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The rot afflicting PSBs had started in 1976 when the #SBIAct was amended to authorise the Govt to remove the SBI Chairman w/o citing any reason.

Prior to this, chairman couldn't be removed before completion of his term, w/o giving "sufficient ground".
This amendment to SBI Act is commonly known in banking circles as #theTalwarAmendment as it's sole purpose at that time was to remove #RKTalwar, the most illustrious chairman of #SBI, who refused to bow to a diktat of #SanjayGandhi, the most powerful politician at the time.
The complete story behind this amendment is given in a booklet "R K Talwar: Values in Leadership" by #NVaghul, the illustrious chairman of #ICICIBank, who started his career in SBI and had been mentored by none other than Talwar himself. The story briefly goes as under.
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While the DEVELOPED world thinks that having an Iphone, having the fuel guzzler SUVs, buying new clothes instead of washing the existing ones, having A/C in every nook and corner of their habitats is their BASIC necessity.

They'll ask the POOR 3rd world #HowDareYou

Today the developed world has this luxury to think about environment when million others still think of their next meal !!!

In the words of #IndiraGandhi: "Poverty is the worst polluter" & that "we cannot let our people die of hunger for the sake of Climate"


First pay for the pollution YOU people have generated for the sake of development YOU people are enjoying

WE will not compromise with what's our right that is our development.

Even today you people have per capita carbon emissions far far greater then us. #HowDareYou 😬

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Today, 50 years ago, PM #IndiraGandhi, also India's first woman Finance Minister, nationalized 14 of the country's largest private banks.

Journalist Inder Malhotra wrote of that momentous day in 1969: "[Many] who had never seen the interior of a bank...danced in the streets."
This was K Shankar Pillai's cartoon of #IndiraGandhi the week after #BankNationalization. Indira holds in her hands the keys to the 14 nationalized banks along with the FM's briefcase.
To be sure, there was strident opposition to #BankNationalization, largely from within the PM's own party, the @INCIndia, and the liberal Swatantra Party. But as these other cartoons by Shankar reveal, #IndiraGandhi pressed on with skill and determination.
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९ जून १९६४, स्वतंत्र भारत को बड़े भाग्य से देश को एक लाल मिला, द्वितीय प्रधान मंत्री के रूप म, जिसका नाम था लाल बहादुर शास्त्री!
११ जनवरी १९९६, को वह प्रधान मंत्री की कुर्सी ही क्या, दुनिया छोड़ गया.. क्यूँ और कैसे??
क्षमा कीजिए, *११ जनवरी १९६६🙏🏻

Two weeks apart, 2 unnatural deaths happened outside India, #LalBahadurShastri & Dr. #HomiBhabha in January 1966??

Who was responsible, who would benifit from their death, who became 🇮🇳’s PM after Shastri ji?

#IndiraGandhi of #CongressFraudParty ?
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#Harsimrat_Jhoothi ਸਚ ਖੰਡਿ ਵਸੈ ਨਿਰੰਕਾਰੁ ॥ Bibi Badal- You have exposed yourself today by siding with Khalistani Militants. Go and ask your father-in law whom they gave safe haven inside the Golden Temple-- innocent people or deadly Khalistani Militants led by Bhindrawale..
#Harsimrat_Jhoothi Bibi Badal- let me explain you the dark history of Punjab in which your family played a role. In October 1983, a gory holocaust of Hindus by Bhindranwale’s militant brigade forced #IndiraGandhi to take immediate steps. She put the state under President’s Rule.
#Harsimrat_Jhoothi Bibi Badal, Many Hindu temples were desecrated and innocent Hindus and Sikhs were killed in cold blood by Khalistani Militants. It was obvious that the terrorists' ranks had been infiltrated by Pakistani agents, smugglers, Naxalites and dacoits.
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I am currently reading this wonderful book by @Koenraad_Elst which gives amazing insight abt the defence of Godse and exposes the blunders commited by Gandhi (I refuse to use Mahatma), have decided that will be tweeting extracts from the same as I go along. #KnowYourLegacy
Untill now almost all the works published on Gandhi have been hagiographies with none really questioning Gandhi on some hard facts and hence this book comes as something fresh.. #KnowYourLegacy @muglikar_ @indiantweeter @TrueIndology
This book also provides an opportunity for the next gen to learn abt the mistakes commited during the freedom struggle and more importantly also abt the fact that it was not a single person or party which helped us attain independence #KnowYourLegacy @muglikar_ @TrueIndology
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The most important question that no one has asked in the #2GScam is that how could #Rothschild be adviser to GoI designing auction system & at the same time also be advising Reliance & other telecom companies for the same auction. #2GScamVerdict <Thread>…
Let’s say GoI wants to utilise its spectrum resources (which is a national resource belonging to people of India) for development purposes. Ideally this is done by state owned telecommunications companies for various reasons - major being that of national security. #2GScamVerdict
Now if state telco lacks expertise or funding it is sourced from private sector. Since Liberalisation & Privatisation GOI chose to auction spectrum whereby Govt sold licences to transmit signals over specific bands & assigned scarce spectrum resources to private/foreign players.
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