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1/ NEVER FORGET that hrs before #January6th, Trump initiated the designation of an imagined domestic enemy he called "Antifa" as a criminal terrorist organization & gave DHS broad powers to enforce against suspected non-citizen members & supporters.…
2/ This order came to mind this morning as I continued to consider the implications of yesterday's #SCOTUS decision immunizing #CBP and #ICE from judicial accountability for abuses of power against ordinary people. Let me tell you where this goes.

3/ The order confirmed that DOJ had already collected enough evidence to deem "Antifa" (which is, again, not an actual thing) a domestic terror organization and recommended that State add them to 2 different lists: (1) "criminal organizations" and (2)"terrorist organizations"
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Excited to release our latest @BU_Law #immigrants' rights & human trafficking #clinic report on the Institutional Hearing Program ("IHP"), a little known program that quickly, and quietly, #deports noncitizens convicted of crimes. THREAD 1/…
For more than 40 years, IHP has been operating in the shadows, yet another branch of the vast #ICE #enforcement regime. IHP operates at least across 19 states, #deporting noncitizens who are unlikely to be represented by counsel. 2/
Our report is a snapshot of how this little studied program operates to swiftly deport #immigrants across New England. Here's some of what we found. 3/
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2/ what is the left atrial appendage?

The LAA is derived from the left wall of the primary atrium (embryo). Its diff from the true LA and its suited to function as a decompression chamber during left ventricular systole and during other periods when left atrial pressure is high
3/ the appendage is like your fingerprint. No two are the same.

Common shapes are:

🥦Cauliflower/Broccoli (hardest)
💨Windsock (easiest)
🐓Chicken wing

#LAAO #Watchman #Structural #Cardiotwitter #EPeeps @EPeeps_Bot @TAVRBot @RadialFirstBot @EchofirstB
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Neues Innendesign für den #ICE. Der Fahrgastverband @PRO_BAHN durfte auf Einladung von DB Fernverkehr bereits Probesitzen. Die neuen Sitze sind gegenüber den ICE4-Sitzen ein großer Fortschritt. Insgesamt entsteht in beiden Klassen der Eindruck von Wertigkeit.
Damals waren noch unterschiedliche Sitze im Rennen. Die erfreuliche Erkenntnis für uns: Wir als Fahrgastvertreter präferierten jeweils das Modell, das auch bei der breiten Masse der Testerinnen und Tester gut ankam.
P.S. Bilder sind Pressebilder der DB. Da wir vorab gezeigt bekamen (war schon 2021) lief das mit NDA und Fotoverbot.
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Biden was in office for most of fiscal year 2021 (Oct 20-Sept 21)

1. Arrests + deportations of unauthorized immigrants bottomed out under Biden, each dropping 75%+ compared to the record highs under Obama
2. ICE removed 59,011 noncitizens from the U.S. in 2021.

For context: In record-high year 2011 (under Obama), 397,000 were deported — meaning the numbers were down 85% under Biden.
3. ICE arrested 74,082 noncitizens on immigration matters in 2021 — that's down 75% from the early 2010s peak of 300,000+ per year in each of Obama's early years.
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Feb 2022 update - #Nordic new personnel car registrations #BEV #PHEV #ICE per country 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇫🇮🇳🇱.

BREAKING: 🇳🇴&🇸🇪 12-month BEV% accelerating! Monthly % well above 12-month moving average. 🇫🇮&🇳🇱 slowing down for Jan-Feb 2022, below the trend🙁 1/x
For the 1st time I need to make different linear predictions per country for the middle part of the #BEV s-curve.

According to this 🇳🇴 will reach 100% by Dec 2023! 🇸🇪 will reach 50% early 2024, 🇫🇮 mid 2025 and 🇳🇱 by the end 2025. 2/x
🇳🇴 new personnel car market growth has stopped, but it looks very different to all other markets! This has helped 🇳🇴 car fleet #electrification, >16% is already #BEV.…

#ICE decline is a clear trend for both #diesel & #petrol, in that order. 3/x
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#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

Compared to pre-pandemic year 2019, entire market down by -14%. Only a few manufacturers could increase sales, #Tesla's the strongest with +37%. Ø hit of the players in the red was a whopping -29%, #Ssangyong the biggest victim with -95%.

