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◼️George Bush: World Class Monster

◼️“George Bush is a satanic, sadistic, brutal monster

◼️“COMPARED to George BUSH, Adolf HITLER was a true GENTLEMEN”

Michael B Williams, former Campaign Manager for SenGary Hart &Bush murder attempt victim
@SpaCare @sxdoc
🔊 #SilentNoMore

◼️For the record, if I had my CHOICE as to which one of the two (CLINTON or BUSH) represented the greater EVIL, I would say George Bush - in the blink of an eye....”

◼️Michael Ruppert, former LAPD Narcotics detective who was later “killed”

@TWITMO_INMATE @TexasDeplorabl4 @jleetxgirl @txangel821 @Txarmadilla @GatesRobin @MAGA_Len @DepolableDuck @RicMaldonado2 @KAG202019 @StormIsUponUs 🔊 #SilentNoMore

◼️Evil is ARROGANT. It has NO conscience. It is utterly self-serving. It HIDES from the LIGHT & will DESTROY others to PRESERVE its own DELUSIONS

◼️Did you know that GHWB planned to vote for Kilary?

@SpaCare @TWITMO_INMATE @FashionabAnon @Bella_deOlivera
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@OrtaineDevian @IPOT1776 @jsolomonReports @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @M2Madness ☢️THE FINDERS


🔶There. I said it. It’s a fact

🔶They count on the fact that the more bizarre they act the safer they are bc no one can fathom the depths of evil this agency perpetrates


🔶One by one, the dots get connected
🔶 The same names keep popping up & they are linked with the same activities over & over again
🔶The pattern becomes clear & undeniable
🔶Circumstantial evidence becomes overwhelming
🔶The picture emerges

@OrtaineDevian @jameco01 @trixirilla @JewelsJones1 @ZionistGirl18 @tijqc @stlpcs @jillb111120181 @lafleurjmmyp @ChristinePolon1 @GogolLafit ☢️#thefinders

🔶The picture that emerged is that the major institutions of the USA, the CIA, the FBI & many of our governmental AND MEDIA are involved in CHILD SEXUAL SLAVERY & RITUALISTIC abuse

@OrtaineDevian @Bella_deOlivera @HB04920973 @Lied2B2point0 @volarconalas @SpaCare
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Deciphering the panoply of manipulation deceit & lies of the parasitic #Ophite/ #Khazarian #Globalist #DeepState cabal…

To begin with “#OnlyTheNameChanges” is key to THEIR usurping/ renaming belief systems for THEIR own benefit… regardless ALL are based on #Ophiolatreia 🐍

To comprehend “#Serpent worship” one must travel far back in time to the founding cults of ALL symbolism/ religions/ belief systems…

#Stellar = #AstroTheology (most ancient)

#Solar = #FireandSun

#Lunar = #SerpentDragonandWolf

1915 Churchward…
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💀🔫DEATH by GUN CONTROL 🔫💀(part 2)

🔫”TRUMP will lose in 2020 if he pushes red flag laws,” said Debbie Dooley of the Tea Party Patriots. I agree

🔫WHAT is he THINKING? Or has the #Globalists got to him too?

🔫One of his last speeches, tells me “no”

💀🔫Death by Gun Control 🔫💀

🔫Some conservatives are parting ways with Trump~even ‘hard-core’ supporters

🔫The big reason is who deems high-risk or mentally unstable people?

🔫According to Dr. Donald Cameron: Anyone who is WEAK

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @RikPik2
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🔥🔥🔥CAN You Say, “CORRUPTION?”🔥🔥🔥🔥

🔥What does #CIA, #MKULTRA, & THE FINDERS have in COMMON?

🔥🔥Child Sex-Offender, JEFFREY EPSTEIN 🔥🔥

@OrtaineDevian @realDonaldTrump @NSAGov @GenFlynn @Bluepopcorn8 @volarconalas @Telford_Russian @Lied2B2point0

🔥It is time ~ They MK-Ultra’d WHITEY BULGER while in prison

🔥The psych: “...[a child] was filmed NUMEROUS times performing SEXUAL ACTS with HIGH-RANKING Fed Govt workers, in a scheme set up by Cameron

🔥It is definitely time

@OrtaineDevian @trixirilla @BrianCMulloy76 @miketeets4 @MagaSpud @MmeMaryMary1 @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @DevinPMcDermot1 🔥In 1956, Bulger served his first term in federal prison

🔥While there, he was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research mind control drugs for the CIA

🔥For 18 mos, Bulger & 18 other inmates were given LSD and other drugs

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🚨THE FINDERS ~ Child Kidnapping/in America

🚨🔥🔥🔥The C_A CONNECTION 🔥🔥🔥🚨
Ted L. Gunderson ‘82

♦️Estimated MISSING 100,000 CHILDREN a Year
♦️Few known facts are APPALLING
♦️NO one keeping accurate account

@OrtaineDevian @Maca691 @Corp125Vet @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @BreyndaMcoy @MissesJ3 @MEMcCaffrey1 @_megadama_ 🚨THE FINDERS~C_A Connection

CIA operation called "The Finders" is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America's CHILDREN

♦️For purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse

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