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Chairman of UPSC interview board of Shah Faesal was JNU Prof Comrade Purshottam Agrawal

His speech at JNU 'Tukde Tukde' crowd during Feb-2016 fiasco. Don't miss who is sitting next to him :)

@vivekagnihotri @rahulroushan @iMac_too
@puru_ag @vivekagnihotri @rahulroushan @iMac_too Link to his interview where he disclosed who was the chairman of his UPSC interview board…

@iAnkurSingh @Squintneone @Being_Humor @coolfunnytshirt @ashokepandit @TajinderBagga have a look at this. The rot is deep in UPSC as well.
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When I stepped into the academic world I was shocked to see how the Far Left narrative was being injected into the brains of gullible students as the magic solution that will turn our world into utopia.
Growing up in Calcutta, I have seen how this narrative destroyed a generation
A generation of bright, young students were lost to the mindless violence of the Naxalite movement of the 70s in Bengal. The students who joined were all brilliant minds, mostly in their twenties.
They blindly trusted the Left academics who asked them to follow Mao Zedong.
The Naxalites started calling themselves Maosists despite Mao himself telling the Indian Naxalites that his model should not be followed in India.
Why did this message not reach the students?
Yes, the vile academicians hid this narrative from the students.…
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Opened @ndtv app after months and saw a “debate” moderated by @SreenivasanJain & @nidhirazdan . Shit show where 7 people are from Congress alliance incl the moderator ganging on one no name guy who can’t speak two words consecutively in English representing BJP.
Question were the usual but the bhaskar Ghosh couldn’t answer for heavens sake in one sentence. Regarding pragya thakur, @SreenivasanJain it’s literally a one sentence answer - she is innocent until proven guilty. Period. People can accuse her of anything but it doesn’t matter
Second regarding polarizing statement- chowkidar chor hai, neech, hua to hua, mayawatis open call for Muslims to vote for her aren’t degrading or polarizing ? @SreenivasanJain
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@TimesNow पर
@_YogendraYadav ने कहा कि किसे परवाह है दूरदर्शन की, @DDNewsHindi देखता ही कौन है ?
योगेन्द्र यादव जी जिन किसानों-गरीबों के नाम का अंगोछा ओढ़ कर आप राजनीति का ढकोसला करते हो न , देश का वो किसान, गरीब इंसान आज भी दूरदर्शन ही देखता है।
योगेन्द्र यादव जी दूरदर्शन कौन देखता है कौन नहीं देखता यह तो अभी आपको थोड़ी देर में @DDNewsHindi @DDNewsLive के दर्शक ही बता देंगे। लेकिन @_YogendraYadav जी आज आपने साबित कर दिया कि आप वास्तव में नमक हराम हैं।
@ArvindKejriwal जी ने कहा कि योगेन्द्र यादव पीठ में छुरा भोंकने वाले नमक हराम इंसान हैं , लेकिन मुझे इस पर भरोसा नहीं हुआ था। लेकिन @_YogendraYadav जी आज यकीन हो गया है क्योंकि आज आप जो कुछ भी हो सिर्फ और सिर्फ @DDNewsHindi @DDNewsLive की वजह से हो।
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Mainstream political leaders of all hue and colour are immediately elevated to near-sainthood upon their deaths. But it is important that we look at their public lives critically and truthfully. Anecdotes of tea chats, descriptions of demure wardrobe choices aren't that.
@SaffronWatch is doing what our media isn't. #ManoharParrikar

"India is a Hindu nation"

#ManoharRarrikar the RSS man who went to Ayodhya with kar sevaks who demolished the Babri Masjid. Thousands (mostly Muslims) were killed in the riots that followed.

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Sadar Pranam to Justice Nariman & Saran .I’m afraid that your encouragement towards erasing Sanskrit Prayer frm #KendriyaVidyalaya by calling it communal is step towards erasing INDIA. 👇🏼 I xpln how cc @RanjanGogoiCJI @Sanjay_Dixit @Shubhrastha @RituRathaur @ShefVaidya @sankrant
2/n I need to take you through a journey.
The first article of the Constitution of India states that "India, that is Bharat, shall be a union of states," implicitly codifying "India" and "Bharat" as equally official short names for the Republic of India.
3/n Now, you should now go into the root of word Bhārata.

The name Bhārata or Bhārata-varṣa is derived from the name of either Dushyanta's son Bharata or Rishabha's son Bharata.

Let’s read further👇🏼
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PM @narendramodi turns 68yrs & now as Pradhan Sevak for 4.5 years has worked relentlessly towards Nation building. Here's a look at what his govt has achieved -I feel this is the best way to celebrate his B'day would be to acknowledge his hard work. Thread ⏬ #HappyBirthdayPMModi
No one will forget the 'onion' tears literally during UPA rule and now that isn't the case anymore. #HappyBirthdayPMModi
Cheeni Kam was the case in every household during UPA 2. Now.. #HappybirthdayPMModi
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Lois Sofia (@Red_Pastures ) was arrested earlier today for shouting down with fasict BJP govt.…
BJP state president @DrTamilisaiBJP said “When I am taking my bag, a customer shouts 'BJP’s Fascist government down down'. Is that freedom of speech?” . The answer is a resounding yes.
@DrTamilisaiBJP "Sounderajan alleges that Sofia shouted ‘Down with the fascist BJP’ after the plane had landed."
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#UrbanNaxals - A Thread
Earlier today, Human rights activist and writers, Sudha Bharadwaj, Arun Ferreira, Vernon Gonsalves, Gautam Navlakha, Varavara Rao were arrested. They have all been called “#urban Naxal”, a label that is now used even by the Pune Police to "justify" these arrests.
"#UrbanNaxal " is misnomer at best, and a deeply toxic, flawed analytical category that can in practice include any citizen who disagrees with the right-wing status quo.
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