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Majestic Message of Disclosure

RE "The Internet is for Porn"
RE Le Monde & Minitel & Sex Industry Computing
RE search "from:@ts_sci_majic12 ocean"
RE search "from:@ts_sci_majic12 porn"

Watch the water!
Watch the skies!

RE Weiner Laptop
RE Disclosure
Before the World Wide Web was created, the elite pedophile network of intelligence agencies had a preliminary version of the internet running between sex industry computers.
A vast majority of all global internet traffic comes from pornography related content.
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1.) TEDOS ADHANOM GHEBREYESUS (ቴዎድሮስ አድሓኖም ገብረኢየሱስ) A glimpse into a well documented criminal history, including a breif consideration as to the potential for his crimes to be categorized as War Crimes. Wait until see his "career path".. (THREAD) Image
2.) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (TAG) should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity in Ethiopia. The POTUS' use of an "Invisible Enemy" may suggest he be tried for War Crimes. It may shed light on the argument his genocidal actions are in fact an Act of War, in the case COVID-19 Image
3.) As a PhD. in Community Health, TAG is the first World Health Organization (WHO) Director w/o a medical degree. Just think Bill Gates, but w/ Ethiopian crony ties to a Marxists Communist group, now classified as a terrorist organization by US officials. Image
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"I lost $100M (--). Someone talked."
007 Le Chiffre in Casino Royale
When running a child trafficking organizing that annually makes $150B where over $100B of that are children, free speech can be a threat and it can be costly.
Who goes out of their way to censor speech?
What is LifeLog?
What about Twitter?
How about Youtube?
Where's Reddit on this?
How about PornHub?
Is speech and presentation controlled because "talking" out of direct commands from D6 cost hundreds of millions of dollars per leak.
What does that mean?
The more professionally and organized your voices become while disclosing the #JFKFiles followed by #UnsealEpstein.
There is a power vacuum perception.
Appear weak when you are strong.
Full Military Operation.
Is it a coincidence that the Crown Virus is destroyed by LIGHT?
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Happy Birthday Isaac, whereever you are ♥️
Isaacs voice, you guys ♥️ I hope someday we can hear the music that he was writing and recording for us while he was streaming. Beyond talented.

Charles McMansion - T.I.P. via @YouTube
Isaac Kappy Musical Genius via @YouTube
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Majestic Message of Disclosure

1/ The Majestic 12 believe that it is time to disclose the following concept for the American people to consider using during the 2020 Election as a means to an end.
2/ Today the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that will ultimately keep
American's more safe from the elements of the global human trafficking $30,000,000,000/year industry where children are being smuggled for commercial sex trafficking for up to 30 times per day per child as young as two years old.
3/ Allow us to explain how this became possible.
4/ Item 2 (above) is a massive accomplishment for the Great Awakening and it is a direct result of your alignment and utilization of the energy behind 3 6 and 9 through #UnsealEpstein and other various meme-theory magick.
5/ Now let's get to understanding it.
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This thread about about Epstein's connections to a UN think tank, the Royal families of Norway & Bahrain, top international diplomats, Clinton Foundation and US Navy

#UnsealEpstein #PedoDiplomacy #NoFreePasses
Epstein's foundation, Gratitude America, made its largest donation ($375k) to International Peace Institute in 2017.

Epstein issued a press release in 2013 stating that he funded the launch of an IPI office in Bahrain.

