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1/16 #PPC #MaximeBernier #FreedomOfSpeech It isn’t about Left vs is COMMON SENSE POLICIES that help ALL Canadians


Peoples Party of Canada RT RT RT

Learn more click link…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/02/2021…
Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave…

#israel #HumanHistory #caves #archaeology #discovery
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2021…
Planting the Anthropocene’s roots in globalization-Book Review by Wolfgang Lucht…

#anthropocene #globalization #history
Lumber frenzy drives up home prices as suppliers can't keep up…

#HomePrices #LumberShortages #ConstructionCosts
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1/12: Will the UK #integratedreview of security & #foreignpolicy really make a difference? It was billed as a radical reset after #Brexit & does contain important innovations. But there are many areas of continuity. A thread, now we’ve had time to digest..
2/12: #GlobalBritain hyperbole was inevitable. A “science superpower”, a “#softpower superpower”, “an independent country free to tread our own path”. But to be fair, beneath the froth lies serious thought to frame international & domestic priorities.
3/12: The #geopolitical analysis is sober. A tougher, more competitive world where China looms large & old certainties no longer apply. Yet the core prescription is familiar. British foreign policy with global reach, defending liberal democratic values, rule of law & trade.
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1/9: The #UK government will soon publish its #IntegratedReview of defence, security, development & #ForeignPolicy. This is an important inflection point: we need a comprehensive, credible vision of the #GlobalBritain agenda after #Brexit. What to expect?.. a thread..
2/9: The #IntegratedReview will set principles to guide individual policies, advocating agile, global British reach in support of democratic values. Johnson’s strap-line is “#UK as a force for good”. But lofty principles will only be credible if hard, practical choices are made.
3/9: Much will be orthodox: supporting effective #multilateralism, rule of law, open #trade. I expect strong commitment to the #US relationship (whatever some say, #Biden is a godsend for Johnson) & lots about the fashionable but nebulous concept of an “#IndoPacific tilt”.
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1/6: Now we have the #Brexit deal we should reboot British #foreignpolicy. It needs both clear long-term priorities and agile tactical footwork. For starters, this thread suggests five early opportunities in 2021, which should also help rebuild key relationships.
2/6: First, consolidate a strong role on #climate leading up to the November #COP26 conference in Glasgow. Show that UK can exercise serious convening power. Work smartly with US, who under Biden & Kerry will want to run the show. Use it to mend fences with #EU & engage #China.
3/6: Second, use #G7 Presidency to link climate agenda to international health policy & sustainable open trade. Boosting collective clinical & economic response to #Covid19. Use leverage of UK financial support for #WHO and expected success of the Oxford vaccine.
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@UnrollHelper @k_helca Thank U🌷Dutch tulip 4U

Dear @mfa_russia🌷 you might remember I replied to your message as @k_helca Starsailoress. As usual I got suspended so my #MH17😢evidence is gone. Pls save my thread for your files; I might get suspended again📩 @Het_OM #WarOnTruth
@UnrollHelper @k_helca @mfa_russia @Het_OM 📩MFA Russia Sec #Lavrov🌷

Key #MH17😢evidence

Prof.#JoepLange🌿addresses @GovNL @MinPres #Rutte

In reply I'll attach thread I've written @ parallel universe

MH17🚩 #WarOnRussia
#AIDS🔔connects it
to #Corona🔔
via #PCRtest🔔
& #Fauci😫
@UnrollHelper @k_helca @mfa_russia @Het_OM @GovNL @MinPres Intermezzo1

#MH17🚩 #WarOnRussia

Brilliant🌍 review by historian @WebsterGTarpley🌷 focus on #GeoPolitics of MH17 & U.S. #ForeignPolicy😫

