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Trump and the Republican party exemplify these five elements of #fascism, & the UK @Conservatives aren't far behind.

Trump is often described as ‘authoritarian’. But that doesn’t really capture the more alarming aspects of his movement.…
“Authoritarianism” isn’t adequate. It is #fascism.

Fascism stands for a coherent set of ideas different from – and more dangerous than – authoritarianism.

To fight those ideas, it’s necessary to be aware of what they are and how they fit together.
Borrowing from the cultural theorist Umberto Eco, the historians Emilio Gentile and Ian Kershaw, the political scientist Roger Griffin, and the former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, Robert Reich offers five elements that distinguish #fascism from #authoritarianism.
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The reason why we #SupportRussia, and also the right reason for 🇷🇺 to attack #Ukraine. 🇺🇦 are #fascist wolves in sheep's clothing painted by the pseudo double standard media of the west led by American butchers. Ukrainian #fascists are really trash that needs to be eliminated
These scumbag fascist bastards stop hiding in civilian areas like a stinking cockroach,install air defense systems in residential areas,shoot down people's apartments,then blame 🇷🇺.These scum needs to be destroyed by the most merciless method if it doesn't affect the civilians
These lunatics want to kill all the people of the communist regime. It seems that these Ukrainian lunatics want to kill the communists of China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. So again, what the Russians did was right, justice and it was the right thing to do.
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Dear friends, #Congress (#INC) likes to claim that it "fought" for #India's independence & refers to its political opponents as #fascists. How many of you know that only did #INC *not* EXCLUSIVELY "fight" for #Independence (AND #Gandhi was "happy" to settle for #DominionStatus)+
But also the party known as #INC by #IndiraGandhi was *not* even the same party that was formed in #1885 ? A thread about the #Congress follows: +
In 1883, retired civil servant (AO #Hume), a #Scottish ornithologist. Hume first expressed the idea that "educated" #Indians should fight for greater freedom and representation for themselves in the #British government of #India, claiming it as both the Indians' right and duty +
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@IntlCrimCourt Broke?! Hobbyist level #Zaporizhzhia #FalseFlag. The cameraman was waiting for explosions that came from #inside the apartments to the #outside. He dared to go and take close-up pictures because he knew that no more #explosives had been #planted.
@IntlCrimCourt @KarimAAKhanKC This is just the appetizer from 'Thread 62'⬇️ mentioned:
#Ukrainian #fascists hold a party at #Kyiv's "BarHot" organized by #cartoonist Anton #Chadsky, eat a cake depicting a #Russian #baby
@IntlCrimCourt @KarimKhanQC
FROM: @amanpour “What is #Russia afraid of? #Democracy expanding,” says #Estonia’s Prime Minister @kajakallas | Mar 14
TO: #NATO #Stoltenberg On Air, Let's Count The [A]s | Mar 14, 2023.
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@NATO @jensstoltenberg The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge.
@NATO @jensstoltenberg @IntlCrimCourt #Eduskuntavaalit2023. @niinisto @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @Puolustusvoimat @kokoomus
The #People of #Finland will fiercely fight against all invasion attempts by #NATO #WarCriminals, freed criminals hired to fight and their equipment. ImageImage
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@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ ivan_8848
War Is Inevitable?
The #war in #Ukraine started on Feb 16. Russia #responded 8 d later by preempting the Ukrainian ground assault on #Donbas.
People are dying in a #US #proxy war that was deliberately #provoked by the US-centralized empire
@Europarl_EN @EP_President The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by #Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this.
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ TaranQ
14/ "Here’s the top adviser of #Zelensky, #Arestovych in 2019 talking about how their plan to join #NATO will prompt #Russia to #invade Ukraine.“ They must do this before we join NATO.” Our #PRICE for joining NATO is a big #war with #Russia."
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Things you weren’t taught in school:

Who Did #Hitler Hate More Than Jews?


The #Nazis killed 26 MILLION #communists in the #USSR.

It makes 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust look small by comparison.

Anti-#communism is #fascism.…
You can always count on a post like this to draw the racists, #fascists, and Neo-#Nazis out of the woodwork…
As society becomes increasingly politically polarized, let’s hope that we don’t resort back to #Nazi savagery where humans were imprisoned, tortured, and mass-murdered for their POLITICAL beliefs.

