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I spent this morning with @Dochasnetwork to talk about Irish public support for #globaldev.

Their new representative study (2k sample) lays out the extraordinary levels of support for development.

A 🧵

@trocaire @Concern @OxfamIreland #Worldview Image
ACTIVE 🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♂️

👉🏿31% of those surveyed actively engaged on global development in the last 12 months.

That’s huge.

#Worldview Image

👉🏿24% are ‘very concerned’ about ‘developing countries’
👉🏿49% are ‘fairly concerned’

#Worldview Image
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This thread is

Chapter 7, titled,

“Cellular Experience & Creation of the World:

“Beginning with Sperm & Ovum Arising Out of No-Formness, Our Experiences & Biology Constitute Our Human Reality”

of “Dance of the 7 Veils I”

by M. Adzema


D7V1 7/1
“Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

Which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

THREAD… #psychology #prenatal #anthro

D7V1 7/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We can’t know what we can’t know, but we cannot unknow what we are.” []

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...… #psychology #consciousness #conception #primal #anthro #womb #worldview #duality #cellular #experience

D7V1 7/3
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I fully agree with those who say oil has been a curse to Nigeria. Many of those question the ultimate value of the reported Kolmani oil find in Northern Nigeria. But I am also practical enough to know three things. First, some countries like Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, Norway were
smart enough to use oil to build their economies, but diversified into other means of wealth creation and also built up savings (reserves/Soveregn Wealth Funds) for the rainy day that have served them well.Secondly, the real secret of the wealth of nations does NOT lie in natural
resources. It lies in economic complexity - the ability to prioritize technological innovation and use it to manufacture complex products that are value-added and competitively produced and then exported to dominate the world trading system. Singapore, South Korea, Japan,
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Presently a Cat 2 Typhoon #Nesat/#NenengPH is another massive late season storm forecast to make landfall on Oct 20th in the Gulf of Tonkin south of Hanoi and weaken to a Tropical Storm before doing so. the South China Island of Hainan will likely receive the worst of the storm. Image
Unfortunately the @zoom_earth Hinmawari Satellite imagery is not available. But from the weather radar data we can see that intense rain bands are now coming ashore on the east coast of Hainan, possibly accompanied by hurricane force winds. Image
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An animation showing the current #SaharaWaterTransport #MiddleEast #ExtremeWeather event over its full terrestrial area and timescale from 17th December till today.

Daily rain intensity measures show where rain fell each day.
1. Along the bottom the monsoon atmospheric river moves West.
2. Over the Atlantic storms produce atmospheric moisture.
3. This travels ENE over the Sahara to the Middle East

[Src. New animation service on @Nasa #Worldview.]
@NASA This animation looks at the next segment in water transport - same time period - over the Indian Ocean and Eurasia to China. Again the monsoon is moving in the opposite direction.

It is remarkably how shallow the angle is of the atmospheric rivers which are moving ENE.
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Imagine a near future in which the fictional University of #Leonia announces a degree program in #DiscardStudies. In doing so, they help to establish this emerging field with a full #curriculum, dedicated faculty, and eager student population. 1/10 @DiscardStudies | #Discard2020 Image
At U of L, teaching discard studies is about more than talking #trash. This new program’s core trains students to use #SystemsThinking to critique #power as the structural force that renders material, people, and land as #waste in a globalized #ColonialCapitalist society. 2/10 Image
Treating objects and organisms as "#disposable" has consequences, but the root of this #WickedProblem runs deep below the surface. Traditional disciplines are insufficient for studying waste bc they focus on the details and fail to recognize the full picture (Brown, 2010). 3/10
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The wise, one alone, unwilling and willing to be spoken of only by the name of #Zeus, the name of Life.

- #Heraclitus 113

[Kahn 1979, pp. 267-271]
“With deliberate antimony #Heraclitus here presents his positive conception of the divine ... The #aphorism is unusually dense and puzzling, full of conflicting forces mysteriously under control.”

- Kahn, ‘Art and Thought of #Heraclitus,’ 1979, pp. 267
“... for #Heraclitus as for Aeschylus ‘#etymology’ must be taken literally: an ‘etymos #logos’ is a ‘true statement’ hidden in the form of a name ... the name ‘Zēnos’ affirms that the supreme #deity is also a principle of life, like the ‘everliving fire’ ...”

- Kahn 1979 p. 270
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