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🚨 @saltpe_ is hiring Frontend Development Interns🚨
Salt is built for reducing complexities in the operational and banking experience of exporters. They provide a banking, documentation management, and workflow automation platform for exporters (both manufacturing and services) across India.
Role: Frontend Development
Duration: 3-6 Months
Stipend: 15,000 INR (negotiable based upon work/ experience)
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If a Data Scientist has a Github with 3 Python projects, you don't need to give them a technical interview. If they've been working as a Data Scientist for 3+ years, they don't need a take-home project.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #Hiring
Do they have a blog with 1 or 2 years worth of posts on Machine Learning Engineering? Published research? A YouTube channel with tons of Data Science educational content? Significant open source contributions?
#DataScience #MachineLearning #Hiring
I get a better sense of a candidate's capabilities from those sources. In my experience, the generic methods have lower predictive value for employee performance.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #Hiring
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New hiring rules. Any test given to a candidate has to be taken by the existing team, and 80% of them have to pass it.

#DataScience #MachineLearning #Hiring
If the job description asks for a minimum of 5 years of experience, it needs to include an explanation of why 4 years isn’t enough.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #Hiring
After 2 rounds of interviews, the company needs to explain what additional information they expect to get from this round and why they didn’t get it during the last round.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #Hiring
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Data Scientists looking for a new role and Recruiters looking for candidates speak 2 different languages. Miscommunication is the most common reason candidates disengage, drop out of the interview process, and reject offers. Why?
#DataScience #Recruiting #Hiring
Candidates eventually find out the role isn’t what they expected and there's not way to keep them involved in the process after that.
#DataScience #Recruiting #Hiring
Explaining a role to a Machine Learning Engineer vs. Data Engineer vs. Applied Researcher vs. Generalist Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst are all different conversations.
#DataScience #Recruiting #Hiring
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Summary 🧵 of a crackling chat between @Joubinmir & @PhilipLacor . Get inside the mind of a startup CRO for how he prepares for public events, feedback loops, hiring, grit & more #startups #Hiring #grit…
1/n You can choose to do things or not. Life happens, but seeing the world as your oyster is a choice. As a CRO, how does Philip prep for a public speaking event at a sales kick-off or a big event? Takes 1 page, & draws lines to make it a grid. Those are his 15 to 20 slides.
2/n 1 word in every cell & that's the key message. You now have 1 page with the entire message & that becomes the storyline… add details & metaphors from there. Customer chats are different. Those are asking the right questions with a high amount of listening & no slides.
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We don’t care about where you come from, or if you graduated from the most prestigious college – if you have signs of greatness, grit, and passion we want you on the team. Here’s a peek into the @eightsleep hiring process and the kind of candidates we’re always looking for 👇
First, each candidate goes through 2-3 individual calls with the hiring manager and key stakeholders. If all goes well, they are given a small project that’s relevant for that position. They work on the project for 3-5 days and present back to a panel
After the presentation, Each 8S team member on the panel shares a rating of “pass”, “hire” or “strong hire”. No one gets hired unless there is at least one strong hire rating
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How to Pass a SQL Test?

Everybody puts SQL on their resume. How do you stand out? When 500 candidates claim to know SQL. How do employers find out who's real, who's fake, who knows, who doesn’t? Simple. They give you a test.

#mentorship #data #jobs #hiring
Employer feedback: Most candidates lack the skills and experience we need. They don't know anything about our business. They write SQL in a Word document. It's full of errors and bugs! I don't understand people who don't test their code before they submit it.
A survey of data managers shows that only one out of 10 candidates responds to a SQL test. So if you learn how to code SQL properly and take the test, you effectively reduce the competition by 90%.

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Hoy viernes voy a probar una cosa: un like ❤️, un linki-tip sobre buscar curro en IT.
La forma más rápida y que más le gusta a las compañías contratar gente es el referral program. Habla con tus colegas de IT en busca de oportunidades… además el riesgo de entrar en una empresa chunga baja mucho.
2. Si eres junior, encontrar un buen equipo donde crecer es cuestión de suerte. Intenta entrar en equipos que ya estén formados para tener apoyo.
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A few years ago I announced a project too early and felt snakebit when it fizzled on the vine. I've been hesitant to share my next thing, but I just got my second investor check so it's time.

I'm working on @joyfulengine to address two problems I've seen a ton in my career.

Problem #1: Certifications & credentials don't do the job they're hired to do: tell you the level someone can apply a given skill on the job.

