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Indoor #verticalfarming is complex

There's a lot of trial and error, requiring manpower + capital

Labour efficiency is key to thriving. Farms can report a whopping 100% improvement over several years


Let's breakdown the 5S that can kickstart lean transformation 👇 1/
整理 (Sort):

Separate needed tools, parts, and instructions from unneeded materials. Remove the unneeded ones.

Everything you keep has a cost, even if it's not obvious. Every time you wash, step over, stash or even think about an item - that's a cost.

Action: Red-tag area
Red-tag area:

It's not easy to identify unneeded items. We like to cling to what we have.

Tag an item every time you wonder:
• Is the item needed?
• How many do I need?
• Does it need to be located here?

Move these items to a 'red-tag room'. Relocate, reduce or discard.
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"More brands are starting to get that internet culture is important and meme culture is important. Meme literacy is important for their social media presence. It’s becoming less and less optional, depending on their level of engagement online." @DonCald…
The Internet Encyclopedia of Memes - Cybernaut - Every…
#MemeLiteracy, #InternetCulture, #MarketingStrategy
Floating solar power could help fight climate change — let's get it right…
#SolarPower, #ClimateChange, #FloatingSolarPanels
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THREAD: What's the story behind YesBase and Gelponics?
Winston Tsai, founder & CEO of YesHealth Group: "We got the idea for YesBase and #Gelponics back in 2018. At that time, we were using sponge as a substrate material in our #hydroponics system... (1/8) #Sustainability Winston Tsai, Founder & CEO of YesHealth Group
"...Originally, I thought sponge was better than soil, but as our yields increased, so did the amount of waste, and I began to worry about the environmental impact..." (2/8)
"...First, we formed an in-house R&D team to research alternative substrate materials, which led to the development of YesBase, a unique, plant-based #hydrogel. We added microbial bacteria to help with germination and healthy seedling growth..." (3/8)
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THREAD: #Hydroponics has a BIG waste problem, but YesHealth Group has a solution and we call it #Gelponics. (1/10) YesBase & Gelponics diagram
A large-scale #hydroponic vertical farm, yielding 1000kg of leafy vegetables per day, contains approximately 45,000 plants growing at one time... (2/10)
...If each plant occupies a 2.5cm³ substrate (made from sponge or similar) and if you were to line-up these pieces of substrate side-by-side, then there would be enough material to cover two basketball courts AND all of it becomes waste after the plants are harvested... (3/10)
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Finished watching Hiroki Koga @ Oishii's webinar on #verticalfarming strawberries and I'm blown away.

They're selling $50 boxes of 🍓 and are sold out weeks in advance.

They're growing rare varieties from Japanese Alps. I must say I'm intrigued.

Here's what I learned 👇
Global market for 🍓 is $27.4B

Three main drivers for strawberries are:

- people will pay a much higher premium for fresher/sweeter strawberries vs lettuce

- due to long R&D cycle, the first mover advantage is significant!

- strawberries are delicious and therefore memorable
But aren't fruiting crops less profitable in vertical farms? 💸

Oishii claims the extra cost can be outweighed by higher premiums.

Without being specific, they said strawberries are roughly 5x the profitability of mature leafy green VF players
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#VerticalFarming is innovative and risky. Access to capital is a large hurdle as reported in 2020 CEA Census and firms are hesitant to invest with a lack of proven business models, low margins and scarce data.

Here are things they look for that can help you raise funding 👇 Image
1/ Show market growth potential

Investors are looking for companies that have found their product-market fit with high growth potential.

How big is the local market you’re serving now? How about potential nationally and internationally?

Ability to scale should be obvious
2/ Highlight your talent

The technology works ⚙️

It’s the acute risk in operating the farms that is complex. ≈50% of founders have no Agricultural experience and there's a lack of workforce for GH/VF. Investors like to see teams experienced in sorting+producing food products.
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