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I really enjoyed talking to Noah about the #CAS.

It’s not the first time I’m coming out publicly to challenge the status quo at the CAS (see…) and I’d like to explain a bit why.

[Thread] 👇👇👇

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Transparency #Independence
1. #CAS is a crucial player in sports governance, it whitewashes legally speaking the decisions of international SGBs. Once a CAS award confirmed a decision of an SGB, the latter gains in authority and becomes extremely difficult to challenge elsewhere (see #Pechstein odyssey).
2. #CAS is not an arbitral tribunal, I repeat #CAS is not an arbitral tribunal! As I have argued elsewhere (…), CAS jurisdiction in appeal cases cannot be grounded on consent, it needs post-consensual foundations (such as the famous ‘level playing field’).
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Prime Minister @narendramodi to dedicate renovated #Jallianwala Bagh Smarak to the nation via video conferencing shortly

He will also inaugurate museum galleries developed at the Smarak

Multiple development initiatives have been taken by the govt. to upgrade complex

4 Museum galleries created through adaptive reuse of redundant, under-utilised buildings

Sound & Light show set up to display events that happened on 13th April, 1919

@PMOIndia @DefenceMinIndia @PIB_India @MIB_India @ddsahyadrinews @DDSahyadri @airnews_arngbad Elaborate heritage restoration works have been carried out in sync with local architectural style of Punjab

Shaheedi well has been repaired and restored

Heart of the Bagh, flame monument, has been restored

water body rejuvenated as a lily pond

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1/ As dawn broke in London today, members of the diaspora and friends of India in the UK dropped a huge banner reading #ResignModi from Westminster Bridge. #indiaIndependenceday #IndependenceDayIndia #IndependenceDay2021
2/ Earlier they held a candlelit vigil at the Indian High Commission to remember all those killed under the Modi regime #ResignModi #IndependenceDay #IndependenceDayIndia2021
3/ They have released a statement explaining the reasons for the action ( thread) #ResignModi #indiaIndependenceday #IndependenceDay2021
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PM @narendramodi to address the Nation from the Red Fort, in a few minutes

Join the #IndependenceDay celebrations LIVE

LIVE From⏰6:30 AM


@airnews_mumbai @DDNewsHindi @ddsahyadrinews @MIB_India @AmritMahotsav
📡Live Now 📡

PM @narendramodi to unfurl the tri-colour 🇮🇳 of India and address the nation from Red Fort, in a few minutes


#IndependenceDayIndia ImageImageImageImage
📡Join live 📡

India is celebrating 75th #IndependenceDay

Watch the celebrations live from the Red Fort


#indiaIndependenceday ImageImageImageImage
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President Ramnath Kovind to address the nation today on the eve of 75th #IndependenceDay at ⏰ 7 pm



@airnews_mumbai @ddsahyadrinews
@rashtrapatibhvn @AmritMahotsav
President Ramnath Kovind to address the nation on the eve of 75th #IndependenceDay in a few minutes

Live From⏰7 PM

It is a matter of great joy for me to wish all Indians, living in India and abroad, a very Happy #IndependenceDay!

This day has a special significance as it marks beginning of 75th year of India’s independence for which #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav is being celebrated

- President
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#nationalflagadoptionday: On this day in 1947, #nationalflag of India was adopted by Constituent Assembly; Real #History of #IndianFlag and significance of #Tricolour; How Flag evolved over decades:
#Thread #FlagAdoptionDay #NationalFlagDay #flagadoptionday2021
#Indian #Tricolor, designed by #pingalivenkayya, became India's official flag on July 21, 1947. Several designs were scraped before Tricolor accepted by people of country. Final design #IndianNationalFlagAdoptionDay, hoisted by #PrimeMinister Nehru on August 16, 1947 at Red Fort,
Had history of several decades preceding #Independence.
Indian Tricolour is matter of pride for country. Symbol of #Unity, #diversity, #Courage and patriotism. Representation of country, its spirit, power and majesty, comprises 4 colors - #saffron, white, #green and blue.
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Historically #Kashmiri women have enjoyed freedom like none of their counterparts in the other regions of our country. The intrusion of regressive ideologies, targeted at women, in the 90’s, might have pushed them behind but they are rapidly changing the gender norms.

The spirit of women in #Kashmir, supported aptly by various #government initiatives, have grown wings that enable them to soar the skies and break the glass ceiling.
#WomenEmpowerment #Kashmir

@FatimaDar_jk @MirYanaSY @AsimKhanTweets @IAmErAijaz
With the #abrogation, women of #Kashmir now have a stake in their ancestral properties regardless of their choice is spouse. This have liberated women who are not bound, shackled with patriarchal laws.

