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"reporters: what are you more afraid of? [getting roasted] on Breitbart for saying trans people deserve to be alive... or waking up to news of more dead people?" @oneunderscore__

we need more questions like this in media circles.

much like Chaya Raichik's *many* conspirators in hate media, Libs of TikTok is grievous threat to national security Libs of TikTok (along with Chaya Raichik's partners in gover
calling it an "echo chamber" is way too understated

SWEEPING, NETWORKED OPERATION to endanger, maim & slaughter Americans who don't worship the correct gods; don't conform with the correct gender; and have the gall to seek safe spaces…
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This article is way too long to repeat here, but the breadth of her knowledge & expertise on 🇷🇺& Putin is fascinating— its a must read! Give her ALL the jobs!

Pertinent parts follow. I use abbreviations & emojis when poss to save character space.…
2/…If Putin wants Ukrainian territory so badly, why is he raining down such destruction on civilian areas & committing so many human rights abuses in occupied areas?

Hill: This is punishment, but also perverse redevelopment.
3/You cow ppl into submission, destroy what they had & all their links to their past & their old lives, & then make them into something new &, thus, yours. Destroy 🇺🇦 & Ukrainians. Build New 🇷🇺 & create Russians. Its brutal but also a hallmark of imperial conquest.
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So where is Durham’s final report? Y’all know he quietly ended his “investigation” after nearly 4 yrs & several million 💵 without 1 arrest of a Democrat from President Obama’s admin & he lost the case he brought against an HRC atty for lying to FBI?
2/purportedly Bill Barr tasked Durham to investigate whether any fed official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection w the intel, counter-intel, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated w…
3/those campaigns, & individuals associated with TFG’s admin, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane & the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III.
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2/warrant that shows he is reportedly under investigation for possible identity theft, conspiring to damage a protected computer connected to a suspected voting equipment security breach, & conspiracy to defraud the United States.
3/Plaintiffs," Judge Tostrud wrote, "have not served Defendants [Garland and Wray] with the Complaint, or at least Plaintiffs have not yet filed any proof of service."

That was just the first slap.
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#WagnerTonight #Inners #TheReidOut #TheBeat #DeadlineWH #MSNBC #MorningJoe

Of the 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism, Hack Judge Cannon ruling in favor of Dolt45 in the Mar-A-Lago/Classified Documents Case is an example of:

#13 Rampant Cronyism and Corruption

Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources

and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.

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I remember well my feelings in 1987 when I went to get an abortion. When I was accosted by the “probirthers” outside the abortion clinic who were harassing women using their PERSONAL FREEDOM to obtain the healthcare services provided by a @PPFA clinic. Bec they provide HC servs 2
2/It’s worrisome to me that #Yamiche is outside an abortion clinic interviewing ppl trying to seek services at the clinic.

When I went to get the abortion, I already knew I was pregnant but only a few weeks. Probirthers outside the clinic accosted me, screamed at me #deadlineWH
3/yelling for me not to kill my “baby”. They stuck signs in my face, followed me from my 🚗 in the parking lot all the way to the fence line in front of the clinic — where a staffer met me & escorted me inside — all the while ppl were screaming & threatening me. #DeadlineWH
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“We now have the evidence to support a story of the worst presidential political crime against the union in American history.” Jamie Raskin

@RepRaskin @January6thCmte @jamie_raskin #January6th
Laurence Tribe describes what “is being bandied about as the technique that they hope to use if they get Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Alito and Thomas on board… to take the next election regardless of who wins.”

@tribelaw @JoyAnnReid @thereidout #TheReidOut
“In America, you have the right to seek the truth and speak the truth, even if it makes people in power uncomfortable… If Russian journalists [had such freedom] would they use it in the same way? Ask yourself that question every day.”
@Trevornoah #WHCD

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“President* Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election… Frankly there is almost no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president.”

@Mike_Pence (on Feb 4, 2022) #LegitimatePoliticalDiscourse?
“If I run and if I win we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”
Donald Trump dangling pardons for insurrectionists, 1/29/22

“Lincoln said those who embrace sedition and turn backs on the Constitution threaten to ‘destroy the only democracy in existence and prove for all time — to both future Americans and the world — that a government of the people could not survive.’”@tribelaw
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If January 6th was pre meditated, why's Donald Trump not arrested?
This video clearly proves January 6th was planned by @RudyGiuliani and other Trump associates!
What about Rudy Giuliani?
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Political prisoners being held by their own gov?? They’re #DomesticTerrorists #insurrectionists & murderers! #TheReidOut

There are Black ppl who haven’t even been CHARGED w — or tried for— a crime being held in prison for YRS & not 1 #rethuglican is championing them!
2/where was @RepMTG when #DevoniaInman was held for 23 yrs tho innocent?

