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@wayne75397905 @ReturnOfKappy 🗣🐣 ⚠️⚠️𝗖𝗢𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗧 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚⚠️⚠️ Pizza Gate🌀🍕(Children are been sold for their blood and organs) SRC USA #HumanTrafficking #SatanicAgenda #NewWorldOrder #Agenda2030 #Satan
@wayne75397905 @ReturnOfKappy 🗣🐣 ⚠️⚠️𝗖𝗢𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗧 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚⚠️⚠️ Pizza Gate🌀🍕(Children are been sold for their blood and organs) SRC USA #HumanTrafficking #SatanicAgenda #NewWorldOrder #Agenda2030 #Satan the organ harvesting of children!
@wayne75397905 @ReturnOfKappy 🗣🐣The illuminati Child Harvesting #ADRENOCHROME
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FBI Warns of Crypto Human Trafficking Rings in Asia

The #FBI issued a warning on fake job ads that lure people to Southeast Asia, where “victims are held against their will and forced to commit international crypto #scams on unsuspecting victims.”… Image
"These scam mills usually put up ads on #socialmedia and lure their victims by promising well-paid jobs. Upon arrival, however, victims have their passports taken and are forced to work by scamming innocent people."
"Furthermore, if workers were unsuccessful, they would reportedly face torture, abuse, murder, or be sold to another gang."
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Dissidents must continue to live in fear of #Pegasus #spyware thanks to @CreditSuisse.

Which helped them survive US Government blacklisting.

@ajsaeedy @dnvolz… The lenders have been worki...
2/ And don't forget, Happy Gilmore's producer actually co-controls #NSO Group's shell company.

3/ Fraudsters, people doing #HumanTrafficking, torturers, drug traffickers, fraudsters & more.

Add #spyware companies to the list.

If you aren't up to speed on @CreditSuisse doing bad people's banking, start here.… ImageImageImage
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.@JoeBiden @BarackObama @MichelleObama
Your time is up

Let Ally’s voice be heard
*Share this please~
Ally Carter joins Stew Peters~ spills the beans on very high profile people
-@JoeBiden -@BarackObama -@MichelleObama(BigMike) ..among others
CPS buys, sells & trades children
#AllysArmy #AllyCarter #Hollywood #HumanTrafficking #RapeVictim #StewPetersShow…
The link for the interview with Ally Carter and Stew Peters is no longer found. I believe that Stew was taken off of Frank Speech due to recent events by him. However this below is a partial of the interview with Ally Carter.
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We have it all. Image
@CFWBers Image
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Migrantenkinderen uit Guatemala belanden met hulp van het Amerikaanse ministerie van Volksgezondheid (HHS) in handen van kinderhandelaren.

Open grenzen #Soroscaravan #HumanTrafficking…
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Child sex abuse ring: Gerhard Ackerman found guilty of child porn charges, sex trafficking, grooming

#SouthAfrica #ChildSexAbuse #SexTrafficking #ChildTrafficking…
The Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg found Gerhard Ackerman guilty on Monday of multiple charges linked to a child sex abuse ring that he masterminded.
Ackerman faced 740 charges, including possession of child pornography, rape, human trafficking, sexual grooming of a child, sexual assault and the sexual exploitation of children.
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Biden betaalde Oekraïne 1 miljard dollar met belastinggeld. Het smeergeld werd gebruikt om de procureur-generaal van Oekraïne in maart 2016 te ontslaan die de corrupte zaken van Hunter en Biden in Oekraïne aan het licht zou brengen - na nog geen 14 maanden in functie.