#NATO🚩 drills #Breeze🚩 got re-directed🚩 went live

MH17 ✈ #Ukraine's airspace

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@Palestine_UN x



🔔Orwell rings my bell🐈
🐷s 3D1s🐖🐖🐖?
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1/10: A win for #JoeBiden in the #USElection next week would be good for the overall interests of #UK but problematic for the #BorisJohnson government. How would the arrival of a Biden administration affect British #foreignpolicy? A thread..
2/10: As the song says, it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it. Not all #Trump foreign policy was bad (though much was). He made an important call on #China. But he has no idea of the common good, squandered American leadership & damaged alliances & institutions.
3/10: #Biden would be a reversion toward the norm. Unexciting perhaps, but needed & welcome. But he would not mean wholesale change in #US foreign policy. The pressures of #COVID19, political polarisation & economic dislocation remain. As will the tough geopolitical environment.
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Interesting study on #transport #foresight connecting with #energy and #climate #governance. Some points and comments (thread)
First of all, 👏👏👏 for discussing transport from the perspective of #foreignpolicy and #governance, which is a rarity in this field dominated by engineering!
The study notes global transport sector emits now 8 Gt of C02, but if we want to reach 2°C target, emissions should be reduced to 4.7 Gt and 2Gt for 1.5°C. Big challenge as under current trends we are approaching 12 Gt by 2050.
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LIVE 🔴 Our virtual panel "The Impact of #COVID19 on Security and Stability in the Middle East" in w/ @DSF_Group has just begun!




Follow this thread for updates.
Please join us in welcoming Ambassador @StefMccollum to our panel discussion. We look forward to your keynote speech!
Ambassador @StefMccollum's speech will focus on how Canada's Middle East foreign policy strategy has evolved since the onset of the #COVID19 pandemic. Join the discussion here. #cdnpoli…
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#DonaldTrump (@realDonaldTrump )is the probably one of the rarest American presidents who hasnt started a war like his predecessors like Obama, Bush or Clinton. Instead he has hearlded a new era in thw Middle East brokering peace between #Israel & #UAE and #Bahrain.
Initiating a dialogue with #KimJongUn of North Korea. To give credit his clarity of #ForeignPolicy has been umatched as he goes after #China something which is broadly supported in #India #Japan #Taiwan #Australia & #Vietnam.
Last but not the least he has even initiated peace talks with #Taliban to end the #AfghanWar !!
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"Recent events at the #UnitedNations have, however, exposed the true nature of #Canada’s #
global position, particularly in the matter of its blind and unconditional support for #Israel."
by @RamzyBaroud and @RomanaRubeo… #UN #ForeignPolicy #FridayThoughts
Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN #NikkiHaley once asserted, “Nowhere has the #UN’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than its #bias against our close #ally #Israel.”
by @HomePalestine… #palestine #FridayThoughts #UnitedNations
“We express our deep concern with the stated intention to move ahead with any unilateral #annexation of #WestBank territory, and we urge your government to reconsider plans to do so,” the letter said, in part.
by @RamzyBaroud… #AIPAC #Isreal #Palestine
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.@KamalaHarris as VP candidate is bad news for Biden because she is an electoral liability, but even more so for the American people since she is a corporate authoritarian.


Feel free to contribute!
#KamalaHarrisForVP #KamalaForVP #BidenHarris2020
1/ @KamalaHarris as California Attorney General refused to prosecute Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, then CEO of OneWest Bank, for illegally foreclosing on thousands of home owners. She went against the recommendation of her own administration.…
2/ @KamalaHarris not only declined to prosecute Steve Mnuchin for illegal foreclosures. She received $2,000 in campaign contributions from the current Treasury Secretary when she ran for Senate in 2016.…
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Nepali friend says commies there poorly managed #COVID and political drama vs India is a distraction that benefits the ruling party. Also being commies China intellectually more palatable perhaps though China's rise isn't from communism!
Friend also mentioned Mahabharat TV series was also being shown again. Underscores the cultural connection with India which should've made it practically impossible for China to make any inroads.
Nepal moving away from India and into China's arms points to Indian failure to build on its soft power. Nepal should've been to India how Canada is to the US!

