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We’ve all been to the #Charminar ,but many don’t know that apart from being the foundation of Hyd,it has designs of pineapples/squirrels in it, and also a mosque on the 2nd floor,which today is inaccessible. A thread on our city's most imp monument (pic is of mosque) #History Image
In 1591, Mohd Quli Qutb Shah, the 5th king of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, decided to move out of the Golconda fort and build a new city outside. That city was to be Hyderabad, the foundational monument for which is the Charminar. #Hyderabad #History #Charminar
We've all heard of the story of Bhagmati that’s associated with Hyderabad's foundational history (will post on it in a separate thread later, please don’t discuss here), but not many know that the city also has a story of a (bubonic) plague at its very roots, and #History
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Dear @KTRTRS sir and @Eatala_Rajender my friend and his mom suffering with COVID symptoms and this is CT scan report of his mother.
They went @HospitalsApollo @VirinchiH but they saying no bed are available.
Please help them @CPHydCity @hydcitypolice
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Corruption of #Telangana #KCR govt peaks while fight against corona ebbs below abysmal pit

Few contrasting statistics below

Numbers on d face of it don't lie, but spin abt no.s on d back of it can be made to lie blatantly

tht is what #Media savvy & fact opaque machinery being nurtured by #KTR is doing in #Telangana with impunity

Brute majority in assembly with 3.5 yrs term remaining is d spine behind tht open arrogance from father & callous glaring ignorance from son below

Legendary #KCR talked abt crushng #Covid_19 in #Telangana in turn #COVID19 is cruising its way into #Hyderabad households much faster with a mind-blowng positivity rate next to none nationally to break into d top 4 position in active #COVID cases in no time #TelanganaCovidFailure
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We were told that he required ventilatory support but that, they did not have beds available.
@CareHospitalsIn @YashodaHospital @kimshospitals
My father succumbed to a heart attack in an ambulance while waiting outside the hospital. He was not even given a fighting chance for his life.
@MedicoverIN @asterprime
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HEARTBREAKING: “Can’t breathe, they removed the ventilator. It’s been 3hrs, I asked and they said u had enough. I feel that my heart stopped beating, nothing left in me.Bye daddy,bye everyone”-last video of 35yr old man who succumbed to #COVID Family wants video shared #Hyderabad
I had to check with family before sharing. They want the world to know what is happening in #Telangana
Details: A 35 yr old man gets admitted at Chest Hospital, Hyderabad on #Covid suspicion on June 24.
2days later, on Friday, hospital hands over deadbody saying he passed away
Family does cremation with 30 other people. Then they see this video. And then the #Covid test report comes saying he was positive. Not only this young man’s life was lost due to lack of facilities, his family & friends who cremated him without knowing are now at high risk.
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Travelling through #India you can't miss such boulder heaps...

Think of Hampi's ruins (below) or Sravanabelagola (Karnataka), or Mt Abu (Rajasthan)?

#DidYouKnow, such isolated hill/ridge features that jut out from the surrounding plains are called #inselbergs?

#Geo thread/ Geology: inselberg formation at Hampi, Karnataka, India
Derived from German words meaning 'island mountain', #inselbergs are residual features that form across climatic zones.

Yet are most abundant in tropical regions with granite-gneiss outcrops, like those on the cratons across India, as also in the zones marked BCG, CGC, and SGT. Map in the publication, The Indian Peninsula: Geomorphic Lan
Debates rage on how #inselbergs formed, yet most concede they are the result of weathering (breaking down of rocks at site) and erosion (transport of weathered material).

