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Trump lives in a parallel reality, shielded from the consequences of "diversity" (which Ivanka assures him is grand through tears.) From their vantage point White Nationalism is unnecessary & distasteful (only "those" types of scary white people believe in it.) It is neither.
Every few weeks a modern day Sanhedrin convenes (in what used to be the US Congress) to discuss the dangers of White Nationalism & White Supremacism and what is to be done about such.

No Whites are asked to share their views.

The show trials convict Whites in absentia.
“...a statement of fact: White men, driven by hateful ideology of White Nationalism are committing the overwhelming majority of extremist attacks in this country.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar [D, MN] at latest show trial [video of statement at link]

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Anticipation builds pending the release of the federal district ct’s post-trial opinion in the SFFA lawsuit challenging Harvard’s consideration of race in admission. Even at this stage, several knowable points that merit reflection. #sffavharvard #affirmativeaction

1. Despite the hype (it *is* Harvard), that trial-level judgment will be binding only with respect to the parties. It will not be precedential in any other sense, though to be sure, it will merit serious study and reflection.

2. Higher education leaders should neither over- nor under-react to the decision. (The press will, but that’s sorta their job. And they may try to get you to, as well.) Cases depend on facts, which in this context are necessarily tied to a particular setting.

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Ooh baby let’s break some of this down. What affirmative action and diversity & inclusion programs (flawed as some were/are) reveal is the lie of American #meritocracy & #bootstrapism.
Affirmative action & diversity programs have repeatedly sought out women, people of color & increasingly queer & disabled people for opportunities for which they are qualified. These programs consider experiences of oppression an important perspective these folks bring.
Further, when these programs occur in early education settings smart, creative & otherwise talented marginalized kids get to have their interests & skills nurtured in ways their families may not be able to provide either financially or bc of lack of awareness of such programs.
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#Trump’s nominee #Kavanaugh’s #confirmation to #SCOTUS is due tomorrow. Why is it dangerous and what to do: the last updates 👇 + comprehensive database of withheld documents by @velvetblade + action list.…
⬆ READ & SHARE: consider sharing; there are lawyers, journalists and other experts who might not have access to the information. RT or share on FB and Twitter with tags #StopKavanaugh #KavanaughConfirmationHearings
The most comprehensive database of the withheld documents available in the open sources and retrieved by a citizen journalist @Velvet Blade. ⬆ ⬆ ⬆
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ALERT: Senator @CoryBooker exploring most important line of questioning of the day with #Kavanaugh on his views on race, his commitment to respecting Court precedent on #affirmativeaction, and views on race and policing.
Thank you @CoryBooker for pressing #Kavanaugh on voting rights. Voter suppression and voting discrimination are real. Kavanaugh’s opinion signing off on South Carolina #voterid law despite evidence of discriminatory purpose and effect.
Critical to press #Kavanaugh on whether he believes racial diversity in the higher ed context is a compelling state interest. We (@LawyersComm) are fighting attacks on affirmative action right NOW in cases involving Harvard & UNC. Would he respect Court’s precedent in this area?
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Insightful @AAPIData @karthickr @ProfJanelleWong survey findings on #AsianAmericans & #affirmative action. The big takeaway? AsianAms have consistently supported AfAc w/key exception ChineseAms in recent yrs >…
Which leads me back to fundamental Q: Who are "AsianAms," & how do we understand, live w/ its tensions (origins as a radical-left political ID w/origins in 1960s social mvmts, evolution into demographic ID category used by gov't policy, law, higher ed, marketing etc) >
There's a deep irony to fact that AsianAms began life as "Asian Americans" in 1960s-70s by seeking inclusion in emerging affirmative action programs as a way to counter the problem of invisibility in US society >
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1/ A thread on #ownvoices and #representation as well as allyship, guests, holding babies, writing the other, and assorted issues dealing with POC characters/stories being written by white folks. Nothing super new, just bringing nuanced notions together, reflecting on my views.
2/ America desperately needs a LOT more #ownvoices books. That should be our priority. I've even advocated for a sort of #affirmativeAction in publishing. Agents and editors should be ACTIVELY seeking out POC talent, recruiting, nurturing, publishing.
3/ Especially in kids lit. Only 25% of books for kids feature protags of color. Only 6% are actually written by authors of color. Both of those numbers MUST CHANGE, but the second is the biggest problem. Writers of color need to be the main folks writing these stories.
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This afternoon at #SPSA2018, I was on a #CWC panel about mentoring across genders. Below, I'll include my comments from the panel. In it, I speak candidly about my #gradschool #metoo moment. @SPSAwomen @SPSAwomen 1/n
In many ways, graduate school is designed to make students feel like impostors. It's a common experience, but it can be particularly damaging for members of groups that have traditionally lacked access to the higher ranks of our discipline. I’ll focus on women here. 2/n
For these folks, the feeling that they have “faked” or “charmed” their way into graduate school (or the #tenuretrack, etc.) can override objective evidence of their own diligence, intellect, and merit. 3/n
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