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A friend rang me after applying for 40+ jobs in 2 months with 0 contacts and 0 interviews

I got him 4 recruiter contacts, 3 interviews and 1 officer in 2 weeks

Here's what we tweaked:

He initially told me he was job hunting and would prefer to apply online

After reading his profile, I tried to discourage him, but he insisted on online applications.

I agreed but on a condition
I told him:

"If you don't get a job in 60 days, we will do it my way"

He agreed.

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I recently helped 3 professionals prepare for job interviews.

They landed their dream jobs at:
- JP Morgan, UK
- Australian Government Health Department
- International Research Institute, UK

They couldn't thank me enough.

Here's how I prepared them:

[steal my template]
1. There are 3 key stages in a job interview - entry, process and exit.

The entry and exit are the most important.
#1. The Entry

You need to put your best foot forward for the entry by ACING your first question.

It's crucial
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I had a 50% pay cut when I left my casual jobs in Australia to start a professional 9-5 one

You might think it's a crazy idea

Here are five reasons why it wasn't:

1. Post-Study Visa

After my degree, I received a two-year post-study work visa.

This visa lets you work unlimited hours in Australia. Same with Canada, the UK, etc

The problem is that many international students don't use this visa correctly.

- Use it to work as much as they
- Use it to relax, cool off and travel the world for months

I am not saying this is bad, but if your goal is to get a permanent visa, then you need to understand that these aren't your immediate priorities.
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I get shortlisted for at least 90% of the jobs I apply for.

Here are the 5 resume strategies that work for me every single time.

[Not your average resume advice]

1. Knowing the job of a resume

Your application process becomes easier once you understand that a resume only has one job.

-- To SELL you. @OgbeniDipo

Yes, a resume is a marketing tool.

If it doesn't sell you, then forget it.

You won't smell the interview door no matter how solid your skills are or how talented you are.

You are the king, and your resume is your messenger.

It needs to represent you and convey your message properly. @ritapurity
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So you've recently started your studies in Canada?
Congratulations! 🥳
We'd like to share five bits of advice from a recent graduate they wish they had known before starting school in Canada 😊

1. You are bound to pull 1 or 2 all-nighters, but stay away from the energy drinks - instead, to keep yourself awake, drink cold water, eat fruit, and turn on a nice, bright light (preferably soft light, not fluorescent) 😊
2. Do not underestimate the importance of proper note-taking. It may not seem important one month into the semester but when it comes time for exams, and your notes are a mess, you’re going to wish you had shown a little more care in them 🤣
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Many international students enrol for another degree to remain lawful in various countries because they couldn't find a job.

I feel terrible.


It can be very expensive to study again.

Here are 5 ways to avoid this loop:
#1. Mindset

The problem with many students is that they only think about work after they graduate.

They live like we are in the 80s.
In the '80s:

- Education wasn't as common
- Employers wooed students with jobs
- Our parents got jobs before leaving school.

E.g. My dad, in his early 20's, got a job before leaving school. The job came with a brand new official car and a driver.
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Avert Rejection by avoiding these common errors in your PERSONAL STATEMENT!


A Thread! Image
For students or professionals seeking to advance their study abroad, your personal statement is an important factor in getting an unconditional offer. It can make or mar your chances.

To avert rejections and land that admission, avoid these common errors.

#Travel #ASUU

Having a good plan allows you to structure your letter and pick out the points that are applied to your application such as background, achievements, academic background, motivation, etc

#academictwitter #ASUUstrike
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Do you think your challenges will end once you travel abroad?

You lie!

The journey never ends.

Here's what I have found:

(read more)
It's interesting how many young professionals think all they need is to travel abroad and all their challenges will be resolved.

@SummerOkibe @Oludeewon
I am sorry to inform you that it will most likely be the beginning of your challenges.

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I have reviewed 100+ resumes of graduates and early career professionals in 2022.

99% of these resumes need massive re-work

Here are 12 common issues I noticed

#1. Resume Length

Most CVs with 4-5 pages have less than 3 years of work experience.

#Employers will only scan your resume for less than 10 seconds

Keep it to one page
#2. Formatting

Many of these CVs are poorly formatted.