@NamrataWakhloo @AartiTikoo @IAmErAijaz
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Thread by @mojos55: A polling firm linked to #Brexiteer Nigel #Farage faces scrutiny over a short-lived company that its owner used to do political work for Farage’s party and the 12 million-pound ($15.5 million) ca...……
A polling firm linked to #Brexiteer Nigel #Farage faces scrutiny over a short-lived company that its owner used to do political work for Farage’s party and the 12 million-pound ($15.5 million) campaign he fronted to leave the European Union, according to records and interviews.
As part of a broader probe, investigators for the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office are seeking details behind more than £186,000s in payments made by #Farage’s U.K. #Independence Party (#UKIP) to an entity established by the head of the polling firm Survation.
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I’m continuing a phased return to work this week after a period of ill health & looking forward to recommencing some public duties. A big thank you to my fantastic staff & to everyone who has supported me & sent good wishes. 1/3
I welcome the historic 4th @theSNP Scottish election victory & the re-election of an enhanced pro-Independence majority to the Scottish Parliament. Congratulations to the candidates & their campaign teams. 2/3
I’m looking forward to continuing to play a part in developing the strategy to secure a second #independence referendum & the arguments needed to win it. 3/3
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A polling firm linked to #Brexiteer Nigel #Farage faces scrutiny over a short-lived company that its owner used to do political work for Farage’s party and the 12 million-pound ($15.5 million) campaign he fronted to leave the European Union, according to records and interviews.
As part of a broader probe, investigators for the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office are seeking details behind more than £186,000s in payments made by Farage’s U.K. #Independence Party (UKIP) to an entity established by the head of the polling firm Survation.
UKIP leaders have been fighting the demand for that information, and other details related to political operations, for almost a year, including in court.
The fact that the inquiry is looking at what role Survation may have played hasn’t been previously reported.
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2day 60years ago #UNGA voted 4the #Independence of Fmr British #SouthernCameroons (SCs) that became an Int'l SCAM by de #Unfair,#Deceptive,#ColonialSchemes of🇨🇲&🇫🇷on #SCians! ImageImageImageImage
A Franco-British axis of evil schemed to deny the Former British #SouthernCameroons her fundamental right to #SelfDetermination via a TRUNCATED UNJUSTIFIED PLEBISCITE with 2 DEVIL OPTIONS in 1961 in BLATANT VIOLATION of @UN STATUTES & MANDATE ImageImageImage
Serious violations 2 wh Int'l Boundaries under Int'l TREATIES were frozen btw the 2sovereign states @Independence in1960 for La Rép. du CameroUn🇨🇲 which didn't & have never included #SCs and 4the latter in1961.

Prof. ImageImageImageImage
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Self-determination or #Ethiopia's Decimation? [Thread]:

An Austrian Nazi named Baron Roman Prochazka wrote a book called "Abyssinia: The Powder Barrel" (1935) before Fascist Italy's invasion of Ethiopia.

[Available for Free via @JSTOR & @tsehai:]

[1/8] Image
➡️ Prochazka frames Emperor Haile Selassie I & the Ethiopian empire as a threat to the colonial powers through collusion w/ Japan.

➡️ He proposes tribalization of #Ethiopia & pioneers the term "self-determination" in the Ethiopian context to weaken & fragment the country.

[2/8] ImageImage
➡️ He undermines the "unitary state" & names denominations: "Abyssinians proper (occupying the central part of the country), the Gallas, the Gojjams, & the Kushites of Tigré".

➡️ Colonial rule is proposed as desired to liberate people from "Tyranny of the #Amhara".

[3/8] ImageImage
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“What benefit would the #American people get from adding to the #union a #bankrupt state with a tanking #economy?”
Even Trumpers are anti-#Statehood! #MAGA #Trump #PRStatehood #DecolonizePR #VivaPuertoRicoLibre #PRIndependence #IndigenousRights…
“Second, there is a real question about whether #PuertoRico even wants to become the 51st state… Three times, the people of Puerto Rico said ‘no.’ […]”
“… the anti-#statehood party refused to participate because of the way the referendum was worded, and the vote was therefore practically meaningless.” #EndColonialism #DecolonizePR #PRIndependence #UnaSolaEstrella #Independence #IndigenousRights #LibreYIndependente
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What future for #Indy?
A short thread.

I've been at 2 meetings, one with Joanna Cherry, another with the First Minister, where the route to #Scottish #independence was discussed. They both said almost exactly the same thing, reiterated at a recent (underwhelming) SNP Hopin:

The Scottish Government has to be seen to have exhausted all possible means by which they achieve independence before declaring independence.

It is one of the reasons an overwhelming numbers majority - i.e., the majority of votes cast - for parties with independence at the core of their Holyrood manifesto is so crucial.

