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Getting the whole world to #netzero #GHGs rapidly is going to be incredibly difficult. But given how strong and organized the #climateopposition is, we must distinguish #thesignalfromthenoise on which pathways are the most likely to succeed. A 🧵 on how I think about this 1/14
2/ First, we cannot rely on social and lifestyle change governed by new paradigms like degrowth to deliver in time for this #climatedecade. But if the movement delivers small reductions in energy or meat consumption, we need it…
3/ #Technologyandpolicy (and politics) need to do the heavy lifting. Can they deliver? Yes, but to effectively channel our efforts and fight off the opposition, we need to distinguish between main courses, side dishes and poison pills (frequently buried in the side dishes)
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Only a few days into @COP26, we’re already hearing global commitments and plans. This will all culminate in a day dedicated to the built environment next week. In the meantime, I’ll share my #COP26 thoughts in this thread.
I encourage you all to explore this wonderful virtual exhibition of the world's greenest buildings at @COP26. These projects serve as examples to all of us in the real estate and building sectors. @wef…
As I’ve said many times, @COP26 must be a turning point for the real estate industry. Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions worldwide. Action from this industry is crucial to meeting climate goals.…
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THREAD: What's the story behind YesBase and Gelponics?
Winston Tsai, founder & CEO of YesHealth Group: "We got the idea for YesBase and #Gelponics back in 2018. At that time, we were using sponge as a substrate material in our #hydroponics system... (1/8) #Sustainability Winston Tsai, Founder & CEO of YesHealth Group
"...Originally, I thought sponge was better than soil, but as our yields increased, so did the amount of waste, and I began to worry about the environmental impact..." (2/8)
"...First, we formed an in-house R&D team to research alternative substrate materials, which led to the development of YesBase, a unique, plant-based #hydrogel. We added microbial bacteria to help with germination and healthy seedling growth..." (3/8)
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THREAD: #Hydroponics has a BIG waste problem, but YesHealth Group has a solution and we call it #Gelponics. (1/10) YesBase & Gelponics diagram
A large-scale #hydroponic vertical farm, yielding 1000kg of leafy vegetables per day, contains approximately 45,000 plants growing at one time... (2/10)
...If each plant occupies a 2.5cm³ substrate (made from sponge or similar) and if you were to line-up these pieces of substrate side-by-side, then there would be enough material to cover two basketball courts AND all of it becomes waste after the plants are harvested... (3/10)
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1/x Bringing receipts that @NatGeoMag has been talking about #climate change for not as long as Arrhenius but for at least decades. Those writers asserting that “no one was talking about climate change until recently” per @JacquelynGill, could benefit from some history…to wit
2/x This Nov. 1976 @natgeo article “What’s Happening to Our Climate?” included discussion of #paleoclimatology…ice core records
3/x In Oct. 1990 this piece asked “Is Our World Warming?” and included Mauna Loa #CO2 records and greenhouse effect illustrations w/ this: “Humans have disrupted the natural carbon cycle by burning fossil fuels for energy and by clearing forests..”
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🚨 As we suspected, @FortisBC is part of a coordinated industry-wide push to "combat electrification" and keep B.C. homes and buildings hooked up to gas pipelines #decarbonize #bcpoli
British Columbians are funding this campaign with our gas bills. Here's a two-page PDF with links to rebates and resources to get your home off fossil fuels as soon as possible:…
Vox reporter @rebleber explains how the fossil fuel industry uses gas stoves as a proxy war to fight local bylaws and maintain market share, despite the urgent need to electrify. She even predicts the industry's use of "power outage fears".
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Our review paper on recent advances in solid oxide cells for #electrolysis has been published today in @ScienceMagazine (… ) Here are the main points from the paper (a thread, 1/15) 👇
Electrolysis (using electricity to drive chemical reactions) is a key technology for tackling #CO2emissions in the areas of our economy that are difficult to #decarbonize: heavy transport (planes, ships, trucks) and the production of chemicals, steel, cement, and glass. (2/15)
For heavy transport, e.g. large planes or container ships, direct electrification (batteries) is not an option due to low energy density of batteries compared to liquid fuels. Climate-friendly fuels can be made by combining electrolysis with chemical synthesis (e.g. FT). (3/15)
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@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin Transport #emissions are currently, at 10% of total emissions and 13% of energy emissions. #Transport sector in India is the fastest growing amongst G20 countries, which affects the goal of reducing emissions intensity of GDP: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #Freight
@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin There is no one silver bullet for all of the transport sector's emission woes. There needs to be an integrated approach to #decarbonizing India's booming #Transportation sector: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #Freight #electricmobility #decarbonization #climateaction
@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin Electrification of #transport sector, modal shift from road to rail for #freight, changes in urban planning are necessary for moderating the sector’s contribution in emissions: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #electricmobility #decarbonization #climateaction
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Winnipeg City Hall adult ally #ClimateStrike

Week 27

So this is my worst Strike selfie yet - accidental shot while struggling to hold the ph for the pic at which point my camera died ;)

#Wetsuweten shirt art credit @christibelcourt

Thread incoming, will be pauses while I type
Disclaimer - everything I say here has already said, by better writers (often Indigenous) & by more knowledgable ppl (often Indigenous).

None of this should be taken as my own original thoughts, tho is not the fault or deficiency of the original thinkers if I get anything wrong.
Hello World, we need to talk about Canada.

I'm doing this in the context of my #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike, because the Winnipeg youth Climate Strike group, @mbyouth4climate, has been very involved in #WetsuwetenSolidarity #ShutDownCanada actions.
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