At least the #insurrectionists DID what they’re accused of — there’s a REASON they’re in jail Madge!

Did you help Devonia?? Margie3 names? #Hypocrite #ExpelTheSeditionists…
3/did @replouiegohmert try to help #BenjamineSpencer ? A man in TX who was in prison for 34 yrs despite being innocent, wrongly accused by a witness who couldn’t have possibly seen him at the crime scene, & another man admitted to the killing?…
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“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

“The threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills. Debate them, vote… If that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster.” @JoeBiden
“Our democracy has been declining over the last 5 years. In fact, right after January 6 of last year, our country was classified as an anocracy… The most important thing is for citizens to be aware of the dangers of democratic decline.”
@bfwalter @AC360
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“[President* Trump] was in the dining room, gleefully watching on his TV as he often did — ‘look at all of the people fighting for me’ — hitting rewind, watching it again…”
former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham to CNN

“We must decide what kind of nation we [will] be. Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm? Are we going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed will of the people?” @JoeBiden
“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

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We'll never know how many would've benefited if the TFG’s administration hadn't undermined the U.S. pandemic response, putting politics over policy. #Maddow #TheReidOut #inners #thebeat #LastWord #DeadlineWH @maddow @NicolleDWallace @JoyAnnReid @Lawrence…
2/TFG’s administration engaged in "deliberate efforts" to undermine the US response to the coronavirus pandemic for political purposes. Report, prepared by the House select subcommittee investigating the nation's Covid response, says the WH repeatedly overruled public health…
3/& testing guidance by the nation's top infectious disease experts & silenced officials in order to promote TFG's political agenda.

#Maddow #DeadlineWH #TheReidOut #theSundayShow #crossconnection #velshi #inners #LastWord #thebeat @maddow @JoyAnnReid @NicolleDWallace @Lawrence
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How a Conservative Activist Invented the Conflict Over Critical Race Theory… via @NewYorker
A Child of Newly Arrived Italian Immigrants Wages War on #CriticalRaceTheory

"#Rufo became convinced that poverty was not something that could be alleviated with a policy lever but was deeply embedded in “social, familial, even psychological” dynamics, and his politics ...
... that poverty was not something that could be alleviated with a policy lever but was deeply embedded in “social, familial, even psychological” dynamics, and his politics became more explicitly conservative. "
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Turns out, Republicans aren't really against killing babies. They're kind of for it. Texas leads in child COVID deaths.

Maybe it's time to view anti-abortion activism as another right-wing disinformation campaign, pushing anti-science lies about fetuses, babies & women's bodies.
Seeing the "pro-life" movement as part of the general right-wing strategy—pushing anti-science propaganda, conspiracies & incendiary lies—should free Democrats to fully embrace abortion as a healthcare issue about women's bodies & freedom. "Killing babies" is GOP disinformation.
This is how we need to talk about the anti-abortion movement—as an early right-wing disinformation campaign. Republicans were wildly successful in reframing science into crazy rabid anti-science. GOP's "killing babies" disinformation helped Republicans gain power across America.
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The puzzle piece 🧩 “Evangelicals and the Kremlin: A history of collusion” by ⁦@patricklsimpson⁩ - Patrick Simpson would be a GREAT guest - cc ⁦@ZevShalev⁩ ⁦@gregolear@LincolnsBible⁩ ⁦⁩
🤔The “Russian American Christian University” RACU in Moscow was supported by millions of dollars from the Erik Prince and Betsy Devos family foundations…
🔥Right now on @JoyAnnReid - everything that @patricklsimpson wrote about! The Evangelical voters are demolishing democracy with the help of Russia. The new American Taliban‼️#TheReidOut
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How a Conservative Activist Invented the Conflict Over Critical Race Theory… via @NewYorker
Not everyday, not every week...

"Every HOUR sees the black man elbowed out of employment by some newly arrived emigrant whose hunger and whose COLOR are thought to give him a better title to the place."