- Margins are not concise
- Bullet points are out of order
- Inconsistent font size and style
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Dear International Students and Graduates,

I will explain why it seems employers don't want to hire you and what you can do better.

#1. You are considered high-risk

Hiring is a risky business.

You are worried employers don't want to hire you, but the employers are afraid you might not be able to perform in the role.
Would you blame the employer?

Maybe not.

A bad hire is essentially time and money wasted.
Employers don't like to go back to the drawing board.
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As an int'l graduate in Australia, I got turned back by the reception each time I approached an organisation in person in hopes of finding work.

Here is my mistake and what I did to fix it to land a job.


If you are like me, you wake up one day and approach an organisation in search of a job.

There's nothing wrong what this approach, but it often fails, especially in advanced countries.
So, here's my mistake:

I walk in with my resume and meet the receptionist.

Me: Hello, I am looking for a job within this organisation.

Reception: Oh ok. All positions are advertised online on our website. Please visit the company's website.
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Dear Prospective or Current International Student,

You are grossly under-utilising your tuition fees if all you do is to attend classes and wait for exams

Here's how to get the most out of your tuition and

1. Training

Go to your library and find out which training are available for students to attend for free.

Most schools have free sessions.
I started learning #R and #Python at #UQ library

I landed jobs in AU because I could program in #R

Find out which software you need for your role(s), and check if your school run a free training
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2016: Commenced studies in AU
2018: Completed studies
2019: Landed two jobs in AU without applying online
2020: AU Global Talent Award (PR, essentially)
2021: AU Citizenship Approved

I will share 8 key insights that were useful in this journey:


1. Clarity of goals

Be clear about what you want from the onset.
Your goal needs to be as clear as water.
It's hard to achieve your goals without clear and pe-defined goals.
Lots of money, time and resources are wasted in the absence of a clear goal.
Know what you want.
2. Upgrade your thinking:

I was in school but hardly thought like a student.

I started planning how to get a job in my first semester, not on graduation day.

Start early to get ahead.

Get my FREE eBook
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When I started my PhD, I got a few enquiries on how to apply for an international PhD and generally about my experience.

Here's a small breakdown of the process according to my knowledge.

A 🧵

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdchat #scicomm #internationalstudents
I am happy that you're taking a step ahead in your career. With this, you're going to experience more diverse options in your life. Beginning with a PhD abroad, there is so much to start with. Firstly, your choice of research and research group that matches your interest.
Ideally, PhD positions are advertised but if you're interested in a particular research group then you should start writing a cold email to the PI.
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Dear Prospective or Current International Student,

I came across this email and thought I'd share an important story with you.

I received the email below from a contact while trying to navigate my options after my master's degree in Australia.

#thread Image
I was enrolled for a Master of Public Health in 2016.

As you can see, many assumed there was no future (jobs, visas, etc).

Don't get me wrong.

They meant well because it was actually easier to go via other courses.
I chose to stay.

I knew it would be challenging. But I didn't really care. I was actually open to leaving AU.

I kept going.
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"Oh, Canada! How Outdated U.S. Immigration Policies Push Top Talent to Other Countries."

I will be live tweeting this hearing from @HouseJudiciary Subcommittee on Immigration & Citizenship.

I submitted a written statement for the record.

@HouseJudiciary @McEnteeLawGroup Chair @RepZoeLofgren opens the hearing. Points out that last overhaul of the system was in the 1990s. We are stuck in a time wrap.

Uses analogy of using a map to navigate while other countries use apps, software etc.
Contrasted to the Canadian system that is built to attract top talent.

Is it any wonder that these skilled workers are moving to Canada?

We cannot rely on domestic talent alone. We welcome talented individuals who want to become Americans like us!
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Networking tips that built my self-efficacy (thanks @midhatf3) a self-reflection and follow-along 🧵

(cc: @InclusiveGradEd @APSphysics)
apparently, MORE than 80% of jobs are found by networking?!! And networking is more than just starting a connection - it is also about maintaining it. I'll just leave some silence to absorb this statistic (looking at you #phdchat) and next up is identifying who's who
Networks and people are continuums... but identifying one or more roles a person in your network serves can *srsly* help you make a bettr elevator pitch.

