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The timeline of Great Reset events, organizations and documents.

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#Agenda21, #Agenda2030, #TheGreatReset , #4IR , #globalhealth, #BuildBackBetter, #SDGs

Agenda 21 launched during the UN-conference in Rio de Janeiro.…

Creation of the UN Foundation by Ted Turner. The UN Foundation becomes an important sponsor of #Agenda21 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Overview of partners among which Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck.…
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In the Zoom waiting room, waiting for Sec. Vilsack to start the briefing on the newly announced $4B for #FoodSystem #resilience
#USDA #BuildBackBetter
Mae Wu affirming that pandemic has illustrated how vulnerable our #foodsystem is w/room for fairness, equity & resilience to be vastly improved.
#USDA #BuildBackBetter
Wu: describing about how USDA is trying to remedy inequities of the past, increased vax deployment & working on other supply chain challenges. #USDA #BuildBackBetter
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🤔 'Grey State - official concept trailer' (2012) #covid19nl #politiestaat #vrijheid
Hoe breken we stap voor stap de samenleving en economie af om het volk in een totalitair systeem te kunnen schuiven, zónder dat zij inspraak hebben of überhaupt besef van wat er exact gebeurt? #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #LockStep #thegreatreset
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You liked #TheGreatReset from @wef and @ProfKlausSchwab ?

You'll love #BuildBackBetter

Who could say no to that? Who wouldn't want it "better"?
Our international Great Leaders have been showing and paving the way since over a year already. After all, is there a better opportunity than this #Covid19 'pandemy' to tackle it?
The (in)famous @wef is of course pushing for it… Image
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1) The song says, "Each quiet act of dignity is the one that fortifies." America voted soundly in favor of a man of quiet dignity to preclude the seditious intent of a loud, lying,
criminal buffoon. Mr. Biden began day one, signing orders of quiet dignity.

@dccra @elhombrelibre1
2) Mr. Biden continues restoring America's global presence
and influence with, in his words, "quiet, relentless diplomacy." He isn't hampered, as was his predecessor, by being a bad
actor, leveraged by our adversaries. He works in quiet purpose--understanding America's big stick.
3) Our new president recently used that stick in vigorous, punitive sanctions against #Belarus, its Putin-backed
dictator who forced the interdiction of an airliner to apprehend a dissident journalist, and wisely extended penalties to
pro-Russia #oligarchs and business interests.
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Zorg anno 2021: Build Back Better:

83-jarige tante van mijn vrouw, 10 jaar geleden borstkanker geconstateerd, toen operatie en radiotherapie.

10 jaar geleefd zonder klachten. Toen begon ze af te vallen terwijl ze normaal at.

#coronavirus #coronamaatregelen
Dus naar het ziekenhuis: ze bleek veel pleuravocht te hebben, in de volksmond "vocht achter de longen genoemd".

Er volgde een ontlastende punctie een onderzoek.
Twee weken later telefonische uitslag, want natuurlijk mochten mensen niet naar het ziekenhuis komen.

De tante is een beetje doof

Het slechtnieuwsgesprek nieuwe stijl volgens Isala:

"Hoort u mij goed? U heeft uitgezaaide borstkanker. U heeft het begrepen?"
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Yup. (Mini thread)

#BuildBackBetter is using C19 as the gateway for reform, their #InclusiveCapitalism agenda.

About the inflation:
You can print nonstop and get low to no inflation. (QE)


Velocity of money.

If circulation decreases or stable by moving to a diff channel of stock, inflation may still be low.


If production (supply of goods/services) increases to match the rise of money.
The fragility comes through the stages of production and how resources are in relation to availability as well demand.

Right now, the initial stage of production is being squeezed.

This puts pressure on manufacturers in cost.
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Generally speaking #infrastructure is defined as the basic #physical systems of any #business, #region, or that of any #nation... including #transportation systems, #communication #networks, #sewage, #water supply & #electrical #grid systems. #BuildBackBetter #logistics #stimulus
Various types of #infrastructure #construction based projects typically drive the bulk of conversations amongst those of us vested in the arduous process of "progress" moving forward.
#Highway improvement, #street & #road maintenance & #bridge building commonly take center stage.
Mass #transit, #airport & #airways, #municipal #WaterSupply, #waste management along with waste #Water #management,
#power generation & #transmission, #HazardousWaste removal & #storage ALL must be considered while addressing basic underlying societal frameworks. #sustainability
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Casey Revkin Ryan posts-Learn more about our work reuniting families at