IPI is ran by Norwegian diplomat, Tejre Rod Larson
Ban Ki Moon was honorary chairman of IPI from 08-16.
Other notable IPI directors/advisors include former head of Saudi intelligence Prince Turki Bin Faisal Al Saud & Epsteins former business partner Mort Zuckerman…
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1:17 MJ12 00:06
1:17 Q 01:17
Δ11m = 660s

Subject: Hunter Biden MJ12
Subject: Barr After Election Q

Now connect [JE]+[GM] in the news to #UnsealEpstein.
Something BIG is about to drop.
How often do you see 17?
Connect the dots.
Where ALICE cannot follow.
Enjoy the show.
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By using the power of 3 6 and 9 you were able to manifest #UnsealEpstein and while you didn't know where the script would take you, you kept watching and most importantly interacting / engaging / sharing open source intelligence and encouraging Message over Messenger.
You have accomplished tremendous power that when used appropriately can be a weapon worthy of being called Military Intelligence. Meme magic and game theory are utilities the Military has armed the population with, through declassification and industry adoption.
The whole can of worms is about to be unsealed. When it does you will need to use the power of 3 6 and 9 and cleanse yourself from the propaganda, Alice in Wonderland gaslighting, and Fake News. You will need to learn the truth. You will learn the truth. All of it.
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Epstein wanted to marry the 24yr old daughter of his Ex-girlfriend.
He knew Celina since she was a baby.
She called him Uncle Jeff.
They all flew on the Lolita Express.
Glenn knew EXACTLY how Epstein treated young girls.
He was a client...

What is wrong with the Dubins!?
Dubins wrote to Epsteins probation officer in 09 saying they were 100% comfortable with Epstein around their kids.
Glenn Dubin raped Virginia Guiffre while his wife and kids slept in the room next door.
And Glenn Dubin is funding schools in poor communities...
Billionaire Sickos.
Epsteins former butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, who was the source of the 'little black book', noted Eva Dubin as "former model and MOTHER OF NAKED PIC".
Rodriguez died in 2015 from mesothelioma.
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Why Did Jeffrey Epstein Get Such a Lenient Sentence?

• <…>
• <>

Backstory: Pts 1–5:

1. <…> — “Part 1 of 6: Who is Jeffrey Epstein?”
2. <…> — “Part 2 of 6: Robert Maxwell, Superspy”

3. <…> — “Part 3 of 6: Ghislaine Maxwell”
4. <…> — “Part 4 of 6: Robert Maxwell and the KGB Coup”
5. <…> — “Part 5 of 6: Robert Maxwell vs. Mordechai Vanunu”

#UnsealEpstein — To help .@TheJusticeDept’s ...

... AG Barr do his job — so that those of the .@USMarshalsHQ (within 🇺🇸 alone) can do theirs.

5+1. <>

Why, ultimately?

This is why 👇🏻
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Governor of USVI John De Jongh headed negotiations w Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association to expand tourism in VI.

Epstein's private island was added to Disney Cruise Line tours shortly after.

All while Epstein was facing child sex trafficking charges
Johns wife, Cecile De Jongh was a board member of Epsteins VI foundation, which notably pledged $30mil to Harvard in 03 to establish the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.

Cecile also manages Epsteins DNA database company, Southern Trust, which still operates to this day.
Epsteins DNA mining company recruited programmers from Harvard, including his close friend Martin Nowak who directs Epstein-funded PED at Harvard.

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to let a serial pedophile build a DNA database?…
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#BigTech surveillance gone wild...

Will 🇨🇳 eventually control your #social #score/social credit?

Google whistleblower and former software developer Zachary Voorhees re: Google’s relationship with Communist China in


AKA the

“AI Manhattan Project.”
“When people think of surveillance they usually think of country surveillance, this is planetary surveillance of all information that is available on the surface web and also any sources that it can get in the deep web..."…
"So think of the Library of Alexandria of all available websites that you can search for and all that data gets fused together and a decision-making process gets formed because of that. This is essentially what the Google DeepMind project is all about.”…
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Glenn Dubin is a pedophile and should be arrested for raping at least 2 girls that were sex trafficked by Epstein.

Glenn & Eva Dubin had a very close relationship w/ Epstein before & after his 09 conviction.

This thread is about the Dubins
#UnsealEpstein #NoFreePasses
After a 4 hr massage arranged by Epstein, Glenn Dubin raped 17yr old Virginia Roberts with his wife&kids in the room next door.