In #India, insolation (heat from sun's rays), rainwater, and rivers have shaped landscapes for millennia. Hampi's boulder inselbergs with the river Tungabhadra snakin
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#Hyderabad based doctor succumbs to #COVID19. First doctor from #Telangana to lose life to virus. On 16th he was admitted to KIMS hospital with high fever. He was tested for #covid& when results came positive, he was shifted to Gandhi, 2days later he passed away. #TelanganaModel
The SHOCKING part is, the date of death is 22nd June, TODAY. TIME of death is 4:23pm. How could the staff at #GandhiHospital declare a death about today evening in the afternoon itself? Someone needs to answer the family at least. The way things are being handled is scary.
This doctor was only 42 yr old!! A general physician who used to run a private clinic at Khairatabad area. Hope the family finds strength to cope up with this huge loss. #FrontLineWarrior #TelanganaCovidFailure #Covid_19
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Many people who are coming to #Hyderabad through #VandeBharatMissionphase3 are in big confusion & in a panic about Quarantine and other things they will phase at Hyderabad Airport. To understand I will share my experience here with you so that all of you can get an idea. 1/n
I arrived on 19 June at @RGIAHyd from Moscow. During your journey, At departure Aiport, you will be screened before the language/Boarding pass issue counter, once boarding pass issued you will proceed to other counter ie. Security check, Emigration, etc. the same as earlier. 2/n
Now at the boarding gate, it allowed only 10 people to board in a gap so it will take a long time for the boarding of all. Once you board the flight you will found some packed food items (sandwich, cake, snacks, water & patanjali juice🤣yes) also PPE kit placed on your seat.3/n
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Today's history lesson is about our language. In Hyderabad and the Deccan, people speak in Dakhni, which today is only a spoken language. Words like Kaiku, Nakko, Hao, Manje, Hao-ki etc are imports from Marathi, Kannada and Telugu. A thread on Dakhni.
#Hyderabad #History
Nakko, Kaiku and Hallu (in pic) are 3 commonly used Dakhni words(also called Dakhni Urdu) that we Hyderabadis use in our speech.“Manje/Minjhe” is used by Dakhni speakers in other parts of the Deccan (like Karnataka/MH). FYI Manje in Urdu also refers to a pre-wedding ritual.
“Hyderabadi Hindi” is what north Indians wrongly call Dakhni. Please, DON'T call it Hindi. Many Urdu speakers also mistake it for a form of localized Urdu, which, again, is incorrect. Words like “Haula” (mad), “Hau” (yes) and others, are imports from Marathi, Kannada and Telugu.
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Plotting the moving average of new #COVID19 cases and new deaths in #India

12 districts --> 57% cases

#Hyderabad has recently seen a sharp increase of cases

#Kolkata & #Ahmedabad --> high case fatality ratio


@aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @calamur @CafeEconomics
Next 12 districts make up 8% of all cases

#Jalgaon and #Solapur have a worrisome CFR - 10.9% & 7.7% respectively

Next 12 districts make up 4% of all cases

#Agra has a high CFR - 9.4%

Hope that we can get the case fatality ratio down to near zero!

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#Nehru failed #JammuKashmir & so did #SardarPatel. Abuse me, troll me but I'm certain(with facts,of course) that Patel played second fiddle when it came to J&K

For long, a propaganda has been carved to portray #Maharaja in a bad light by #Delhi
I'll prove my assertion

1. When GG Lord Mountbatten met #Maharaja in June 1947, he asked the latter to accede to either #India or #Pak but also gave a clear hint that if #Maharaja decided to accede with #Pak, it'll not be treated as an unfriendly act by the STATES DEPTT(and in turn, Patel)
2 Remember, this was also the time when #Gilgit lease was terminated. Locals in cahoots with their British masters mounted trouble in #Gilgit. #Mountbatten knew this. Patel again, didn't do anything. He was too putting his weight behind #Abdullah, who was indifferent to accession
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Story of #Pakistan becoming Nuclear state on 28th may 1998 in newspaper clippings from 1998: #Nuclear #YomeTakbir #Kashmir #یوم_تکبیر
In the 1998 Indian general election the BJP emerged as the single-largest party and Atal Bihari Vajpayee became PM of #india on 11 may 1996 ... 2/n #یوم_تکبیر
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was member of the same #BJP who organised a rally at the site of Babri Masjid involving 150,000 volunteers, known as kar sevaks. The rally turned violent, and the crowd overwhelmed security forces and tore down the masjid 3/n #یوم_تکبیر
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This has been the most exciting week.
May 7th:Registered in the link that Embassy set out.
May 9th:Received an email from the Indian Embassy saying I’ve been selected based on electronic random process. We are asked to send the confirmation by end of day.
May 12th:Received a call from Air India and they’ve booked my ticket while i was on hold. I sincerely would like to appreciate the entire staff.
May15th:D-day. Flight at 11:25PM but At the airport by 3:30PM and 150 other people and here already.
#VandeBharathMission #AirIndia
Body temperature will be monitored and noted on passport before checkin. Just one carryon is allowed and it shouldn’t exceed 7kgs. Maintain good distance, please stand on the cross signs that are marked. A new form will provided and and we would submit it at the time of checkin. Image
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#Thread : the #humanitarian responses by #Muslim individuals n orgs during d #COVIDー19. This is not to please anyone but to put things on record. When hate has become d new normal, it becomes imperative to spread love n compassion. Mera paigham #Mohabbat hai jaha tak pahunche…
In #Bengaluru: Muslim Neighbours Step In To Help Bereaved Hindu Family via @BangaloreMirror

More here :
In #Indore : Muslim men carry a Hindu woman’s bier when relatives refused to help the family via @the_hindu

