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The #FarmersProtest against the central govt’s #FarmBills completes 6 months today. Farmers are demanding a repeal of three laws passed in Sept 2020 & have called for a nationwide protest today, May 26, 2021. Follow this thread to know more:
12 opposition parties, supporting the protest today, have written to the Centre demanding a repeal of the #FarmBills & minimum support price (#MSP) for foodgrains, based on the M.S. Swaminathan Committee recommendations
In Sept 2020, #Parliament passed 3 laws--Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement on Prices Assurance & Farm Services Bill, the Farmers’ Produce Trade & Commerce (Promotion & Facilitation) Bill & the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020…
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@Gen_VKSingh Dear Honorable Minister @Gen_VKSingh Ji
Here is my thread in-line with your tweets🙏
as an #AndolanJeevi #IStandWithFarmers on #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP Guarantee
@Gen_VKSingh Now, it is clear that the Govt is adamant on #suspended #farmlaws and is misusing even #parliament to tell Lies on #MSP
refusing MSP Guarantee act to prevent below MSP purchase by anyone in India.
We Step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation for #Annadata
@Gen_VKSingh When do #Sellibrities become active to tweet on agriculture subject? When they get hints or advice, being a celebrity is a sensitive expectation from the powers and they are close to the heart of every Indian. #AndolanJeevi #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP
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Now that it is clear that the people protesting the #FarmBills have been misused like pawns by organisations such as ‘Poetic Justice Foundation,’ which are open supporters of Khalistan, we should step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation.
When do organisations such as PJF become active?
When they sense weakness in a country which is on their radar. India is an agrarian country. Agriculture has always been a sensitive issue, close to the heart of every Indian. #IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaTogether #India
This goes without saying that when our farmers, misinformed or otherwise, protest like this, it hurts our sentiments as a nation. #IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaStandsTogether #IndiaTogether #India
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CJI SA Bobde led bench of #SupremeCourt to shortly hear petitions seeking inquiry or a probe into the violence during tractor rally held in Delhi on Republic Day as part of the protests against the farm laws.
Bench to begin hearing shortly
Advocate Vishal Tiwari: On 26th unfortunate incident happened. Blames on both side but people suffered

CJI: we read a statement by @PMOIndia that Law will take its own course. So we will leave it to Centre and they are looking into it
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@ShekharGupta, we read a lot of The Print to get a perspective on different matters. When it comes to the #FarmBills, I genuinely hope you can start providing more well-rounded coverage that nobody is doing these days
I would love to see farmers from Odisha, TN, Assam interviewed
I would love perspective of Agri ministers, FPOs, Co-operatives from other parts of the country. Your own publication had a well written article by @ShamikaRavi about the decline on Punjab. And while I agree to it, I can't help but think at present, the focus is only on Punjab
Why not bring on the ground reports or interviews from all over the country? Let the farmers outside of Delhi-Punjab-UP area voice their views. Let us understand their problems. Not all of them likely benefit from MSP anyway. Their challenges will be completely different
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Supreme Court bench led by CJI SA Bobde to hear a batch of petitions regarding the #FarmersProtests issue. #SupremeCourt had appointed a 4 member committee to resolve stalemate over the #FarmActs. One out 4 has recused.
Attorney General KK Venugopal: We had moved an application in the last hearing.

Solicitor-General: Please consider having this hearing on January 25
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[ #FarmersProtest ]

Supreme Court bench led by CJI SA Bobde to consider a clutch of petitions seeking removal of farmer protesters near Delhi borders owing to #COVID19 and petitions challenging the Constitutional validity of the three #FarmActs

Attorney General KK Venugopal: Parties have indicated that discussions will be continued till January 15

CJI: we are extremely disappointed with the way Centre is dealing with this. What consultative process has been followed for #farmbills that entire states are up in rebellion
AG Venugopal reads out the details of the consultative process. States how the state APMC acts were amended and states that such amendments started during the previous regime.

CJI: Mr Attorney please understand it will not help you that some other govt started it
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#MCOpinion: The market rally of Nov is showing no signs of let-up. What is playing on retail investors’ minds?

#Markets #Retail #Investors #Investments…
How do companies in the Asia Pacific stack up on the rating front? How is India placed? A @MoodysInvSvc rating report brings out the numbers. @ravi_ananth writes for #MCOpinion.

#Moodys #Companies #Business…
#MCOpinion: The three farm laws have been reforms that have been long overdue, ever since the 1991 liberalisation era. @AnandKochukudy writes.

