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New paper alert! 🎉

Current & future global #climate impacts resulting from #COVID19

Out now in @NatureClimate led by Prof @PiersForster+daughter Harriet


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#BuildBackBetter #H2020

Lockdown emissions fell during the pandemic, especially from transport, as we were told to #StayAtHome

We know this from the mobility data that @apple and @google released, using it reflect how emissions from various economic sectors changed for 123 countries #funwithdata
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All credit to @TheSkotia on their success over the last couple of days. They're a really important group of voices and deserve to thrive. But have you heard about @broadcastscot? 1/
The channel started as Referendum TV back in 2014. The budget was zero, but passion and the urgency of the campaign helped grab some attention. After the vote, Broadcasting Scotland was born to keep trying to build better media for Scotland. It's been going ever since. 2/
It's been a long, hard road. People said that building a TV station was impossible with no budget, but with hard work and improvisation, the weekly #FullScottish and the nightly #Scotlandat7 news shows have slowly developed into something we're pretty proud of. 3/
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.@JoeBiden has a #ChildCare4All plan out today, along with a broader caregiving plan. This is the 3rd part of the #BuildBackBetter agenda. Read below to understand what this plan does. THREAD
TL; DR: Biden embraces Murray/Scott’s Child Care for Working Families Act for 0-5; universal prek; expands subsidies for school-age & creates a child care tax credit worth up to $8k. Would be a huge expansion of child care & make it affordable for millions of families.
The Biden plan embraces the Child Care for Working Fams Act from @PattyMurray & @BobbyScott.
✅Children 0-5 have guaranteed access to child care assistance
✅Families pay < 7% of income
✅Payments cover the cost of quality (incl higher wages
✅Expanded weekend & evening care
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.@cbcthehouse great show yesterday on green recovery. My thoughts in this THREAD on how the oil industry is holding out the promise of new technologies to reduce emissions from oil and gas development to justify continued expansion #cdnpoli #bcpoli #abpoli #BuildBackBetter 🧵 1/
We need to use clean technologies but not to expand. To clean up existing production. We need to regulate this industry so they are forced to use cleaner technologies. AND we also need to regulate a wind down that gets us to zero. 2/
Let’s be clear on two things: They have the technologies to reduce emissions per barrel. them. They are rarely using them because they don’t want to cut into their profit margins and they are expensive. So make them mandatory 3/
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"Governments are spending vastly more in support of fossil fuels than on low-carbon energy in rescue packages triggered by the #COVID19 crisis"
If Europe's "#GreenRecovery" is a hoax, it's also a missed opportunity (1/3) 👎…
2/3 - Focus on short-term recovery and 'saving' our out-dated energy system neglects the additional social benefits of clean energy: reduced #airpollution; energy sovereignty; clean #jobs; system #resilience and local value chain creation
3/3 - Governments need to #BuildBackBetter with strong policies for #renewables & #energyefficiency: priority dispatch, use of renewable electricity over #fossilfuels, boosting shares of renewable heat.
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The PM's announcement is way off the mark of what's needed to #BuildBackBetter. Combination of old news, tiny sums of investment, low ambition on climate and false solutions to nature protection. All eyes on @RishiSunak's announcement next week to up the game. 1/
30k ha tree planting = good to get a mention, but old manifesto commitment, less than half of what's needed & still no policy to deliver 2/
4,000 zero carbon buses = useful step but was already announced in Feb and, in combination with the other transport spend announced in March Budget, is still only a fraction of what's needed for public transport investment. As context, there are about 50,000 buses in the UK 3/
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#LearningReimagined 🌍

“Do away with curriculum. Do away with segregation by age. And do away with the idea that there should be uniformity of all schools and of what people learn.” 👈🏼

The education conveyor belt of the last century that went school to university to work and a job for life just doesn’t work in an era of rapid transformation.

#highered #highereducation
Over the past few weeks, schools all over the world have abandoned exams and testing that used to be required — and with them, the pretense that they ever really meant anything in the first place.


#examscancelled #education
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We had the lot

Speed bumps

20 mph speed limits

Build outs into the road

But still they came

And all this in a borough with some of the lowest levels of car ownership levels in the UK!

Insanity! 🤪

We could have been forgiven for falling into despair.

But we didn't! ✊
By now @SOSFentimanRd had spawned a mini movement, spearheaded by @SaveOvalStreets which united all 4 of the #ovaltriangleLTN's Residents Associations.