More here :
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#JUSTIN || 11 new #coronavirus cases recorded in #Telangana today. Total no of cases mounts to 1,096 of which 439 are active cases. 43 patients discharged today. Total deaths 29 and 628 patients discharged so far, said @TelanganaCMO @timesofindia
A Telangana worker has died of #COVID19 in #Dubai. Last rites were performed in Dubai itself. Death average is 2.64% in #Telangana: @TelanganaCMO
#Telangana's recovery rate is 57.3% higher than India's recovery rate of 27.40%. Telangana is close to flattening the #COVID19 curve. As per #Hyderabad based biotech companies, vaccine for #COVIDー19 may be out by August: @TelanganaCMO
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For sometime now, liberals in #Pakistan have been peddling the demise of Two Nation Theory that provides the basis of #Pakistani statehood.

One of them is an obtuse physicist Pervez Hoodboy whose pseudo philosophy deems the 1971 secession of East Pakistan as cause.

This proposition especially proves its own intellectually bankrupt, when its made while India is being ruled by #hindu nationalist #BJP.

Who’ve passed genocidal CAA & NRC laws to cancel citizenships of millions of #Indian #Muslims & when 8 million #Kashmiris are under siege.

Hoodboy claims that today’s Pakistan is only half the country envisioned by our founding fathers, therefore Two Nation Theory is dead.

Besides BJP’s #hindu nationalism itself proving the Two Nation Theory, let’s consider how it influenced Bengal’s struggle for independence.

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•Six Quarantine Facilities established at #Mumbai #Jaisalmer #Jodhpur #Hindon #Manesar & #Chennai being run by #ArmedForces in which 1737 persons have been quarantined, of which 403 have been discharged on being ascertained fit.(1/n)
•Additional 15 facilities for 7000 people kept as standby at #Babina #Jhansi #Barmer #Bhopal #Kolkata #Binaguri #Bathinda #Hyderabad #Deolali #Kanpur #Gorakhpur #Agra #Vishakapatnam #Kochi & #Chilka.(2/n)
•Dedicated #COVID19 facilities including High Dependency Units & ICUs being prepared in approximately 51 #ArmedForces hospitals across the country.(n/n)

Together we will fight #COVID19

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The amount of Social service works done by a particular community during the National Crisis of which there is mass propaganda and targeting harassment Is done for Political benifits.

#Covid_19 #Muslim

The Masajids are being Utilized at the time of need, during the National Crisis,


NGO in Bangalore working together preparing Food kits and distributing to the Poor and those who are in need.


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#COVID19 tests (First and second confirmatory tests), are free for all citizens. The country has enough testing capacity as only 10% of total capacity has been utilized per day so far.
An order has been placed for procurement of an additional 80,56,365 #N95 masks and Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers.
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The 24 year old techie from #Hyderabad, who tested positive for #COVID-19 went to Dubai, returned to Bengaluru on Feb 20, reached Hyderabad on February 22. After developing fever he consulted doctors including Apollo Hospital, Shiva_TH
When fever did not subside, he was admitting into Gandhi Hospital on March 1. After tests and cross checking with NIV, Pune he was declared positive for COVID-19
The TS Health Minister said that patient got in contact with at least 80 people including 20 staff of the corporate hospital, and 27 people in a bus. Total number of members in his family is yet to be known
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Pink not Red?

That leads us right back to India through Mylan, the EpiPen manufacturer who's product just happens to turn into Pink #Adrenochrome. Yes you read that right.

Any idea on how to transport Adrenochrome undetected through customs? Asking for a friend....


But me thinks she's about as deep-state as they come.

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Sir @HYDTP @CYBTRAFFIC to encourage citizens/commuters, would you be interested in conducting weekly/monthly contests on traffic/RTO rules & regulations? Where they will be asked to identify the pictures of the symbols of the rules, like ‘No overtaking’, ‘lane driving’ ..
... ‘school zone’ ‘White/yellow/broken lines on the road’ etc… (Sharing the same in the thread)…
From the correct answers, one will be picked randomly, and be rewarded.
(1) two tickets for a movie; of course, one ticket will make him go alone to the movie ;-) ....
... (2) or any gift voucher etc…
I think, you can use the money collected from e-challan for this 
This might help a little awareness for few at least.
You want to try this on all three social media platforms.
Also, you may want to try on tier 2 cities of #Telangana later...
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Youth throughout the country have shown up today in overwhelming numbers to stand for a democratic, secular & republic India
Any effort to divide them only makes them stronger.

Here is a thread of nationwide youth protests in solidarity with #BharatBandh today
Law students at Carter Road, Bandra, #Mumbai
Raipur, #Chhattisgarh
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