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[gif is World Wrestler jumping up on arena ropes hollering out "I SAID, ARE YOU READY?!"]
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My new article "On Track or Derailed? Race, Advanced Math, and the Transition to High School" in @SociusJournal summarized in tweet form.

A thread:

#Sociology #Soctwitter #mathequity #BlackandSTEM…
Taking advanced math in HS influences academic success, what careers we pursue, and how much $ we make. Studies find racial gaps in who takes Calculus in HS & Algebra I in MS, but there is little research on race and adv math course taking during the transition to HS. 2/
This study uses national data to examine adv math course taking in 9th grade for students on the accelerated track who took Alg I+ in 8th grade and students on the standard track who took <Alg I. I also look at the role of performance factors & parents, teachers & counselors 3/
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#BlackinChem Thread!!

Here's how this came to be.

You may have noticed several #blackandSTEM campaigns on Twitter this summer, like #BlackBirdersWeek #BlackHikersWeek @BlackInNeuro and @That_Astro_Chic 's #BlackinAstro . #BlackinChem is no different
I saw #BlackinAstro going viral and tweeted that I would love to curate #BlackinChem (with some help) and that's when @That_Astro_Chic and I connected and got to WORK! She introduced me to @onlyayanna_ and along the way came @NatRodLopes1 @kathinated @hi_d_nq and @blackinthelab
We all got together and started dumping a LOT of ideas in our group message and eventually settled on curating a week where each day focuses on a particular subdivision of chemistry. Image
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Up until 9 months ago (green card 🙏), I was on an F1 visa for 13 years. This last measure is unbelievably cruel but perhaps you don't realize how many other hurdles international students face. This is what it was like for me 👇 #StudentBan #InternationalStudents 1/n
Step 1: Apply to college, get accepted. That's where it ends for US citizens & permanent residents. For undergrads and MS students, you first have to show the school that you already have the $$ to pay for tuition AND everything else for yr 1 - they issue an I-20 #StudentBan 2/n
You then take that I-20 to apply for a #F1visa and it's up to the consul to decide whether your family has enough $$ to pay for your education. The consul that reviewed my visa app for undergrad almost denied me mine. I was almost in tears during that entire appt #StudentBan 3/n
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So there’s a few Black STEM related hashtags in the Science Twitter community, more specifically the Black Science Twitter community. This brings us together as we share our obstacles and accomplishments.
None of this would be possible without #BlackandSTEM. This was created by @ThePurplePage, Dr. Stephanie Page.
She is the Queen of celebrating #BlackandSTEM! She even has a blog site that brings awareness to what we as Black scientists go through! This dialogue informs us (Black Scientists) that we are NOT alone.
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Hey y'all! My name is Ashley Walker (@That_Astro_Chic ). I've curated Real Scientists in October of 2018! Allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm a intern for @NASAGoddard in the Astrochemistry Lab and is the founder of #BlackInAstro week which JUST ended yesterday! (A thread)
A little bit more about me. I'm from Chicago, IL (the BEST side which is the south side). I received my BS in Chemistry from @ChicagoState University. During my time there, I've interned at Harvard which I studied early planet forming disks.
I've also interned at Johns Hopkins and studied planetary atmospheres, specifically Saturn's moon Titan. (My baby! 🥺) This project was also presented as my senior thesis defense!
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Black knowledge creators who've shaped how we think about & experience ECOLOGY, NATURE & CLIMATE. A (large yet nonexhaustive) THREAD.

This is part of our "Spotlighting Black Scientists & Ways of Knowing" series, check out the previous part on Technology⬇️
We’re sharing these threads as part of our #ScientistSolidarity Drive which ends TOMORROW, calling on non-Black scientists to support orgs/funds doing grassroots racial justice and abolition work. We're only $300 away from our (updated) $6110 match goal!
First up, Black Radical Ecology teaches us that environmental destruction stems from white pursuits of power/the Eurocolonial capitalist idea that humans rank above all in nature. @RantzFanon says: "To save ourselves & the planet, we must oppose all forms of (white) authority…
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When the pandemic lockdown started in March, I did 6 weeks of live-streamed science lessons geared toward k-5th graders. This thread is a recap of them. The video quality isn’t the best because they were uploaded directly from my webcam, but I hope they’re helpful...

