

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ExA-SPIM is a technology based on innovations in (1) tissue processing and (2) large-scale microscopy 🔬. Our team developed new methods for expansion for microscopy (ExM) of large tissue volumes. #teamscience #expansionmicroscopy…

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By combining ExM with a new SPIM system based on technologies from electronics metrology, ExA-SPIM pushes past the volumetric imaging barrier 🚧 that constrains previous imaging approaches. (inspired by recent plot from @Daetwyler_St, @RetoPaul) #lightsheet #microscopy

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An overactive inflammatory response could be at the root of many long #COVID cases, according to a new study from the Allen Institute for #Immunology and @fredhutch. 🧵…
Scientists have seen previous links between inflammation and long #COVID, but the new study – out today in @NatureComms – is the first to trace the persistence of these inflammatory markers over time in the same patients. (2/5)…
Out of 55 patients with long #COVID, ~2/3 had persistently high levels of certain signals of inflammation. The Allen Institute team was able to differentiate two kinds of #LongCOVID, inflammatory long COVID (in red) and non-inflammatory (in blue). (3/5) Graph with "Days post ...
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THREAD: My name is Simon Goddek and I'm a scientist. I was banned from @twitter 538 days ago for stating that mutations usually make viruses less harmful. Although this is scientific consensus, the Ministry of Truth saw an opportunity to silence me.

It’s good to be back! (1/28)
Prior to my permaban, I have been temporarily banned for making the following statements. None of them was misleading or even potentially harmful. I provided @TwitterSupport with scientific evidence supporting my arguments but they refused to reactivate my account. (2/28)
I wasn't @twitter's only victim. Prominent censorship victims were (and still are) @Thomas_Binder, @naomirwolf, @boriquagato, @NickHudsonCT, @TheChiefNerd, @P_McCulloughMD, @TexasLindsay_, @EWoodhouse7, @molsjames, @JesslovesMJK, @CeliaFarber… (3/28)
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🧵1/ JUST PUBLISHED: Association of COVID-19 with major arterial and venous thrombotic diseases: a population-wide cohort study of 48 million adults in England and Wales.…. An amazing team effort. Image
3/ Using the @NHSDigital Trusted Research Environment for England (, which was established by @BHFDataScience, we analysed linked electronic health record data on 48 million adults in #England (nearly the whole population).
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Know your enemy – wer steckt hinter den anonymen NameZahlenreihe-Accounts? Ein 🧵 über Trolle, die Wissenschaft leugnen & seriöse Experten angreifen. Es geht um bedrohte Bequemlichkeit, Zugang zu Wissen & Zuhörern, Kompetenzdefizite, fragile Männlichkeit & Radikalisierung. 1/27
Forschungsergebnisse können als Bedrohung einer etablierten Weltsicht erlebt werden. Beispiele: Die Evolutionstheorie widerspricht der traditionellen Religion, Erkenntnisse zum #Klimawandel stellen politische Sichtweisen & die eigene Lebensführung in Frage. 2/27
Wir Menschen in Industriestaaten sind verwöhnt & nicht mehr vertraut mit Einschränkungen bzw. Nichtverfügbarkeit von Dingen. Maßnahmen wie die Senkung des Energieverbrauchs & das Tragen von Masken werden als lästig & bedrohlich für den eigenen bequemen Lebensstil empfunden. 3/27
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Drug discovery for complex diseases like #Parkinsons (#PD) is challenging - we need screenable cellular phenotypes to move faster. Today in @NatureComms, we present an #AI-driven phenotyping platform that identifies #PD hallmarks in patient cells:… 🧵(1/11)
By combining our cell culture #automation, #CellPainting, high-content imaging, and #DeepLearning methods, we built a robust platform for phenotypic profiling and collaborated with @GoogleAI to screen fibroblasts from 91 #Parkinsons patients and matched healthy controls (2/11)
We profiled images of nearly 6 million fibroblasts, creating the largest publicly available #CellPainting dataset to date at 48 terabytes (3/11)
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Now at @nature ! Work I co-first authored w/@smarek0502 :

Brain-wide association studies require thousands of individuals…

The result of years of graduate and post-doc work, #teamscience, and learning to embrace scientific complexity.

