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Why #farmers came on road today

This started with Modi Govt setting up Shanta Kumar Committee which gave its report in Jan 2015, recommending scrapping of Bonus given to farmers over MSP, & recommending "direct cash transfers" for PDS i.e. scrapping MSP procurement & FCI
Modi Govt accepted the recommendations, & curtailed states’ power to declare bonuses for wheat & paddy over & above the Min Support Prices fixed by the Centre. So, States could not give bonus to their farmers, Punjab, Haryana, M.P farmers & others used to get bonus, which stopped
Then from 2015 to 2019, Modi Govt's institutions like @NITIAayog kept on saying in public that Min Support Procurement is unviable Mechanism, then in 2019~20 reports Commission of Agriculture Costs & Pricing started recommending restricting MSP procurement from #Punjab & #Haryana
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@nmpra, #MPPDA, #AAP webinar #3 coming online!

Personally, must admit that it warms my heart to see my current PD and med school PD (@YaleMed, Dr Doolittle) chatting before this session starts!

Let's get started, #askMedPeds!

Doing some quick introductions with multiple PDs, including some that went to programs w/o #MedPeds programs!

This'll be a great discussion & will keep everyone posted throughout it.



▶️ Doing our best to advise applicants
▶️ Represents personal opinion, so there may be some differences in advice
▶️ But we're all here to help YOU 🤜 🤛

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#askMedPeds w/ @nmpra, #MPPDA, & #AAP is BUMPING with over 200 people! Tune in w/ us for some wholesome #MedPeds information for upomcing applicants.

Great to see @maxabillioncruz, @MedPedsMike, Dr Doolittle, et al. all on the call!

Intros to orgs:

@nmpra: #MedPeds residents org + med student membership. Incoming prez @maxabillioncruz

#MPPDA: Med-Peds PDs org that collaborate w/ ABIM, ABP, and other communities. Prez is @MedPedsMike (U of MN PD).

#AAPSOMP: Keeps everyone up to date on ACP, AAP, cert

#MPPDA Prez Elect really emphasizing that he wants applicants to be able to come forth with questions to any of the PDs. Knows that it will be a stressful year, and wants to have everyone leaving to be less stressed.

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Fresh stone pelting was reported in Maujpur and Brahmpuri; #AmitShah held a meeting last night to discuss the law and order situation in #Delhi.

Follow LIVE Updates on the #CAAProtests:
#ArvindKejriwal will meet #AAP MLAs and officials from areas affected by the #DelhiViolence at 10.30 am at his residence; fire dept await police protection as fire rages on in Karawal Nagar's tyre market.

Follow LIVE Updates on the #CAAProtests:
Union Home Minister #AmitShah on Tuesday has called for a meeting at 12 pm to discuss the prevailing situation in National Capital after violence broke out in #NortheastDelhi yesterday.

Follow LIVE Updates on the #CAAProtests:
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I have said this before also, #AAP will win Delhi. Neither congress nor bjp will be able to replace it. I personally don't agree with AAP, but Delhi people have been made to feel that AAP is the alternative,even though it is not.However, political mirages don't get decoded easily
I wasn't interested in Delhi election because it is anyway the aap coming and congress won't be having a good performance. But felt the need to tweet this, as some us seem to be under certain mirages. Look, whatever it is, remember aap dosen't has a permanent legacy. It will fall
For parties to exist decades long, you need leadership, pan India support and long term strategies. Aap has neither. This election is not important for aap or congress to win or lose, but to observe whether bjp's performance has a marginal increase or not than 2015.
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Today we are going back to 6th October, 2013
A labourer in Tigri Colony received a bill of Rs. 15,000
Unable to pay this amount - his power supply was cut.
Angered by extortion and humiliation, @ArvindKejriwal launched the Bijli - Paani Satyagraha

@ArvindKejriwal Months kept passing by - The Satyagraha gathered momentum.

@ArvindKejriwal decided to launch a Civil Disobedience Movement against these inflated bills.

He went on an indefinite hunger strike from a house in Sunder Nagri.

@ArvindKejriwal 2014 -

▶Delhi was on the verge of a blackout.
▶Delhi faced 117 million units of power cuts.

Despite the extreme tariff hikes, DISCOMS were claiming to be short on cash.…

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There is a saying in Bengali which means the house owner starts taking precautions once the robbery is over. For last three weeks @RahulGandhi became a poster boy of #Pakistan by his immature acts on #Kashmir issue. The realization now dawns that he must change track. 1/n
It is not known what prompted #RahulGandhi 2 try visiting #Kashmir last week, knowing fully well that the #Modi government got moral/legal sanction from the Supreme Court 2 take all preventive measures 2 stop blood spill and, that Gandhi would be returned like other leaders. 2/n
One may see the shadow of #Wayanad in #RahulGandhi's desperation but, to me his acts only helped the politically irrelevant #Left to stay in news. Left has a history of opposing Congress in States while joining hands hands in d Centre. #Congress's gains were short term. 3/n
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#DelhiEducation #MythVsReality

आप ने जो घोषणापत्र जारी किया है, उसको 2 खंडो में विभाजित किया है-
1) जो काम उसने "मोदी सरकार" के तमाम रुकावटों के बावजूद किया है
2) जो पार्टी दिल्ली को पूर्ण राज्य का दर्जा मिलने के बाद करेगी

आईये समझते है #AAP के घोषणापत्र को. बात केवल शिक्षा की
#AAP- 2015 में #Delhi के स्कूलों में कुल 24,157 कक्षाएं थी. केंद्र सरकार की तमाम रुकावटों के बावजूद 8213 नए क्लासरूम बनाए हैं. Nov 2019 तक 12748 और नए क्लासरूम बनकर तैयार हो जायेंगे.

असलियत- आप 2017 से यही कह रही है कि उसने 8000 नए कमरे बनवाये. कितना बना, जाँच होना चाहिए.
7 मार्च 2017 को विधानसभा में दिए अपने बजट भाषण में @msisodia ने यही कहा था- 8000 कमरे बन गए. (पढ़े-… )

लेकिन आप द्वारा 7 Oct 2017 को जारी की गयी आधिकारिक जारी प्रेस रिलीज बताती है कि केवल 5695 ही कमरे बने. (पढ़े-…)

झूठ कौन बोल रहा?
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#Rafale case hearing begins in the #SupremeCourt. Bunch of review petitions and application by the Govt to correct the December judgment to be taken up by the court today.
#Rafale: Petitioner-advocate ML Sharma says all review petitions should be junked since nobody has brought on record the #CAG report on #RafaleDeal, saying the acquisition is economical and proved to be less costly.
#SupremeCourt declines to accept on record a letter given by the Hindu Editor N Ram to Prashant Bhushan regarding #Rafale.
"Please confine your case to the documents already submitted. We are not going to look into any new document at this stage," #CJI tells Bhushan.
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Thread on India’s Top 50 #RisingStars .
Now that I’m not “young” anymore, I’ve been looking for hope in those that are. Here is a list of people that give me hope, that India is in the Right hands. #TweetThread on India’s 50 #RisingStars
Follow these handles. You’ll get awed, inspired, and motivated. Maybe even get Going. So here’s my #FridayFollow list of Young Indians worth their salt... My 50 #RisingStars! (in no specific order)
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