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#FoodForThought A Swamiji was traveling in a flight. When they were on air an airhostess started serving complimentary liquor to everyone. When she came to offer Swamiji, he politely refused. The airhostess said, "We offer this service which is not done in any other airlines, top Image
quality drink, please take it Sir."
Again the Swamiji refused. She persisted, "once you taste this drink you will never stop drinking this."
He refused again. The stewardess said, "At least for my repeated request you should taste a sip."
The Swamiji said, "I am sorry Amma, a
thinker like me cannot consume this mind altering drink. Why don't you offer my share to the pilot please?"
Immediately she replied, "Oh how can he drink when he is working? He might get inebriated and make some mistake while flying, causing an accident killing us all!"
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When Akbar saw a Brahmin begging in a pitiable condition, he sarcastically said towards Birbal - 'Birbal! These are your Brahmins! Who is known as Brahmadeva. They are beggars. Birbal did not say anything at that time. But when Akbar went to the palace, Birbal Image
came back and asked the Brahmin why he begged. Brahmin said - 'I have no money, jewellery, land and I am not much educated either. Hence, begging is my compulsion for the maintenance of the family.
Birbal asked - How much is received in a day by begging?
The Brahmin replied - Six
to eight coins.
Birbal said - If you get some work, will you stop begging?
Brahmin asked - What should I do?
Birbal said - You will have to take bath in Brahmamuhurt and wear clean clothes and chant 101 Gayatri Mantra daily and for this you will get 10 coins daily. The Brahmin
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If one reads Bruce H. Lipton’s The Biology Of Belief, one will think a dozen times before saying something demoralizing to oneself or to the people around. In this book, Mr. Lipton details the power of conscious & subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is The Image
million times more powerful than the conscious mind & decides most of the things in our lives according to the beliefs it has. Many times we fail to change an unpleasant habit despite our will-power & conscious efforts. It is because the habit gets so strongly programmed in our
subconscious mind that the efforts made by our conscious mind hardly make any difference. Conscious Mind is just a shadow of our Unconscious Mind. The tribals of Solomon Islands curse a tree, actually installing negative & harmful beliefs in the tree’s emotion (yes, trees have
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Since today is the 40th anniversary of #PieceOfMind thought I would give #IronMaiden fans, 10 facts about the album that many of them probably don't know.

1. The album meant to be titled #FoodForThought could have ended with a very different cover painted by Derek Riggs Image
2. #FlightOfIcarus was a mixture of a riff that Adrian had, and a demo Dickinson had with a rough version of a song he had written and that Paul Samson had turned down for Samson. Image
3. The first song that was finished for the album was #TheTrooper Image
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#Bhakti #foodforthought #faith
Every day early morning a little girl would come to the temple, stand before the deity, close her eyes and with folded hands, murmur something for a couple of minutes. Then open her eyes, bow down, smile and go out running. This was a daily affair. Image
The temple Poojari was observing her and was curious about what she was doing. He thought, she is too small to know the deeper meanings of religion. She would hardly know any prayers. But then what was she doing every morning in the temple?
15 days passed and Poojari now couldn’t
resist but to find out more about her behaviour. One morning, Poojari reached there before the girl and was waiting for her to complete her ritual. “My child, I have seen since the last 15 days that you come here regularly. What do you do?"

“ I pray,” She said spontaneously.
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#Fibromyalgia has "no known causes"

It affects mostly middle aged women.

It's a relatively recent illness.

There's no cure.

Pain symptoms throughout the body are excruciating when waking up, warding off during the day.
2/3 Stats show that around 66% of #TargetedIndividuals are middle-aged women.

DEW torturers rely on the body's stationary condition while sleeping to perpetrate precise, ruthless attacks on TI bodies

Waking up for TIs feels like what journals describe as #Fibromyalgia symptoms
3/3 If #Fibromyalgia patients were to get screened and test positive for #HavanaSyndrome, the 'mystery' of the former's causes will be solved since #NAS already documented the causes for the latter.

