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While #Hindus were celebrating #Deepavali yesterday, the West was busy attacking us for our faith or erasing our identity. Remember #DismantlingGlobalHindutva?
A thread on #Hinduphobia in the last 24 hrs. 1/5
CASE 1. Joe Biden in this #Deepavali White House address called us "South Asians" and not #Hindus. #Deepavali is now a "South Asian" festival not #Hindu but Eid is Muslim festival and Xmas is Christian festival.

CASE 2. Environment Canada blamed #Deepavali for poor air quality in some parts of Canada. Later retracted their statement. 3/5…
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A recent phenomenon as a result of this continuous stanning of Zionism is that many new Desi arrivals who are sanghis start talking politics with American Jewish colleagues or classmates assuming they also hate Muslims. And are shocked if they get liberal pushback in both senses
For decades, well before WhatsApp, this sanghi worship of militaristic Zionism has been spread as propaganda. More Indians probably gush over the Entebbe raid than Israelis themselves.

The worst thing is, they think THIS is Jewish-Hindu solidarity. Hating Muslims together.
A big thing causing seismic waves in the Indian American community since Modism is that today, cities and universities are the biggest power centers of fascism in India. But cities and universities in the US, where Modi stans typically land, are deep blue. Even in red states.
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#USCIRF will release its annual report today
degrading India as a Country of Particular Concern!


DisinfoLab Unearths a 50 year old plan hatched to Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts- Operation Tupac

Behind all the labels - #Islamophobia, #Fascism, #Genocide etc - there are always same set of individuals & fronts –an intricate web of multiple fronts - all connected to a core network.

We will dissect all the fronts, but first the Core.
Fronts worried about India’s human rights -IAMC, Kashmir Civitas, OFMI, London Story, Polis Project, HfHR, Equality Labs, SWK - all setup in US/ EU & operate with same set of ppl with diff names.

ALL connected to a core–Justice for All (JFA)!
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Our researchers found a 2 year old hate literature, circulated as "academic discourse" from Huma Dar, a promoter of the recent #DismantlingGlobalHindutva conference. Daughter of a Pakistani Army officer, she masquerades as a Kashmiri activist spewing anti-India & anti-Hindu hate.
Note the use of divine Hindu imagery, while conveying blatant #Hinduphobic messaging and vicious anti-India propaganda. This graphics was used by Huma Dar for an event that was hosted at @UCSanDiego on October 30, 2019.
It is this kind of hate propaganda against Hindu communities, by propagandist like Huma Dar, that triggered the #Pakistani invasion of #JammuAndKashmir on October 22, 1947, that resulted in the murder of 11,000 #Kashmiris, and the rape of thousands of #Kashmiri #Hindu women. 3/4
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Well @TheDeshBhakt ,"Hindutva"isn't only "Hindu Nationalism"as claimed by @devduttmyth, I must tell u that when Savarkar took it up in that form decades after it being coined (1892),it saved nation from the backlash of political Islam which could have resulted in Pakistan ++++
Hindutva is that force @TheDeshBhakt which is making us recognize our past, good and bad which had got crushed by the gang of Brown Sahibs.

Would @devduttmyth, agree with @AudreyTruschke who says that what "Nirbhaya" had to face is core of Hindus, citing Draupadi?
And @AudreyTruschke is one of the speakers and core behind the #DismantlingGlobalHindutva conference.

While she criticizes and abuses Hindu Sahstras day & night, she happens to be AUrangzeb fan girl, who was fan of sex slavery.
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""On day one, the conference unanimously decided to "Dismantle Hinduism as a religion to cure it of its affliction". To me, it surely sounds like colonisers reciting the edict to destroy an indigenous faith.""…
"" Now we know why Hindus are the last surviving Pagans.

The colonisers got to the others first. Now they are onto us.""

But the edicts of the oldest surviving religion says:

श्रेयान्स्वधर्मो विगुण: परधर्मात्स्वनुष्ठितात् |
स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेय: परधर्मो भयावह: ||

It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to interfere in the dharma of another....

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Last week, Hindu American Foundation issued an email action alert, calling on the non-resident Indians to write letters to India’s foreign ministry to persuade the cosponsoring universities to reconsider their association with the #DismantlingGlobalHindutva conference. 1/n
HAF along with Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA), the Coalition of Hindus in North America (CoHNA) claim to have collectively sent more than 1.3 million emails to dozens of universities to withdraw their support for the conference. But they failed miserably. 2/n
After HAF and CoHNA’s aggressive campaigning against the conference and its speakers, many dangerous Hindu rightwing groups including Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, whose members are accused of assassinating Gauri Lankesh joined the fray to intimidate the organisers. 3/n
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Apparently there's a conference seeking to "dismantle' #Hindutva. Slight problem: the speakers don't actually know what Hindutva means.

So we made this #Shorts video titled #IamHindutva ft. REAL Vedic scholars, Dharma gurus & others who actually know what they're talking about:
2/n The rise of #Hindutva is a response to 1000 yrs of supremacist attempts to 'dismantle' the world's longest surviving civilisation. If you truly wish to discern Hindutva, watch this #Shorts text-video to understand why the ONLY winner from #DismantlingGlobalHindutva is Dharma:
3/n | "My name is Jeffrey Armstrong & I am #Hindutva."

The latest video in our #IamHindutva series is now live. If there is anyone still out there who doesn't 'get it', send them this thread. | #Shorts

Follow us | | @JeffreyVASA
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There seems to be this delusion that there exists any sizeable quantity of Savarnas that are well-wishers of marginalized people. I am reporting from inside that nothing can be farther from the truth.
When the time comes they unify as one against the marginalized. As a matter of fact, I was myself on the other side on most issues 5 yrs back. Even today I am not convinced that I will stay on the right side of all issues that the marginalized will have to fight in future.

The sooner the intellectuals of Dalit Bahujan community see us as oppressor class that need not be appeased the better. Do not bend or they will climb on top in a blink!

Beware of DGH conf that will push anticaste debate in wrong direction!

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You must wonder who is the mastermind of Hindumisia and propaganda conference #DismantlingGlobalHindutva

according to my sources, there is a husband-wife duo and their son is the mastermind of this propaganda.

Let me expose them. Image
1. According to my sources, Ania Loomba her husband Suvir Kaul, and their son Tariq Thachil are the mastermind of this propaganda. They all belong to the University of Pennsylvania. ImageImageImage
2 Before I tell you about their reality let me show you this news
in 2013 Ania and her husband have stopped ModiJi from speaking in the India Economic Forum organized by The Wharton School of University Of Pennsylvania. They are not just Hindumisia but they are Modifobic too Image
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