This girl had been approved for release two weeks ago–we had helped her mother submit all the necessary paperwork–but HHS hadn’t gotten around to arranging transportation.
Her mother offered to go to the facility to pick her up, as is allowed by the Office of Refugee Resettlement handbook, but the unlicensed emergency intake detention facility holding her wouldn’t allow it.
On Monday (detention day 57), we escalated the report of this egregious delay to the top of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, & the very next day her mother got a call saying her travel was arranged. They reunited late that night.
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Once Upon A Time - A #NewNormal Thread

1. A wild virus appears next the only level 4 virology lab in China
2. U.K. Government asks a man with a history of exaggerating infectious diseases to model the risks
3. Images of Chinese people dying on the street were circulated


4. It was subsequently decided to dump decades of careful planning for unprecedented ‘temporary’ Chinese Communist Party style lockdowns that lasted over a year
5. Masks were deemed pointless, in line with decades of research
6. Masks were then shockingly essential

7. Prince Charles sees a ‘golden opportunity’ to reset
8. Biden/Johnson/Trudeau all use WEF slogan #BuildBackBetter
9. Lockdowns used as a practice run for future climate lockdowns
10. U.K. Government prepares for #AbsoluteZero - a world without meat, planes, ships, iron..
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Pleased to introduce the 21st Century Federal Writers' Project Act with @RepTeresaLF to revive the Federal Writers’ Project of the New Deal Era by creating a new grant program to hire America’s unemployed and underemployed writers.
Throughout #COVIID19, many writers have been laid off or had their work reduced. Our bill will create a new jobs program for these talented individuals while allowing them to capture invaluable American stories that may otherwise go untold.
The new Federal Writers' Program will be vital to our economic recovery to #BuildBackBetter. Thrilled to have worked with @UCLA Professor @davidkipen on this legislation, and to have the support of so many inspiring professionals in the literary community.
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Was COVID19 released to kick start the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to scare everyone so we willingly enter a all-encompassing digital ID/vaccine system?
COVID19 creates a HUGE demand for technologies of the coming 4th Industrial Revolution! #FourthIndustrialRevolution #4IR Image
Boris Johnson describes the Fourth Industrial Revolution in his United Nations speech in September 2019
In the speech Boris describes anti-vaxers as being anti-science and also sends invitation to the June 2020 GAVI vaccine summit…
Note Boris is also wearing a UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals lapel badge. Image
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Today the @WaysMeansCmte is holding a hearing on #paidleave, child care, and how the economy failed women. WATCH as working women from across the country give their testimony. We need #PaidLeaveForAll in the plan to #BuildBackBetter. Watch with us @ 12 pm.
The United States is the only industrialized nation with no maternity leave #PaidLeave - @RepRichardNeal
#Childcare workers care for the nation’s children while everyone is at work. Yet child care workers earn poverty wages in 40 states. Is it because it’s a “woman’s job”? It’s time to value and reward care workers like they are truly essential - fair wages and #paidleave
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Great to be listening to ⁦@AlboMP⁩ sharing his commitment to making AUS a renewable energy exporting superpower. Also committing to mfr of electric vehicles in AUS 👏👏👏 #CleanTechJobsSunmit@Bowenchris⁩ ⁦@SmartEnergyCncl#auspol
@AlboMP also committing to electrification if the entire Gov fleet. #ClimateAction #CleanTechJobsSummit @SmartEnergyCncl #auspol
“Rather than being a quarry for the world we should be maximising manufacturing here [in AUS],” says @AlboMP at #CleanTechJobsSummit @Bowenchris @SmartEnergyCncl #auspol
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@JamesOKeefeIII @CNN @JamesOKeefeIII

“That network” is United Nations. UN that bases her mind on the occult work of Alice Bailey. UN is a sectarian network of Scientology-Avatar-Damanhur and Brahma Kumaris.

Thread below
@JamesOKeefeIII @CNN Scientology foundation gains special consultative status to the UN…
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Dit bedoelt @D66 en VN en alle partijen met #BuildBackBetter en Vnagenda2030 met de + achter #lhbti !

Legalisering pedofilie via het opheffen van het verschil tussen minder-meerderjarigheid door ‘kinderen een stem te geven’.

#sidneysmeets #SydneySmeets #Kabinet
Lokaal 69

(jonge) Leerlingen krijgen ongewenst, ongezien, ongemerkt en ongevraagd bizarre sekslessen via het VN World Curriculum en WHO lesmateriaal.

