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[Thread] 1/ This is a quick audit of Twitter accounts that clearly label their position in regards to the #elxn43 . That is to say, who is more ostensibly dominant on Twitter - those who oppose Trudeau, or those who oppose Scheer (and vice versa)? For this analysis I just
2/ just a cursory check of pro & anti Scheer/Trudeau hashtags appearing in user biographies extracted not from a trend but from Twitter generally. Here are the figures. There are approx 720 Twitter accounts with #TrudeauMustGo in their biography, and only 14 with #TrudeauMustStay
3/ There are around 100 accounts with #Scheer4pm in their biographies, and around 200 with #teamtrudeau in. There are around 4 accounts with #scheerdisaster in their bios, and around 4 with #trudeau4treason. 6 with #trudeaublackface and 1 with #sheerhypocrisy,
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What I’m seeing right now is that the Conservative party was serve the interest of giant fossil fuel companies. They doesn’t even care about the environment and the ordinary people’s lives, even their own voters. Seriously, you really want him in charge?…
The autocratic conservative government across the world are moving right now they’re thwart and discredit environment and human rights . Jason Kenney described in glowing terms how harshly Russia . It couldn’t be more apparent what they believes.#cdnpoli…
People are usually extremely had a short memory about the bad things, which is what the conservatives are sellout to voters.Go back to the good old days? When Justin Trudeau believes that Canada should invest for the better future conservatives only want suck more money #cdnpoli
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1. Was last night’s security drama at a Liberal campaign event a genuine situation or was it another costume dress-up for Trudeau, directed by Gerald Butts? I don’t know, but I have a few questions that Unifor journalists and CBC plaintiff Rosemary Barton aren’t allowed to ask.
2. Let’s start with that picture, published by Canadian Press. Who are those men? They don’t look like RCMP. Is that man on the left wearing the badge of the Canadian infantry?
3. Are those men indeed with the Canadian infantry? If not, who were they? If so, why? Why would the RCMP yield to them? If it truly was a catastrophic risk situation requiring the army, why was the event allowed to proceed? Who made the decision to go full drama teacher?
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I just had to block a mass amount of people due to my "fat shaming" @AndrewScheer tweet. They then came back at me with a slew of crap focused on @JustinTrudeau and on my own character. Listen to this: Scheer is a homophobic, misogynistic, woman-hating bigot. Those that follow 1/
him are no different than him. Meaning, you agree with his comments on equating homosexuals with dogs and removing a woman's right to choose what she does with her own body. For someone who is "Harp-ing" on Trudeau's "foibles", Scheer certainly does nothing for his own 2/
character by demeaning the #LGBTQ community in such a disgusting fashion. His "blackface/brownface" is hidden, which makes him dangerous than anything Trudeau has done or will do. So to those who say to me I'm disgusting for "fat shaming".... FUCK YOU! Canada is not what 3/
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@ratchit17 @AndrewScheer @ReginaChamber For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Conservatives do not know the meaning of corrupt. Corruption is against the law. The Trudeau Liberals haven't broken any laws The CPC, on the other hand, is very, very corrupt. immoral and racist.
@ratchit17 @AndrewScheer @ReginaChamber What did Canadians learn about SNC Lavalin?
It was the largest criminal corruption case in Canadian history perpetrated by the CPC's very own Arthur Porter who was arrested for taking $22 million in kickbacks from SNC Lavalin. #cdnpoli
@ratchit17 @AndrewScheer @ReginaChamber Pierre Poilievre the racist CPC minister that blurted out "tar baby" and gave Canadians the "fair" elections act that prevented millions of Canadians from voting is under a compliance order with elections Canada for knowingly breaking his own legislation and cheating. #cdnpoli
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I listened to Scheers economic vision so you don’t have to! Key points:

1. Dudes about as inspiring as a toothbrush.

2. Typical Trudeau bashing, says Trudeau inherited a great economy from Cons and squandered it. Truth is we were in a technical recession. 😂

#cdnpoli #LPC

3. Commits to a Coast to Coast “energy corridor”. The endless pipelines are coming! Greens and NDP will hang their hat on electoral reform and allow this! 👌🏻😂

4. Cancel carbon tax (calls it a tax grab, but its revenue neutral so ya) 😂

5. End responsible shipping ban BC

6. Repeal C-69, aimed at responsible oversight and consultation for energy projects

7. Massive Regulatory reform to make it easier to pollute and degrade our environment, and people

8. End foreign imports of oil, doubling down on building massive plant and oil commerce
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