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This video has been making the rounds on Twitter.

This is @MichaelFordTO - Minister of Multiculturalism and nephew of @fordnation…highlighting the 900 people of Indian heritage that currently live in Ontario.


900. Nine. Zero. Zero.
In Ontario.

A quick google search indicates over 750,000 people of Indian heritage in the province. It took about 30 secs to find that info.

One would think the Minister of Multiculturalism would have access to the same info I have.


All jokes aside…this is emblematic of the @fordnation govt in so many ways.

We see a minister who is woefully unqualified put in a position simply because of who he’s related to…ineptitude rewarded by nepotism…classic Doug Ford.

Yet this is just the veneer.

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I am an incredible grocery shopper & know what prices should be. I know what frugal is. I shop organic & sustainable meat/poultry/seafood down to the name of the producer. I am going to start calling out corporations that are #PriceGouging ARE TRYING to f*ck up the Nov Election.
Don't believe this @Chobani "mission of making high-quality food accessible to more people while elevating our communities" A 4-pack of yogurt has gone up $2 in a year (I have the receipts!) Are you paying milk farmers more? Employees? Show us YOUR reasons for #PriceGouging us.
.@ShopRiteStores Why do you have the same sign up for 3 years about "We are sorry about current shortages." WHAT shortages? Quit scaring people! Stop #PriceGouging There are NO shortages. Take The Sign Down!
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While I have some issues w/ @TorontoStar, this investigation into price gouging by 🇨🇦’s big supermarket chains,… is worth a subscription. If the Star keeps doing valuable investigations like this, they may win back some lost subscribers. #InflationScam
It’s behind a paywall so here are some highlights. #InflationScam #Loblaws #Metro #Sobeys #cdnecon #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
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@EthnicMediaSvc goes live right now with our weekly Friday news briefing: "Inflation to Recession." Speakers include Alix Gould-Werth, Washington Center for
Equitable Growth, Dr. Rakeen Mabud, Groundwork Collaborative @rakeen_mabud @alixgouldwerth
And Chad Stone, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities @ChadCBPP
Mega corporations are taking advantage of inflation to raise prices on consumers. Profit margins are at an all time high. @rakeen_mabud Small businesses cannot compete with the Walmart down the street.
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"Using a laboratory rheometer, we measure failure mechanics of the eponymous Oreo’s “creme” and probe the influence of rotation rate, amount of creme, and flavor on the stress–strain curve and postmortem creme distribution." -- Owens, Fan, Hart, McKinley…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/22/2022…
Trump Backs Boosters. Clearly, Someone Did the Math for Him. | by Donald G. McNeil Jr. | Jan, 2022 | Medium…

#PartisanPolitics, #VaccinationBoosters, #PoliticalEndorsement, #SwingStates
The Complex Alternative: Complexity Scientists on the COVID-19 Pandemic — SFI Press…

#ComplexityScience, #BookReview, #SantaFeInstitute, #COVID19, #SocialCommentary
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NEW OAG REPORT: Consumer complaints in the District DOUBLED during #COVID19DC emergency.

OAG has taken immediate steps to make sure that consumers are treated fairly and is monitoring all incoming complaints for any potential disparities they reveal: Image
OAG’s Consumer Report also reveals:

💲 Consumers in all eight wards complained about #pricegouging

💪 Health clubs and spas are most complained-about industry

💳 Billing and cancellation is the most complained-about issue
If you believe a business or individual is treating you unfairly or trying to take advantage of you, report it to OAG:

☎️(202) 442-9828
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This week, I called on @3M to take further steps to combat inflated prices of N95 respirators and other desperately needed personal protective equipment (#PPE).

It's crucial that our frontline workers have the necessary safety equipment to stay safe from #COVID19. ImageImage
@3M In addition to steps @3M has already taken to eliminate #pricegouging of PPE, we also urge them to:

*Cease doing business with distributors who violate price gouging policies
*Create an inventory database for gov't officials & healthcare providers
*Make distribution transparent
@3M If you see individuals or companies overcharging for services or products during the #COVID19 emergency, report it to OAG:

☎️(202) 442-9828
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BEWARE PRICE GOUGING: Our office has received at least 70 complaints from residents about stores overcharging for goods like sanitizer and disinfecting products.

We have issued 15 cease-and-desist letters & will continue to enforce DC’s #pricegouging law:
If you have been overcharged, report it to our office:

☎️(202) 442-9828
Learn your rights and important tips to protect yourself during #COVID19DC:

✅Know Your Rights to Paid Sick Leave
✅Report Price Gouging
✅Understand Your Civil Rights
✅Guard Against Scams
✅Stay Healthy

Learn more:…
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The thought occurred to me that not everyone outside NY NJ area is experiencing this, so thought Id warn ppl of what it may look like after
#coronavirus comes knocking... took these yesterday at Stop N Shop, slowly getting worse😬:
(Paper products, cleaning, frozen, perishables)
I am very suspicious as to why they just dont seem to be restocking certain things- where are toilet paper and paper towels made? Are there not supplies anywhere in the US? Wegmans finally got some in from Canada, but charging a mint! Wtf, what is holding up the US supply chain?!
Also $7.00 for 2 rolls of Bounty ppr towels when they finally got them in!!
#Inflation or #PriceGouging?
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Price Gouging Alert: In response to #pricegouging complaints, our office sent cease-and-desist letters to four DC-area stores and one online seller for allegations of overcharging for goods during the #COVID19DC emergency: ImageImage
OAG found evidence of illegal markups for disinfecting products, gloves, and other essential items.

Residents seeking scarce and essential goods to protect their health should not have to worry about paying illegally inflated prices.
Those seeking to illegally profit from the #COVID19 emergency must stop their unlawful behavior now.

If you see price gouging, report it to our office:

☎️(202) 442-9828
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I’m urging @amazon Craigslist @eBay @Facebook @Walmart to do more to root out #pricegouging online and protect consumers during the #COVID19DC pandemic:
@amazon @eBay @Facebook @Walmart While some companies are making efforts to police #pricegouging, our bipartisan 33-AG coalition is calling on them to go further.

✅Set policies and enforce price gouging restrictions during emergencies
✅Trigger protections prior to an emergency
✅Implement a complaint portal
@amazon @eBay @Facebook @Walmart Price gouging is ILLEGAL in the District during this emergency.

We sent and will continue to issue cease-and-desist letters, will file suit to enforce the law, and seek to revoke licenses and permits.
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