Het is een brainwash voor normalisering pedofilie.
Kinderen zullen consent gaan met hun eigen misbruik!
#SmeetsGate #SydneySmeets #staatvanhetonderwijs

Legalisering pedofilie via het #onderwijs.

Bizarre sekslessen om pedofilie te normaliseren en te legaliseren.
Corona is het middel voor het sluiten van scholen voor wereldwijde transitie naar digitaal unesco sdg onderwijs.
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Giant corporations that make billions of dollars in profits off the services that the rest of us pay for need to invest in America's future. Billionaires and giant corporations must pay a lot more.…
Raising the corporate tax rate alone isn’t enough when armies of lawyers and accountants help corporations pay a tiny fraction of that rate. We need a strong Real Corporate Profits Tax – and not a watered-down version that lets more giant companies continue to pay zero taxes.
This $2.5 trillion plan to enforce our tax laws and catch wealthy tax cheats is a good down payment to #BuildBackBetter – but a #WealthTax on fortunes over $50 million would raise at least $3 trillion for America’s future. Let’s not nibble around the edges here.
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I am excited by @POTUS @JoeBiden's #BuildBackBetter investment program announced yesterday.
It represents an overdue recognition that the relative return on public and private investment has changed dramatically over the last generation. That makes borrowing and investing at large scale the right strategy for the Federal government.
I continue to be very worried that the current fiscal - monetary mix will overheat the economy. But these measures will not exacerbate the problem.
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Our new report – China’s 14th Five Year Plan: A Contender for The European Green Deal? – examines #climate, energy & industrial strategies in the latest #FiveYearPlan, and offers a lookback on climate progress in the last 5 years in the EU & China… (1/7)
A look back at the pace of wind and solar development in the last 5 years as #China positions renewable energy as a "strategic emerging sector" in its 14th Plan. (2/7) Image
The EU, while unable to compete with China on cost of manufacturing and research spending, remains more competitive on the capacity to innovate. The EU27 registers more green technology patents annually compared to China. (3/7) Image
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We are now live with the #ZeroTrafficDeaths briefing. We will be live Tweeting the event from this account. If you still want to tune in:…
.@LorraineMMartin: "We are losing ground."

The US experienced a staggering 25% increase in the rate of deaths per 100 million vehicle miles driven last year. The highest increase in a century of records.
.@LorraineMMartin Together with leadership and action we can make it so no more families have to know this pain.
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Yesterday's #PresidentBiden press conference had very few questions on economy, so here is a synopsis on the #BuildBackBetter plan with a focus on #Infrastructure and possible #TaxReform as a way to pay for it
The Biden "Build Back Better” plan focuses on four main national challenges:
1. Infrastructure and Clean Energy
•Biden will make a $1.7 trillion accelerated investment, with a plan to deploy those resources over the first four years.
The plan will create millions of private sector jobs, and rebuild roads, bridges, water systems, battery charging stations, and electricity grids. This pillar also emphasizes access to clean air & water by providing zero-emissions public transportation to cities
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Mensen die op social media beweren dat mainstream media één grote eenheidsworst zijn geworden, die allemaal dezelfde mening propageren, worden door politici & journaille vaak weggezet als 'trollen' of 'complotgekkies'. Maar ze hebben gewoon gelijk

(bron: )
Gecoördineerd vanuit de #EU financieren non-profit-organisaties van het wereld-establishment het eenzijdige overdreven hysterische narratief rondom #corona in de media. En overheden, incl. de Nederlandse, houden dit angstcircus in stand met vele miljoenen van ons belastinggeld.
De kritiek dat de @PubliekeOmroep een spreekbuis is van de regering, die op haar beurt weer een spreekbuis is van de grote wereldwijde coöperaties (#BigMedia, #BigTech, #BigPharma, #BigOil, etc.) is geen 'complottheorie', maar berust gewoon op harde aantoonbare feiten.
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More conspiracy theory from Financial Times:

"With a new US admin., & [] the vaccination rollout under way, now is a good time for the major economies of the west (& ideally the world) to sit down & devise a new international #monetary order."

#GreatReset h/t @johnsteppling
"As part of that there should be widespread #debt cancellation, especially the gov't debt held by #central #banks. We estimate that amounts to approximately $25tn of gov't debt in the major regions of the global economy."…
"Whether debt cancellation extends beyond that should be central to the negotiations between policymakers as to the construct of the #new #system ...The implications for bond yields, post-debt cancellation, need to be fully thought through and debated."
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