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Just had this thought after conversing with some fellow Black colleagues in academe about hostility we have (and continue to) face on the job. So, to my Black fam in academe, many of you work in units where the knees of white supremacy are constantly on your necks. They put...
put their knees on your necks because they know the structure in academe encourages and incentivizes anti-Blackness. Yet, some of those culprits who dare seek to block your joy and contribution will attempt to send calls of action to your unit listservs, etc., demanding...
that your dept makes a statement, or etc. Understand, you’re duty-bound to reject these overtures – they’re insincere and phony #NotWithMyName. Especially if these colleagues have yet to repent. Again, #NotWithMyName! Sometimes all we have left is our dignity, and we should...
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I’ve had multiple ppl tell me that if I don’t get tenure I have a lawsuit on my hands & yet a part of me is still like: Racism & sexism are wild & I trust no white man’s “meritocracy”. I’ll feel confident I have tenure when I see the paperwork that says so & not a second sooner.
There are too many horror stories of talented, accomplished women of color being denied tenure, particularly at elite universities. There are too many stories of people working themselves into health crises & strained relationships for 6 yrs only to be told no.
You can’t ask me to put faith in a system that has harmed & failed so many people I admire. I will believe it when I see it. And in the meantime, I’ll be spending this summer preparing myself for what I do if it’s a no.
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I am going up for tenure next year & preparing my materials. There is a book chapter I was invited to write in Fall 2014 just months after I got my PhD. I submitted the chapter in Spring 2015. The edited collection this chapter was written for has still not been published.
I am sure there are decent reasons for the immense slowdown in production. But can you imagine if I was relying on this publication as a junior scholar? I write this piece less than a year after graduating & will likely have tenure before its published. That’s bananas.
As someone working in disability studies I know there was many reasons for delays in schedules, but as a multiply marginalized junior scholar I also know that one publication coming in YEARS late could really fuck with someone’s tenure case.
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My co-author & I have so much fun. I never would have imagined co-authoring to be such a delight, but it is! I love writing on my own, but collaborative thinking & writing is such an invigorating experience. We produce work that’s better than what we could have done individually.
I wish co-authoring was more accepted in the humanities. We’re both pre-tenure & know that to get tenure we have to still both produce independent work & publish our co-authored material in the highest rank journals we can manage in order to be taken seriously by our institutions
I hope that gaining tenure means I can do more collaborative thinking & writing in the future.

#writing #AcademicTwitter #coauthor #collaboration #tenuretrack #PublishOrPerish
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It's a JOB APPLICATION season for Tenure Track hires and in case people have last minute questions I wanted to offer the following thread (now that I've been on a bunch o' job committees here's what I've learned on the other side...) 1/many #TenureTrack #JobApps
First - even if you follow all the things you may just not get through. It sooks. Some of it is totally random. Depends on the job. Depends on the people on the committee. Depends on who is leading the committee. Depends on if one person in the room didn't get coffee that day...
Second - committee members are Faculty and faculty are busy. We have all the things to do (classes, meetings, research, emails...) so if information isn't easy to find we ain't finding it for you. Make it easy. We should read every last word in your CV - not everyone will.
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This afternoon at #SPSA2018, I was on a #CWC panel about mentoring across genders. Below, I'll include my comments from the panel. In it, I speak candidly about my #gradschool #metoo moment. @SPSAwomen @SPSAwomen 1/n
In many ways, graduate school is designed to make students feel like impostors. It's a common experience, but it can be particularly damaging for members of groups that have traditionally lacked access to the higher ranks of our discipline. I’ll focus on women here. 2/n
For these folks, the feeling that they have “faked” or “charmed” their way into graduate school (or the #tenuretrack, etc.) can override objective evidence of their own diligence, intellect, and merit. 3/n
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