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1 year since children were trapped in a classroom and murdered at Robb Elementary School. #Uvalde

10 years since children were trapped in a classroom and murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. #Newtown

Still no change. ImageImage
#Uvalde body camera footage showing officers vomiting and sobbing outside after they entered the classroom.

Families hope that showing the footage will help create more motivation to do something to help stop the mass shootings.

Khloie repeatedly called 911 for help while in the classroom. She covered herself in blood to survive.

Sitting in the seat in front of her is 9 yr old Kendall, who was losing consciousness after being shot. #Uvalde

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"Dear children of the world: it's not supposed to be this way."

I took this photo at one of the memorials days after the shooting a Robb Elementary School in #Uvalde on May 24, 2022.

19 kids and 2 teachers were killed. It's not supposed to and it doesn't have to be this way. Image
The families of the 21 have been calling on the #txlege to raise the minimum age to buy the type of gun used by the shooter.

The GOP majority opposes changing the law. The families say this change could help prevent the next mass shooting.…
Today, truly is a sad day. Like a terrible day, especially for the families of the 21 victims who have had to live w/out the people they love the most.

My colleagues at @TexasStandard talk to some family members & I beg you to listen to their stories. We must not forget the 21.
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THREAD: 21+1 #Uvalde angels remembered now & past eternity. We’ve been back nearly every week since the massacre w/ a promise to honor those killed & to fight for accountability.
Today, one day before the one-year mark please take some time to learn about the #Uvalde angels:
Nevaeh Bravo, 10.
Her family said she ‘put a smile on everybody’s face.’
She’s survived by her parents and three siblings. Image
Jacklyn ‘Jackie’ Cazares, 9
She dreamed of going to Paris, being a vet & one day taking over the Love Ya Uvalde dinner (in her family’s words Jackie said ‘oh I can’t wait to be the boss!’)
Her family has been fighting in DC & Austin the past year for gun reform legislation. Image
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NEW: One year after the Uvalde massacre, my latest reporting includes new details on the ongoing investigations, the shooter’s long trail of warning signs, and how this horrific tragedy could have been prevented from ever happening… 🧵
The police meltdown in Uvalde demands further scrutiny. But what about the guns that got in the hands of a profoundly troubled 18-year-old? How could he so easily—and legally—acquire a highly lethal arsenal? An astonishing amount of firepower… #Uvalde 2/x Image
The crucial 'bystander' problem: the Uvalde shooter had extensive contact online with at least one person who may well have seen indications of his deadly plans. The person “knew him quite well,” a source familiar with the ongoing investigation told me… 3/x
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Week 52. It feels impossible to be here. Wednesday is the one-year mark of the #Uvalde mass shooting.
Please take time this week to send love to or remember the 21+1 angels, survivors and their families. We wrap our arms around them and will always #saytheirnames ImageImageImage
Say their names:
Nevaeh Bravo
Jackie Cazares
Makenna Elrod
Jose Flores Jr.
Amerie Jo Garza
Ellie Garcia
Irma Garcia
Uziyah Garcia
Xavier Lopez
Jayce Luevanos
Tess Mata
Maranda Mathis
Eva Mireles
Alithia Ramirez
Annabell Rodriguez
Maite Rodriguez
Lexi Rubio

Layla Salazar
Jailah Silguero
Eliahna Torres
Rojelio Torres

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A group of Uvalde High School students walked out of school at noon today to participate in a National walkout against gun violence. #Uvalde
They marched about a mile from the high school to the town square, where there is a public memorial for all the Robb Elementary shooting victims. #nationalwalkout #gunviolence #Uvalde
More students decided to walk out and March to the town square. They are now chanting to get attention from people passing by Getty and Main Streets, the main intersection of Uvalde.
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It has been barely a week since Georgia law enforcement agencies murdered Tortuguita for protesting Cop City.

