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Food Concepts Plc (Owners of Chicken Republic, Pie Express & Chop Box) we are currently recruiting for our stores at the following locations.
Qualifications: BSC/HND in any discipline, NYSC certificate or Exemption letter
Salary Range: Competitive

Benefits Include:

- Free Daily Lunch
- Free Health Care (HMO)
- Pension
- Quarterly Performance Bonus
- Career Growth

Kindly apply through this link.


Also note that only applicants that reside close to the above locations will be considered as proximity to the stores is essential

#BBTitans2023 #hiring #vacancy #NancyIsime #ShantyTownnetflix #Elections2023 #Beyonce #ObiDatti #Tinubu #AtikuForAll
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I see another propaganda miscreants pushing the misinformation of “Yahoo boys and Electronics CHIPS statement of Tinubu”

Now open your ears 🧏🏾‍♂️, clean your eyes and listen attentively.

Chipmakers are the biggest industrial sector in South Korea's trade-reliant economy.
China is the currently the world's largest semiconductor market in terms of consumption. In 2020, China represented 53.7% of worldwide CHIP sales, or $239.45 billion out of $446.1 billion. However, a large percentage are imported from multinational suppliers.🤔
By 2030.. The semiconductor industry will double in size to more than $1trn by 2030, and China will account for approximately 60% of that growth, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association and Boston Consulting Group.…
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Two men were governors, Asiwaju Bola TINUBU in Lagos State and
Peter Obi in Anambra . Towards the end of their second term, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in Lagos sent his retirement bill and got his House of Assembly to approve what you see below as his yearly pension.
1. 300% annual salary as severance package as approved by RMAFAC.
2. 100% of annual basic salary of incumbent gov as salary for LIFE even after leaving office.
3. Six new cars every 3 years
4. A new house in Lagos, minimum 5 bedroom
5. A new house in Abuja or any other
location, minimum 5 bedroom.
6. Free medical care for him and members of his family for life.
7. Entitled to cooks, stewards, Gardners, and domestic staffs, all pensionable.
8. 300% of his annual basic salary as governor every 2 years as furniture allowance
9. 100% of annual
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Part 1. A must-watch Video: Brief Documentary of the Life, Journey and Achievements of our leader, the APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (@officialABAT).
Part 2. The life, journey, and achievements of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the next President of Nigeria.

#ABAT2023 #TinubuShettima2023 #ABATSpaces
Part 3.
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PHOTOS: Femi Fani-Kayode, Gbajabiamila Meet Tinubu

Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode and the House of Reps Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila met with the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. ImageImageImage
On his verified Facebook page on Friday, Fani-Kayode stated that the meeting held a few days ago to assure APC victory in the 2023 election.
He shared pictures from the meeting saying, ‘’It was an honor and privilege to spend quality time with our presidential candidate and great leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
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My interest has been drawn to a statement credited to @OfficialAPCNg vice presidential candidate @KashimSM by the @DailyPostNGR online print. In the said interview, the APC vice presidential candidate said that @PeterObi can only be president in Igbo land, but not Nigeria. Thread
While I agree that @KashimSM has every right to attack @PeterObi as it is known by politicians, especially in Nigeria; nevertheless I think his choice of attack and words sounds familiar and reminiscent of what we've heard from certain quaters concerning the Igbos
whenever it's election time. I'd rather not go back in time, but would like to start with @KwankwasoRM who made a similar statement while an alliance with Mr Obi was in consideration. Let me state here, and unequivocally too; borrowing from @AishaYesufu own words
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I was traveling from Enugu-Anambra yesterday by PT and I saw wonders. Allow me to share. To those who are coming back next holiday maybe from north, once you reach Obollo Afor and Opi, though pace of work is slow but there is hope that Opi to 9th Mile may be through by December
It's being financed by SUKUK 2, 3 and 4. Good quality work but slow pace. If you go through Enugu, don't bother going through Emene and Airport to 4 Corner. Mega Enugu to 4 Corner is seeing serious massive construction. Also 82 Div Enugu to 9th Mile is feeling the wrath of RCC.
Work is almost getting to NOWAS. Sweet work and quality. That stretch of road has not seen this much action from a government in 25 years. Difficult to undertake because of coal layer underneath but RCC is doing the Lords work there. Financed by SUKUK 2, 3 and 4 not Gburugburu
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For those that weren’t following politics earlier.

Prior to the Jonathan 2015 election, @AIT_Online went all out to smear offensive and ridiculous campaign about Tinubu’s personality.

