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It's a funny thing. We now have "pundits", folks presented as having a superior understanding of politics, who comment on the day's events through the lens of their own biases, telling us what to think.
1/7 #cdnpoli #cdnpolitics
I suggest this is not at all useful to society.

What would be useful is journalists who
a) say what happened or what was said by whom
b) explain how things actually work in the Canadian system or the facts of the situation at hand
c) point out any inconsistencies in
what was said by politicians (i.e. where they are lying to the public)

That's it.
That should be the job.
We are smart enough to figure out what to think of it ourselves.
Politicians might be much more concerned with getting their facts straight, if they knew they would
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Women tend to spend more time on local and civic issues, or volunteering for schools and clubs, because they perceive these activities as more important than volunteering for a political party. Now is the time for Canadian women to step out of that comfort zone and #BringitHome
Increasing women's and minority representation in our #cdnpolitics is essential because it can lead to greater equality and to better social, economic and political outcomes.
Women need support to move from local and civic issues to becoming candidates for public office but I believe we are ready to move fast forward on this in 2023.
Is it time for Canadian woman to do a clean sweep of #cdnpolitics from grassroots up?
What do you think?
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1/15 #LONG 🧵

Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an award-winning western Canadian based public policy think tank released a rebuk to the #POEC report titled
"The Strange Conclusions of Justice Paul Rouleau"

2/15 In the #POEC response Justice Rouleau states:
“concluded that the very high level threshold required for the invocation of the (Emergencies) Act was met.- I do not consider the factual basis for it to be overwhelming" Image
3/15 During the #POEC hearings, the RCMP, CSIS, OPP, and Ottawa Police Service testified that the protesters did not pose a threat to national security and that the Emergencies Act was not warranted Image
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Big theme in the #POEC report is the utter incompetence of the OPS failing to address the Hendon report but i have yet to see any flags at the federal level in this report being raised. This protest was driving across provincial lines to Ottawa. Why wasn't Ottawa concerned?
Reviewing the text message from Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino they knew the convoy was coming two days prior to their arrival in Ottawa as they were detailing plans how to exploit this event for political purposes
This is a huge indictment at the federal level

Their plan to scope this protest akin to the US Jan 6th failed due to social media

The sharing of videos of dancing, comradery and bouncy castles emerged and destroyed the federal narrative
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#cdnpoli 2022 The conservative opposition focus on attacking the gov't in office & obstructionism in HoC renders them, political misfits. Their antagonism neutered their ability to work collaboratively & produce results that benefit those whose interests they are elected to serve
#cdnpolitics 2022 Clearly #TeamTrudeau has had our backs during this pandemic. They have been dedicated to keeping Canadians safe and financially viable. Though I did not vote Liberal I am impressed with the diligence and competence of our minority gov't.
#cdnpoli 2022 The CPC agenda is to expand their "big tent" base & they're aiming to swing Canadians in the political center to the right. But PP's flailing attempts to convince us that he's one of us and what he has to say is relevant are a FAIL! He clearly isn't PM material.
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By unpopular demand, a (🧵) background explainer for what a "Henry VIII clause" is (as this phrase is being bandied about a lot at the moment).
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpolitics

In our system of government, the legislature (or Parliament, federally) enacts the laws. Formally, His Majesty only makes laws "by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly [of Province]."

Initially, this right was limited to the imposition of taxes, but was expanded to include funding the Crown. Finally, in 1414, Henry V acknowledged that the approval of Parliament was necessary to make all new laws.

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📢Pls R/T


In Canada, violent male offenders (such as murderers & rapists) can self id as female for the sole purpose of serving their time in a female prison.

A thread 🧵

#cdnpolitics #cdnpoli #WomensRights #TrudeaMustGo #TrudeauResign #TrudeauNationalDisgrace
Yes. This is true. Bill C-16

Correctional Services Canada (CSC) has been quietly transferring some of the country’s most notorious and violent male criminals to women’s prisons because they are claiming to be “female.”…
Proof story 1/4
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Today, the B.C. Court of Appeals rules on a case attempting to establish private healthcare as a constitutional right when when wait times are too long. If it succeeds, get ready for ... /2

Part 1 of U.S. private healthcare prices:

2/ ... the kind of healthcare that bankrupts tens of thousands of Americans each year. The public system will be decimated. Finding a family doctor will even more difficult than it already is.

