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1/ 🤔Looking to Collaborate with an influencer to help grow your #Web3 project?

Feeling a bit lost after seeing all the Machi drama?

There are a couple things you should keep in mind before doing so, let's take a look at them 👇
2/🔍 Identifying Web3 Influencers:

-Crypto Thought Leaders
-Social Media Stars
-NFT & DeFi Enthusiasts
-Virtual Influencers & Avatars

Find the perfect match to connect with your target audience! #Web3Influencers
3/🤝 Building Relationships:

-Personalized Outreach
-Clear Expectations & Goals
-Fair Compensation & Incentives
-Open Communication & Feedback

Forge mutually beneficial partnerships with Web3 influencers! #Collaboration
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the modern "#conservative" movement, the right wing of American politics, is fundamentally about the primacy of emotions over reason.

of course that's not something that right-wing politicians and pundits will ever admit openly. @MattWalshBlog pretends to be "rational".

Western society exalts itself as the sole embodiment of reason and logic and science on Earth; even mere #Christian bigots like @dalepartridge or @jordanbpeterson have taught themselves to pretend that their bigotries—and indeed their religious assertions—are "logical".

this is an easy trick for human beings to manage.

any human being can be taught to stick, without ever yielding, to an assertion—however absurd the assertion is. "@jordanbpeterson is logical and rational" is an absurd assertion but Mr. Peterson and his fans stick by it.

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🚨 7 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Social Media

A Thread 🧵 :

#MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness #restaurantowner #smallbusinessowners #socialmediamarketing #MarketingTips
1. Promotions and discounts: Restaurants can use social media to advertise special deals and promotions to attract customers.

#MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness #restaurantowner #smallbusinessowners #socialmediamarketing #MarketingTips
2. Menu updates: Restaurants can use social media to showcase their new menu items and specials.

#MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness #restaurantowner #smallbusinessowners #socialmediamarketing #MarketingTips
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MemberOwls [ An A.I Powered Membership site creator in 2 Minutes for dummies.]: What are the features of MemberOwls?…
#webdeveloper #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketingtips #digitalmarketer #Sales #Salesforce #marketingoptimization Image
How To Rank ANY webSite on the first page of Google Without Backlinks [Ranking Number 1 on Google Made Easy]…
#SEO #seorankjng #DigitalMarketing
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So you want to start a digital marketing strategy for your business, but you're not sure where to start. Let me ask you a question: does a penguin swim? #thread #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy
Just like a penguin swims in the ocean, your business needs to be where your customers are – and that's online. But with so many platforms and channels, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts.
When you don't have a plan, all you have is a whole lot of work with no clear direction on how to get there. That's why having a digital marketing strategy is so important – it gives your business a roadmap to follow and helps you stay accountable.
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Les 100 meilleurs #livres marketing de tous les temps. 📚

De la psychologie, copywriting, business, influence, story-telling, finances, au growth hacking, voici les livres à lire absolument pour toute personne intéressée à devenir meilleure en marketing. 🚀

📚100. Influence : Science & Practice est une examination de la psychologie de la conformité (c'est-à-dire la découverte des facteurs qui poussent une personne à dire "oui" à la demande d'une autre personne).

#influence #psychology #marketing Image
📚99. Le best-seller du New York Times qui explique pourquoi certains produits et idées deviennent populaires.

#marketing #contentmarketing #newyorktimes #book #livre Image
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1/9 Ideas are not enough.

A great idea is like an engine in a race car- it needs all the other elements- tires, suspension, driver, aerodynamics - in order to win the race.

What are they? Read along ...

#ThoughtLeadership #MarketingStrategy #Marketing #Innovation Image
2/9 By building a full structure of thought leadership, you have confidence in the power of the idea taking hold and moving people.

So a merit-worthy idea needs to be built out into a full Thought Leadership Model.

Read along for what that means and how to do it...
3/9 Building a robust Thought Leadership Model is like a construction project.

The structure needs to be complete, including invisible parts.

We want the confidence that even the hidden components were built. It needs a deep, well-anchored foundation. Image
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SaaS Marketing is Contextual Marketing, it's different.

#sales #saas #saasmarketing #marketing #ContextualMarketing #MarketingStrategy #TargetedMarketing #GlanceHQ #PitchGround #GrowthMarketing #GrowthHacking Image
As marketers, we always look for new ways to reach our target audiences. And with the rise of the internet and social media, we have more tools than ever to do just that. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know which one to use.
𝗔𝗻𝗱 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗦𝗮𝗮𝗦 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴, 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗻 𝗶𝘁'𝘀 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗴.

​SaaS marketing is a type of marketing that is based on providing value to the user. It's about creating a relationship with the customer and understanding their needs.
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100% growth in organic traffic each year since 2019 with the help of ONLY content - just one of the things the @socialpilot_co can be proud of.

How did we do it? 🤔

We follow a checklist ✅of 27 items before publishing any content on our blog.

Here's a #thread🧵👇

#1 Blog title must be under 60 characters.

Going for crisp, to-the-point titles is key here! Enough to make a point but not so long that gives too much away.

#blogging #content #Tips
#2 Blog titles must cover the primary keywords.

Goes without saying this is one of the most important parts of coming up with a creative title. There’s a reason they call it a ‘Key’word.

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Want to grow your marketing strategy? Here's what to avoid and what to do instead.

Time for a thread 👇
Growing your marketing strategy is exciting. If your current approaches aren't working, consider trying something new.

But before you implement something new, you need to know first what won't work.

