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“The nation, that has no consciousness of its past, has no future” - Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

“The Indian War Of Independence Of 1857” by AN INDIAN NATIONALIST.

“In what other history is the principle of love of one’s religion and love of one’s country manifested more nobly Image
than in ours? However much foreign and partial historians might have tried to paint our glorious land in dark colours, so long as the name of Chitore has not been erased from the pages of our history, so long as the names of Pratapaditya and Guru Govind Singh are there, so long
the principles of Swadharma and Swaraj will be embedded in the bone and marrow of all the sons of Hindusthan! They might be darkened for a time by the mist of slavery—even the sun has its clouds —but very soon the strong light of these self-same principles pierces through the ImageImage
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Dear friends, #Congress (#INC) likes to claim that it "fought" for #India's independence & refers to its political opponents as #fascists. How many of you know that only did #INC *not* EXCLUSIVELY "fight" for #Independence (AND #Gandhi was "happy" to settle for #DominionStatus)+
But also the party known as #INC by #IndiraGandhi was *not* even the same party that was formed in #1885 ? A thread about the #Congress follows: +
In 1883, retired civil servant (AO #Hume), a #Scottish ornithologist. Hume first expressed the idea that "educated" #Indians should fight for greater freedom and representation for themselves in the #British government of #India, claiming it as both the Indians' right and duty +
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1921 Malabar riots, Gandhi and a Malayalam Movie:
Malabar riots of 1921 often called the “Moplah rebellion” is a topic that was not discussed openly in Kerala until recently (“Moplah” is a term used to refer to Kerala Muslims)
Moplah riots have always been whitewashed by the Congress and the left historians as freedom struggle against the British. However, the reality is something else!
Any sensible society would know that reopening old wounds can only disturb the goodwill that exists in the society between various communities. Therefore, these riots were never a part of political discourse at least in the last 30-40 years.
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समर्थ रामदास स्वामी यांच्या बद्दल काही महत्त्वाची माहिती. 🙏🙏
समर्थांचे मूळ नाव म्हणजे नारायण सूर्याजी ठोसर. त्यांचा जन्म जालना जिल्ह्यातील जांब या गावी झाला. अगदी बालपणापासूनच ते रामाचे आणि हनुमानाचे उपासक होते.
#समर्थ_रामदास #स्वराज्य #samarth_ramdas #sajjangad #Maharashtra Image
श्रीरामांच्या प्रति त्यांची भक्ती पाहून लोकांनी त्यांना रामदास हे नाव दिले. किशोर वयातच त्यांनी संसाराचा त्याग करून नाशकाची वाट धरली. पुढील १२ वर्षे त्यांनी रामाची उपासना केली. बालपणापासूनच त्यांना कठोर व्यायामाची आवड होती. नित्य व्यायामाचा नेम ते कधी चुकवत नसत.
त्यांनी बलदंड अशी शरीरयष्टी कमावली होती. इ.स. १६३२ मधे त्यांनी भारत भ्रमण करण्यासाठी महाराष्ट्र देश सोडला. त्यांनी त्यांच्या अध्यात्मिक प्रवासाला सुरुवात केली. पुढील १२ वर्ष त्यांनी भारतात लोकांची अवस्था कशी आहे ह्याची पाहणी केली.
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