Change was coming.....!
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Denmark is showing the world how to build back better! 💚#BuildBackBetter

This is very impressive climate action !…
A broad-based coalition representing 171 out of the 179 members of the Danish parliament concluded a landmark climate agreement. It will quadruple Denmark’s total offshore wind energy capacity by 2030 and could meet electricity demand of 7.7 million European households.
- Construction of 6 GW offshore wind energy (5 GW of those based on the Energy Islands), bringing Denmark’s total capacity to 7.7 GW by 2030.
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#SriAgenda abt to start 🔔 #June22 2:30pm CEST

Key deliverables from the Green & Social Bond Principles AGM 2020: a presentation for the wider market "@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE…

#greenbonds #greenfinance #socialbonds @SRI_Natives @andytuit
@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE @SRI_Natives @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥 #June22

Key deliverables from the Green & Social Bond Principles AGM 2020: a presentation for the wider market "@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE…

#greenbonds #greenfinance @MissOdaro @Enomissbizwiz @JBeckerLuxSE @WhileyAndrew
@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE @SRI_Natives @andytuit @MissOdaro @Enomissbizwiz @JBeckerLuxSE @WhileyAndrew now @JBeckerLuxSE making her speech: data are of paramount importance, she says, and exchanges play an essential role in providing investors w/ these data, we're working on the creation of a data-hub

#greenbonds #greenfinance #esg @LuxembourgSE
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Latest @ICNARC report on intensive care admissions and outcomes was released last night.

Report includes 9,949 patients, with outcomes for 9,217 of them.

Most of the breakdowns of admissions and outcomes are stable at this stage, so this week I want to focus on ethnicity. /1
COVID-19 is hitting some groups harder than others. It is shining a light on existing inequalities in life and health outcomes and, in some instances, worsening inequality.

We had great existing UK data on health inequality by socioeconomic group, but much less on ethnicity. /2
Daily admissions are low but there are 172 new patients included this week. That’s a small INCREASE on the 154 that @NicolaMedical noted last week. Hopefully just a blip but we’ll be watching closely next week 👀 /3 Image
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The #transmountain pipeline oil spill this weekend raises numerous questions about the safety of the existing pipe and the planned expansion THREAD/
Every company says "its contained and small" at the beginning of the oil spill. They are usually wrong. Drone footage is showing that its not contained to the facility, oil is spilling into a farmers field 2/
This oil spill is just above the Abbotsford Sumas aquifer where there are 19 public/city drinking water wells and numerous farm wells. It is also close to the Sumas River habitat for 5 species of salmon 3/
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Thread: Today @McDonalds will be paying out a projected $929.4 million in Q2 dividends to shareholders /despite @McDonaldsUK furloughing +100,000 staff at public expense (likely to be £10's of millions) #JobRetentionScheme #MCD
2/6, During #LockDown @McDonaldsUK workers have been struggling to survive on only 80% of poverty wages [paid by taxpayers] as McDonald's gives out £Billions in dividends to shareholders #100Percent
3/6 @McDonaldsUK workers who contract #Covid19 and have to self-isolate receive only #StatutorySickPay (= £95/week) McDonald's is risking the health of our communities by putting workers in the impossible position of choosing between health and paying the bills.
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#BuildBackBetter |Speaking now: Juha Siikamäki, Chief Economist, IUCN, Washington, DC, USA
Join here:…
#BuildBackBetter | The clear advantage of Nature Based Solution is that they are cost effective and are readily available: Juha Siikamäki
Join here:…
#BuildBackBetter | Nature based Solutions can be used to address a number of issues: water availability & water quality, mitigating disaster risks, restoration of air quality, restoration of food security & improving public health: Juha Siikamäki
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New analysis by @eeiguk finds upgrading UK homes could create 150,000 jobs to 2030 & save £7.5bn in energy costs – £270 per home per year. This will help deliver a #GreenRecovery as we work to #BuildBackBetter
We've welcomed the findings, with @ThacksTom saying, "a national energy efficiency programme is long overdue and now is the time to deliver", as noted by @itvnews…
Also published today, a @CBItweets letter to the PM on the recovery states that investing in the green economy is a priority. In it, we call for a national programme to make every home a green home. You can read the letter in full here:…
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1) I attended this policy dialogue & learned a lot from the presentations & contributions. HOWEVER, I have a major reservation about how the entire discourse & narrative about African young people & COVID-19 is framed #BuildBackBetter @AUYouthProgram @auyouthenvoy_
2) I find the entire conversation both in this policy dialogue & similar platforms almost NEVER mentioning the role the AFRICAN STATE. There is a strong push to frame the entire image through the prism of innovation, entrepreneurship, the private sector & finance. @ECA_OFFICIAL
3) One of the core problems of this framing is the pressure it puts on African young people to individualise themselves and to remain disconnected from the AFRICAN STATE which needs to be at forefront of both response & recovery from COVID-19. @UNICEF_AUOffice
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I started a list of activities & enterprises that could (and in some places do) live in our high streets & in our neighbourhoods post-pandemic. Add your ideas? #buildbackbetter

