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1/10 Happy Red Day! 🔴 Hygiene during menstruation Image
2/10 Not all mothers can explain to their daughters the rules to follow and how to take care of themselves during menstruation, but it's very important! There are several essential principles to observe during menstruation: Image
3/10 Be prepared for the start of your period. Always carry spare pads and tampons with you. Many women always have everything they need with them - they may need it themselves, or for a friend, colleague, or even a stranger who wore white pants on the wrong day. Image
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No monkeying around!
👨🏻‍⚕️@tompowles1 @drfrankiejs👩🏼‍⚕️may be in UK, but they’re leading #TumorBoardTuesday on Tuesday!

📅03.28.23 at 8pm ET/12am BT
📰1L pembro or Nivo+Cabo?

🐵While case is finalized, collect FREE #CME (AMA & MOC)

🐒🙊#OncTwitter #RenalCancer Join us for a #TumorBoardTu...
@tompowles1 @drfrankiejs @MPishvaian @minaseconomides @JohnEbbenMDPhD @JineshGheeya @niklas_kluemper @EHeath4100 @Heer_Lab @MariaChiaraMCS @ReisLO @PGrivasMDPhD A tad bit of 🙊monkeying around in #TumorBoardTuesday land by attaching a sneak peak into @JohnEbbenMDPhD's wrap up image. 😉

The info is the same!
📅Tues 03/28/23
🕰️8pm ET/12am BT
☕️Cuppa with🇬🇧@tompowles1 👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️@drfrankiejs
🗞️1L tx decision for #RenalCancer
#Urology @Uromigos Join us for a #TumorBoardTu...
Join us here on #TumorBoardTuesday for a UK-led #BladderCancer case from👨🏻‍⚕️ @tompowles1👩🏼‍⚕️ @drfrankiejs

📅Tues, 03/28/23 at🕗8PM ET / 12AM 🇬🇧
FREE #CME👉🏽 👈🏼

💬A way to gather input is with📊, so b4️⃣ their case, tell us where you are in your 🩺 journey
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Sort of like ABSITE studying itself, our high yield #absite graphics series this year had some highs and some lows. What better way to reminisce than putting them all in one place... 🧵(1/n)
We kicked it off with the ruler of tricky anatomy, the #thyroid (2/n) Image
Found its close friend and confidante and remembered our dual criteria for the #parathyroids (3/n) Image
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🛠️Surgical instruments used in #Urology

Part 2.

Asepto syringe

🇪🇸Jeringa Asepto
Toomey syringe (either from plastic or crystal)

🇪🇸Jeringa de Toomey
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🛠️Surgical instruments used in #Urology

It's important to know our instruments, most of them have eponymous names which pay tribute to surgical legends.

Here I will post pictures of instruments that every trainee should know (taken from different books):


1/🧵 Image
Backhaus or Towel clamp

🇪🇸 Backhaus - Piel y campo. Image
Foerster or Ring forceps

🇪🇸 Foerster o "Pinza de anillas" Image
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Cancer and mycobacterium Tuberculosis, both ancient foes of humans

How did we get to the point of fighting cancer WITH a form of mycobacterium?

and what does this have to do with Rheumatology?

let's investigate! 🧵

#meded #cancer #urology @LCalabreseDO @HRheuminations
Let's start with a little background on BCG vaccine

Calmette and Guerin (the C and G), worked on a vaccine to protect people from the scourge that was/is mycobacterium tuberculosis

how to do this?

Step 1

Isolate a similar bacterium off a cow (M. bovis)

thanks cow
Step 2

Run it over a funky concoction of potatoes, glycerin and cow bile (delicious!)

M. Bovis lost virulence after multiple passages over cultures

(similar process done with rabies vaccine, so the Pasteur institute knew a thing or two about how to do this)
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There’s a locksmith who as he gets better, moves from assistant to master, ends up upsetting customers because he can fix their locks quickly.
The locksmith is saving - time and money for client. But they don't feel the value is there for money due to the shortened time input. Image
Fable says Pablo Picasso faced a similar paradox. One warm summer’s day he was sitting in a park when a woman recognised the artist, approached him, and insisted he sketch her. Smiling Picasso reached for his sketchpad and created her portrait with a single stroke of his pencil. Image
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💥 How to prevent recurrent Urinary tract Infections in both males and more especially females ?
- Avoid unnecessary and unprescribed drugs especially Antibiotics.
- Drink more water or juice 🥤 as much as possible in a day to 3liters .