#FarmLaws #FarmBills #FarmBills2020…
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Whoa, bills rammed through in a couple of hours without debate are "not perfect"? Huge concession from cbag. 🙄
I'm old enough to remember when Indian democracy meant debates and discussions with stakeholders were held BEFORE passing a bill. Forget 3 bills.
The problem with plagiarizing American fiscal conservative agriculture policies is that just over 1% of Americans are farmers. And their farms are HUGE. To force fit those overnight to India, where almost 60% rely on agriculture still. It's stupidity on par with demonetization.
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Article from last year. Upper caste Sikhs dominate land ownership in Punjab. Dalit, who are 32% in numbers, own just 3.5% land. Yet the highest land ownership in India is in Punjab. The Punjab closet is full of skeletons. #FarmLaws #FarmBills #Punjab
Excerpts : In Punjab, upper castes, mostly Jat Sikhs, dominate the farming landscape. Only 3.5% of private farm land belongs to Dalits who make up 32% of the population, according to the Agriculture Census of 2015-16.
"Punjab has the maximum proportion (5.28%) of big farmers owning more than 10 hectares of land among all non-mountainous states of India. The national average is 0.57%, according to the Agriculture Census 2015-16"
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Got this on Facebook.. Very valid points to ponder upon
साधे गणित
सर्वात जास्त गहु कुठे पिकतो - पंजाब
सर्वात जास्त गहु कोण खरेदी करते - FCI
कोणाकडून - अर्थात मोठ्या अडत्या कडून
सर्वात मोठा अडती कोण -सुखविंदर एग्रो
सुखविंदर एग्रो कोणाची- हरप्रीत बादल यांची.
सगळ्यात जास्त गहु कुठे सडतो- FCI गोडवून मधे.
सडलेला गहु कोठे कामाला येतो - दारू बनविण्यासाठी.
सडलेला गहु कोण विक्री करतो आणि तेही अत्यंत कमी क़ीमतीत- FCI
सर्वात जास्त दारू कुठे खपते-पंजाब
अन्न प्रक्रिया खाते नेहमी कोण घेते -हरप्रीत बादल
असेच महाराष्ट्रात चालू आहे.
दारू कारखाने कोणाचे - काँग्रेस +राष्ट्रवादी नेत्यांचे
साखर कारखाने कोणाच्या ताब्यात काँग्रेस व राष्ट्रवादी नेत्यांच्या
साखर कारखान्यातून काय उत्पादन होते - साखर आणि अल्कोहल.
अल्कोहल कुठे वापरतात - दारू बनविण्यासाठी
असे हे साधे गणित आहे आले का लक्षात
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१/५ शेतकरी दिल्लीत पोचू नयेत यासाठी काटेरी तारा, आडकाठ्या आणि सीमा सुरक्षा दळ? भले. तर ही आहे, सहकारी संघराज्य प्रणाली. का दिल्ली दरबारी शेतकऱ्यांचा उठाव थोपवण्यासाठी हरयाणाच्या सुभेदारांच्या संगनमतात सहकारी सरंजामशाही?
#FarmersDilliChalo #Farmers #FarmBills
२/५. दुष्ट बाजारसमित्यांपासून शेतकऱ्यांना ‘मुक्त’ करू पाहणारी तीन कृषी विधेयकं (कायदे नव्हे) आठवतायत? केंद्राने रेटलेली, माध्यमं, ‘तज्ज्ञ’ अर्थशास्त्र्यांनी वाहवा केलेली! हाय! तोच मुक्त शेतकरी आज (कधीच न) पोसणाऱ्याच्या मुळावर उठलाय.
#FarmersDilliChalo #Farmers #FarmBill
३/५. शासनाने तत्परतेने २९ कामगार कायदे केवळ चार सूचींमध्ये ‘सूचित’ केले. माध्यमं आणि तज्ज्ञांकडून परत वाहवा. आज तोच सक्षम कृतघ्न कामगार मुक्त शेतकऱ्यांच्या समर्थनात रस्त्यावर उतरलाय. संविधान दिनाच्या शुभेच्छा, प्रियहो.
#FarmersDilliChalo #Farmers #FarmBill
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These Lockdown months hv opened a window into a new world - Farms, Farmers & the Villages that are sandwiched between the wide Farms & Narrow rural roads.
A thread, some impressions. #Khet
It is the Kharif season - cash is king, cash crops is emperor.
The region has sown Soybean, Cotton & Lentil (Tur Dal). Tur dal is more of a space filler interspersed amongst the columns of the cash crops.
Soybean has a short cropping cycle. Much of the crop in this season has been destroyed or has got stunted due to poor quality seeds, unseasonal rains, or crop infections. #Khet
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RS member Tiruchi Siva moves SC challenging:

-Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance & Farm Services Act, 2020
-Farmers Produce Trade & Commerce (Promotion & Facilitation) Act
-2020 Amendment to Essential Commodities Act

They are challenged as illegal, wholly unconstitutional, stating:

- Acts deal with State subjects
- Acts take away basic rights and safeguards to farmers
-Acts are Anti-farmer
- Will pave way for cartelisation of agricultural produce


Farm Laws: Now DMK MP from Tamil Nadu, Tiruchi Siva, moves Supreme Court assailing the newly passed farm laws
#FarmBills2020 #FarmBills #FarmersBill @tiruchisiva @PWilsonDMK…
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Farmers in Punjab & Haryana have begun demonstrations as part of the #BharatBandh called to protest farm bills passed by the Modi government.

Track the farmers’ protest against the contentious agriculture bills passed by the Parliament.👇
Shiromani Akali Dal's Bikram Singh Majithia attends a protest in Amritsar against recent #FarmBills.

Track the farmers’ protest against the contentious agriculture bills passed by the Parliament:

(📸: @ANI) ImageImageImageImage
PM Modi says farm bills will benefit small and marginal farmers the most.

Track the farmers’ protest against the contentious agriculture bills passed by the Parliament here: Image
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#Thread How are women farmers impacted by the new #FarmBills

Parliament passed 3 new Farm Bills
-The Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill
- Farming Produce, Trade, Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill
- Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill

'Contract farming' rules with agri businesses w/o the intervention of middlemen hampers women farmers’ collective bargaining power at local mandis to ensure fair prices.
Cutting out middlemen who also act as 'informal bankers' dries up an important source of credit for women farmers who have limited access to institutional credit. An Oxfam study in UP observed less than 4% women have institutional credit access.
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Union Agriculture Minister @nstomar: #FarmBills will bring revolutionary changes; Congress misleading farmers Image
Union Agriculture Minister @nstomar: Farmers can sell their produce to any buyer
Union Agriculture Minister @nstomar: Farmers will be able to engage in direct marketing
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Problem is the blind polarisation among the upper-crust - who refuse to see anything good in #Modi. Many had forwarded to me the clip of an MP criticising #PMCaresFund hailing her as the new start in parliamentarian. Same people not interested in #NirmalaSitharaman’s rebuttal.
2/n Similarly, not a word of condemnation for the pandemonium caused in #RajyaSabha (despite televised footage) by the opposition but all sympathies with suspended MPs protesting in the laws of Parliament House and lamenting the “death of democracy”. 3/n
3/n Same set of businessmen and industrialists who have been crying hoarse about labour reforms suddenly start talking like Trade Union leaders. Would love to see their reaction if the government withdraws the amendments in #LabourCodes 4/n
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मऊ मेणाहूनि आह्मी विष्णुदास । कठिण वज्रास भेदूं ऐसे ॥

आमचा #FarmBills ला विरोध का आहे?
खरं वास्तविक पंजाब आणि हरियाणातील शेतकरी जून महिन्यापासून या अध्यादेशाविरोधात आवाज उठवत आहेत. तरीही हा फक्त राजकीय विरोध आहे असं चित्र रंगवलं जात आहे. तो किती तकलादू आहे दिसतंच आहे.#म #धागा 👇 Image
केंद्रीय फूड प्रोसेसिंग इंडस्ट्रीज मंत्री हरसिमरत कौर बादल आणि खुद्द RSS संबंधित विविध संघटनांनी या कायद्या विरोधात आवाज उठवला.. त्यामुळे यात राजकीय विरोधासाठी विरोध हा मुद्दाच येत नाही.

हे बिल सरकार आणि मिडलमन यांचा कृषी बाजारातील हस्तक्षेप कमी करेल आणि मुक्त मार्केट पद्धती 👇
अवलंबेल अस म्हणल जातं.. ते योग्य ही आहे. ती पुरोगामी मागणी ही होतीच. APMC मधील काही राजकारणाची चीड शेतकऱ्यांना होतीच त्यांना APMC रिफॉर्म हवे होतेच. पण सध्याच्या कायद्याच्या तरतुदीमुळे त्यामागच्या इंटेन्शन विषयी शंका घेण्यास पुरेसा वाव आहे.👇
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Truth abt #Farmbills

@narendramodi’s huge step to unshackle Farmers from vested interests n #MandiMafias.