Here are some marketing mistakes to avoid:
#1 Ignoring Customer Needs

Creating content that works for your business can drive traffic to your website. However, unless you understand your audience, most of your content won't resonate. Your approach should be about understanding the needs and wants of your target market.
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"More brands are starting to get that internet culture is important and meme culture is important. Meme literacy is important for their social media presence. It’s becoming less and less optional, depending on their level of engagement online." @DonCald…
The Internet Encyclopedia of Memes - Cybernaut - Every…
#MemeLiteracy, #InternetCulture, #MarketingStrategy
Floating solar power could help fight climate change — let's get it right…
#SolarPower, #ClimateChange, #FloatingSolarPanels
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3 Quick SaaS content marketing tips🧵

(FYI: You can download the ebook for more… )

#ContentMarketing #OnlineMarketingTips #MarketingStrategy
1. When analyzing an audience for the first time, choose the largest sample window possible to bolster your statistical significance.

Then, resample the audience at the same time every year afterward to see how the audience has evolved.

#ConsumerBehavior #ConversionOptimization
2. Make sure you choose the right channels and the right content for the right segments of the funnel.

#OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing #MarketingAndSales
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We're considering licensing our @nextjs @sanity_io @tailwindcss @typescript engine to other businesses.

Web devs and agencies, would you ever consider using a licensed website engine?

Not too dissimilar to what @divjoy does!

Start projects with the hard stuff done already.
The engine has a cli to quickly build pages, modules, dialogs etc.

We scaffold the whole process from frontend module to Sanity data model and storybook demo.

Our pages are all modular so adding a new module to the library makes it available across the CMS for all pages.
Pages are linked up and routed, they are infinitely nestable and a sitemap is auto generated as you go.

Pages are rebuilt by next without any manual deployments.

All pages have live preview by default.

Buttons are setup to internally link to any pages by name, so no 404s.
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How to Write Email Marketing Copy That Drives Results

Whatever your email marketing goal is, it all hinges on email marketing copy

That’s why you must write yours well.

To do that:
1. Know Your Audience

The first step to crafting compelling email marketing copy is knowing your audience.

This will help you better segment your list and create hyper-targeted email copy.
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We have often seen a caption "Red Bull gives you Wings".
Fact- Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, with 7.5 billion cans sold in a year (as of 2019).
What are their #marketingstrategy ?
#FridayMotivation @redbull @redbullindia Image
Authorities in France, Denmark, and Norway initially kept Red Bull from being sold domestically. However, as of 2014, it is on sale in all 27 member states of the European Union and in more than 167 countries around the world. Image
Red Bull focuses on three significant tactics to attract its target audience: Publishing awesome content, colossal publicity stunt, sponsoring or creating events. "They sent a man up 128,000 ft above the earth in a small ship and helium balloon and had him free fall out of it. " Image
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Wole pelu change eh , wole pelu change eh . If you no get change no enter oh.
This conductor with sagged trousers and weirdly clean teeth kept calling out to prospective passengers , the Molue was long and dirty or rather dusty as usual . thats not even the emphasis today.
its the lanky and fairly aged man standing in front.....
that caught my attention , 'Clears his throat , my wife of five years , decided to pack my load out of the 1 room apartment i was paying for from my little business ."
(omo . lagosians like gossips and gist so why not give it to them ?
what this holds for you is storytelling.....
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The Well being Care Enterprise Of LexisNexis Danger Solutions Bolsters Advertising Management To Support Growth Strategy.
Many companies are learning find out how to mix the power of selling with the Internet to construct extremely profitable brands. We have created a template to get you started in writing a technique.
We have created a template to get you started in writing a technique. This document will take you thru some preliminary analysis (past the content material audit info above) and how one can combine that research with your targets and content material guidelines.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/03/2020…
Opinion | Why You Can’t Rely on Election Forecasts - The New York Times…

#election #forecasts
To Make Better Decisions. Assign Rights, Describe Processes, Set… | by Thomas P Seager, PhD | Morozko Method | Nov, 2020 | Medium…

#method #decisions #bureaucracy
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Knowing the Value of Experiential Marketing

Whether it is brand perception building, lead capture or product purchase, experiential marketing is vital to these goals.
Experience drives perception and every brand and marketer’s challenge is to deliver an emotional understanding of the holistic brand by creating a meaningful appreciation of the brand through hands-on involvement and two-way interaction.
Doing so demonstrates a brand value beyond promotional messaging.
As we know, we live in a world where consumers aren’t buying into brand “promises” as they did once upon a time.
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Thread on #graphicdesign
“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” –Adam Judge
Designed by our inhouse creative design team.
Follow @CompleteDigi for more
#animation #ArtistOnTwitter #artwork #design #DigitalMarketing #Digital
Thread CONTD.
Asking right question, always helps in better understanding of client's need.
Follow @CompleteDigi for more

#FridayMotivation #fridaymorning #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning #socialmediamanagement
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We’re about to start live-tweeting our Summer Student Showcase: Visualizing Science virtual event! Check here for tweets on visual communication research and how it applies to #scicomm, #infographics, #branding, and #socialmedia! ⬇️ @ComSciConCAN @ComSciConQC @AlexGelle
Give us a follow, tag us @designsthatcell and use #DTCSummerShowcase to let us know what you think about the event! We'd love to connect with you 🤗
Our founder, @NersesianSarah, is opening today’s event by introducing our summer internship program and today’s awesome speaker lineup! The intern program was developed to support undergraduate students who lost #research or #scicomm opportunities due to COVID-19 restrictions.
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