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#WeekendReading Thread | @GreatGameIndia

Kartarpur Corridor - ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan

While the intention appears to be noble the larger Pakistani plot behind #KartarpurCorridor is ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan directed at the #Khalistan2020 Referendum…
According to leaked information of a high-level meeting, the United States and India’s failure to reach a long-expected trade deal on Sept. 24 has sparked fears of a full-fledged India US #TradeWar.…
A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre #NRSC of the Indian Space Research Organisation #ISRO was found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
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A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was on Tuesday found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
In response to India’s anti-satellite #ASAT missile codename #MissionShakti the US has launched what is dubbed as Operation Olympic Defender, as part of American #SpaceWar plans in collaboration with the #FiveEyes.…
#FiveEyes is an intelligence umbrella based on the foundations laid by the spies of East India Company. Much of the sharing of information is performed via the ultra-sensitive #STONEGHOST network, which contains “the western world’s most closely guarded secrets.”
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Somehow Sep17th has become just a Merger Day for TRS as if Razakars were dying to integrate with India. #HyderabadLiberationDay
Something to ponder about, How the Leader elected by people who wholeheartedly supported, #HyderabadLiberationDay have now been fooled by the Chief Minister!
What's Sep 17th 1948 for you? Day of Indian Integration of Hyderabad State. #HyderabadLiberationDay
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Was going through my college thesis work and look what I found:

A world that has transformed so drastically in just 22 years that my kids are refusing to believe that this is real.

Will post some more pics. Try and compare them with what they've become today.

All that existed once was this lonely board. It went on to become the monster that we call Hitech City today.

Shilparamam before the invasion of IT companies.

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Witnessing a rather infuriating situation reg #sexualharassment in #Hyderabad. I'm putting this up here to seek advice. Please help.

*Strong language used. Apologies in advance*

My friend's office is in a residential building re-used as a commercial complex.
The watchman, a perpetually drunk, rude, old man is a disgusting piece of shit to deal with. He has had multiple run-ins with tenants, guests, clients alike. Yet, one of the owners, living on the top floor has never fired him or even corrected his ways.
Recently, we realised that the watchman tried to rape one of the maids who regularly works in the building. A 30s something woman, married with two kids. Trapped her in a vacated apartment, locked the door and tried to have his way with her, but backed off when she threatened to
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Though #Pakistan was created on religious line, #Jinnah was most liberal Muslim who never wanted #Pakistan a religious firm!
Till 1977 , Religion was just a personal choice in #Pakistan , General #Zia not only pushed religion but also took country decades backward !
Zia knew he had zero support from People hence he decided to take support from Mullahs and he ensured that hardcore Islam penetrate each institution in #Pakistan including #Army & #ISI !
#Soviet invaded #Afghanistan in 1979, #Zia used this opportunity to the fullest .
#US wanted to work on Proxy war, Zia got excellent platform to build these Proxies in Madrassa's of Pakistan.
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Revisiting this as I revisit #Hyderabad. The level of pervasive influence #Telugu has had on #Dakhni here is absolutely fascinating, with #Dravidian syntax patterns borrowed. Even echo compound formation is from Dravidian, ie /g/ based - local #Urdu sūṭ gīṭ (suits & the like).
An imp distinction to made here - #Urdu infl on local #Telugu is limited to vocab, while #Dakhni actually shows grammatical convergence with Telugu (#Dravidian syntax patterns etc), a much deeper level of infl, giving us many distinctive #Hyderabadi-isms.

Here's an everyday ex of how #Hyderabadi #Urdu has converged with #Telugu grammatical patterns.

The sūṭ gīṭ ex mentioned earlier is another. #Dravidian langs use /g/to form echo pairs, which #Dakhni uses too - Northern Urdu uses /v/, ex khānā vānā.

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I am deeply saddened by the way tigress Avni has been brutally murdered in #Yavatmal, #Maharashtra. #Justice4TigressAvni…
It is nothing but a straight case of crime. Despite several requests from many stakeholders, Sh @SMungantiwar, Minister for Forests, #Maharashtra, gave orders for the killing. #Justice4TigressAvni
He has been doing this regularly and this is the third tiger being murdered besides several leopards and wild boars. #Justice4TigressAvni
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I usually refrain from posting things that are very personal to me but I found this hidden beauty here in the middle of nowhere in #Hyderabad that blew my mind. It was at an event that observed 110years of #MusiFloods and the activists took us down memory lane literally
As you can see its a pathway hidden somewhere amidst the bustling traffic.I admit to visiting old city only for work or for #Charminar & never even noticed this whole beautiful pathway flanked on either sides of #Musi that give a breathtaking view of Osmania Hospital & High Court
It seems I wasn't alone as the 100 odd kids with me were blown that something like this even existed. I guess it came up somewhere in 2008 when this stretch of Musi was developed as a Heritage Zone. Its about 1.5km long with entry point from HC and Salar Jung.
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Yet another case of hate crime against a newly wed couple. This time in SR Nagar in #Hyderabad. Both Sandeep and Madhavi are seriously injured and in hospital.
Navdeep (not sandeep) and madhavi got married at an arya samaj mandir on 12 september. It was an intercaste wedding and madhavi's father didnt approve of it. #hyderabadhatecrime
The man in the video attacking navdeep and madhavi is Chary, the girl's father. The couple was called by Chary to talk about reconciliation. #hyderabadhatecrime
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After getting a good rap on the knuckles by editors for being a lazy lurker on social media, here's course correction. I am now doing a thread of all my reportage in 2018. (@sree and @prempanicker had encouraged me to do this many years ago 🙈) Please read and share.
While urbanisation is a global trend, villagers around #Ahmedabad don't want to live in cities. Since 2012, #Gujarat government has encouraged 12 cities to swallow up some 800 villages. And now, most of them are resisting. A take on the 'Gujarat Model'.…
The two main problems for the new state of #Telangana are exemplified in
Vemulaghat, a village off #Hyderabad. I went there to understand their conflict over land and #water for irrigation. CC: @Landesa_Global @LandConflicts…
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1/ I’m in Vilnius this week. Here’s an attempt to connect a couple dots from observations and conversations. Bear with me. Want to paint the human side of this story. #Facebook
2/ Just met a 40-year old father of 2 from Venezuela. We’ll call him John. John studied chemical engineering
3/ John’s grand parents were from Lithuania and fled the country in 1944 when the Soviet occupation began.…
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I legit can't get over how linguistically cool #Telangana #Telugu #Dakhni #Urdu bilingualism in #Hyderabad is. Pretty much everyone brought up there seems to speak both. Code switching galore. Unique too, coz the langs (#Dravidian & #IndoAryan) aren't related & it's a metro city.
The native speaker split is almost even, close to 50 50. What's even cooler (& more exciting) is the strong, pervasive influence #Dravidian #Telugu has had on #IndoAryan #Hyderabad's #Dakhni #Urdu - structural, phonological, syntactical, and lexical, basically, on all levels.
Lots of grammatical, syntactical features in #Hyderabad's #Dakhni #Urdu are basically direct translations of #Dravidian patterns in #Telugu. The local Telugu dialect however, only features loans from Dakhni - clearly a *highly* asymmetrical #languagecontact relationship.
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