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#Thread Begins
मेरा एक काम (kaam) है, करेगा ?
Shouldnt Mean
I've a Work, will you do it?
Should Mean:
I've a Desire, will You Fulfil it?

Kaam Dev काम देव is the force that activates desires in human conscious, to ACT. S3X is one of the Desires
Kaam Dev is GOD for Desires, Not S3X God. 1/n
Let's Now Dive into
-Does Kama mean S3X in our culture?
-Who Was Great Vastyanan Muni, Fakely Presented in Utsav Movie
-What do Nastik&Astik Mean?
-What are the SIX दर्शन of Sanatan Dharma?
-What is Purusharth? 2/n
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#TMC Goon #DerekOBrien And #AAP Goon #SanjaySingh entered the well and broke the MIC of the #RajyaSabha Deputy Chairman, throws books & torn #FarmersBill during discussion in #AgricultureReformBills.
#KisanWithPMModi ImageImage
This is how TMC Goon #DerekOBrien manhandle the Deputy Chairman in #RajyaSabha, damaged the Mike system, torn the rulebook and thrown the #FarmBills papers to the chair.

This is how #AAP Goon #SanjaySingh stood on the Table of the House
and misbehaved in #RajyaSabha opposing #AgricultureReformBill

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What a fantastic early morning news
Umar Khalid arrested
Now see how the #Urbannaxal & liberal Kabal will cry all over Social Medis
Don't be surprised if Bollywoodians too tweet in support of this tukde tukde gang!!
@republic - why u call him Student leader!
#MondayMotivaton ImageImage
Here is the first cry baby Image
And the another one
Says he stands with Umar Khalid !
Is this Umar Khalid not the son of leader of SIMI which is banned outfit in India !
And these #UrbanNaxals queing up for support !! Image
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How Lutyens cabal and KK Venugopal backstabbed @narendramodi Govt repeatedly and with impunity, and awarded with promotions :
-In 2011, SC ordered the 2G Trial to a CBI court, the Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) was UU Lalit, and KK Venugopal was an advocate of CBI then
-By August 2014 (Modi govt came in power), UU Lalit was promoted as a Judge of SC
The SC bench dealing with the case headed by Arun Misra asked CBI advocate KK Venugopal to give 3 names in a sealed cover who could be appointed as the SPP
-Now comes the interesting part,
-KK Venugopal gave only 1 name in the sealed cover,that of Anand Grover,the husband of prominent Break-India gang member,#UrbanNaxal, Soros accomplice Indira Jaising
-When SC raised the issue that only 1 name is given,KK said that only this name is good to be appointed as SPP
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#MythBuster- #KYD Series

Fascinating Truth of KAMASUTRA &it's Present Version
-Does Kama mean S3X in our culture?
-Who Was Great Vastyanan Muni, Fakely Presented in Utsav Movie
-What do Nastik&Astik Mean?
-What are the SIX दर्शन of Sanatan Dharma?
-What is Purusharth?

2/n Stand Up! Comedy is Not Funny-Mostly Vulgar, Left-Centric, Anti-Hindu
*4 Consistencies in StandUps:-
-West is Cool, Hindu is Regressive & Fool.
-Kamasutra is compared with Porn
-S3X is Cool for Left, Perversion for Right
So Friend Time to Know our Dharma in #KYD Series
3/n Before IT Revolution, Most People in the West, Knew India as a Land of Snake Charmers & KamaSutra (Perceived as a S3x Manual)
Because this was, what was Shown to them Mostly
The Below Thread Will Unravel Many Essentials , We All Indians Must Know and Feel Proud of. Let's Go!
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Exhibit 50
A story in four screenshots.
Screenshot 1 - Assertion.
Screenshot 2- Evidence: Embarrassed.
Screenshot 3- Evidence: Shamed.
Screenshot 4 - Evidence: Worried.
#NizamuddinMarkaz #TablighiJamaat
#ChineseVirus #WuhanCoronaVirus
Exhibit 51
Is Sardesai also confused between 'moratorium' & 'mortuary'?
This man has a degree in economics.
This man was all 'heart' when he oversaw the layoffs of hundreds of CNN-IBN employees in 2013.
This man owns a 50+ crore bungalow.
This man talks about the middle-class.
Exhibit 52
Jahannum called jahalat.
Local call.
#TablighiJamat #NizamuddinMarkaj
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"I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilisations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own."

