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The “military grade weapons” are those the United States sold to Guatemala over a 36 year period beginning in 1960-1996. Their gov’t was fighting with the farmers. Eventually, an armistice was reached, & the farmers went back to their fields. The gov’t police had no incomes.
2/ What to do? Sell them to the Cartels, of course. The mortars, rocket grenades, and heavy artillery they possess came straight from our own government during those years. Please watch. #Guatemala #Mexico #Cartels
3/ No doubt, our government did not fully appreciate the long-term consequences of sending #Guatemala aid in the form of weapons after we had deposed their dictator in 1954. As with any other country where we have meddled, there is always a penalty for inference. Now the Cartels
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#Honduras trial in #SDNY has just resumed - Judge Castel joked with the jury about the New York Mets, who fired their manager yesterday, and now the questioning about police and Prez' brother Tony Hernandez continues… - live tweet thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @Mundo_PN @UnivisionNews @hondurassol AUSA: Did there come a time when Lozano told you he was going to be transferred?
Witness: Yes. To Tegucigalpa. I asked Tony Hernandez to help get him transferred there, it was a more important location in terms of cocaine trafficking
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @Mundo_PN @UnivisionNews @hondurassol AUSA: Did you speak directly to the defendant about the transfer?
Witness: Yes. In 2007, I paid him $5,000.
AUSA: Did you have any discussions with the defendant about the payment.
Witness: Yes, he confirmed to me he had received the payment.
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1/ Meet Marilyn Elany Boror Bor (Kaqchikel), an amazing contemporary Maya artist from Iximulew (Guatemala).

(all images courtesy of @marilynboror unless otherwise noted. This is one courtesy of @norargueta)

#MayaArt #ContemporaryIndigenousArt #Guatemala
2/ One of her works, “Para no olvidar sus nombres”/“To not forget their names”, is a series of urban interventions that have taken place in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Canada. It deals w the idea of making Indigenous languages visible…
3/ In her installation at Sur Gallery in Toronto this past Spring (2019), she labeled things around the gallery in 3 languages: #Kaqchikel, English and #Anishinaabemowin.

(images my own)
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Hace unos días fuimos a las playas de #Monterrico en el #Pacífico de #Guatemala. Conocimos a una familia de #Patzicía, #Chimaltenango.
Abro hilo...
Carmen Chopox (azul) llegó junto a su hija y sus cuatro nietos, luego de hablar por unos minutos de su paseo, nos dijo que querían una foto y que si sabíamos en dónde había una fotógrafo, no encontramos. Yo me ofrecí a hacer varias imágenes y de las cuales escogí esta.
Se las enseñé y les gustó mucho. Nos explicaron que vivían en aldea Pahuit en #Chimaltenango, luego de ello se fueron apresurados, pues habían llegado en un bus de excursión. Nos despedimos.
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* * State of siege declared in Guatemala * *
#Guatemala president Jimmy Morales just declared a state of siege in Izabal & areas of other departments. Three soldiers were killed yesterday in Izabal. There are multiple contradictory versions of events and most contradict Morales'.
The state of siege covers the entire department of Izabal plus 9 municipalities in Alta Verapaz, 4 in Zacapa, 2 in El Progreso, and 1 in Baja Verapaz. It is a huge swath of territory in eastern Guatemala. Much of it is Maya Q'eqchi' territory. Guess I'm doing a thread now... /2
The state of siege, established by executive decree following an emergency cabinet meeting, will last 30 days, but could be cut short or extended. The decree states that it both (a) is in effect immediately, & (b) needs to be ratified by congress (just sent) within three days. /3
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Grateful to meet today with the courageous staff of @CICIGgt, who for 12 years prosecuted corruption and human rights crimes in #Guatemala.

There can be no security and no democracy without justice.
The @CICIGgt was forced to shut down by the current corrupt Guatemalan Government & the cowardly withdrawal of US support.