Today, Governor Brian Kemp declared a State of Emergency that authorizes him to call on as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to quell protests at any moment.
The true emergency, however, is that law enforcement agencies across the country are killing people every day. From #GeorgeFloyd in Minneapolis, #RayshardBrooks in Atlanta, #TyreNichols in Memphis, and of course, Tortuguita.
Kemp's declaration of a State of Emergency isn't about property damage at Saturday's protests at all. It's about police murdering #TyreNichols and Tortuguita within two weeks of each other. They're trying to instill fear in anyone who stands up against police brutality.
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Americans endure mass shootings in churches, stores, workplaces, at home. The violence stems from hatred toward other communities, grievances within a group, secrets within families, bitterness among colleagues. My latest:…
“The pandemic has amplified and accelerated so many dangerous trends. We are normalizing diseases of despair like loneliness, addiction and gun violence. Social media, Zoom church, remote work...are morally anemic substitutes for human connection.” @jonathanlwalton of @ptseminary
Gun sales in the U.S. hit historic highs as the #COVID19 pandemic took hold, @lwhitehurst reported. Americans bought 23M guns in 2020. There are now 393M guns in private hands - in a country of 333M people.
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NEW: We obtained the 911 calls & police radio traffic during the #Uvalde school shooting, which police for 5 months refused to disclose. What they reveal is some officers knew students were likely in danger, yet did not immediately act (1/10)…
The 911 calls from Robb Elementary and hundreds of police radio transmissions also show that some officers falsely believed no students were trapped inside with the gunman and were surprised to find multiple victims.…
Shortly after the Robb Elementary shooting began, a dispatcher wrongly stated that the school police chief was “inside the room” with the shooter. This misled some officers into believing the chief had made contact with him, which was never true.…
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1/ THREAD: Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4664: Ted Cruz with Parents of child murdered during Uvalde School Shooting
#BodyLanguage #BehaviorAnalysis #LexiRubio #EmotionalIntelligence #TedCruz #Uvalde #GunControl
2/ In the above picture, Kimberly and Felix Rubio are pictured with Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX).
3/ Kimberly and Felix Rubio are the parents of Lexi, who was murdered along with 18 other students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on 25 May 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. There were also 18 others wounded.
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@AndrewWarrenFL Martha’s Vineyard chose to declare itself a Sanctuary jurisdiction.

Sorry, but if the good people of Martha’s Vineyard insist that America - and Americans - welcome unlimited numbers of undocumented foreign citizens abandoning their BIPOC-led home countries and

@AndrewWarrenFL hiring international criminal human trafficking organizations to guide them across our border, then the good people of Martha’s Vineyard have a responsibility to step up for what they chose to sign up for.

It’s just like the police in #Uvalde.

No sympathy.

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Grandstanding? Democrats block @SenTedCruz’s bid for more cops & counselors in #schools in wake of #UvaldeMassacre, as a Dem senator says of the #Texas Republican's push: “This isn’t real. This is a TV show. This is clickbait,” @ByJosephMorton reports.…
2/ Cruz's proposal also has $10 billion in grants for schools to hire mental health professionals, but would exclude those that “Critical Race Theory” in any of their programs. #education #schools #CRT #CriticalRaceTheory #mentalhealth #Uvalde #schoolsecurity
3/ @tedcruz pushes back against Dems: "...Evil exists in the world and if another lunatic attacks a school and there’s not a police officer at the front door to stop him, remember right now, remember this moment when the Democrats said ‘no, we will not protect our kids.’” #Uvalde
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OPEN YOUR WALLETS: @TexasTribune's fall pledge drive begins today. We have an ambitious goal for an ambitious news org — 550 new members and $90,000 raised to pay for serious journalism
#txlege #tx2022
@TexasTribune Election Day is seven weeks away. We’re continuing to cover #Uvalde, the impact of the pandemic on education + the economy, the abortion ban, the mess on the border. The work of our nonprofit newsroom has never been more important
#txlege #tx2022
@TexasTribune Texas desperately needs a reliable, credible, independent source of news and information. An org whose only mission is to search for the truth. Reporting in the public interest. Support from our thousands of members makes that possible.
#txlege #tx2022
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Law Enforcement Judges Uvalde Police Response

Read veteran police and responders on the active shooter training failure -> @ZeekArkham @Dakota_Meyer @Sal_LaBarbera @sgtbetsysmith @bigricanman @sidblair… #EmilyPosts
“Personally, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if it was an active shooter, and I didn't engage. And to say I was afraid, or I was waiting for backup. I couldn’t fathom that.”

- @ZeekArkham on #UvaldePolice
“It should be more acceptable to go to 40 first responder funerals before 1 child’s funeral because that’s what WE signed up for when we took our oath.”