Is fibromyalgia a real illness or the effects of DEW attacks?

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#FoodForThought There was a woman named Subhadra who lived with her hunter husband in the forest. They did not have children for many years. They offered a lot of prayers and did austere penance and finally they were blessed with a son. They brought him up with so much love and
care. Unfortunately one day a snake stung their son and he was struggling for his life. The wife was distraught and called to her husband. The husband searched for the snake which stung his child, brought it and told his wife that he would slay its head immediately. The wife said
That is not going to bring back our son’s life. But the hunter said, by killing this I can prevent it from stinging others and killing them. The wife said but there are so many other snakes in the forest, what are you going to do about them. As they were arguing the snake said
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#FoodForThought a Krishna devotee, a very poor girl went to Dwaraka to see Krishna. She told Him, I just want to do your bidding, nothing else gives me happiness, please tell me what I should do for you. Krishna immediately gave her a heavy old sack and told her you carry this
with me wherever I go. The sack will not be visible to anyone else. The girl did not expect this. She thought He will ask her to do something else. But she did what He told her, though grumbling all the way, as the sack was heavy. Sometimes Krishna helped her carry it when she
was too tired to do so. Then one
fine day Krishna told her, you can now unburden the sack and open and see what is inside. He Himself opened it for her which was filled with gold and diamonds. For being patient all this time, this is my gift to you, He said smilingly. With tears
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Many times we fail to be ourselves or are ashamed to be ourselves. That is wrong. We should always be ourselves. Gold is expensive and tin is cheap but what we can make out of tin we cannot make out of gold. Neither is gold great nor tin inferior. Each has its
use and purpose. Ganga water is sacred but doesn’t mean well water is useless. When one is thirsty it wouldn’t matter if it is Ganga water or well water that quenches one’s thirst. Crow is not beautiful like a peacock but we offer food to crow in the place of our ancestors.
Cotton is not like silk but for the hot summer that is preferred! Today is different from yesterday and tomorrow will be again different. But everyday is beautiful and a miracle. Let us be happy with who we are. Let us work towards being the best we can be. There is nothing to be
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1/ #FoodForThought: Will the economic decisions of February 2023 shape India's future?

With #Budget2023 announcement, inflation numbers, and a potential US Fed rate hike due, February feels like a game of chess where each move can make or break the country's financial future.♟
2/ The first Federal Reserve meeting of 2023 is coming up on February 1st, and it's set to be a big one.

Fed's hawkish tone hints at another #InterestRate hike. 🚀
3/ As the interest rates move, Consumer Price Index in #India is also projected to decline about 5% in the first quarter & more over the upcoming quarters of 2024. 📉
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There will always be somebody ahead of us, someone with a better job, nicer car, more money in the bank, more education, a prettier wife, a more handsome husband, better behaved children, better circumstances and better conditions etc. But one important
realisation is that, we can be the best that we can be, when we are not competing with anyone. Some people are insecure because they pay too much attention to what others are, where others are going, wearing and driving, what others are talking. Take whatever we have, the height,
the weight and personality. Accept it and realize, that we are blessed. Stay focused and live a healthy life.
Let us count our blessings! There is no competition in Destiny. Each has his own. Comparison and Competition is the thief of JOY.
Let us run our own Race that leads to
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#foodforthought Meaningful explanation to anyone questioning if one has seen God!
In villages, dogs are raised to guard against thieves in the farm. A dog barks when it sees a thief. Hearing that sound, 100 dogs around start barking. 99 dogs never see a thief. The first to shout
was the dog which saw the thief. Hearing that dog's voice, other dogs also bark because of the belief that the first dog has seen the thief. Similarly, many devotees like our sages, acharyas, saints, ascetics, etc. have seen that Lord. We follow that belief since childhood only
because of this faith. It is certain that we will have a glimpse of that God once. While an ordinary dog ​​trusts another dog, a thinking man can trust the words of a Mahatma – another human being.

Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanam🙏🏻
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#FoodForThought Never compare one’s self with others. X takes 30 minutes to walk a distance of 2kms. Y takes 15 minutes to cross the same distance. Who is fitter? Of course the answer will be Y. But then you say X walked in a rugged unpaved road and Y walked in a paved jogger’s
pathway we will change our answer and say X is better! If we say X is 25years and Y is 50years old, X is 65 kgm and Y is 120 kgm our assessment will keep changing. This is the same with our lives. Each is dealt with a certain set of cards with which each one has to play. Without
the knowledge of who has what capacity and what problems we start comparing our lives with others. Each one’s opportunity will be different. The solution to each one’s problem will also be different. Let us focus on being the best we possibly can be within our means and
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#FoidForThought A wealthy man watched an ant moving across the balcony carrying a big leaf several times its size. The man watched it for more than an hour. He saw that the ant faced many obstacles during its journey, paused, took a diversion and then continued towards its
destination. At one point the tiny creature came across a crack in the floor. It paused for a little while, analysed and then laid the huge leaf over the crack, walked over the leaf, picked the leaf on the other side then continued on its journey. The man was captivated by the
cleverness of the ant. The incident left the man in awe and forced him to contemplate over the miracle of creation. A while later the man saw that the creature had reached its destination – a tiny hole in the floor which was the entrance to its underground dwelling. And it was at
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🛑 CHINA ALERT 🛑 Xi’s Chinese Communist Party is using ‘Zero COVID’ to manipulate and suppress 老百姓 Lao Baixing (Chinese commoners). Take a look at a text stream sent to me by a friend in Beijing today: #ChinaExposed #China #ZeroCovid #Wuhan @HuXijin_GT @globaltimesnews Image
Better question is was it always this way? Did COVID solve two vexing problems for China simultaneously? It looks to have temporarily solved their current account trending into negative territory by abruptly shutting down the Chinese population from traveling, educating,
and spending abroad. Also by allowing a full Communist Party of China takeover of Hong Kong when protests against the national security policy were at their zenith. #FoodForThought
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One of the least talked topics in stock market is Winning Probability, Risk Management and Position Sizing.

Holy grail does exist but it's not a strategy. Its mindset. Ever wondered why top traders despite different trading styles average between 4-8% returns pm?

A Thread 🧵
Key to good trading is understanding your:
1. Winning Probability - How many trades you win out of 100?
2. Risk Management - How much you lose vs how much you win. Risk:Reward?
3. Position Sizing - How much quantity you execute which impacts your loss / profit?
What are the benchmarks of good returns for your trading style?

1. Investors look for 16-18% compounded returns.
2. Swing Traders are looking at 18-30% returns with passive trading and investing.
3. Traders across spectrum look at 4-8% per month in general.

But question is..
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Dear fellow Brits.
This 👇🏼 is not something that just happens to other peoples kids - it’s totally arbitrary and could happen to your kids too.
Wake up to the reality of deregulation and privatisation before it’s too late!!
“Capital and the Carceral State: Prison Privatization in the United States and United Kingdom”…
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Your airline pilot started in a single engine Cessna. Nobody called it gatekeeping. And before that, they learned lots of "mostly irrelevant" facts in ground training.

Cyber is one of the only fields where we pretend that skipping the basics is okay to put butts in seats. 1/4
Do you really want an incident responder that doesn't understand the implications of a "non-standard" subnet mask (whatever that actually means, don't get me started)? Sure, it's only like .1% of IR where that's relevant, but just highlighting an example. 2/4
I don't have the answers for "how much knowledge is enough" for a given task. But given the number and cost of ongoing security incidents, I suspect that if we don't answer the question, regulatory (read licensing) boards will answer for us. 3/4
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Whenever i see the sunrise or the sunset, it reminds me of a beautiful hadith that always leaves me awe struck. There’s a verse in Surah Yaseen that says,

“And the sun goes towards its resting place.”