>> Community kitchens, shared workspaces, sports centres, local markets, urban farms, makerspaces 1/
Performance spaces & music venues, digital manufacturing hubs, steam rooms/saunas, pay-as-you-feel cafes, ecological & wild spaces, orchards, yoga & meditation spaces, electronics & textile repair hubs, ceramics spaces, music studios, libraries of things / tool libraries 2/
Events spaces, bulk-buy cooperatives / store cupboards, clothes rental services, wood- & metal-working workshops, interactive art galleries & museums, spiritual centres, affordable housing hubs, open access bike repair, reading rooms, scrap stores, public living rooms 3/
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I stayed up all night racking my brain about how to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again. We have to change the culture of the LEO community. One that believes in service, sacrifice, and humility. You have to suffer.
The only place that you can create this culture is through training. At every step of the way to the badge and the right to keep wearing one.
You have to sweat. You have to bleed. You have to fail. You have to work. You have to sacrifice. It is a forging fire. #GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydProtests #InThisTogether2020 #InThisTogether #community #BuildBackBetter #BlackLivesMatters #ThinBlueLine
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#SriAgenda abt to start 🔔 #May19 3pm CEST


Leading Climate Ideas: From taxonomy to the broader #sustainablefinance #revolution "@ClimateBonds
🎙Helena Vines Fiestas

#sustainablefinance @andytuit @SRI_Natives
@ClimateBonds @NVJRobins1 @seankidney @andytuit @SRI_Natives the #EUTaxonomy is already having an impact, even though it has not come into force yet, says Helena Vines Fiestas starting her speech

#sustainablefinance #revolution
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THREAD: Tomorrow's #RebuildingTogether Budget will be a defining moment for New Zealand, and for Jacinda Ardern's Govt because it will have impacts for generations to come.

#nzpol #budget2020 #GreenCovidResponse #BuildBackBetter #ClimateChange…
We're looking for Govt to prioritise future-ready projects over 'shovel-ready' in the Covid recovery Budget. With unprecedented sums on the table, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a jump on the other existential crises we face.
Jobs are a priority, but they need to be created in the right industries. We need more people working in growth areas like renewable energy, sustainable transport and #regenerativeagriculture, which have a clear future in a post-#Covid19 world.
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There's clearly a high risk of counting chickens, but it's increasingly feeling like the COVID-19 crisis in Europe is approaching a new phase. Infection and death rates have peaked, and mostly begun to decline. Discussion is increasing on how to ease lockdown restrictions 1/X
This week also feels like a huge step forward in solidifying the message that recovery plans need a strong 'green' focus. This has been out there for a while, but now the number of voices calling for it & the evidence to support it has surged.… 2/X
I'd like to think that one useful contribution to this discussion was the report @ClimateCLG produced on the future of jobs and skills in Europe - clearly showing how climate action can support economic resilience and employment… 3/X
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Thanks @WRIRossCities and @MaimunahSharif @SamehNWahba @AniDasguptaWRI Sheela Patel @sdinet @rogier_berg #BuildBackBetter for good debate on COVID19 impact on the worlds most vulnerable in our cities
Rebuilding means a real reset, we cannot and should not want to go back. No matter how tough, we have to progress. Responding in a siloed, single focused matter will only make us more vulnerable. #BuildBackBetter @WRIRossCities
Post crisis response too often is aimed at overcoming the current crisis. In this narrow approach we loose track of the complexity of global challenges. We can’t go one-by-one, no way! We have to take on the full 2030 Agenda. Leaving nothing and no one behind! #BuildBackBetter
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