So nothing news with that gay guy, who intimidated and beats women…
The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Friday withdrew the N150bn libel suit he filed against DAAR Communications Plc, the owner of African Independent Television.…
Dokpesi apologises to Tinubu, says he’s man of “unblemished character”

After this coming 2023 election, all those propagandists will need lawyers.…
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The Muslim-muslim ticket by APC has generated lots of concerns and vociferous outrage from mostly Nigerians of southern region and perhaps the Northern christian minority.
I honestly do understand why some persons feel scared about it, however
I refuse to validate or consolidate that fear for some reasons.
APC is just one party, we have other parties in Nigeria. One of the beauties of democracy is the availability of options.
Crying over APC's candidates in the midst of other candidates questions our readiness to change the status quo or our capacity to make and accept informed decisions.
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Nigeria Police Population: 371,800
Let's do the math’s using some possible numbers.
A thread:
1.In each of 36 states we have at least two first-class kings. Each one of them has at least two police escorts: 36x2=72
2.We have LGA chairman with at least 4 police escorts: 774x4=3096
3.We have 109 Senators with at least 4 police escorts: 109x4=436
4.We have 360 house of representatives members with at least 3 police escorts: 360x3=1080
5.We have 932 house of assembly members and with at least 2 police escorts: 932x2=1864
6.We have 36 governors with at least 10 police escorts: 36x10=360, and at least 2 police escorts for their wives/children: 36X2=72.
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I've seen many people try to downplay the likelihood of Obi winning the election in 2023. Their justifications are frequently centered on the fact that "voters" aren't on social media. I did some digging and I here's what I discovered


(This is my personal take)
First, let’s break down the 2019 elections.
Total number of registered voters: 82,344,107
Number of total votes: 28,614,190
The winner (APC) had 15,191,847. (Less than 20% of total). Despite the billions spent on their campaign, the party's "popularity" and
the ever-mentioned "Jagaban" influence.

Many of the voters are presumably "northerners, offline crowds, etc," accounting for less than a quarter of all registered voters.

The majority of non-voters are presumably "uninterested youths" who have
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Tinubu • Buhari • #Tinubu • Nestle • Kashim Shettima • Eleyi • Pique • Shakira
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FLASH: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu arrives at the meeting with Current and Past Speakers and their Deputies of APC to a one-Day event in Retrospecting Democratic Journey in Nigeria, event ongoing in Lagos.


@jidesanwoolu @mudashiru_obasa
[WHY DO I WORTH IT]: Asiwaju says he is well educated, Brilliant, sound and courageous … Asiwaju rolled out his Academic Career and how he is one of the best out of Chicago State University, his Private Sector career & personal skills.


@officialABAT @tunderahmanu
[FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY]: Asiwaju says he has contributed immensely to the Democratic struggle in the Country and faced several challenges in the face tyranny, and better than any aspirant contesting for presidency today.


@jidesanwoolu @tunderahmanu @officialABAT
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Ekperima Onyeze Jesus fooling lazy and greedy Igbos on the internet. I guarantee you most of the people you see here are his boys and this 'arrangee' prayer session would entice deeply superstitious Igbo who believe someone is responsible for their backwardness. Sad
When he did something like this under Gov Willie Obiano, he was somehow "arrested" by the police just a day before he boasted that he'll raise dead bodies in Onitsha and was released the day after he was supposed to have raised the dead only to be singing the praises of
Obiano while giving shootouts to Mbaka and the crook that goes by the name Ebubemuonso

Gov Soludo if serious with ending touting and sundry criminality in Anambra state should start by addressing this charlatan and his likes to save the minds of the youths because
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We allow ourselves to be used to destroy PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURES like the brand new railway lines and trains that will bring succour to the masses and still KILL the same masses, yet we blame gov't for not providing enough security.
We are allowed free of charge into a newly renovated stadium that cost lots of dollars to watch a football match live, after the match, we turn around to destroy the sane facility!
Like mummy @iyaboawokoya rightly said
3 attacks on infrastructure in 48 hours means:
(a) Planned & coordinated
(b) Against development
(c) Against the FGN & the people
(d) Treasonable
We all are custodians of our joint patrimony. We can do politics,
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His landlord sent him and his family packing because he could not renew his house rent.

He then applied for loan from the manager of the company he was working for, but the loan was not approved.

He contacted the influential man in his community, but could not find help.
He then called his relatives on the phone , but no one helped him.