Before I recap, you can follow me on IG @sciencemadesimple_llc. Also, I’m posting new science videos every Monday morning this summer on my @youtube channel, like this one from last week about pepper spray, so definitely subscribe:
Lesson 1: We learned about safety, the importance of a lab notebook, and what a hypothesis is. We also did an experiment in order to practice these principles:
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What’s police brutality and racism got to do with science?


A #BlackAndSTEM/#ShutDownSTEM/#ShutDownAcademia/#BlackLivesMatter multidisciplinary science megathread.
Did you know that studies have revealed that diversity drives scientific innovation? Another way to put that: The absence of Black people in science results in lower quality science. So says @nature, one of the world’s most prestigious science journals…
@nature Where are all the #BlackAndSTEM scientists? Racism blocks their way. While white males make up 40-60% of science Ph.D. students, the Black %s are usually in the single digits. Physics, astronomy, and Earth sciences are usually in the 1-3% range.…
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We stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement- with our colleagues, our partners & our friends. We r proud to have a brilliant, diverse
@rabidbites family & strive to ensure that every person is treated fairly, respectfully & encouraged to reach their potential...
However- we recognise that we must know better and do better! Stop relying on black people to do the heavy lifting and use resources that will educate you on the complexities of racism and the many ways it manifests itself.…
Systemic racism is entrenched in academia. Only constant pressure has any chance of removing it: challenge the explicit and implicit racism and accept that this might mean difficult conversations or challenging your own privileges. #BlackandSTEM
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This Wednesday, June 10th, in conjunction with #ParticlesForJustice, I am taking part in #ShutDownSTEM, a one day event for African Americans in STEM to rest, and for others to educate themselves and reflect. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackandSTEM 1/20
If you are a member of a scientific department, I would strongly suggest that you attempt to cancel all academic-related activity, so that your department can educate themselves and reflect on this issue, ideally together in some way. This is an issue which matters. 2/20
A lack of representation and inclusion hurts not only the African American community, but the scientific community as a whole. Missing out on the diverse and unique perspectives and potential scientific contributions of a large portion of the population hurts everyone. 3/20
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For Faculty/PIs in STEM,

Glad to see you on social media voicing your support for #BIPOC. Good start! Now, time to be held accountable for your contributions to the problem and understand where your VOICE & ACTIONS will have real impact. A thread👇

#AcademicChatter #WithaPhD
1- In department meetings, when you agree with colleagues about 'the best and the brightest' (referring ONLY to trainees from Ivy League Schools), and when you believe that Academia is a meritocracy system (spoiler alert: is not!).
2- In admissions committees, when you accept or make comments like:
"I’ve never heard of that school"
"He has done too much activism work"
"They won’t thrive in such a competitive environment"
"An A at Community College class is equivalent of a C in a top tier school"
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I am exhausted. This is my constant state. Despite my influence and achievements I know that I don't have the privilege to always plainly say what I want to say when I want to. For some folks this is confusing but let me make something very clear 1/7
I am a black woman who holds a leadership position in an organization that primarily serves black and brown people. I recognize the rarity and importance of this position 2/7
Plz don't always look for me to lend my voice to conversations like this as I am constantly processing trauma. I am doing what I can within the scope of influence that I have 3/7
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Just had this thought after conversing with some fellow Black colleagues in academe about hostility we have (and continue to) face on the job. So, to my Black fam in academe, many of you work in units where the knees of white supremacy are constantly on your necks. They put...
put their knees on your necks because they know the structure in academe encourages and incentivizes anti-Blackness. Yet, some of those culprits who dare seek to block your joy and contribution will attempt to send calls of action to your unit listservs, etc., demanding...
that your dept makes a statement, or etc. Understand, you’re duty-bound to reject these overtures – they’re insincere and phony #NotWithMyName. Especially if these colleagues have yet to repent. Again, #NotWithMyName! Sometimes all we have left is our dignity, and we should...
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We need some inspiration. Join us to celebrate people fighting for our planet w/#30EarthMonthHeroes. The rules: 1⃣Tag a person who does great things to protect the environment 2⃣tag+thread another the next day 3⃣Repeat thru April. Explainer via @TaotaoTasi…
1) One of our #30EarthMonthHeroes is our previous president @brooke2cents. Beyond the leadership she provided us, Brooke trains conservationists on how to design outreach plans that motivate action. Check out her work on sustainable fishing in Mongolia:…
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Happy Black History Month 2020 ✨✊🏾