Partially because credentialing is a broken mode, partially because skills have to be applied *on teams* to build good things.
Problem #2: Most "professional development" focuses on individual development. But in the knowledge economy, teams are the base unit of production. Good teams aren't collections of skilled individuals, they are force multipliers that are > the sum of their parts.
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#Graduates who never went to #college are graduating soon.
Into the third year of #online education?
The #hiring market currently is heated due to lack of good quality supply. Would the new freshers even compare to pre 2020 graduates? #Universities are not about the course curriculum but the halls and walls that teach you life while finding your interests.
God help us all.
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Tools, extensions, automation methods.


#google #search #osint Image

Going beyond the "filter bubble"!

Set the language, country, device, and location you want to search from in detail.

Google Search thread🧵#1

#seo #geoint Image…

And here is an analogue of the service mentioned above. It has fewer options for settings (for example, you can't select a city), but you can search in @googlemaps, too

Google Search thread🧵#2 Image
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[AMPLIFY] Join critical #digitalrights advocacy in India! #HIRING

1⃣ Policy Director:…

2⃣ Civic Literacy and Communications Associate:…

THREAD for details 👇🏽 1/4 Image
IFF is HIRING | Policy Director 🗣️

Lead IFF’s programme vertical, build IFF’s advocacy in emerging areas of tech policy, explain policy developments to our community, & drive real world change on digital rights!

Full job description and how to apply:… 2/4 Image
IFF is HIRING | Civic Literacy and Communications Associate 🗣️

Chalk out strategy, research and ideation to lead a young non profit’s communications, civic literacy, outreach, and advocacy initiatives!

Full job description and how to apply:… 3/4 Image
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NOT ENOUGH: The @NYCCouncil just passed the first U.S. law regarding fairness of AI-based hiring tools. @CenDemTech commends the Council for focusing on this key issue – but the bill falls far short.

Text of the bill here:… #algorithms Image
@NYCCouncil The bill has several fatal flaws. Most egregious? It requires companies to audit for discrimination only on the basis of race or gender - ignoring that #AI hiring tools can discriminate on #disability, age, & other features too.… #DisabilityRights
@NYCCouncil Because federal regulations already require employers to test for disparate impacts on sex & race, the @NYCCouncil bill doesn't actually require employers to do anything they aren't already required to do.… #discrimination #algorithms
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🚨🚨 New @AEI report: @james_d_paul and Robert Maranto release the first empirical examination of just how prevalent #DEI statement requirements have become in #HigherEducation hiring. /THREAD
Nearly one in five #professors are now being selected based on not only academic merit but also their commitment to a particular ideological vision—and, due to conservative coding schemes, this number may be even higher. /1
19% of job postings studied require diversity statements, while 68% include the terms “diversity” or “diverse” in some fashion. /2
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So far the PM has made a speech about James Bond, done a car crash interview about cutting tax on domestic flights and new coal, fallen asleep, and announced he’s flying back to London tomorrow.

Planet saved.
#COP26  #COP26Glasgow #ClimateEmergency
Odd that a PM who took back control of all national legislation by leaving the EU can’t change the National Planning Policy Framework by law and ban all new U.K. coal, with his big majority isn’t it. Well it isn’t at all odd, because he can.#COP26Glasgow #cop26 #ClimateEmergency
Since you’re here, @robertsbridge is on the look out for an exceptional graduate to build their #sustainability career with us. Please see our @LinkedInUK page for more, as well as a new Senior Consultant role. Feel free to @me if you would like to.
#COP26 #ClimateAction #hiring
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We are #hiring at Facebook Reality Labs, EMG neural interfaces group. Our growing team joined FRL via the CTRL-labs acquisition to build EMG neural interfaces for spatial computing in future AR/VR systems + research in EMG physiology, motor learning. Reach out to me if interested
I am hiring NYC-based Technical Program Managers to work with our talented computational neuroscience and research teams:…
We also have multiple 2022 intern positions for folks currently enrolled in PhD programs with positions in NYC and SF Bay Area (apply soon!). Flexible start dates, 3-6 month duration. Many former interns have joined as full-time employees after returning to complete their PhD.
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We are #hiring soon! We have a series of #job openings for: #DataViz Specialists, #DevOps Engineers, #RStats/#Python Developer, and #Usability Specialist @USGS_Water & @USGS_DataSci. Location negotiable

Follow us for updates
#DataScience #SciComm #RemoteWork #uxui #TechTwitter A banner advertising job openings with the USGS Water Missio
We especially encourage you to apply if you are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, have a disability or are of any marginalized identity @BlkInData @BlkInGeoscience @AccessibleGEO @500QueerSci #BlackInSTEM #QueerInSTEM #DisabledAndSTEM #DiversityInTech #NativeInSTEM #LatinXInSTEM #BlackTechTwitter
The Data Visualization Specialists and R/Python Tool Developer will be advertised under the Biologist, Physical Scientist, and Mathematical Statistician job series (series 401/1301/1529).
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Two very interesting #PhD positions in behavioural health economics/health policy #TUM! Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