✍️ FM #Urology
- Urinate regularly as the urge rises don't hold urine ( it holds bacteria insitu)
- Always urinate after a sexual intercourse to swipe out any adhering bacteria.
- Wear cotton panties and loose not too tight. If possible dry them well and iron.
✍️ FM
- Always consider showering than bathing ,this helps to flush bacteria.
- Always wipe from front to back around the perineal area.
- Avoid douching and other feminine wash that are not recommended .
- Take cranberry juice often or syrup.
✍️ FM
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Time for a Hint...

Only 68 Impressions of the tweet

The Graph for impressions is going down, from First one which had 500 interactions, to today which is 13% of that.

From tomorrow I will not post.

Can give Hint if anyone wants.
Hint : Which Brand of Chips does the Person in second photo represent?

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Comment posted in the @JAMANetworkOpen, because epidemiologic studies are very insightful, when done before RCTs. Congrats to the authors, who have tried their best to evaluate the impact of ADT on the increased survival. #antiandrogens #Covid_19 #urology @EricKleinMD Image
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The Spanish anatomist and urologist Salvador Gil Vernet was born on August 10th, 1892. His research on the embryology and topographical anatomy of the prostate, helped him to define the first regional anatomical model of the prostate in 1953.
Salvador Gil Vernet's field notebooks (ca. 1945) #urology @InfoAeu @Uroweb
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In last month’s issue of #SIUJ, @JessicaDeLong23 and @RamonVirasoro discuss the development of a GURS fellowship and training program in the Caribbean #OpenAccess #urology #urosome

With over 5 billion people lacking access to adequate surgical and anesthesia care across the globe, the global health community is focusing on reducing these health inequalities by improving access and overall outcomes.

During annual mission trips to Dominican Republic (DR), the authors recognized a need for more Urological Reconstructive Surgery trained physicians within the community. This need inspired the creation of a GURS in the DR.

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We proudly share the first @CovidSurg @GlobalSurg paper published in @Anaes_Journal based on the world’s biggest data about surgery following SARS-CoV-2 infection. Hopefully, it will guide practice.

📃It is open access and you can read it here 👇…
@CovidSurg @GlobalSurg Week was an international, prospective cohort study with more than 140,000 surgical patients from 116 countries enrolled 🌏🌎🌍

We compared 30-day postoperative mortality in previously infected patients with SARS-CoV-2 vs patients who never were infected
Previously infected patients having surgery at 0-2, 3-4, 5-6 weeks after the infection have higher mortality rates than patients who never got infected with SARS-CoV-2 ImageImage
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On a  lonely morning when you are sipping coffee ☕and peeking at your tweeps🐦, you get a consult for acidosis
Wanna know what do #GI #Urology #Nephrology have in common?
#nephtwitter #urotwitter #medtwitter #FOAMed #theskeletonKG #NSMCinternship
Read our post @RenalFellowNtwk
1/ A 55 year old man👨🏻 with urothelial cancer
✂️transurethral tumor resection, radical cystectomy & neobladder reconstruction 3 mons ago
✂️B/L PCNs & ileostomy - postop (urinary and bowel leak)
2/ He was admitted🏥 6 days ago due to increased ostomy output💩🌊 (>4L/day) & dehydration, and has been receiving NS 💧@ 150mL/h
His BMP is-
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Great #urology #medtwitter case; 55y female h/o recurrent proteus UTIs, 40lbs unintentional weight loss, bouts of pyelo... felt awful. In ED, fever 🤒 102, u/a ➡️infected, & non contrast CT scan showing:
ED w/ concern for broad differential including ♋️ RCC or other cancers, etc. History and labs/ imaging highly suspicious for XGP, xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis.
Gets drains (shows urine and proteus... lives with few drains for weeks and nutriton optimizes patient)...
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