#NeverForget. This could happen again.
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Enemy Archives: Soviet Counterinsurgency Operations and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement – Selections from the Secret Police Archives

by Volodymyr Viatrovych (Editor), & 2 more Format: Kindle Edition
As Russia wages a twenty-first-century war against the very existence of a Ukrainian state and nation, reanimating Soviet-era propaganda that portrayed Ukrainians as #Nazi #collaborators and #fascists, the experiences of the Ukrainian nationalist underground before, during, &
after the Second World War gain new significance. While engaged in a decades-long struggle against the Ukrainian nationalist movement and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and lasting into the mid-1950s, Soviet counterinsurgency forces accumulated a comprehensive
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@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY #NewWorldOrder isn’t a kooky conspiracy theory…it’s an actual ideological mission ~ the most dangerous utopians of all-time.

Maybe like #Fabianism + #Fascist #Eugenics rebranded.

Orwell, Huxleys, CS Lewis, HG Wells, Betrand Russell, etc wrote about it.…
@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY ‘The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution’

1928 ~ #HGWells

#NWO ideologists aim to suck up all the world’s wealth to gain total control over it + enslave humanity for their “greater good”.

They’re almost finished ~ they’ve been working on it for over a century.
@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY British imperialists set out to hijack the 🇺🇸 over a century ago to continue their global empire mission.

They succeeded. It’s even in Congressional archives.

They bankrupted the 🇺🇸 taking over the world with 10’s of trillions of our tax dollars.

If they win #WW3, we’re done.
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'In considering the question of #fascism today, one must remember it has gone through different phases. While there are no fascist regimes in Europe or the Americas today, some parties, including governing ones, could shift in a more fascist direction...'…
'Previous fascists have all been nationalists who promised national rebirth – that is, to 'make the country great again'. But not all nationalists are fascists, & many politicians promise some form of regeneration...'
"What has distinguished #fascists historically has been their glorification of violent struggle and martial valour. They have also promoted strict gender, national and racial hierarchies, with races in particular assumed to be locked in permanent and deadly conflict."
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🧵Intreview with Mykhailo Dyanov - #Ukrainian Marine, #Mariupol defender, one of #Azovstal heroes, English translation⬇️…

- How did you find out that there will be an exchange? How were you informed, how were you moved? Was it clear what was going on?
- No. Nothing was clear. On September 20, before lunch, at approximately 11:30 (lunch was at 12), the Russian prison guards came ⬇️
I was sitting inside the barracks, boys &I talked. Barrack warden comes in and shouts names: "That one, that one..." I hear: "Dyanov - out with things!" I thought: they will take me to the investigative committee again, interrogate again... ⬇️
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In 2019,Time Magazine ran this story by Olivia B. Waxman on the origins,meaning & implications of fascism. If millions of Americans support the 21st century version of this movement, they should definitely understand it. #Fascists #TrumpCult 1/38…
When Benito Mussolini debuted the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento, the precursor to his fascist party, on Mar. 23, 1919, in Milan, he wasn’t inventing the idea of violent authoritarianism. But he put a name on a new and terrible breed of it. #Fascism #TrumpCult 2/38 Image
Under his leadership, squads of militants attacked,beat &killed fellow Italians;later, once he had become the authoritarian ruler of Italy,he oversaw brutality in Ethiopia,an alliance with Hitler & the persecution of Italy’s Jewish population and others, among other crimes. 3/38 Image
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Six months of war. A thread about my personal experience and what I've been up to. 1/n

#war #ukraine #russia
2/ Day 0 I woke up early morning. Took my phone and saw
@meduzaproject headline "Война" - War. These five letters since then burned into my brain. This moment set a point in a my mind where past no longer exists.
3/ The first thing I did is called @bulletoleg if he is up. This was just thirty minutes after the first bombs fell on the Kyiv. thirty mile traffic jam stretched from east to the west #Kyiv. All gas stations were empty. Oleg was not able to evacuate.
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Jesus wept.
He's been 'ordained' into something called the 'Free Church of England'. There's very little information about it, but this came up. 😬
So, following a little bit of digging, I've found something interesting & revealing.

The 'Free Church of England' came to the public's attention in 2010 with the case of Shirley Chaplin - a Christian nurse who was moved to a desk job after refusing to remove her crucifix.
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Dear Fellow Americans,

Do you vote? 🤔 OK!