Note this work is not about all neuroimaging, but very specifically about cross-sectional correlations between individual differences in functional/structural neuroimaging metrics and psychological phenotypes. Please read and share with appropriate nuance.
With data from N ~50,000 (ABCD, HCP,UKB), we tested the magnitude and reproducibility of associations between common, inter-individual variability in human brain structure/function and cognition and psychiatric symptomatology: Brain-Wide Association Studies (BWAS).
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📣New paper out in @mSystemsJ, coauthored w/ the fabulous @LiatShenhav!
In this review, we apply our (very!) different skillsets to propose a new strategy for studying #humanmilk as a biological system, using methods developed for #microbiome research.
🧵… Image
👩🏻‍💻Liat is a computational scientist who develops bioinformatics methods to analyze microbiome data.
👩🏻‍🔬I am a human milk scientist who wants to study ALL THE THINGS in milk and figure out how they all work together.
Inspired by this @AJCNutrition review from @ParulChristian, @DrEmilyRSmith & others from @NIH & @gatesfoundation, Liat & I teamed up to brainstorm... 🧠…
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Thrilled to finally share the pre-print of our study in which we propose a mechanism underlying progression to severe #COVID19… Here is our tweetorial! A🧵 (1/9)
Hugely important landmark studies by @VirusesImmunity, @EJohnWherry, @SetteLab, @ScottBudinger and others have proposed that immune system dysregulation is implicated in disease progression and severity. (2/9)
To look for a mechanism of immune dysregulation, we performed multiparameter immune monitoring in a tightly controlled cohort of 128 COVID–19 patients, and used the ratio of SpO2:FiO2 as a dynamic and physiologic measure of disease severity. (3/9) Image
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Wie das rki die Ergebnisse der Kupferzell Studie manipuliert hat


Diese Seroprävalenz Studie hat nicht nur einen toten Studienleiter zu beklagen, sondern sie wurde mehrfach entscheidend verändert.

Darin verwickelt: Christian Drosten.

#PLURV #TeamScience #TeamDrosten
Am 14.8.2020 verkündet das rki auf einer Pressekonferenz dass nur 7% der Kupferzeller eine Infektion durchgemacht hätten. Dunkelziffer 3,9. 28,2% der vormals Positiven hätten keine neutralisierenden Antikörper mehr. Tenor: Impfen, impfen, impfen!


Nur am Rande erwähnt aber höchst wichtig:
- Drosten hat Neutralisationstests an der Charite durchgeführt. Ergebnis: alle Seropositiven hatten Covid.
- KEIN EINZIGER positiver PCR Test im Lauf der Studie.
- 83% der vormals Testpositiven hatten Symptome - ALLES self-reported!

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#radioactive commentary, w/ apologies to all admirable people of #BrainSTOA working hard on #DataSharing. This highlights a need to broaden #sharing to #computations & #insights. Premises were clear in Ngai’s “data resource development”, Bjaalie’s “modeling workflow” #Teamscience
Data sharing is good. Too much data creation, objectionable. Overreliance of data might be used to obfuscate gaps in theory, analysis and interpretation. Data is also a currency for misused scientific power. #InclusiveScience
At this point, we should also focus on sharing #ComputationalTools (and explaining them, and building expertise in using them). #ComputationalNeuroscience.