You will be working with Dr. Nikkil Sudharsanan which is another big plus to work on topics in behavioral science/economics and health policy.
Focus is South/Southeast Asia (India, Indonesia, and Cambodia for now) and chronic health care and NCD prevention.
If you are interested, please send the following documents (in English if possible) to Nikkil Sudharsanan ( until 5th of November 2021:
A brief cover letter that touches on your main reason for wanting to do a PhD and where you see yourself after your doctoral studies.
Please also describe any experience you have had with fieldwork (for example, survey collection, randomized studies, qualitative work).
Your CV.
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Ph.D. Openings (Computer Vision and Deep Learning), Fall 2022

He's looking for highly motivated students to join my research team at the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at the University of Central Florida, starting in Fall 2022.

The students will work on the
following Research Topics:
(1) Deep learning for computer vision (object detection/recognition, action detection/recognition, human pose estimation and tracking, semantic segmentation, etc.)
(2) Vision for drones (vision-assisted navigation, control, planning, etc.)
(3) Multi-modality learning (vision, text, speech, etc.)
(4)Self-driving cars, LIDAR tracking, SLAM, Geo-spatial localization
(5) Label-efficient deep learning (e.g., self-supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, weakly-supervised learning, zero-shot learning)
(6)Video Q&A
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1. 24 full scholarships at Maastricht University Holland-High Potential scholarship.
Degree: Master's Program only Due date: 01.02.2022

2. Masters Student in Environmental Humanities The University of British
Columbia (UBC), Canada.
Due date: 14/01/2022

3. PhD scholarship: International/Global wildlife ecology and conservation
Due date: 01 Dec 2021
Area: Faculty of Science
Salary: ($28,597.00 - $28,597.00)

#research #PhDposition #MSposition #hiring
Details & Apply:

4. Biozentrum PhD Fellowships 2021/22
Due date: 10.11 2021
We offer you chance to learn skills and techniques needed in modern biology. The fellowships give students full and independent funding for their entire PhD and grant additional
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Ph.D. Openings (Computer Vision and Deep Learning), Fall 2022
In search for highly motivated students to join the research team at the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at the University of Central Florida, starting in Fall 2022.
The students will work on the
following Research Topics:
(1) Deep learning for computer vision (object detection/recognition, action detection/recognition, human pose estimation and tracking, semantic segmentation, etc.)
(2) Vision for drones (vision-assisted navigation, control, planning, etc.)
(3) Multi-modality learning (vision, text, speech, etc.)
(4)Self-driving cars, LIDAR tracking, SLAM, Geo-spatial localization
(5) Label-efficient deep learning (e.g., self-supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, weakly-supervised learning, zero-shot learning)

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I've been a hiring manager for the last 4 months, trying to fill 3(!) roles on my team for a specialized skillset (I'm looking for folks with machine learning experience to come and help us improve international search) here are some things I've learnt 🧵
In terms of targeted hiring, i've seen high success rates of responses by sourcing candidates myself. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is my go to, I narrow down by skillsets.
I look at their profile & see where can this person bring value to my team. Usually things like what they are currently working on, draws me to them. I rarely look at their educational background or in most cases care less if they have any CS degree.
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🎉 Please RT: We're hiring!

• Sponsored Research Post Award Specialist
• Complexity Postdoctoral Fellowships
• Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity in A.I.
• Part-time Research Assistant
• Facilities Team Member

Learn more and apply at
#jobs #hiring ImageImageImageImage
Work on scaling theory for social systems with SFI's @ChrisKempes and Geoffrey West!

We're on the hunt for a new #AppliedComplexity postdoctoral fellow to start in January 2022.

Learn more & apply on our website:…
#scalinglaw #socialscience #economics
Related: "Scaling Laws and a General Theory for The Growth of Companies," a new pre-print co-authored by Kempes & West:…

Some exposition on the piece by former SFI Board Chair @mjmauboussin:
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How to get rich

What's the best business book ever written? Probably "How to get rich" by #FelixDennis, a billionaire who picked this cheesy title as a joke but dropped some real business wisdom. Here are 25 immensely valuable lessons from his book.
A thread 👇 🧵
On #makingexcuses: Most of the so-called "reasons" for not pursuing wealth are not reasons at all they are excuses. Pitiful alibis you have erected to spare yourself from the quiet terror of taking your own financial destiny in your hands and making your dreams concrete reality.
On #gettingstarted: There is no point in sitting around thinking about getting started. Commit now, or leave your dreams behind. Begin now or turn away.
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