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NOTHING will happen until people put boots on the ground & demand change. Over past 4 months, a few thousand fed-up patriots joined me to #StandWithICE & against illegal alien crime in sanctuary cities nationwide. If you're not willing to show up, you're part of the problem.
Yep. If you live by fear, you will be ruled by tyrants. Those who sit on the sidelines and do nothing -- or worse, denigrate those who stand up and do something -- get what they deserve.
You don't have to be in DC to protest. Refugee dumps, illegal alien rapes & murders, American IT work layoffs & foreign jihad attacks are all happening in your own backyards.

Keep making excuses. Nothing will change.

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#Thread Highlights from @michellemalkin's speech at #StandWithIce Rally in Boston

"I stand here as a proud #AmericaFirst advocate!" 1/
@michellemalkin Michelle: "America First, that is why he won & if he's going to win again he must redouble his commitment to Americans First!"

Man: "Forget about Jared!"

Michelle: "That's right, the Jared Kushner Agenda isn't the Agenda I voted for is that what you voted for?"

Crowd: "NO!" 2/
@michellemalkin .@michellemalkin on the America Last Conservative Inc.:

"We need to stand up to them & we have young people on college campuses now who are doing what no one has done before. I support them & that's why I've been smeared."

Man yells out: "Groyper Wars!" 3/
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You are an absolute idiot @kcexec American citizens deserve to know the truth, your two precious illegal aliens are brutal murderers pretty sure chopping up their victim sowed some fear. #StandWithICE
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#Thread Highlights From @michellemalkin's Fantastic #StandWithICE Rally Last Week!

@michellemalkin: "Immigration is not a single issue, it is every issue. And if we do not stand for immigration enforcement, our country will fall." 1/
@michellemalkin .@michellemalkin: "Those people want to destroy our country. It is a transnational undermine American Sovereignty. Are we a Sanctuary Nation?"

Crowd: "No!"

@michellemalkin: "Are we a sovereign nation?"

Crowd: "Yes!" #AmericaFirst 2/
@michellemalkin .@michellemalkin Slams the Feckless Republicans in the Swamp:

"Too many Establishment Republican Beltway types put the almighty dollar and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the safety and security of American Citizens! They all need to be called out!" 3/
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“It opened a lot of eyes to see literal blood being spilled.” @michellemalkin speaks at the “#StandWithICE” rally outside the Tacoma ICE facility that was firebombed by an armed antifa militant in July. The 500-gallon propane tank suspect tried to ignite has since been removed.
Fake antifa black block man shows up to troll his friends.
.@michellemalkin speaking outside the Tacoma ICE facility: “Our asylum system has been hijacked by social justice radicals who are making a mockery of what legitimate claims of persecution are.”
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Radical #OpenBordersInc NJ AG Gurbir Grewal & loony Dem Gov Phil Murphy have turned entire Garden State into safe space for illegal alien criminals. Time for my home state to #StandWithICE #EndSactuary & RECALL these sanctuary anarchists!…
Gurbir Grewal is a sovereignty saboteur who puts illegal alien criminals above Americans & militant anti-Trump resistance above public safety ==>…
Follow the #openbordersinc money, find the truth about Trump-hating, ICE-bashing sanctuary anarchist NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. His political mentor is Amardeep Singh, senior program officer at George Soros's Open Society Foundations.…
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YouTube user “Munkay 83” again tells @AuroraPD to take out their guns and shoot each other. Does #AbolishIce not understand PD are there to protect their right to “peacefully” protest? This is disgusting @GovofCO @FBIDenver @TheJusticeDept #StandWithIce
@KDVR @CBSDenver @DenverChannel @9NEWS grow a pair and show Colorado what these protests are really about God knows @denverpost won’t cover it, they’re probably part of the mob.
Again, what does harassing Police officers there to protect have to do with #AbolishIce? These are the great unwashed with nothing better to do. #StandWithIce #BackTheBlue
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Tonight #AbolishICE thugs will protest at Aurora/GEO detention director's home. Neighbor David Booth told me why he's rallying community to #StandWithICE : "This policy of intimidation that we see the left continue to use is not OK."…
On SAT Sept 21 11am, patriots across Colorado will join me for 3rd #StandWithICE rally to counter #AbolishICE & Denver Communist agitators.
If not us, who? If not now, when?
Join us ==>…
Aurora PD's statement ==>

Exclusive - Happening now: Patriots gathering to #standwithice & support Aurora/GEO detention director Johnny Choate, whose home & family are being targeted tonight by #abolishice & Denver communists
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Dear fellow patriots: It's time to stop making nice with those who are waging war on ICE. via @michellemalkin @DailySignal
@michellemalkin @DailySignal Look around. We have unhinged Democrats uniting in common cause with violent Antifa and cheap labor-hungry big business CEOs to blow holes in our sovereignty and endanger our communities.
@michellemalkin @DailySignal We have trashmouth Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Michiganistan, leading protests against ICE in Dearborn two weeks ago that bullied the city into withdrawing from cooperative agreements to hold illegal immigrant detainees.
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Good things happen when good, peaceful, patriotic people are willing to #StandWithICE , like the hundreds who joined our #StandWithICE rally today in Aurora, Colorado. We will go wherever the #OpenBordersInc mob retreats. Sanctuary cities, you are on notice.
More pics for the #StandWithICE kickoff rally in Colorado today...going nationwide to combat #openbordersinc @randycorporon #tomtancredo @USCISCuccinelli @chiproytx @RMConservative
@randycorporon @USCISCuccinelli @chiproytx @RMConservative Here's a biased @9news "report" on the peaceful, patriotic #StandWithICe rally of 200 pro-USA activists in Aurora that was crashed by siren-blaring, ICE-hating SJWs, one of whom tried to smack me with her Abolish ICE sign while cops stood between us.…
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No holiday for me! My closing statement at #StandWithICE rally in Aurora is posted on open-borders Facebook. Headed next to NYC, DC, then Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, and Portland. Get ready. Expose #OpenBordersInc & take the #StandWithICE challenge!…
Statement I read at #StandWithICE rally from Angel Dad Marat Kudlis @Marat34777870 to fellow Coloradans & Americans about why we must #EndSanctuaryCities & stop #OpenBordersInc - His 3 yr old son was killed 11 years ago on Sept. 4, 2008 by illegal alien deportation fugitive.
@Marat34777870 Thank you @PatrickForCO for joining us at #StandWithICE and standing up for law-abiding Coloradans, law enforcement & homeland security!
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The #AbolishICE mob is threatening our immigration enforcement agents & endangering us all. I'm taking #StandWithICE straight to sanctuary hellholes. Need patriots to join me. More to come==>… #openbordersinc #malkintour
Thank you patriot & ICE special agent @VicSurvivor11
for joining me for #StandWithICE movement ==>
Aurora CO ICE acting field office director John Fabbricatore spoke to me about #AbolishICE protests & agent safety #StandWithICE
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Vote For 👉👉👉@RonDeSantisFL to Save #Florida

1. Tallahassee’s Average Murder Rate Increase by 52% on Gillum's watch from 2010-2017.
2. Gillum said NO to More Police in Tallahassee but Yes to $2 Million in Tax Dollars for His Friend’s Restaurant.
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