Part 2 of U.S. private healthcare prices:
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Rich immigrants who moved to #Vancouver through Quebec's back-door investor program now own, on avg, $4.6m worth of housing. But they're only paying taxes on annual incomes of a paltry $100k. A gov.-enabled scam. Via @GoldinYVR, #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli…
2/ @Ayan604 says the system is failing new immigrants who’ve arrived to work and settle, if it also allows new immigrants who are here (simply) because they are wealthy and have an appetite for real estate investment. #vanre #torontorealestate #onpoli #Cdnimm #bcpoli #vanpoli
3 / And what's more ... Quebec gets 10 times more than B.C. and Ontario to settle immigrants. #ICYMI #BCpoli #Cdnimm #cdnpolitics #onpoli #abpoli #qcpoli #immigration.…
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Anyone-else think the CPC interim leader sank to a new low today when she falsely claimed the fed NDP and fed governing Liberal party of "working for Putin" because of their new confidence-and-supply agreement?

(Thought I must've misheard her this morning, but @CBCNews just played the clip of her saying it - confirming that, sadly, I did recall correctly)
correction to top tweet:
CPC interim leader falsely *accused (not claimed)
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The #covid facemask mandate ends in #Ontario tomorrow. I choose to keep wearing one until the daily case count is far less than what it is now. How about you?

On April 27, all remaining mask mandates & #Covid_19 emergency orders in Ontario will expire. Dr. Peter Jüni, head of the province's Science Advisory Table, said these decisions aren't supported by science.…
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For those who would like to get technical about the meaning of "fascism", here are two good articles:……

Having considered the matter further, I hereby retract what I said yesterday, about Randy Hillier being a fascist. /1
In fact, technically, I don't even think Trump qualifies as a fascist.

This does not mean, however, that we should be any less concerned about Trump (or Hillier, to a lesser extent), Trumpism, or the rightward malignancies that they are spawning. /2
While Trumpism may not currently meet the technical definition of fascism, it is: (1.) illiberal (2.) right-wing authoritarianism (3.) that openly flirts with violence as an acceptable political strategy & (4.) engages in tactics used by fascists (e.g. negative integration). /3
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(1st thread was deleted, so here's the redux) It's super important to watch the footage from the incident - there is clearly an aggressor and an escalation of behaviour on behalf of the convoy members /1
Here is the full clip - it is 12 minutes long but necessary viewing for anyone who plans on attending counter demonstrations /2
I cut the most tense part of the interaction - here it is - I think it's really important that we look at the behaviour of both the convoy members and the counter demonstrators - while de-escalation is necessary, we need to be familiar with what escalation looks like: /3
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Will Justin Trudeau surrender his expanded power? He certainly is giving no indication he will in Question Period! /1
When asked about giving a clear deadline and criteria for ending the measures, he avoided the question /2
Justin Trudeau is still lying about measures being 'geographically' limited - this Act applies federally and could be used on anyone, anywhere, at any time! /3
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Cops seem to giving the protesters a light show now that injunction is in place - still lots of children at the event, and no officers out of vehicle to be seen /1 #cdnpoli #AmbassadorBridge #windsor
It's hard to tell if pick up trucks are leaving or just going in laps around the block /2 #AmbassadorBridge #cdnpoli #Windsor
Honking is swelling in waves - one trucker at the front closest to the cops expressed concern about starting another one - lots of speculation about tear gas, runner bullets, etc. /3 #Police #AmbassadorBridge #windsor #FluTruxKlan
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@DrSeuss1940 @davetroy Putin is making his meddling clear. Russia-friendly operatives network, quietly within neolibertarian and paleolibertarian think-tanks.

Trump-Putin operative, Paul Alexander, is standing behind so-called trucker spokesman, Tom Marazzo when he made the coded statement

@DrSeuss1940 @davetroy Paul Alexander was Health & Human Services assistant secretary for Trump-Russia operative Michael Caputo.

@DrSeuss1940 @davetroy And in case Canadians missed it, there's ALWAYS connections, like Caputo's assistant, Paul Alexander of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. #cdnpolitics
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