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Why does Scotland urgently need #Independence from UK?
Here are 26 reasons. Thank you for reading this.
With #Independence we will get the government we vote for. Scotland has not voted Tory since 1955. Yet in 16 elections we got 10 Tory governments. 41 years of damaging Tory rule.
With #Independence we can keep our resources.
Currently nearly all our taxes go to Westminster. Income tax, VAT, CGT, Corporation, excise etc. They give us some of it back and claim they are supporting us generously.
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Wishing Lieutenant Asha Sahay a belated happy 92nd Birth anniversary.

She is Asha Sahay (Asoko) a volunteer of the #IndianNationalArmy formed under #NetajiSubhashChandraBose. She has been recently honoured by our government as well.

(1/5) Image
Asha was born in Kobe, #Japan in 1928 to #Indian parents who had migrated to Japan. When she was attending the Showa Girl's High School, she decided to volunteer for #India's War of #Independence & decided to meet #Netaji when Japan was helping build up the #INA.

Bose had arrived in Japan at that time to rally up support for the Indian Independence movement and she met him and enrolled in the INA.

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A thread on the newly announced @theSNP Roadmap to Referendum which I have seen for first time today & am studying carefully 👇
I’m pleased that ideas previously advanced by me & others are being pursued & I hope all @theSNP members will now unite around the recognition that we need a Plan B, by which I mean a strategy which does not rely on Westminster granting a section 30 order
However, I have many questions about the detail of this new strategy, which I have seen for the first time today, and the proposed timetable, and I intend to pursue these questions at tomorrow’s SNP national assembly
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one simple photograph can tell u much more about historical figures or events than any book you might read or any charter you might analyze.
These 30 Intriguing Pictures Are Some of the Rarest Photographs Ever Captured in India
1. Rabindranath Tagore with Albert Einstein in 1920s Image
2.  Indira Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin And Jawaharlal Nehru in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, 1953

#photography #indiaphoto #Historicalphotos #india #leader Image
3. The last time Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was arrested by the British police

#photography #indiaphoto #Historicalphotos #india #leader #NetajiSubhashChandraBose Image
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This is a great photograph.
Basically the lobbying from these #Basotho chiefs kept #Lesotho, #eSwatini, and #Botswana out of the Union of South Africa and allowed for their contemporary #independence. (Names of chiefs in next tweets from Morija below the pic)
It should also be noted that the fact that these three territories were NOT incorporated in 1909 made it *much* harder for the apartheid regime to implement full apartheid via its Homelands/Bantustan plans. These plans *always* had Botswana/Swai/Lesotho playing a key role...
...with South Africa assuming that leaders in the three countries would simply accept their role as minor ethnic states in South Africa's orbit. With the support of the international community, all three resisted this (to differing degrees, of course).
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The route to #independence must be legal & constitutional. I support Plan A of replicating the Edinburgh Agreement but there are other legal & constitutional options & it’s right for @theSNP to consider these .…
It is foolish & dangerous to rail against having a fallback plan, should it be required. Foolish, because it undermines the carefully achieved past gains such as the concession Salmond secured from Dewar in exchange for supporting the devolution referendum
Dangerous, because it re-inforces the power of our adversary and cements in the minds of the international community that the only way Scotland can leave the UK and become independent legally and constitutionally is by replicating the 2014 referendum.
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Some follow up thoughts on a great piece by Andrew Tickell: How Scots have learned to love independence in 2020…
Andrew says; “Now, the idea of independence in the lead and the Union in retreat is a banal fact of Scottish life.” As others have pointed out this has parallels with where we were with #devolution post the 1992 General election.
But then, Scotland had to wait for Westminster to catch up with us before we got devolution. 5 years passed before a party that supported devolution came to power at Westminster and held a referendum
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#presidentMas held Independence CONSULTATION

#president @KRLS held SelfDetermination REFERENDUM

#president @QuimTorraiPla displayed banner against political repression

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After a peaceful pro-#independence demonstration in #Paris on #17October1961,up to 300 #Algerians were murdered by police. Historians described this #massacre as “the bloodiest act of state repression of street protest in western Europe in modern history”.…
The most memorable – and vicious – #atrocities saw #policemen herding panicking crowds on to #Paris's bridges, where many were tossed into the #Seine. The river became a watery morgue for scores of victims, whose lifeless bodies were washing up for weeks. #17Octobre1961 #Algeria
Others died in #police stations, or in nearby woods, where their #mutilated bodies testified to truncheon and rifle-butt injuries. The officers had been incensed by an illegal protest by 30,000 men, women and children organised by the National #Liberation Front (FLN) of #Algeria.
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