-- Frederick Douglass
A Child of Newly Arrived Italian Immigrants Wages War on #CriticalRaceTheory

"#Rufo became convinced that poverty was not something that could be alleviated with a policy lever but was deeply embedded in “social, familial, even psychological” dynamics, and his politics ...
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"We've seen a lot in these last 4.5 years of Donald Trump and nothing, in my experience, was more serious than this attempt to overthrow a lawful election, corrupting and weaponizing the Department of Justice. Absolutely horrifying."
@SenBlumenthal @maddow
"The very purpose of this law is to chill people. Not just abortion providers in Texas, but to chill the entire community of people who want to help women right now into second guessing whether they’ll be on the hook."
Dahlia Lithwick @maddow #WHPA #Bounty
“What I believe is unprecedented is for a member of House leadership of either party to be unable to condemn incitement of violence against a member of this body… What is so hard about saying that this is wrong?”
@AOC House speech, November 17, 2021

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“What is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution? …What is wrong with having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?”
Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley
“Guaranteeing the right to vote and ensuring every vote is counted has always been the most patriotic thing we can do… John Lewis said, ‘Freedom is not a state; it is an act.’ …We WILL act… For our democracy, for America itself, we MUST act.” @JoeBiden
Tom Brady: “Not a lot of people think that we could have won. And in fact I think about 40% of the people still don't think we won.”

President Biden: “I understand that.

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"You can be in favor or against more government regulation and still have home in the Republican Party… The ONLY thing you cannot be is in FAVOR of VOTING RIGHTS and against #TheBigLie." @marceelias @DeadlineWH

PLEASE FOLLOW @DemocracyDocket for updates.
Our United States leadership struggle is no longer Left versus Right.

Our choice is now DEFEND DEMOCRACY or enable DICTATORSHIP.

To DEFEND DEMOCRACY, reject the radicalized Republican Party.

#DemocracyOrDictatorship #ResignRepublican @MeidasTouch
“We need TWO political parties in this country that are both LIVING IN REALITY and you (Republicans) ain’t one of them!!“ @TimRyan

#TimRyan @RepTimRyan #TimRyanForSenate
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“These Bubba the Love Sponge tapes should be distributed everywhere so every COMPASSIONATE person can hear just how Tucker Carlson REALLY thinks about women.” @JohnFugelsang @StephMillerShow

Re-upping @mmfa audio in light of Matt Gaetz’s TERRIBLE actions:
“Tucker Carlson says he has no recollection of what Matt Gaetz is talking about. Generally Gaetz appears to be saying she was 18 by the time he bought her airline tix and hotel rooms so technically the federal charges fail. Not a great look. Going to get messier.” @harrylitman 🎯
Reminder: Tucker Carlson is a millionaire paid by billionaires.
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Tonight on #TheReidOut:

An FBI bulletin warns extremists discussed plans to take control of the Capitol and ‘remove Democratic lawmakers.’

@oneunderscore__, @MalcolmNance, @DavidJollyFL join for the latest.…
Biden criticized the decisions in Texas and Mississippi to roll back statewide mask mandates and other Covid-19 health guidelines as "Neanderthal thinking."

We're talking to @kavitapmd and @DrJasonJohnson. #TheReidOut…
Joy also talks to @mjmichellekim about the surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans.
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"Can you guys get me the video of Black Lives Matter storming Capitols? Oh, I'm sorry, that doesn't exist."

@joyannreid on false claims by a Republican senator comparing the Capitol riot to Black Lives Matter protests. #TheReidOut
@JoyAnnReid "Roy Blunt should be ashamed of himself. He should know better."

@angela_rye on #TheReidOut.
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Hi @tedcruz thanks for watching #TheReidOut though perhaps you might listen more carefully. I’ve no doubt you’ll take the vaccine. Like Rupert Murdoch you want to survive the pandemic. But by attacking frontline docs like @VinGuptaMD you show callousness toward OTHERS’ safety.
Let me quote you again: “This is a bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult. It’s not about vaccines or  protecting people’s lives—it is instead profoundly anti-science, and is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives.” ... “Cult?” “Anti-science?” projection?
@VinGuptaMD and I indeed discussed your insinuation that scientists and clinicians want to exert total government control over Americans’ lives by advising continued masking, hand washing and distancing when in fact their goal is to make sure people HAVE the rest of their lives.
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