Some sahabah’s رضي الله عنهم asked the Prophet ﷺ about what this verse meant, to which he replied that when the sun sets, it goes beneath the ‘Arsh of Allah and does sajdah. It stays there till Allah grants it permission to rise again. So it rises in the morning & in the evening
the sun comes back to do sujood again beneath the ‘Arsh of Allah. It will continue to do this until a time will come where it will ask for permission to rise, but Allah will order it to go back to where it came from. So it will rise from the west and this is when the doors of
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یہ انڈیا میں عدالت کی طرف سے حکم ہے کہ ریپ ریپ ہے چاہے شوہر ہی کیوں نہ کرے
عدالت کے اس فیصلے نے عام عوام کی کنفیوزن دور کردی کہ زبردستی کا جنسی تعلق بغیر اجازت کے ریپ ہی ہے چاہے اسکا لائسنس اپکے پاس ہو شادی کی صورت میں
فیسبک کی اس پوسٹ کے کمینٹ سیکشن میں 100% پاکستانی مرد حضرات
100% پاکستانی مرد حضرات یہ سمجھتے ہیں کہ نکاح نامہ پہ دستخط جنسی تعلق کی کھلی اجازت ہے
اور یہ کہ اگر انکی وجہ سے بیوی دو روٹیاں کھا رہی ہے تو جنسی تعلق انکا ہر حال میں حق ہے
اک صاحب انہی کمنٹس میں لکھتے ہیں کہ بیوی کے لیئے زبردستی جھیلنا اتنا مشکل نہیں جتنا کہ شوہر کہ لیئے

بیوی کے لیئے زبردستی جھیلنا اتنا مشکل نہیں جتنا کہ شوہر کہ لیئے ٹاکسک باسز کو جھیلنا
افسوس کی بات ہے کہ کوئ مرد خاص طور پہ اپنی بیوی کے لیئے ایسا کیسے سوچ سکتا ہے
بات اتنی اسان ہے پر اتنی مشکل بنائی ہوئی ہے
یا سمجھنا نہیں چاہتے

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Cas d'école de la transition écologique (et de la pauvreté) : Le Sri Lanka, qui avait interdit les engrais chimiques, n'a plus rien à manger et déclare "l'état d'urgence alimentaire" #AFP #agriculture #alimentation #climat #Thread
Au Sri Lanka, la crise alimentaire est globale, monétaire notamment, avec des profiteurs qui font des stocks (de sucre), obligeant le gouvernement à saisir les stocks privés #alimentation #prix #securitealimentaire 2/…
Selon des experts, la crise alimentaire que traverse le Sri Lanka est causée par une pénurie de devises qui empêche de financer les importations et de maintenir des stocks tampons. Les autorités ont alourdi les sanctions contre l'accumulation de denrées alimentaires. #AFP 3/
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"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."
-Blaise Pascal (Pensees, 1669)
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Cytodyn ($CYDY) has put out yet another press release touting "strong results" from their triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) Leronlimab research and their intent to "evolve into an oncology-focused company. As a TNBC patient & advocate (NOT an investor), I have some questions.
Headline mentions results from 30 mTNBC patients. How many mTNBC patients in total have been approved for Cytodyn trials? How many have received Leronlimab, including via EIND, EUA, phase I/II trial, compassionate use, etc? How many have died?
NCT03838367 How can a 30-pt single arm (no control group) study make conclusions re survival, PFS or OS? Increase in survival compared to WHAT, exactly? Historical mean overall survival varies widely.
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"There are 3 kinds of truths in our world today.
1. Objective truth
2. Personal truth
3. Political truth "

Neil deGrasse Tyson
American astrophysicist

1. Objective truth
This is what is proved by science. Whether you believe it or not it is scientific fact. It has faced numerous testing, experiments & has been proved to be true by multiple people across the world using different methods & materials yet coming to same result.
Government policies should ONLY be made as per objective truths. No place for pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo. We go where the science takes us. Where the evidence takes us.
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