Let's brainstorm & try to categorize our networks. Lets identify the category that needs more ppl. Lets build ntwrks robustly
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Glacier Media investigates how the Justice Institute of B.C. (JIBC) has accepted close to 2,000 Chinese law enforcement students, recruits and officials, plus dozens of Chinese state judges. #China #cdnpoli #bcpoli #espionage #internationalstudents #vpd…
The ILES program is offered to Chinese police academy students, who are China’s future police officers, border agents and prison guards — handpicked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
Revenue from the program is important, says JIBC. @AnneKangMLA declined to comment on the program. @Wilkinson4BC Belt and Road agreement tied to all of this:…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Making Higher Education Affordable and Accessible
Only one party understands that everyone should be able to earn a degree beyond high school, if they choose to, without money standing in the way. 1/12 Image
#Democrats support increased funding for wraparound services, including covering the cost of textbooks and fees for low-income students 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #EducationForAll Image
#Democrats support establishing programs to address campus food insecurity, so students can focus on what matters most: their studies.3/12
#DemPartyPlatform #EducationForAll #CampusFoodInsecurity Image
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Finally an official YIPPIE KI YAY!!! 🎉🥳 And a deep first real breath after looooong anxious 4 days and even 4 YEARS....Here's to HEALING, REUNITING, REBUILDING. But for now, we are enjoying this Carrboro+Chapel Hill parade with infinite honking, plates+spoons, celebrating 😄😃
The first "Madam Vice President" (and first African-American + Indian VP) and her husband the "first second-gentleman", lovely times 🙂🙏 #endSexism #endRacism

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As you may know I’ve a new book out 😊 so for today’s #FollowFriday I’m going to credit everyone on Twitter who helped, inspired or are a source of support listed in #BeingWellInAcademia

It’s going to be a marathon thread! Get ready and prepare to follow some amazing folk 🌟
Let's go! Beginning with a #FollowFriday for @DrHelenKara and @ThomsonPat who are the series editors of the Insider Guides to Success in Academia… of which #BeingWellInAcademia is a part
Who's in the acknowledgements of #BeingWellInAcademia? A lot of folk not on Twitter and @lindsay_odell @butlerceri who are here and who I've enjoyed working with for longer than I can remember 😊 #FollowFriday
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Let me share a true 'horror story' of #academia titled #STEMOPT. Imagine being an #internationalstudent in a #globapandemic #COVID19 and finishing a #PhD while navigating this process. read on... Image
In layman terms OPT from #USCIS is required for all #internationalstudents in Masters' and PhD programs to legally work in the US after completing the degree. My application got approved last week amidst the possibility that new OPT approvals might be cancelled for the year. sigh Image
I had to a) give up a dream #postdoc @UTAustin and apologize for it. b) Survive 4 months without financial support waiting 2.5 months. c) Run a household of 2 (wife, a software engineer unable to work in US due to visa restrictions) and finish requirements for my #PhD.
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Up until 9 months ago (green card 🙏), I was on an F1 visa for 13 years. This last measure is unbelievably cruel but perhaps you don't realize how many other hurdles international students face. This is what it was like for me 👇 #StudentBan #InternationalStudents 1/n
Step 1: Apply to college, get accepted. That's where it ends for US citizens & permanent residents. For undergrads and MS students, you first have to show the school that you already have the $$ to pay for tuition AND everything else for yr 1 - they issue an I-20 #StudentBan 2/n
You then take that I-20 to apply for a #F1visa and it's up to the consul to decide whether your family has enough $$ to pay for your education. The consul that reviewed my visa app for undergrad almost denied me mine. I was almost in tears during that entire appt #StudentBan 3/n
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1. I was an international student admissions evaluator & advisor for 3 years. I’ve issued I-20s. I’ve had countless international students in my office. I currently still work in international admissions/collegiate administration. 1/14
2. I am not/have never been an international student, but I want US natives to understand why their international classmates/students/peers are freaking out & overwhelmed right now:
- Imagine you were admitted to a university in a foreign country. It’s prestigious and exciting.
3. - You can only get the visa paperwork to come if you fork over/provide proof of enough money for a full year’s tuition, living expenses, MANDATORY student insurance, and various fees.
- Maybe you get lucky or are awarded funding based on your merit to offset costs. Maybe not.
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