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Dear PEOPLE...decide if you want opposition including AAP to join your protests or not , make statements / visit injured etc or not once & for all !
When they do , people & media say' DONT POLITICISE ISSUE'.
When they dont , you say "Where are they hiding ?"
ANARCHIST easy label to give like the present... ANTINATIONAL/ TUKDE TUKDE GANG /URBAN NAXAL labels !
RIng a bell ? A CM sat all night on dharna asking action on
#WomenSafety from homeminister who had @DelhiPolice under him. U labelled & ridiculed him !
Refresh ur memory
HE visited JNU in solidarity wid students & he was labelled Antinational ! ISI agent ! Visit to HCU over Rohit Vemulas death was stalled by BJP & students themselves !

Etc etc...


HE silently got 2 work despite d administrative constraints of a 'state' like Delhi
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महिलांवरील अत्याचाराच्या घटना दिवसेंदिवस वाढतच चालल्या आहेत.याची कारणं काय आहेत हे शोधणं गरजेचं आहे.एक प्रसंग सांगतो.माझा एक मित्र,ज्याला माझ्या गावाजवळील स्थळ आलं होतं म्हणून त्याने मला फोन केला त्या मुलीबद्दल विचारण्यासाठी.मला माहित नसल्यामुळे(1/n)
#म #मराठी
मी त्याला सांगितलं की मला त्याबद्दल माहित नाही तर तो म्हणाला आपल्याला फक्त एवढं जरी माहित झालं की ती मुलगी कॉलेजला बस ने जात होती की सायकल वर तरी खूप झालं.मी म्हटलं का रे?तर तो म्हणे बस ने जाणाऱ्या मुली फालतू असतात.कारण त्या मुलांसोबत बोलतात,फिरतात.आणि हा तोच मुलगा आहे (2/n)
ज्याचे आतापर्यंत 3-4 मुलींसोबत affairs होते.अर्थातच मी त्याला न राहून शिव्या घातल्या.स्त्रियांवर होणारे अत्याचार,बलात्कार याबद्दल बोलायचं झालं तर याचं एक मुख्य कारण म्हणजे एखाद्या स्त्रीला गृहीत धरणं.एक मुलगी एखाद्या मुलासोबत बोलते,तिला BF आहे,त्याच्यासोबत ती फिरते म्हणजे ती(3/n)
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Few key points but not limited to this, which will be helpful to enhance the women safety in all areas.
All these are actionable points with specific time bound manner and we must demand from government.

Follow this thread 1/9
1. All criminal cases, especially for MP/MLAs involved in women abuse in govt must be put on trial in fast track courts . If the party you support houses such people, and you don’t demand this, then you are passively responsible for the problem of women safety issue. 2/9
2. Fill vacant police posts. Not only it will help employment issue , it will also give common public extra layer of safety. In case of enhanced criminal activities and no progress in solving cases, d area in charge/SHO should b made accountable. Police station should hav CCTV3/9
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Hey @Uber_Support @Uber @Uber_India. Was harassed this morning by my cab driver.

Got into the cab. Spoke loudly on loudspeaker and asked him to tone it down as I had calls to make. He then lifted his hands to hit me, and then abused me verbally and threatened to do something(1)
He then tried hitting me again cause I refused to listen to him abusing me. He then tried to speed away. I protected myself by pulling on the handbrake. God knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t. He then abused me in Hindi and Kannada. I managed to open the door and escape (2)
I’m sick of @Uber’s ways of dealing with this situation. An apology and refund doesn’t guarantee women’s safety at all. I’m scared and honestly shaken at this point. Broad daylight in Ulsoor and I luckily got away. What if? @BlrCityPolice Cab No: KA50A3135
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