#BidenCrimeFamilly #BidenWorstPresidentEver

Burisma: Een groep van energie exploratie en productie bedrijven.…

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Since the launch of #ProjectProtect, FINTRAC has seen a 750% increase in suspicious transaction reporting related to money laundering associated with #HumanTrafficking for sexual exploitation. Blurry silhouette of a person.
With this critical reporting from businesses, FINTRAC is able to follow the money and leverage the power of financial intelligence to help target, disrupt and dismantle the traffickers and networks that profit from this heinous criminal activity.…
Our updated guidance on the Methods to identify clients is meant to support the survivors of #HumanTrafficking who may not have the proper ID.…
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@ChristLayla @314Phaethon @VincentCrypt46 @30STMBot @ShannonLeto #echelon Trust, is very important--I will get the blue one to @realDonaldTrump Let's glow instead and be ourselves! This is the frequent-C to be on...I don't want to deal with John...I want to have fun with my tribe
Just got confirmation from my neighbor MACI, that her parents and herself, do support me-I told her to tell her family hello for me and that GOD has this! She wished me luck and we are now washing my hippie clothes with all my fun patterns...Ya'll wanna chill or what? ImageImageImageImage
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The Intuitive network has been documenting this kind of crazy cruelty for a lot of years, long before anything called "covid" seemed to come on the scene. Heartbreaking. 💔

Appreciation to @IntuitivePublic. ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥
Imagine your body is dying and the people around you laugh at you and blame you for behaving badly, but completely ignore your injuries.

Imagine they become increasingly aggressive + willing to do more violence to your body as you try to tell the truth about what's happening.
People who have been co-opted into this terrible form of remote robotics themselves are likely to end up having the same kind of disablement hell experience eventually.

This is #humantrafficking methodology.
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This is extremely important!

Think about how many people are being prevented from grounding because of dishonorably predatory environmental factors.
Think about people disabled and trapped in toxic housing.

Think about communities whose natural environments have been targeted for continuous destruction.
Think about people at #humantrafficking intersections who aren't allowed to go outside.

Think about #sextrafficking survivors whose bodies have been changed intentionally to make it difficult or impossible for them to come into contact with the natural living world.
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These slides are from a class I constructed for my Soldiers using only OSINT of legal proceedings, without any speculation what-so-ever.


*Pic is German Soldiers seeing video of Auschwitz.

#HumanTrafficking #AndrewTate #EpsteinClientList #SaveAmerica @elizableu
I also taught it to civilian employees, some who stormed out unable to handle the cognitive dissonance of being confronted with truth. Why was 'Q' really such a threat? The same reason that they haven't released Epstein Flight Logs.

While most of the Human Trafficking I investigated while deployed involved forced labor of men, it is estimated Human Trafficking is a $35 - $50 Billion Dollar Business in the U.S.; Bigger than all professional sports.

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@MikkonenKrista #Islamistit ja lapsensa eivät kokaan tule kristittyyn maahan 'kotoutumaan' tai 'sopeutumaan, vaan tuhoamaan ja tappamaan - Insallah.
#Soros #Jihadists without IDs were attracted to #Finland with the #best #socialbenefits in #Europe.
@MikkonenKrista #MILITIAMEN INFILTRATE EU SHORES | Nov 19, 2019
- Miltias who have used the Refugee influx to present themselves as #Refugees Image
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My new podcast and Rachel Chandler's shocking connection to the Black Dahlia 👇#Balenciaga #Chandler #JeffreyEpstein

Rachel Chandler who was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein and who was part of the fall-out of Balenciaga's horrific ad campaign has ties to The Black Dahlia's murder.

The cover-up of the murder of Elizabeth Short continues to present day in much the same way was the Epstein case.
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FACT: The problem with Liberals is they've never been called out on their BULLSHIT and have never been forcibly sat down in their place and scolded for being idiots and wrong about everything. They have been coddled for way to long. Not offending them, this REAL PANDEMIC.
They have been treated like spoiled brats by incompetently stupid parents is what is wrong with them. They have been told for way too long they are such good little angels and this has led to their severe Mental Delusion Disorder.
The @DNC #DemocratParty is full of idiots who have been brainwashed into thinking that i.e. killing babies via Abortion is such a wonder and moral, and ethical thing to do. They've been told that it is okay to flaunt their #LGBTQ-ness in front of children in public is a Godly.
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The early morning raid on a #LevTahor compound in Mexico, near the Guatemala border, took place on Friday, September 23rd, by Mexican police with assistance from a private Israeli team.
Two #LevTahor members were captured and arrested with allegations of #humantrafficking, #rape, and other serious offenses. Two other members had left the compound only days before the raid and are being sought by police.
"Numerous children were saved in the raid, including children forced into marriages as young as 12 or 13, and young teen mothers seemed to be hiding their babies under their robes." a person present at the raid said.
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It was Hillary, not Trump, who 1st started the rumor that Obama,
aka Barry Soetoro, was a muslim born in Kenya.