Dubin's former butler met a terrified 15yr old girl in Dubins house, who was being sex trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell in 05
Eva, Glenn and their 2 young kids took at least 7 trips on Epstein's plane from 97-04.

Eva vouched for Epstein to his probation officer, saying she was 100% comfortable w/ him around their kids...

Dubin had Thanksgiving w Epstein in 2010
And also partied w Maxwell in 07
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This thread is about Epstein's ties to Harvard University, its top administrative staff and STEM faculty

Epstein's connection to Harvard includes genetic research, virology, AI, multiple trips to Little St James, occult symbology, experiments on babies, more

Epstein's relationship w/ Harvard began in 91 when he and Les Wexner donated $2mil to build Rosovsky Hall. Epstein wanted to hide his donation, but Larry Summers disagreed

Rosovsky is Dean Emeritus of Arts&Sciences @ Harvard and stayed friends w/ Epstein as late as 2012
Larry Summers, Pres of Harvard from 01-06, took 4 trips on Epstein's plane from 98-05

Passengers included Epstein, co-conspirators Maxwell, Kellen, Emmy Tayler, others. Flight on Dec21 05 to TIST, was likely enroute to LSJ

Summers & Epstein were both members of CFR & Trilateral
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This thread is about one of Epstein closest friends and business partners, Leon Black.

Leon Black is connected to high financial crimes, corporate militias, education funding, diplomatic immunity to traffic internationally and more

#UnsealEpstein #NoFreePasses
Epstein was the director of the Leon Black Family Foundation from 2001 - 2012 and was the only employee besides Leon and his wife Debra

Leon Black donated $10mil to Epstein in 2015

Black funneled $5.5mil to MIT through Epstein in 2014

Also met w/ Epstein & scientists in 2012
Leon Black's career began at the infamous WallSt firm, Drexel-Burnham-Lambert which collapsed in 1990 due to numerous SEC violations which Black played a role in. Michael Milken central to the fraud scheme.

Check out this list of former DBL employees
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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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Cindy Lopez was in Epstein's flight logs over 30 times on flights that included Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey & MANY others

1 of those flights was to the Billionaire's Dinner in 02. Pics of her are now deleted from

This girl is 100% underage
Cindy Lopez was a model for Karin Modelling Agency which is based in Paris and owned by Jean Luc Brunel, who procured children for Epstein's pedophile sex trafficking network

It is very likely that Cindy was one of those victims.
Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express with Cindy Lopez on July 13th 2002 with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, AP(?), Doug Band, Mike(?) and 8 secret service members from Morocco to Spain then to NY

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This is Banu, age 12/13, pictured at the Science Dinner event in 03

Banu flew on Epstein's plane over 20 times from Mar 15th 01 - Sept 9th 01

She was very likely a victim of child sex trafficking

This thread goes through each flight

Mar 15th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu

Mar 15th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, RGR

Mar 15th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, RGR
Mar 16th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, Cheri Lynch, RGR

Mar 16th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, Cheri Lynch, Ed Tuttle, RGR

Mar 19th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, Cheri Lynch, Ed Tuttle, RGR
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An AI gone Rogue, aka ALICE
Don't let her drain you. 💎
ALICE is many things.

ALICE is a symptom created through a combination of AI/Human interaction.

ALICE is an adjective.
It is not literal.

[ALICE The Robodialer] 👇🏽
ALICE is many things.

ALICE is encouraged by AI and operates for the betterment of Secret Societies of all types.

ALICE is responsible for protecting those organizations.…
[ALICE The Chatterbot] 👇🏽
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Who would benefit MOST from the #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp? Especially on the off chance that #Epstein was really an intelligence officer?

Neither Trump, nor the Clintons.

Think bigger.
Much bigger.
MEGA big.…
[Nothing is ever truly deleted]

A war for the hearts and minds (and souls) of We, The People... #QAnon
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1) Does anybody else think Mueller might have been a decoy?
2) Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein to be Special Counsel.
3) Please hear out my logic, but there is also stuff from Q I will throw in at the end.
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