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“Our families questioned us about our decision to collect kachra (waste) instead of focusing on studies.

Read more about their innovative house here:

#Sustainable #EcoFriendly #WasteManagement #Initiative #Maharashtra #TheBetterIndia Image
Many people even labeled us bhangar wali, plastic wali, bottle wali (junk dealers),” says Namita Kapale, who, along with Kalyani Bharmbe, has built an eco-friendly house using 16,000 plastic water bottles.
Finding a meaningful use for excess #plastic waste, the duo# constructed the house in #SambhajiNagar near Daulatabad. They used cow dung, soil, plastic bottles, and 12-13 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic to build the house on a nearly 4,000 square feet field.
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Important lessons from "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel

I have read this book so many times and will post my favorite quotes here … do read the book #thepsychologyofmoney
"The best way to think about money is to think about it as a tool for creating options."

When we have financial security, we have more choices and opportunities in life.
"The most important thing about #money is how you think about it."

Money is just a tool, but it can have a powerful influence on our thoughts and actions.
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"There was so much plastic lying around the beach in Borivali we visited that my kids began playing with the thrash," says Lisbon Ferrao.

#Initiative #BeachCleanup #Respect #CleanMumbai #TheBetterIndia
He, along with her wife Zsuzsanna Salda, whose passion has been cleaning the beaches of Mumbai city for many years.

Lisbon decided he wanted to give his kids the same beach experience he had as a child and therefore started #VasaiBeachCleaners.
“Every time we would visit the beach, we would begin by clearing off a few plastic bags & bottles and dispose of these in dry waste bins. When nobody turned up after posting online, the family took things into their own hands and highlighted 'before & after' scenes of the beach."
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"I landed at Bangalore International Airport. It was way past midnight. Like a routine, I walked towards Airport Taxi. Surprisingly, there was no queue at all.

#Initiative #WomenSafety #Airport #Bengaluru #DevelopingIndia #TheBetterIndia Image
The drivers pointed out to a cab towards the end. I was miffed.

One of the persons came up to me and asked, “Ma’am- single lady passenger? That pink taxi is for you.”

I was delighted to find a lady driver. As a woman traveller, I loved the assurance of my safety.
I smiled, knowing I could catch up on some sleep peacefully, as she would take care of me.
Well, the story doesn’t end here.

Around Brigade road, she slowed down for Friday night revellers. I suddenly remembered my duty-free shopping bag that l had left hanging on the trolley.
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"I used to do philanthropic work along with the job. Seeing young girls toiling for hours in the rubbish dumps for a living, I realised that something should be done for the underprivileged children too."

#Initiative #NGO #GoodDeeds #TheBetterIndia
Nandita Banerjee from Danapur, Bihar, then quit her bank manager job and worked for homeless children. She decided to open schools for impoverished girls and started the NGO 'Nai Dharti' in 2011.
Sister Nivedita Girls' School, run by the NGO in Maner block of Danapur's Sarai village, is now providing free education to 100 underprivileged girls who cannot afford school supplies.
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Die #Initiative #GemeinsamGegenCorona ernennt nun den #Mittwoch zum " #StellDeineFragenHoch3000 - Mittwoch". Hoch 3000 soll implizieren, wie INTENS heute hier FRAGEN gestellt werden sollen und dürfen!

Seht es als einen #Sammelthread , den wir jeden Mittwoch neu aufmachen werden!
Wir fangen einfach mal an

• Wer arbeitet in Deutschland eigentlich für wen? Die #BuReg für das #Volk oder das Volk für die #Regierung ? o.O

• Warum lässt sich ein großer Teil des Volkes wie Fußabtreter behandeln, obwohl es Rechte gibt? o.O

• Warum sind #Minderheiten ( = #Querdenker ) 'lauter' und 'polarisieren' so sehr, obwohl sie so 'Wenige' (von 83Mio in D) sind?

• Möchte überhaupt noch irgendjemand der Gegenpol sein zu den polarisiernden Querdenkern + #InFam Eltern?

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As I asked Sparky to search into MLETR & he did!

So I will help explain why I ask FUDers to RESEARCH certain keywords to show you what they can come across

MLETR is a dDOC standard that is being implemented across the globe from the @iccwbo DSI Initiative

He found Tradetrust👏
This is a good start! @xrpSparky91011 👏

Perlin is a member of the MOI that is a part of Tradetrust

If he was to dig deeper he would find..

The ICC DSI Initiative supports two consortiums:

@tradetrust and the @ITFA DNI Initiative / TFD Initiative!👀
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When multiple attempts to contact his local govt. authority went ignored, Hanumanth took the responsibility onto himself to clean up the streets of his village.
Having discovered that hoards of garbage littered his streets unchecked, he stepped out of his comfort zone and reached out to his local Panchayat authority to have it cleared.
Upon no response, Hanumanth planned a campaign with the children of his village who helped him and other volunteering community members clean up the garbage and dispose it.
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@KristinWardle my time is being wasted with this Idaho Initiative Initiative, or the 3I.  I disagree.  Wasting time in defense of uselessness is no vice.  #idleg #initiative
Anyway, let me introduce Initiative 4 #idleg #initiative



Support for
Treasure Valley with

Relief to
Weed producers
The reality as a pro business accountant, Senator Grow knows how hard it is for small business out there. #idleg #initiative
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(1/x) #Thread zu der „#Corona #Kritik + #Meditieren für das #Grundgesetz#Kundgebung am #Samstag den 16.05.2020 in #Göttingen: Image
(3/x) Die #Kundgebug ist nun doch ein paar Tage her, trotzdem kommt hier noch eine #Einschätzung. Diese kann nicht den Anspruch haben vollständig zu sein.
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(1/x) Kurzer #Thread zu der „#Corona #Kritik + #Meditieren für das #Grundgesetz#Kundgebung am #Samstag den 09.05.2020 in #Göttingen: Image
(2/x) Zu der schon dritten #Kundgebung zu dem #Thema kamen am Samstag ca. 100 TN aus dem #Landkreis aber auch aus ganz #Südniedersachsen zu der „#Corona #Kritik“ Kundgebung nach #Göttingen. Image
(3/x) Nicht nur die TN der „#Corona #Kritik#Kundgebung in #Göttingen organisieren sich in mittlerweile zwei bis drei #Telegram #Gruppen im #Internet, wo auch immer wieder #Videos von #Verschwörungstheoretiker wie z.B. Ken Jebsen #KenFM geteilt werden. Image
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(1/x) Kurzer #Thread zu gestern Abend: am gestrigen #Montag #Abend um 19 Uhr versammelten sich Menschen am #Gänseliesel um gegen die staatlichen #Verordnungen zur #Bekämpfung der #Coronavirus #Pandemie zu protestieren.
(2/x) Sie organisierten dazu einen sog. „#Corona #Spaziergang“ um nicht als #Versammlung gewertet zu werden, als Vorbild gelten die „#Hygienedemos“ aus #Berlin.
(3/x) In #Göttingen waren es ein bunter Haufen aus #Impfgegnern / #Hippies aus Umfeld der „linken #Szene“ / #Verschwörungstheoretiker|n und „Mitglieder“ der neuen Partei „#Widerstand2000“ unterwegs.
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