1/15 Image
#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

Comparison of Q4 shows that market decelerated towards end of year: Q4/21 down -31% compared to Q4/19. Ø hit the manufacturers in the red had to suffer was -39%, e.g.
- Audi/BMW -30%
- Ford -50%
- Mazda/Subaru -63%
- Mercedes -35%
- VW -38%

2/15 Image
#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

In the 'battle' of the propulsion types, we could see 3 historic events in 2021:
- after May, #BEV's startet to leave #PHEV's behind for good
- in August, BEVs overtook the Diesels
- in December, BEVs overtook the plugless hybrids (#HEV)

3/15 Image
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Why are Blenders So Loud?
A #blender is an important #kitchen tool that is used almost regularly.
It’s easy to use and can help #homeowners to serve #drinks, #smoothies, and #ice #cream in seconds. The only inconvenience that it causes is its loud #noise.
Nobody likes to such loud #disturbing noises, especially when #guests are at #home.…
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What’s the role of the US government in the Central American migration crisis? Arguably a very powerful, defining role and one that continues to drive inequality and violence in the #GlobalSouth.
In March 2020, Border Patrol reported 172k unauthorized migrants from C. America & Mexico, a 70% increase from Feb & a 20-year record high. Spikes in migration happen every 2 to 3 years and often go unaddressed:
Economic and political turmoil, gender and gang violence, climate change & corruption have been factors driving #migration in the region for years. Today, the effects of Covid-19 are yet another reason why people are leaving in search of more security and stability.
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Yesterday: Client detained by #ICE in Plymouth County (MA) gets put in segregation after asking for the time in order for him & other Muslim men to pray

Today: I'm effectively denied a call from him unless I pay for a private JurisLink account (approx. $70 for 30min) #mapoli
Update: I was denied a phone call with him all day. Now he must spend the whole weekend in segregation with no access to an attorney.

And moving forward, there will be days where he will only be allowed to make phone calls outside of regular business hours. Again, an effective denial of access to counsel.
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The legacy motoring media is in an interesting position. They must currently keep the legacy car manufacturers, the oil companies & the petrolheads sweet. Because that’s the source of their daily bread. So they publish articles favoured, or even prompted, by the main (cont)
sources of their funding. Articles basically saying noisy polluting brrumm brrumm is great & quiet efficient clean electrons just can’t “cut it”. But that’s only going to work for so long? More & more mainstream manufacturers are publishing dates for when they will be (cont)
electric only & more & more of the new models, which the auto media desperately need for reviews & content (money), are electric only too. So at some point, when new #ICE is dwindling or fully extinct even, they will need to change the “slant” of their content. Leaving (cont)
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August update to 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇫🇮 #BEV % of new registered passenger cars. Thanks to @robbie_andrew from guidance to the 🇳🇴 montly figures, required some manual labour. As summary NOR is quickly approaching 60%, SWE has exceeded 15% and FIN is closing 10% by the end of 2021. 1/x
Norway is going on its own, the numbers are the future for the rest of us. Covid19 recovery was quick for #BEV, #PHEV is stable below 25%, #FCEV newer existed and #ICE is going to die during 2022. Way to go 🇳🇴 2/x
Sweden is strong on #PHEV, #diesel going down fast and #CNG is dying. Go go 🇸🇪 3/x
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Delighted to announce our new paper on #Antarctica + estimates of surface mass balance is finally out in @EGU_TC
A quick thread on what it means 1/…
Surface mass balance (#SMB) is the budget between snow fall and snow/ice loss by melt + runoff and evaporation at the surface. It's the only way #glaciers + #icesheets can gain #ice - it also needs to balance the loss from calving #icebergs.
#SMB is very difficult to measure on the ground, especially over as large an area as #Antarctica, so usually output from a regional #ClimateModel is used. We looked at data from #HIRHAM #MAR #RACMO #COSMOCLM + #MetUM - to see if they agreed
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Let me tell you A littl3 BIG Town Secret, #WE Win .. #TOMORROW ..
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#Gruene beschweren sich heute, dass die #Bahn keine schnelle Alternative für #Inlandsflüge ist und zu viel Geld in den Bau von Autobahnen fließt. Dabei sind es vor allem #Grünen, die bis runter auf die kommunale Ebene den Ausbau des #ICE-Netzes blockieren. Ein #Thread /TN
ICE Strecke Nürnberg-Berlin
Ausbau zur Fahrzeitverkürzung wurde von der rot-grünen Regierung 1999 gestoppt. Gelder wurden in den Ausbau der Autobahnen 71,73 umgeleitet. Erst nach drei Jahren (!) ging es mit dem #Trassenbau weiter.……
Die #Gruenen in #Nürnberg blockieren derweil den Bau eines neuen ICE-#Ausbesserungswerkes. Der Grund: Die #DB-Anlage ist ihnen zu groß. Gleichzeitig begrüßen sie das Ziel von #CDU/#CSU/#SPD im Koalitionsvertrag die Fahrgastzahlen zu verdoppeln. Aha.…
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1. "Yesterday was such a frustrating day that by evening I had to go to bed with chest pains..."