- @Dakota_Meyer - Medal of Honor Marine and firefighter on #UvaldePolice
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#Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin got question about #UvaldeReport only being released in English, and committee saying it would take 2 weeks to translate to Spanish. Got a friend to run through Google Translate. Hope this is helpful. #txlege…
Note: my Spanish proficiency is very basic and I would love for someone who is fluent to take this document and help improve it to help these families. Thank you :)
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This is the husband of teacher Eva Mireles, who contacted him on his phone from her classroom while he was on-scene to say that she’d been shot and was dying. 1/2

#txlege #Uvalde
I’d not planned to speak publicly until the report was released, but I couldn’t say nothing seeing this man, who’s lost everything, maligned as if he was indifferent or actively malicious. Context matters. 2/2
To those who haven’t bothered to read even the news that’s been reported in your rush to judgment, he attempted to engage but was removed from the building and disarmed. We’ll have much to say about the police response, but no criticism of this officer.
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PROFITEERING—“Schools that install safety pods can see an increase in revenue due to higher enrollment, as parents feel secure in dropping their children off at schools that offer greater protection from active shooters”. Only in America. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #EndGunViolence
2) this shit is REAL. my next reaction — will rich private schools that can afford these dystopian bunkers be able to buy enough for all kids? If not, will teacher have to choose which kids get bunker protection and which do not? It’s messed up.
The gun-industry propaganda that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” is completely destroyed by the shocking #Uvalde school videos — and by the testimony of these brave kids who watched the police do nothing for 77 minutes.
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Video of #Uvalde Robb Elementary school shooting shows police non-response…
Who is this bastard? He needs to be named & shamed. Hiding while 19 4th graders get slaughtered. Check out the Punisher logo on his phone. #Uvalde #UvaldePoliceCowards #ACAB
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THREAD: I’m at Robb Elementary school in #Uvalde where dozens of people have gathered for the Unheard Voices March and Rally in honor of the 21 victims killed here more than a month ago. Follow for updates
Victims’ families reached out to the Brown Berets for help in organizing today’s event. I’ve spoken to several parents of victims who say they want the rally to honor their children, but also demonstrate the community’s demand for gun reform & accountability from law enforcement
Marchers are starting at Robb Elementary and walking to the town square
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Biden is going to sign an Executive Order today. We'll see what the final text says, but as an #abortion provider here's the context I can share:
HHS doesn't distribute or prescribe medication abortion. If federal employees need medication abortion, they go to abortion clinics.
As of today, states like Texas and Mississippi don't have #abortion clinics that are providing care, and telemedicine abortion is illegal. Unless the EO grants access to teleMAB to every person in every state, how will this actually get medication abortion to Texans?
EMTALA can't make anyone provide an #abortion or protect us from being arrested. This law requires stabilization in emergency medical situations - "emergencies" are defined broadly and allow for A LOT of subjectivity. The same gray areas I've spoken extensively about will remain.
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An armed police officer saw the perpetrator outside of #RobbElementary. Ready to fire, he asked for permission to take the shot and was not given the go by his supervisor before the perpetrator entered the building.

This is a catastrophic failure. #Uvalde…
Since Columbine, officers have been trained that you stop the killing (neutralize the threat) and then stop the dying (render medical aid), regardless of how many are on scene. They also need to be trained / empowered to neutralize the threat before lives are taken.
Here’s a direct link to the report, which catalogs failure after failure:
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Philadelphia is the straw purchase AND ghost gun capital of the East Coast. We have shootings every day & more gun homicides than any other big city this year and last. Now we've had two cops shot at THE concert of the year.
#Philly #Shooter
The GOP will claim that this cop shooting in #Philly is about "Democratic lawlessness," but it's actually and only about the proliferation of guns and the refusal by any Republican and some Democrats to do anything at all to control this rampant #GunViolence.
The good news is that no one died in this shooting at the fireworks in #Philly, that it wasn't a mass shooting event like #HighlandPark. But every child at this family event who was told by police to run will be traumatized in a city already beset by too much #GunViolence.
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Dems Immediately Fund Raise On #Abortion - CIA in #Ukraine - Colombian Pres Credibility Questioned With Guests #CraigJardula @yopasta of @theconvocouch, @jacksonhinklle & @kurtmetzger… @jimmy_dore @miserablelib #TheJimmyDoreShow
@yopasta @theconvocouch @jacksonhinklle @kurtmetzger @jimmy_dore @miserablelib Dems Immediately Fund Raise On Abortion - CIA in Ukraine - Colombian Pres Credibility Questioned
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I will be watching this hearing, so that likely means some tweets. I can already tell that a lot of these politicians are going to piss me off. We've already got a, “Laws don't work, what about Chicago?”
Steve McCraw is up now.
McCraw says that 18 months before the shooting Ramos started buying supplies. He had asked a relative to buy him a gun and they refused, but he bought magazines, a scope, other accessories. "And he had money." #uvalde
McCraw wandering away from the mic is gonna kill me.
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