From limiting buyers n markets - it opens up multiple choices n options for Farmers.

Only a leader like Modi has the guts n vision to take on vested intersts. 🙏🏻
Almost every good thinking Politician wants to do this but only @narendramodi could.

Most opposition MPs recognize this revolutionary reform will enhance the lives n economics of farmers forever. But are stuck in opposing it bcoz of their politics. #FarmBills
The #Farmbills make the MSP the floor price n allow farmers to tap buyers for higher prices n build long term lives n dreams rather than live on Year to Year sustanence lives. Presently farmers see MSP as their max upside n hv to deal wth rigged prices n #MandiMafias
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Reading @IndianExpress explainer on the #FarmBills.
First bill allows farmers to sell produce at places other than the APMC-regulated mandis. 2nd one allows economic agents to stock food articles freely without being charged for hoarding.

Why should hoarding be allowed?
3rd Bill provides for contract farming. That is produce for a big companies what they want you to produce.

Meaning: companies can hoard, create monopoly, make govt mandis become weak, and force farmers to produce crops of their choice and give very little price for it.
MSPs work in the formally regulated APMC mandis, and not in private deals.

Just like private players make public sector weak, eg MTNL, BSNL similarly govt wants cos like Reliance Walmart to make APMC weak, shut it down and throw the farmers to corporate wolves.
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थ्रेड: मोदींची #FarmBills आणि त्यांना आमचा उजव्या भूमिकेतून असलेला विरोध

१. शेतकऱ्यांना मार्केटमध्ये फेयर प्लेग्राउंड मिळावं यात वाद नाही. खाउजा-मध्ये उरलेल्या दोन सेक्टर्सना खुली सूट आणि शेतकऱ्याला मात्र जुनी, अपग्रेड न होणारी व्यवस्था देणं हा प्रायमरी सेक्टरवर होणारा 1/15
अन्याय आहे त्याचे परिणाम आपण प्रायमरी सेक्टरच्या गेल्या काही दशकांतील जीडीपीमधील घसरत्या शेअरच्या रूपाने बघत आहोत. त्यामुळे शेतीसाठी आर्थिक सुधारणांची द्वारे खुली करणे, शेतकऱ्याला संधी देणे, प्रायमरी सेक्टरसाठी फेयर प्लेग्राउंड तयार करणे याला आमचा आधीही पाठिंबा होता, 2/15
पुढेही राहील.

२. पण इथे फक्त तात्त्विक पातळीवर आमची अशी उजवी भूमिका आहे म्हणून भाजप करतंय ते सगळं चालवून घ्यायला आम्ही मूर्ख नाही. मोदींच्या राजवटीचं ट्रॅक रेकॉर्ड हे रिफॉर्म्सबाबतीत अत्यंत सुमार आणि देशाचं नुकसान करणारं राहिलं आहे. एखादा चांगला रिफॉर्मसुद्धा देशाला 3/15
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#FarmBills will soon be legislations,nothwithstanding antics in #rajyashabha,by likes of
#DerekOBrien& #SanjaySingh

@narendramodi,famously said, "Mind is never a problem;Mindset is"!

My #Oped in @DailyGuardian1 dissects,historic FarmBills, threadbare👇…
My Oped in #TheDailyGuardian which discusses each of the 3 #FarmBills in great detail,tells you why the Bills by @narendramodi govt will not only end #Monopoly by #Arhatiyas,but will also end the #Monopsony of APMC Mandis-Yes, you heard it right--Monopsony is worse,than Monopoly
#AgriReforms by @narendramodi👇

Onboarding 1000 #eNAMs

Setting up #FPOs to improve farmers' bargaining power

1 lakh Cr #AgriFund for investment in Post Harvest Infra

#InterestSubvention of 2%

Issuance of 6.7Cr+ #KCCs&Rs 6000 to over 14Cr farmers,via #PMKisan

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#Prediction In 3-4 years time, many young/ middle aged professionals would have turned farmers after quitting their high paying jobs.
Practical approach. They would have earned decently to ensure their future. Going away from high stress jobs. Plus now the #FarmBills are approved
So they dont have to engage with the slimy political/ trader types one can expect to encounter in the APMCs. These people working in the corporate world would be more comfortable doing contract farming or creating their own linkages to sell their produce
In MH, this phenomenon would be mainly seen in Western MH where professionals working in Mumbai or Pune would love to return to their roots and lead a less hectic life (Not to say farming is an easy profession). The rest of the regions of MH could also see this trend
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