Thread. What is a #Hybrid #VotingMachine & Why Do I Care?…
#SMARTelections #ElectionProtection
2. "It started out a good day. The day before I celebrated my 14th anniversary with my husband. The cherry blossom tree we planted in the backyard was exploding in pink taffy balls, and the smell of the lilies he got me floated through the living room as I walked to my desk."
3. "From there it went downhill pretty quickly ... For the last 2 years, I have been trying to protect New York voters, and voters across the country from a particularly “bad” type of voting machine known as a “hybrid”.

What is a “hybrid” voting machine?"
#Hacking #Voting
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ich glaube wir brauchen mehr direkte #Aktion-en um sowohl Politik als auch Verkehrsunternehmen zur echten #Barrierefreiheit also verpflichtend und nicht nur auf dem Papier fürs gute Gewissen, zu verpflichten!
musste schon mal spontan #ICE-Tür kurz blockieren, um als #Rollstuhl Fahrerin Recht mitbefördert zu werden durchzusetzen.
Ich kam spontan auf die Idee.
Habe nicht immer die Energie dafür, aber wenn es passt würde ich es genauso wieder handhaben.
Es braucht viele Menschen die sich trauen, Sand im Getriebe des nicht barrierefreien #ÖPNV zu sein!
Was ich dabei schön fände: Solidarische Fahrgäste, egal ob mit oder ohne #Behinderung. Menschen mit Behinderung haben keine Lobby. Je mehr Menschen für #Barrierefreiheit eintreten
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/23/2021…
The melting of large icebergs is a key stage in the evolution of ice ages…

#evolution #ice
Testing mobile air purifiers in a school classroom: Reducing the airborne transmission risk for SARS-CoV-2…

#AirPurifiers #AirborneTransmission #COVID19 #classrooms #RiskReduction
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geht doch
Habe #Polizeiproblem Mittelhessen dazu bewegt Gegenstände per Post zurück zusenden. Ich kann nun die Sachen, die ich in d Zeit der Beschlagnahme ausgeliehen hatte, zurück geben. Und danke auch für die Spenden, das neu beschaffene Material bleibt nützlich!
!b Karton mit Klettermaterial:...Adresschildt wo Absender st...
Zur Dienstaufsichtsbeschwerde gegen #Polizeiproblem schreibt Hess. Ministerium, dass der Ausgang des Verfahrens vor dem Verwaltungsgericht abgewartet wird. Dort habe ich die Polizei Mittelhessen verklagt auf Festellung der Rechtswidrigkeit der Kontrolle im #ICE. #Gefahrenabwehr
und einen Widerspruchsbescheid zu der Beschlagnahme selbst, habe ich nicht erhalten. Werde auf Feststellung der Rechtswidrigkeit bestehen.
Bislang hat Anwalt nicht mal Akte erhalten! Mal sehen was dann #Polizeiproblem darin fantasiert, um Maßnahme zu begründen!
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1/ As a big fan of disruptions I truly recommend to check this @stevenmarkryan video, where he is underlining the points of #RethinkX presentation "Rethinking Energy 2020-2030". In addition of remarks to $TSLA also #TonySeba and #CathieWood mentioned.

2/ The original video here
3/ ARK Invest Big Ideas 2020

1. Deep Learning
2. Streaming Media
3. Electric Vehicles
4. Automation
5. 3D Printing
6. Autonomous Ridehailing
7. Aerial Drones
8. Next Generation DNA Sequencing
9. Biotech R&D Efficiency
10. Digital Wallets
11. Bitcoin
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Some thoughts on new #ICE priorities and moratorium memo. 1. The memo creates an interim system starting by 2/1/21 and running abt 100 days while DHS does full review. So folks will have time to critique this from both sides. This is just the start of building a new system. 1/
2. It has a refreshingly straightforward rationale: can’t deport everyone, have acute shortage of border resources, and there's a pandemic! So DHS must narrow its focus and guide agency personnel accordingly. Hard to imagine a non-frivolous challenge to that in court. 2/
3. The categories of priority individuals are narrower than any implemented in the last 20 years: a) Terrsm /espionage/other nat sec cases, b) recent arrivals (post-11/1/20), and c) people incarcerated AND convicted of ag fels AND and deemed public safety threat. 3/
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#CarMarketSwitzerland 2020:
After the great news that #Tesla achieved 500k global deliveries, I dug a bit into the 2020 car market data of🇨🇭and could discover really amazing facts.

- BEV market share Dec 20: 16%
- Tesla with huge push in Q4 & Dec


#CarMarketSwitzerland 2020:
Compared to Q4/2019, the market is down by 14.6% in Q4/2020, with declines of up to 64% (Lexus). #Tesla increased its sales by nearly 30%.

#CarMarketSwitzerland 2020:
Compared to 2019, the entire #COVID19 year is down by 24%, with declines of up to 55% (Opel). With 6’042 deliveries, #Tesla could keep the 2019 level.
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