We should enhance collective vetting of our interpretations of their meaning.
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1/ Methode zur Berechnung des #SARSCoV2 Expositionsrisikos während 4. Welle (#DeltaVariante) in der #Schweiz 🇨🇭 für frei konfigurierbare Szenarien mit/ohne #Zertifikatspflicht:
Ein 🧵 mit #Entscheidungshilfen für #Politik, #Entscheidungsträger, #Veranstalter und Unentschlossene. Image
2/ Beispiel-Szenario 1A: Retrospektives Expositionsrisiko für Veranstaltung in Woche 34, mit 80 Personen ohne #Zertifikatspflicht, Verteilung nach Impfstatus gemäss Impfdaten.
Totales Expositionsrisiko 25.6% (1:4 Risiko! 🤦‍♂️), davon 21.5% durch #Ungeimpfte. Image
3/ Die Figur zeigt, dass an der Veranstaltung teilnehmende 'Persons' von vergangenen Tagen (Zeitfenster von T_ptc + 1 Tagen) je einen Risikobeitrag für eine unerkannte #Neuinfektion mitbringen. Nur der #Dunkelziffer-Anteil spielt hier eine Rolle. Image
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Feeling proud of she @HEAL_COVID Collaborative today.
Thanks to great teamwork between @NIHRresearch @livuni_LCTC @Cambridge_Uni @CUH_NHS @DHSCgovuk @MHRAgovuk @HRA_Latest @NHSDigital @NHSuk @aparitohealth @UKRI_News & multiple HEIs, we’ve gone from submitting a grant to..
..opening multiple hospital sites & enrolling our first patient in <4.5 months. Not RECOVERY trial fast, but quicker than I ever imagined possible for a trial like this. None of it would have been possible without amazing support & engagement from a multitude of people....
..many of whom never get the credit they deserve. So on the eve of #ICTD2021, I thought I might highlight some of the lesser-known heroes & their contributions to getting us this far.
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@CFREF_APOGEE has given @WesternU neuro researchers the opportunity to do better science and more science, faster. (thx @CulhamARI_Lab + Brian Allman for these words) The impacts of this extend beyond the @Brains_CAN and @WesternU communities and will continue for many years. 1/6
Cross-lab, cross-species and cross-level #teamscience. Better access to cutting-edge tools and expertise. Funding for high-risk, high-impact projects. Programs for truly outstanding trainees. Support for collaborations with our sister @CFREF_APOGEE @HBHLMcGill. 2/6
Action-based programs to improve #EDI. Support for innovation around #openscience. Resources that truly improve our community and help us to redefine our research culture. 3/6
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1/I want to take some time to share findings from our semi-recent PETACS study. This was a wonderful collaboration between @COpedsID faculty, survey designers, and #microbiologists across the US.
@JClinMicro @ASMicrobiology #ASMClinMicro…
2/ First, I want to emphasize that this project highlights many of the reasons I chose to pursue a #PhD in clinical & translational science. As a long-time microbiologist, I can say that the clinical lab doesn't often have a seat at the clinical effectiveness / research table.
3/ This project focuses on the tracheal aspirate culture- a diagnostic process that is greatly limited by contamination with normal respiratory flora, and which lacks consensus or standardization across labs and hospitals. @ASCLS @ASMicrobiology @ASCP_Chicago
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We were missing conference posters again, so here are short talks!🎙️

@baral_tweets, Arkamitra V & Indumathi V on opportunities & challenges in #ResearchManagement, especially in times of the #pandemic 👥

Join us now for panel discussion at #IRMIAC2021!👉…
"#Collaboration will take you much further than how far you could go alone": @MathewsVikram on importance of #TeamScience 🔬🩺

On this panel at IRMIAC2021, discussing why #CollaborationIsKey and how research managers add value to teams 👥

Tune in now!👉…
What goes into #research collaboration? What can we learn from global practices on building these partnerships? What are we already doing right?🤝

We are discussing these & more at the #IRMIAC2021 panel👥

Join the discussion and drop your questions now!👉…
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📢We are gearing up for the #IRMIAC2021, with a #workshop on pre-award #grant management!

IRMI (India Research Management Initiative) Annual Conference is focused on “Bringing Professional #ResearchManagement into the Indian #Science & #Innovation Ecosystem”👥

Stay tuned! ImageImageImageImage
⏱️The clock is ticking!

#IRMI Annual Conference - the first-of-its-kind for #ResearchManagement professionals in India - starts at 2:30 pm today👥

Watch this #thread for updates from #IRMIAC2021!

Glimpses from Pre-Conference #Workshop 3 on 'Post-Award Grant Management'👇 ImageImageImageImage

Inaugural session of the much-awaited #IRMI Annual Conference 2021🥁

India Alliance CEO @VasanSambandam1 takes through India Research Management Initiative - the history, purpose and opportunities🧑‍🏫

If you're at the conference, give us a shoutout using #IRMIAC2021! ImageImageImageImage
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Op dit moment hebben we bij @data_school een check-in voor het nieuwe jaar, we bespreken hoe het met iedereen gaat en wat iedereens plannen zijn voor 2021, aansluitend een borrel. 🎉 Normaal ziet dat er ongeveer zo uit 👈, maar nu is het natuurlijk online 👉. Team meeting in het kantoor van de Data School, er staat iemEen screenshot van een Teamscall met de Data School. Links b
Voor ik mijn promotieplek verwierf werkte ik als docent aan de UU en als onderzoeker bij de Utrecht Data School en @DatafiedSociety. Momenteel ben ik nog steeds verbonden aan de twee (al ben ik nu wat minder direct betrokken bij UDS).
Ik raakte bekend met UDS als masterstudent. UDS is jaren geleden opgericht door @mirkoschaefer en @boeschoten met als doel om studenten datavaardig te maken. Dat leek mij wel wat, want Deleuze is leuk hoor, maar ik heb mijn poten graag in de klei. 😉
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2020 has been extraordinary.