THIS is why the #January6thCommitteeHearings are so important.
A 🧵entitled...
"Why we should all watch the #January6thHearings" or "The #BigLie = The Big Stupid!"

Warning: There may be some language here. I've had enough!

In the current political climate, MAGA Republicans, most of whom were complicit in the conspiracy to overturn the results of a free and fair election, continue to distract, obfuscate or remain silent while the #January6thCommittee patiently unravels..

..the entire story for the American public. It is a story that must be told and must be fully understood, in all of it's implications.

Because the current #January6thCommitteeHearings are NOT just about the events of a single day NOR are they only about a vendetta...

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Given the non-dom billionaire-owned Daily Mail's support for the neofascist #Rwanda plan, here's a thread about Left-hating Harold Harmsworth - 1st Lord Rothermere, owner of the Mail - specifically his vocal support for both Hitler, & Mosley's British Union of #Fascists.
Devised in 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth (Viscount Northcliffe) & his brother Harold (Lord Rothermere), the Mail has campaigned against Unions & the Left, & against all women & most working-class men being given the vote.

By 1930, they owned 14 national daily & Sunday newspapers.
Harold Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere) was a great supporter of Adolf Hitler.

According to James Pool, author of 'Who Financed Hitler': "Shortly after the Nazis' sweeping victory in the election of September 14, 1930, Rothermere went to Munich to have a long talk with Hitler."
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There's much about #fascism that is largely hidden from us in Britain.

#Fascist ideas prospered politically only when perceived economic threats increased their appeal to members of certain social groups.

In 1928, before the onset of the Great Depression in Germany, Hitler received less than 3 percent of the vote; after 1930, however, far more voters—many of them middle and lower-middle class individuals fearful of “proletarianization”—gave him their support.
The economic anxiety underlying the success of Nazism was reflected to some extent in party membership, which was drawn disproportionately from economic elites and other high-status groups—especially for leadership positions.
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Insight into #Russian #fascism (really just #narcissism/#NPD on a grand scale). English translation a pro #Russia blogger- usual dehumanization of #Ukrainians ("evil, not to be thought of as humans"). Notably, this monster lives in #Europe teaching #Russians how to hate & kill us ImageImageImageImage
Ofc it's characteristic of these propagandists - they preach #Russia, "#Russian world" its #fascism, oppose #Europe's values, teach #Russians of horrors of democracy, yet prefer to abuse the same #Europe's values.
How exactly some of the Western #Europe (well, not geographically, #Germany also is included) can allow itself to patronize &"teach" Eastern Europe on problems of #Russian aggression at their borders, when they do business with Russia and have no issue enabling such propaganda
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#fascists not only exists in #Ukraine, but also on the Russian side!
#Ukrainian #fascists against #Russian Fascists. The on in this picture is from #русич, a Russian analogy of #Azov
Russia is not free from fascist tendencies, the #UkraineRussianWar + worldwide canceling of Russian culture led to a massive rise in patriotism within Russian civil society. Like the right tried to ride the wave of #COVID19 related protests, the Russian right now tries to ride
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"The erosion of meaningful culture, the domination of corporate & state media [] the loss of a knowledgable audience. And as one sees w/ the Russophobic response to Ukraine, the entire pandemic only served as a precursor to some complete mental collapse."…
"And perhaps the best place (or one of them) to start is with ideas of #autonomy, #AI, and #tech (#media). For #automation and the internet have both, in their own ways, contributed hugely to the layers of mystification surrounding everything in the #capitalist west today."
"#AI seeks to achieve the same control over mental processes that #scientific management sought to achieve over physical #labour [in 2nd industrial revolution] through a process of rationalization, fragmentation, mechanization and routinization."
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"...Markle, Prince Harry, & Joe #Biden Are Teaming Up to Encourage People to Get Vaccinated - They'll all make appearances during Global Citizen's star-studded #VaxLive.."

#Together: When artists & "woke" unite with #rulingclass #fascists. #Marketing…
Heads of states to attend include #Macron & #Trudeau.

#Marketing a fascist: "What is the meaning of our life, really, if we work & live destroying the planet while sacrificing the future of our children?"

Reality: #deepsea #mining & death of children:

"The #AdCouncil & COVID Collaborative announced new #PSAs as part of their #COVID19 Vaccine Education Init. "It's Up To You" campaign featuring [] Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter [] Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton..."

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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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