He went to Facebook and posted, seeking for help, but the only thing he got was: 2likes and 0 comments.

He became frustrated and sent 120 messages to friends on his contact list, asking them for support of
N100,000. Unfortunately, only 10 people responded to the message. Six out of the 10 said they had nothing to give. Only one out of 4 people gave him N20,000, but the rest kept apologizing and eventually stopped picking his calls.

The landlord locked the house!
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APC Senate Caucus to Tinubu: we are with you

1. Senator Ibikunle amosun never look Tinubu face at the national assembly, baba onifila gogoro dobale fun Jagaban
2. Chief Iyiola Omisore accompany Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to national assembly.

3. You have my full support, no single vote will go to oposition in presidential election in Bornu State.

Senator kashim shettima to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
4. You're the most qualified presidential candidate and the most prepared.

Deputy Senate president ovie omo agege to Tinubu

6. On the presidential election day, Asiwaju by 1pm you'll be declare winner. Sokoto state is ready to support, no single Local government you will
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@PeterObi the liar show us those you built in this form who still remain politically relevant till date.

Him Tu Lie.

Infact @orjiuzorkalu, Mbadinuju, Achike Udenwa, Chimaroke, Sam Egwu and even Ngige please show us those you sired politically who are still relevant.
Rochas wants his son in-law to become governor. Theodore Orji as former governor and present senator wants his son to become governor after being state house speaker for 12 years. Umu eediots. Ngige na Andy ka na azo APC party structure in Anambra State. Umu agadi ekwe nka.
And remember after 2007 he never held any political office and never worried any of his subjects, but want to aspire for the highest office in the nation in 2023.

Unu ka togbolu ka na azo senate and ministers. Umu ishi efvi.
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Tambwal want a president who is not more than 60 years, that can go round the country like a marathoner

And Tambwal and other yoothiefs governors are not going round their states

They are all against local government, states legislative and state judicial autonomy
We don't need a president that can carry blocks but a president that can use his brain to use masson where we need one and academicians where we need one

We need president that can think out of the box not those gominas that are waiting for allocation from the federal coffers
We need a president that can bring out more Osinbanjos, Fasholas, Aregbesolas and other hidden talents all over the nation to move this nation forward

We don't need a yoothief young man that will be borrowing from IMF and other organizations to pay salary
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This bird's app has been inundated with diverse opinions on the afore-mentioned. It was the aftermath of @EWAWUNMIII's tweet. I decided to wade into this without any form of prejudice. Please, Kindly read on👇(1/2)
First, here's a background to myself. I had ND (Distinction), HND (Upper Credit) - this was because I was into full time business and couldn't concentrate on my studies. Then of course, I had BSc(First Class). Please, do note that I stated this just to provide clarity. (2)
Clarity, to show that I have experienced both worlds - I'm on a pedastal where I can address this objectively. For the young ones among us, please learn and quit needless arguments. When your future is at stake, you need to let go of being self opinionated and listen.
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Madam Efunroye Tinubu (c. 1810 – 1887), born Efunporoye Osuntinubu, was a politically significant figure in Nigerian history because of her role as a powerful female aristocrat and slave trader in pre-colonial and colonial Nigeria.
She was a major figure in Lagos during the reigns of Obas Adele, Oluwole, Akitoye, and Dosunmu.

Tinubu was born in the Ojokodo forest area of Egbaland. Her father's name was Olumosa. She was allegedly of Owu ancestry, either through her maternal or paternal side.
Madam Tinubu was reportedly married multiple times. Her first marriage was to an Owu man. It bore two sons. After her Owu husband died, she remarried the exiled Oba Adele Ajosun in 1833 who, while visiting Abeokuta, was charmed by Tinubu. She moved with the exiled Oba to Badagry
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On this Jagaban issue, every 4 years people come on social media to yell and castigate the man over his political decisions. There are over 18m people in Lagos, over 1000 politicians yet they cannot unseat him. #Tinubu
Is this his fault? Are you expecting him to raise his legs and say "hi guys come and screw me over". I don't want this stuff anymore, I am tired..who does that? #Tinubu
He left the AD, formed the AC then ACN, Afenifere, Obasanjo could not unseat him. He lost two deputy governors, Kofo Bucknor and Femi Pedro to the opposition party, Lost Obanikoro, a man he single handedly made a senator to PDP, he lost Jimi Agbaje a close ally also to the PDP.
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