Here’s my full statement from earlier this year:…
We must support and protect the brave Guatemalan lawyers, investigators, judges, and the @CC_Guatemala as they carry on the fight against corruption and impunity.
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This “accord” says just so much about US Guatemala relations for the past 6 decades, and also about its soon to be ousted President Jimmy Morales (accused of corruption, as nearly every president before him has been)
Let’s all just pause to remember that Guatemala was on a path to democracy when the US government intervened, declaring the winning candidate too socialist and launching more than three decades of civil war.
This is what happened with US knowledge. These kids were marched to a well and buried, an entire village was decimated, and the US government knew about it but decided to bury it for the greater cause.…
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🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Reporters are being gathered for an unannounced press briefing. Stand by for news ~
🇺🇸❤️🇬🇹🎩TIP @stevenportnoy @W7VOA for this amazing photo! Signed sealed delivered, I'm yours ~
@stevenportnoy @W7VOA ❤️🇺🇸 #Guatemala 🇬🇹 El mas excelente !
This is going to make a HUGE difference in taking money out of the coyotes hands — aka Human Traffickers. I can't tell you how important this is for the children.
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"The president began by joking to his Cabinet members about all the cameras and told one 'it helps to have a good head of hair,' according to print pool reporter @BennettJohnT.
#Germany called, according to @POTUS to talk about a “big” development with a “certain” model car. He did not elaborate, according to @BennettJohnT pool report from the Cabinet room.
#Mexico government has been “fantastic” at slowing migrant flows, @POTUS tells Cabinet.
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June 27-28: ‘Regime change’ #MilitaryCoup anniversary dates in #Guatemala & #Honduras: a somber reminder from @rightsaction…
On June 27, 1954, Jacobo Arbenz – Guatemala’s elected President – was forced from office, after a drawn out, U.S. orchestrated military coup against Arbenz’ government.
On June 28, 2009, Mel Zelaya @MelZelayaR#Honduras’ elected President – was forced out of the country at gun point, in a military #coup legitimized & supported by the #US @StateDept & #Canada @CanadaFP
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"I don't consider these people migrants. I consider them refugees. Some of them are climate refugees. The climate is changing in that part of Central America as it is at equatorial latitudes all around the world." — @Thom_Hartmann #Mexico
There is massive deforestation, which is one thing that leads to #ClimateChange. The deforestation has meant less rainfall, the crops are failing, drought is intensifying, and the storms and flooding are getting worse. #Mexico #Guatemala #Honduras
Drought and flood go together. You have a drought, the vegetation dies, the soil hardens, and then you have floods and mud slides the minute it rains. #Mexico #Guatemala #Honduras #ClimateChange #Environment #GlobalWarming
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Possible candidates in #Guatemala's presidential election in June: Zury Rios, daughter of the dictator who presided over one of the most brutal military campaigns in Latam history (& was convicted for genocide; it was overturned.)
She's married to former US Rep Jerry Weller, a member of the House Committee on International Relations when he met his wife. She has been a fervent defender of her father, saying protesters violated his 'human rights.' One massacre he faced trial for:…
Sandra Torres is the ex-wife of former president Alvaro Colom. They divorced in 2011 so she could run for his spot. Colom was charged last year for corruption during his term for fraud involving a new bus system in Guatemala City.…
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Mario Amilcar Estrada Orellana, a Presidential candidate in #Guatemala, and Juan Pablo Gonzalez Mayorga, were charged with conspiring to traffic drugs into the US & possess & use machine guns.
They were soliciting money from the Sinaloa cartel to finance a plan to get Mario Amilcar Estrada Orellana elected as President of Guatemala. In return, they would have helped the cartel use Guatemalan airports and ports to export cocaine to the US.
Both men also tried to arrange for the assassination of their political rivals.

Sure sounds a lot like Mexico. Last year, there were over 100 politicians in Mexico who were killed.
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Guatemalan Syphilis Experiments: Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins the ‘driving force’ according to lawsuit…
Rockefeller did sponsor Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Pre-War Germany🤔