Her 2008 campaign distributed images & started the birther topic to smear and cast doubt on her opponent - Obama’s eligibility.

🪡 Thread 🧵
Hillary was losing to Obama, so her campaign started the birther rumor, that he is a Muslim and ineligible.

Her campaign manager
later admitted to the
the smear campaign against her adversary #Obama



In 2016, Hillary’s campaign hit rock bottom. To turn the tide, she resurrected the issue.
Trump finished it by saying:

“President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now, we all want to get back to making America strong and great again.”…
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Dear @RonDeSantisFL and Texas @GregAbbott_TX


Whoever unlawfully…confines, inveigles, decoys, kidnaps…..any person….when the person is willfully transported in interstate ..commerce

#HumanTrafficking #MarthasVineyard
So this means that pursuant to the U visa statute many could be eligible for a green card.…
Which means - that @GregAbbott_TX and @RonDeSantisFL sent these individuals to the jurisdiction full of pro Bono lawyers who can’t wait to file these U visas, and see below. It gets better
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An important conversation on Capitol Hill for the fight against #humantrafficking - 13 NGOs & 8 congressional offices met yesterday to discuss the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) & begin conversation about legislative priorities in the next #Congress. Image
As #TVPRA nears the finish line, @IJM is thankful for the hard work of #House & #Senate staff on a vital reauthorization of anti-trafficking policy & programs. Special thanks to Anne Basham & @Hopeforjustice for organizing this unifying event.
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"It goes to show that the kids that you abuse today, those are the ones that are going to kick you down tomorrow. We were abused by Agape but we weren’t scared.” @RobertBucklin8

Updates in 🧵

Ty @Batmanda4ever @ColtonSchrag @EmAdams83690418 + others too…
Agape has a long history of alleged abuse.

"All 10 substantiated preponderance of evidence claims against Agape involved findings of physical abuse. Those 10 substantiated claims are the only ones reported by the state since 2006."
#endtti #shutdownagape…
A 1pm hearing today was set to determine the fate of #Agape but reports from @RobertBucklin8 and @Batmanda4ever indicate this has been moved to Monday morning. Will update as I learn more.

#troubledteenindustry #mopol #shutdownagape #endtti
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Update: 16 hours later, @TwitterSupport has not responded to our case, and all of our content remains censored.
Article: #Twitter has imposed a blockade on all content from @EpochTimes without explanation, raising further concerns about #FreeSpeech on the platform.

The platform has not responded to multiple requests for clarification.…
Among the first to be affected by #Twitter’s blockade was @ElizaBleu, a #HumanTrafficking survivor.

Bleu shared about how abusers groomed her by preying on her vulnerabilities on @EpochTVus’s “@AmThoughtLeader” program.…
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In Dua and Zaheer full interview, Zaheer talked for 2 minutes and told the interviewer he done FSC and have some mobile repairing shop in some mall of Lahore.
Dua answered a lot of questions about how she got to Lahore university from Karachi, she said, I got the rickshaw from my house & then a taxi from Karachi to Lahore, drivers didn't ask her anything that why early morning a girl child is travelling alone from Khi to Lhr?
She also told that she had no money, when she reached to Lahore university Zaheer paid the taxi fare, which was Rs.22000, so yes taxi driver agreed to her that she will pay the taxi fare upon her arrival to Lahore because she has no money with her (sound very real right).
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