Every day this month I’ll be highlighting the accomplishments of a different Black female scientist, engineer, inventor, or STEM educator 👩🏾‍🏫

We are here. We’ve been here. We belong here. 👩🏾‍🔬👩🏿‍🏫👩🏽‍💻👩🏾‍🎓👩🏽‍🏭

#BlackWomenInSTEM #BlackAndSTEM #BHM2020
Marie M. Daly, PhD
•1947 - first Black woman to receive a chemistry PhD in the U.S! 👩🏽‍🔬
•research: hypertension & artery blockage -> better understand heart attacks
•tenured professor at Albert Einstein
•est. scholarship for Af-Am science students at Queens College 👨🏾‍🎓👩🏾‍🎓
Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD
•1973 - first Af-Am woman to receive a PhD from MIT & second Af-Am woman to obtain a physics PhD in the U.S.!
•1999 - first woman & first Af-Am president of Reselaer Polytechnic Inst.
•2016 - awarded National Medal of Science by President Obama 🏅
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Thanks to all of the incredibly impressive suggestions, I created a #BlackAndSTEM Twitter list. I'll keep adding to it as I run across (or y'all tag) more people. You can subscribe to the list and/or look at the members for follow suggestions.
PS- I'm working on more lists. There isn't enough RTng to do justice to all the important voices out there. Feel free to tag me with more suggestions! In case it must be said: these lists aren't for my personal gain, profit, or anything of the sort. It's simply #ForTheCulture ✊🏾
Correction to the link in the prior tweet. Access the Black and STEM List here:…
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George Carruthers, a physicist and inventor whose UV imaging instruments have been used on sounding rockets, the space shuttle, and even the Moon, turns 80 years old today… #blackandSTEM #OTD Image
Over the years, Carruthers has actively promoted science and technology to young people, particularly African Americans, by visiting primary and secondary schools in the Washington, DC, area
In 2012 Carruthers received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama Image
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Do you want a PAID internship @ArchboldStation? The Avian Ecology Program is hiring for the 2020 field season!…
@ArchboldStation Who should apply? People with an undergraduate degree and some field experience who are looking for independent research experience.
#blackandSTEM #VanguardSTEM #lgbtstem
@ArchboldStation People who like working as part of a team. Our program has a lot of members and is led by award-winning researcher and mentor @reed_bowman
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For #PiDay + #WomensHistoryMonth, I honor an eminent, glass-ceiling-breaking mathematician, Dr. Loretta Marion Murray Braxton. In the 1950’s, her 1st math prof in college in VA told her that she was in the wrong classes, b/c "only boys took higher-level math classes."1/14
Undeterred, Loretta Braxton won an NSF to do an MS in math in a top program at the University of Illinois, obtained a doctorate, and taught the 1st African American who formed a billion-dollar company, Reginald Lewis. #PiDay #Fearless 2/N
As a math teacher, professor, and 15 years as chair of the math department at @VSUTrojans, Loretta Braxton mentored several generations of math students, many of whom became teachers + college or university professors themselves. #BlackAndSTEM 3/14
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Less than a day tweeting here and I'm already being asked to comment on gender in science/academia. No surprise to any of my fellow #womeninSTEM...
I have a lot to say about women in science - the barriers we face and what we can do to change things for the better. But I also wish that we could sometimes just be scientists, and didn't have to always be Women In Science.
It's not great to feel the pressure to represent an entire marginalised community (like @xkcdComic shows below). Not just #womeninSTEM, but #queerinSTEM #BLACKandSTEM #LatinxinSTEM and a lot of others who feel pressure to be a 'model minority'.
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