John spent the astronomical sum of 300 million dollars in building Oil Company, nowadays EXXON, near the concentration camp Auschwitz, by the German Warburg family
#Mengele #Holocaust…
Israel, Guatemala and Apartheid
"In particular, he received 300 #Israeli advisers who trained his army and with which he conducted an experiment on the #Maya Indians"…
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It’s a HUGE chess game. Each piece has it’s part. For example, it LOOKS as if Trump is suddenly interested in slamming #Mexico with tariffs instead of building a wall. Think what these tariff will do to Mexico. $25.00 per car. Cars sold around the world. And one cannot exactly
2/ hide the cars one ships. If #Mexico doesn’t fall in line in the next week or so (yes, Trump said YEAR, but look at #NorthKorea ) he effectively watches Mexico go up in smoke. He already froze payments to #ElSalvador #Nicaragua & #Guatemala
3/ This is the same guy who finished off the guys OBAMA was supporting: #ISIS I don’t doubt he will get it all done. But keep in mind there is a lot of distraction going on. Just know the main guy never loses sight of the ball.
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2. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷mafia states I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all 🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
1. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷MafiaStates I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
By @PressTV
US airstrike kills 14 members of one family in #Afghanistan
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#Immigrant felons come from #ElSalvador #Guatemala #Nicaragua & #Mexico The seeds were planted in 2014 by Obama. The Caravans are carrying BUBONIC PLAGUE, LEPROSY, TYPHUS, malaria, STD’s, HIV, PNEUMONIA,DIPTHERIA, measles (There is a State of Emergency right now in Oregon)
2/ TUBERCULOSIS, Mumps, rubella, POLIO, & a flesh eating bacteria, as well as an eye disease affecting children the CDC cannot name or treat. The #illegals put their children in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. This is not a HEALTH CRISES, it’s a WMD. The CDC predicts 50% of our
3/ population could be affected by airborne diseases. Flying anywhere? Who is on that plane & where did they come from? TUBERCULOSIS alone could cripple our economy.…
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.@USAfricaCommand Gen Thomas Waldhauser & @Southcom Adm Craig Faller about to testify before the #SASC

Lawmakers already asking about growing influence of #Russia #China in their regions, as well as need to keep the pressure up on terrorism
"Overall US strategic interests in #Africa are very clear" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "Prevent the undermining of our alliances or destabilization of African nations,counter violent extremist organizations,decrease the potential for Africa to become a failed continent"
"Persistent pressure on #alShabaab #ISIS & #alQaida associated groups remains necessary to prevent this destabilization" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser
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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
GROWING 50,000k #Invasion?!
WILL the @DeptofDefense STOP
#georgesoros is FUNDING THIS
#Mexico #Honduras #Guatemala
#MOB Burns Our Flag!!
FEDERAL Police stand guard along road being used by #US-bound, fm #CentralAmerican migrants walking from Ciudad Hidalgo to Tapachula, Mexico 10/21. Officers who WOULD NOT identify themselves say their Instructions are to maintain the flow of traffic, NOT to STOP the caravan.
#MOBInvasion of #Haters #Terrorist
AN ATTACK ON #AmericaFirst
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
via @YouTube
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This retraction by @AlJazeera actually raises more questions than answers, and to my mind at least, brings to the fore, the fact that our Federal Republic of Anyhowness, has gone global...
Yesterday, asides @AlJazeera_World, other news outlets, including the Twitter only news outlet, @spectatorindex said that #Nigeria's ambassador had attended the opening of the American Embassy in #Jerusalem.
Isreali outlets such at @TimesofIsrael and @HamodiaIL also ran with the news. @haaretzcom actually went so far as to publish an infograph that included #Nigeria's name as one of the country's "celebrating with them" on the grand new opening...
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Today I prepared a beautiful 6-year-old girl in a pink hat for an #asylum interview.

ME: Do you want to go back to El Salvador?

CLIENT [eyes wide]: No!

ME: Why not?

CLIENT [looking down at table]: Because of the bad people.

She'll be deported before her 10th birthday.
That tweet above is pretty much verbatim what she'll be saying on Monday; her father will provide the rest. He'll tell the interviewer about the threats of kidnapping & murder, and what gangs do to children of people they extort if they can't escape. She will not receive asylum.
The case will be referred back to an immigration judge, who will find that she & her family have not suffered persecution based on any grounds that the law can recognize. By the time of her hearing, AG Sessions will have personally removed any doubt of the law around this point.
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Real interference in election:
#Lebanon, 1950s: CIA provided funds to support the campaigns of Camille Chamoun & selected parliamentary candidates; other funds were targeted against candidates who had shown less than total enchantment with US interference.
Real interference in election campaigns:
#Indonesia, 1955:
A million dollars were dispensed by the CIA to a centrist coalition’s electoral campaign in a bid to cut into the support for President #Sukarno’s party and the Indonesian #Communist_Party.
#Vietnam, 1955:
The US was instrumental in South Vietnam canceling the elections scheduled to unify North and South because of the certainty that the North Vietnamese communist leader, Ho Chi Minh, would easily win.
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1. Al parecer (y hay abundante evidencia) la prisa de los gobiernos federal y del exDF para meter maquinaria al sitio de #Chimalpopoca...
39. La maldita prisa de Dios-sabe-quién para eliminar cualquier rastro de la tragedia en #Chimalpopoca ->
40. Antes de dejar los sitios "limpios" ¿se está teniendo el cuidado de recolectar evidencia en la forma de muestras de varillas o concreto?
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