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Up until 9 months ago (green card 🙏), I was on an F1 visa for 13 years. This last measure is unbelievably cruel but perhaps you don't realize how many other hurdles international students face. This is what it was like for me 👇 #StudentBan #InternationalStudents 1/n
Step 1: Apply to college, get accepted. That's where it ends for US citizens & permanent residents. For undergrads and MS students, you first have to show the school that you already have the $$ to pay for tuition AND everything else for yr 1 - they issue an I-20 #StudentBan 2/n
You then take that I-20 to apply for a #F1visa and it's up to the consul to decide whether your family has enough $$ to pay for your education. The consul that reviewed my visa app for undergrad almost denied me mine. I was almost in tears during that entire appt #StudentBan 3/n
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I'm very pleased to share the result of a big project @GEB_macro co-led by @ThaiseEmilio and involving LOTS of collaborators from 48 countries and many institutions.

🌴 The Global Abundance of Tree Palms 🌴…

Read down for more... Howea forsteriana in Lord Howe Island (Australia). Photo by
But first: There are lots of important things to focus on right now besides a new paper.


We hope this serves as another interesting example of the power, value, and need for diversity in ecology. We are excited to share it!
On to the story:
🌴Palm trees are iconic tropical forest plants. At least in some places, palms are also very abundant. Did you know that 6 of the top 10 most abundant "tree" species in Amazonia are palms?🌴… Aerial photo of Quistococha, a Mauritia flexuosa palm swamp
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CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO OPPOSE THE #StudentBan. Here are some helpful scripts (either short or long), with thanks to help from many, especially @ThatSaraGoodman and @NazitaLajevardi:…
Don't know their #s? Call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be connected to your representative/senators. The switchboard # is: 202-224-3121 (operators answer 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year).

You can also use to find your members of Congress & their #s.
Image below is the short script and here is the link hyperlinked in that image:… Image
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1. I was an international student admissions evaluator & advisor for 3 years. I’ve issued I-20s. I’ve had countless international students in my office. I currently still work in international admissions/collegiate administration. 1/14
2. I am not/have never been an international student, but I want US natives to understand why their international classmates/students/peers are freaking out & overwhelmed right now:
- Imagine you were admitted to a university in a foreign country. It’s prestigious and exciting.
3. - You can only get the visa paperwork to come if you fork over/provide proof of enough money for a full year’s tuition, living expenses, MANDATORY student insurance, and various fees.
- Maybe you get lucky or are awarded funding based on your merit to offset costs. Maybe not.
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Duke, NCSU, and UNC students organized a great @qiskit quantum hackathon in the triangle area.…
These schools have plans for hybrid-courses for the fall. These students will not have to worry about this @ICEgov ruling.…
Other students are not so lucky. We should try to help them out.

Consider signing this…
Consider writing your congressperson. #StudentBan
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Well, it finally happened. This #ICE International #StudentBan got me back into the “organizing effective lobbying action via twitter” game.

Want to make sure our lovely international students can keep their visas? Here’s how to do it:


Before we fight the #StudentBan, let me establish my credentials. I’m an expert on higher education lobbying. Just had a paper published on the subject. It is pretty good. You should check it out.…

Also, I’ve done this before…

In 2017, I offered some advice in a twitter thread about how graduate students could stop the #GradStudentTax. Well, we won that battle. So, let’s buckle up and use the same principles to win this one against the #StudentBan.

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The U.S. education system, much like its healthcare system, is entirely broken and unsustainable. A gross disservice to its citizens.
...and by all means ban the international students!! Because they have "no value" to the U.S. or to other, American students that might, foolishly, learn about diversity & culture from them 🙄 #StudentBan

Worst case: if all of these students are forced to leave the will likely be a death sentence for some. Perhaps some students directly, or their family members when they get home (if they are even allowed to go home) & bring COVID19 back with them. Wrong. Unnecessary.
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This is a huge blow to the more than a million International students in the US almost 3/4ths of which arrive from Asia.
China ~ 400,000
India ~ 200,000
S Korea ~ 50,000
Its also a hammer blow to US college towns & jobs.…
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