But we wanted to share the 10 reasons we are proud of 2020 by the S-Lab research group of @PICU_BCH & @BacrUob @unibirmingham

AND to say a HUGE 'thank you' to everyone who has made this possible #teamscience #PedsICU #2020
1)In the last 12 months we have built up a team of Neuro-critical care, resuscitation science, early rehabilitation and COVID19/PIMS-TS researchers for in Birmingham to improve the lives of critically unwell children. Currently called the S(cholefield)-Lab pending a better name!
2)In 2020 we watched our early career researchers shine

Hussin Albargi @AlBaRqi14 (PhD student: paediatric prehospital cardiac arrest)
Mirjam Kool @mirjam_kool (ACF – post-arrest #TTM Intra-arrest physiological monitoring @ILCOR) & 1st publication!
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How does effective viral surveillance change when (1) some people refuse to participate, and (2) sample collection errors lead to lower sensitivity, indep. of a test's limit of detection? Questions raised by @jhuber @awyllie13 & others after I posted this preprint last week.👇 1/
I love twitter+preprints precisely because of this community. In the updated preprint, we've corrected a couple typos, and created a new supplement, "Adjustments for false negatives and test refusal" which I'll quickly summarize below. 2/…
Previously, we estimated the impact of a policy on R by measuring the "infectiousness" the testing, relative to no testing. The formula's values correspond to the heights of bars in plots like this one. f0 is the leftmost hatched bar. ftest is the total height of a policy bar. 3/
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Auch wenn die Hetze sich gerade auf @c_drosten fokussiert, sollten wir nicht vergessen, dass es sich hierbei um einen medialen Angriff auf den Wissenschaftsbetrieb als solchen handelt - was um so infamer wirkt, dass wir uns gerade in einer Pandemie befinden - Thread(chen)
Wer diese "Zeitung" liest und ihr glaubt, bekommt gerade den Eindruck vermittelt, Virologie und Epidemiologie seien so was eine Partie Sackhüpfen unter ForscherInnen und am Ende gewinnt der/die beste einen Preis, ohne überhaupt das Wohl der Allgemeinheit im Blick zu haben.
Als seien Drosten und seine KollegInnen primär daran interessiert, ihren persönlichen Meinungen zur Allgemeingültigkeit zu verhelfen und als bedürfe es ausgerechnet der Bild, zwischen den verschiedenen Fachmeinungen zu vermitteln.
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Our new paper is on biorxiv! "Predicting master transcription factors from pan-cancer expression data"…. We set out to find master TFs in ovarian cancer, and went on quite a journey... A few highlights in the thread 1/
Prioritizing candidate MTFs without ChIP-seq data is tough, so we developed a gene expression-based approach which we loving called the Cancer Core Transcription factor Specificity (CaCTS) algorithm 🌵. (We then decorated the lab in cactuses) /2
Using CaCTS we identified candidate MTFs for 34 major tumor types and 140 molecular/histologic subtypes.

Candidate MTFs tend to be associated with super-enhancers, and many are lineage-specific essential genes - woo CaCTS works! 3/
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Launching the Navigating Team Science professional development workshop at #SfN19 is @anne_churchland talking about the @IntlBrainLab. Their goal is to develop a brain-wide model of decision making with 21 PIs. 👇
The team is international and all labs have at least one postdoc/student on the project. Each one leads a subproject so that they can have first author publications. There are multiple staff scientists and project manager to coordinate data and work.
There are external staff scientists that assist with the more complex aspects of data sharing and this is important because this expertise may not be present in individual lab. #teamscience
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1/ for what it’s worth, I don’t think being nice is strictly about pleasing others and being courteous. For me, it’s also about professionalism, easy collaboration, and inviting challenge. In fact, that last one might be the most important, particularly with #Science...
2/ I want to be receptive on every counter idea to my own. This is why invest so much time speaking to those with opposing views. I want to understand where they’re coming from and why. Many of my strongest opinions came from trying to defend its opposite unsuccessfully...
3/ And I’m certainly not perfect at this, I always feel like I could do a lot better.

Sometimes a friendly debate goes south and I spend the rest of the day thinking about what I could do or say differently to keep that from happening in the same way again.
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