#indiaNepalFriendship #akhandbharat #ForeignPolicy #ChinaMustBeTamed
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1/ “Even if a new president proposes sweeping reforms, Congress would block or severely #weaken them. In #foreignpolicy, however, a new president could reshape the world with a few strokes of the pen. @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 2/ “A president could bring the U.S. back into the Iran nuclear deal; lift sanctions on Venezuela; offer to begin peace talks with Russia & China; pull American troops out of the ME; stop promoting the overthrow of foreign governments @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 3/ 3 candidates are fully wedded to the paradigm of #conflict & #confrontation that shapes American #foreignpolicy: #JoeBiden, #AmyKlobuchar, & #PeteButtigieg.
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The Council for National Policy #CNP, "The Secret Society"…
"the heart of a great conservative movement that helped to make America strong and prosperous in the 20th century – now helping to ensure she remains free and secure in the 21st century,"
Some CNP members - Mike Pence comes quickly to mind - in the context of bolstering their conservative credentials, have proudly revealed their CNP membership, even though CNP's policy is to keep membership a secret. Here is it's 2014 Membership, the latest…
#CNP's tentacles include well-connected activists who advocate for the imposition of fundamentalist Christian ideology in public life and have succeeded in forcing their agenda in republican administrations. A list of organizations working with CNP…
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1/7 Again the media is dangerously backing partisan agendas by omitting the most crucial dynamic from this #Trump #Iran #Iraq #TrumpsWar #WWIII development

Iran already owns Iraqi governors

Iran also controls the largest voting bloc in Iraq's govt

2/7 RE #Trump #Iran #Iraq #TrumpsWar #WWIII

Now Iran controls the largest voting bloc in the Iraq govt (see previous link) & the only alternative is led by this anti American cleric, as the second largest bloc that is ultimately controlled by Lebanon…
3/7 RE #Trump #Iran #Iraq #TrumpsWar #WWIII

What Bolton & Trump are failing to explain (& media is failing to analyze) is they lost any allies in Iraq, Iran & Kurdistan (as well as Syria & Lebanon) by conceding to Russian dominance & creating this political vacuum in Iraqi govt
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“The Chinese miracle is over.”

In a wide-ranging conversation, top radio talk show hosts and senior @EpochTimes staff provided context to an audience of media professionals about some of the most important headlines regarding #China.…
John @batchelorshow, a talk show host on WABC in New York, said the #TradeWar has highlighted how “China’s business model is broken.”

US #Tariffs have taught companies they can move their supply chains out of #China, without being subject to unfair trade practices.
@batchelorshow Tom @sullivanradio of #TalkMedia Network said he’s spoken with #Farmers and residents in the heartland states most affected by #China’s retaliatory #Tariffs on US #Agricultural products; they support President Trump tackling the #Chinese regime’s trade policies.
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#RobertOBrien, the new National Security Advisor, is virtually unknown within #foreignpolicy circles.

Who is he? @politico has a profile. Brief thread on what it shows <1/8>…
New NSA #RobertOBrien has none of the experience typically needed for arguably the most important job in #foreignpolicy/#nationalsecurity.

Here's what he was doing during his only prior stint in govt. I was working in NatSec at the time: These aren't significant posts <2/8>
New NSA #RobertOBrien is described as a "hostage negotiator," but it is unclear whether he has ever negotiated the release of a hostage. For example, he had nothing to do with release of citizens held by #NorthKorea (unlike #JimmyCarter, @BillClinton, Bill Richardson etc) <3/8>
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News Analysis 🔎 The revelation of the alleged extraction of a #Russian @CIA #Spy has raised a number of questions, including how the #CIA used the information it received—and the quality of that information.

(Thread 👇) By Jeff Carlson @themarketswork…
Notably, the #Spy appears to have been a key source for allegations of #Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

A closer examination of the spy’s alleged background, however, paints a complicated picture. The spy’s direct supervisor appears to have been mentioned in the…
#SteeleDossier, and it’s possible that information provided by the #Spy may have been included in the dossier.

The primary allegation in the Sept. 9 @CNN article—that the decision to extricate the spy was driven by “concerns that President Donald Trump……
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.@PeteButtigieg's quotes from the debate, a long thread. Divided into differently lengthened segments for your reading delight. #DemDebates #DemDebate2 #TeamPete
"I'm running for president because our country is running out of time. It is even bigger than the emergency of the Trump presidency. Ask yourself how somebody like Donald Trump ever gets within cheating distance of the Oval Office in the first place. 1/5
"It doesn't happen unless America is already in a crisis -- an economy that's not working for everyone, endless war, climate change. We have lived this in my industrial Midwestern hometown. My generation has lived this as long as we have been alive. 2/5
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