Hitler, Adolf.

That’s why the RSS loves him.
"Bolshevism must be exterminated."

Hitler, Adolf.
"We have to put a stop to the idea that it is a part of everybody's civil rights to say whatever he pleases."

Hitler, Adolf.
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@TimesNow पर
@_YogendraYadav ने कहा कि किसे परवाह है दूरदर्शन की, @DDNewsHindi देखता ही कौन है ?
योगेन्द्र यादव जी जिन किसानों-गरीबों के नाम का अंगोछा ओढ़ कर आप राजनीति का ढकोसला करते हो न , देश का वो किसान, गरीब इंसान आज भी दूरदर्शन ही देखता है।
योगेन्द्र यादव जी दूरदर्शन कौन देखता है कौन नहीं देखता यह तो अभी आपको थोड़ी देर में @DDNewsHindi @DDNewsLive के दर्शक ही बता देंगे। लेकिन @_YogendraYadav जी आज आपने साबित कर दिया कि आप वास्तव में नमक हराम हैं।
@ArvindKejriwal जी ने कहा कि योगेन्द्र यादव पीठ में छुरा भोंकने वाले नमक हराम इंसान हैं , लेकिन मुझे इस पर भरोसा नहीं हुआ था। लेकिन @_YogendraYadav जी आज यकीन हो गया है क्योंकि आज आप जो कुछ भी हो सिर्फ और सिर्फ @DDNewsHindi @DDNewsLive की वजह से हो।
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Mainstream political leaders of all hue and colour are immediately elevated to near-sainthood upon their deaths. But it is important that we look at their public lives critically and truthfully. Anecdotes of tea chats, descriptions of demure wardrobe choices aren't that.
@SaffronWatch is doing what our media isn't. #ManoharParrikar

"India is a Hindu nation"

#ManoharRarrikar the RSS man who went to Ayodhya with kar sevaks who demolished the Babri Masjid. Thousands (mostly Muslims) were killed in the riots that followed.

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PM @narendramodi turns 68yrs & now as Pradhan Sevak for 4.5 years has worked relentlessly towards Nation building. Here's a look at what his govt has achieved -I feel this is the best way to celebrate his B'day would be to acknowledge his hard work. Thread ⏬ #HappyBirthdayPMModi
No one will forget the 'onion' tears literally during UPA rule and now that isn't the case anymore. #HappyBirthdayPMModi
Cheeni Kam was the case in every household during UPA 2. Now.. #HappybirthdayPMModi
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Lois Sofia (@Red_Pastures ) was arrested earlier today for shouting down with fasict BJP govt.…
BJP state president @DrTamilisaiBJP said “When I am taking my bag, a customer shouts 'BJP’s Fascist government down down'. Is that freedom of speech?” . The answer is a resounding yes.
@DrTamilisaiBJP "Sounderajan alleges that Sofia shouted ‘Down with the fascist BJP’ after the plane had landed."
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#UrbanNaxals - A Thread
Earlier today, Human rights activist and writers, Sudha Bharadwaj, Arun Ferreira, Vernon Gonsalves, Gautam Navlakha, Varavara Rao were arrested. They have all been called “#urban Naxal”, a label that is now used even by the Pune Police to "justify" these arrests.
"#UrbanNaxal " is misnomer at best, and a deeply toxic, flawed analytical category that can in practice include any citizen who disagrees with the right-wing status quo.
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