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I assigned films in my Migration in the Middle East class this semester. Here are some favorites in no particular order.👇👇👇
#migration #MiddleEast #refugees #migrants #twitterstorians Street scene; man in a white suit and hat, a child, a clarin
Turtles Can Fly (Bahman Ghobadi, 2004) Turtles can Fly film poster; girl carrying a toddler on her
My Grandfather’s People (Çağan Irmak, 2011)
#mübadele film poster
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"I've been asking a simple, but important question.. What is the administration's strategy on #Syria?" -- @SenatorMenendez

"I remain concerned this administration has accepted #Assad's rule as a foregone conclusion." -- @SenatorRisch

SFRC hearing, now.
@SenatorMenendez @SenatorRisch "I was shocked to see Bashar al-#Assad welcomed as any other Head of State by the #UAE."

- @SafiraLeaf, Assistant Secretary of State for #MiddleEast.
@SenatorMenendez @SenatorRisch @SafiraLeaf "I will make the #Syria crisis & applying pressure on the #Assad regime, a priority in the administration."

- @SafiraLeaf, Assistant Secretary of State for #MiddleEast.
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There are about 2.3 billion #Christians in the world & 1.8 billion #Muslims. That gap is expected to narrow by 2060, when there will be 3 billion #Christians & nearly 3 billion #Muslims. That’s because #Muslims, on average, are younger & have more children than do #Christians.
The countries with the 5 highest #Muslim populations are all in South and Southeast #Asia or in sub-Saharan #Africa, rather than the #MiddleEast; and the countries with the three highest #Christian populations are in the #Americas rather than in the #MiddleEast or #Europe.
By 2060, #India will retain a #Hindu majority but also will have the largest #Muslim population of any country in the world, surpassing #Indonesia. The current #Hindu population worldwide is approx 1.2 billion. Expected #Hindu population in 2060 will be nearly 1.5 billion.
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A long range image based weather forecast thread for #Ethiopia, #NorthAfrica #MiddleEast and #India...

Occasioned by my return from Ethiopia to my home in France. These first two images show #Ethiopia on June 2nd and June 7th (today). The big rains are beginning.
These three big pictures show satellite observed cloud activity yesterday over the tropical belt in the populated hemisphere from the Western Pacific across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans to the Eastern Pacific.
The description part of this thread begins over the Indian Ocean which as you can see here - in a 16 day precipitable water forecast - is filling up with water coming in from the east.

On the basis of this GFS model forecast it looks as if the Indian Monsoon is about to begin.
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1 करोड़ भारतीय अरब देशों में रहते हैं और काम करते हैं .. (ओआईसी राष्ट्र)

भारत अपना 50% से अधिक तेल अरब देशों से आयात करता है।

इन 1 करोड़ लोगों का प्रेषण अरबों डॉलर में चलता है, जिस पर भारत में लाखों परिवार जीवित रहते हैं #Modi #decisions
पाकिस्तान, चीन से भारत पर खतरों का मुकाबला करने के लिए हमारे पास मुस्लिम राष्ट्र में सैन्य अड्डा है 1- चांगी नेवल बेस, सिंगापुर: 2018 में, प्रधान मंत्री मोदी ने सिंगापुर के साथ एक समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर किए। समझौते ने भारतीय नौसेना को इस बेस तक सीधी पहुंच प्रदान की है।
दक्षिण चीन सागर से नौकायन करते हुए, भारतीय नौसेना इस बेस के माध्यम से अपने जहाज को फिर से ईंधन भर सकती है और पुन: स्थापित कर सकती है। 2- सबांग पोर्ट, इंडोनेशिया: 2018 में, भारत को सबांग बंदरगाह तक सैन्य पहुंच मिली, जो मलक्का जलडमरूमध्य के प्रवेश द्वार पर स्थित है। यह जलडमरूमध्य
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The imperative that we must not waver in supporting #Ukraine is reinforced by a factor we often overlook in our #West-centric bubble:

#Russia is not isolated globally.

Pushing back against Russia thus 1) takes extra effort & 2) is of strategic importance beyond #Ukraine (1/11)
For proof that #Russia is not isolated, look toward big parts of Asia, LatAm, Africa, Middle East. Voting patterns at #UNGA. Who hasn’t joint sanctions against #Russia. How media beyond the "West" reports on the war in #Ukraine. And most of all: Look at #China and #India. (2/11)
Let’s take #MiddleEast: Sure, there’s few staunch supporters of #Russia (Syria). Most "sit on the fence": Reluctant to join sanctions; Saudis/UAE won't pump more oil; Even #NATO ally (!) #Turkey & closest US ally #Israel tread cautiously due to security concerns vis Russia (3/11)
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During his official visit to the United States of America, the #OIC Secretary-General, H. E. Mr. #Hissein_Brahim_Taha, met today, May 25, 2022 at the headquarters of the State Department in #Washington, DC, with the US Secretary of State, H. E. Mr. Anthony Blinken.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed bilateral relations between the OIC & the USA & ways to enhance and develop them. They also discussed the outcome of the inaugural strategic dialogue between the OIC & the United States, which was held on May 23-24, 2022 in #Washington. ImageImage
The two sides agreed on the importance of consolidating these relations in various fields, in light of the challenges facing the world, foremost of which are the situations in the #MiddleEast, #Africa and #Asia. ImageImage
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NEW - @USAmbUN says that while U.S. chairs UNSC in May, @SecBlinken will chair a UNSC meeting on the intersection between food insecurity & conflict.

The U.S. will also chair x3 meetings on #Syria:

- Humanitarian on 20th
- Chemical weapons on 23rd
- Political situation on 31st
@USAmbUN @SecBlinken .@USAmbUN also announces that on May 18, the U.S. will convene & @SecBlinken will chair a Ministerial meeting at the UN, focused on food insecurity & conflict, amid #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

Vitally important, as food crises worsen by the week in #Africa & the #MiddleEast.
@USAmbUN @SecBlinken .@USAmbUN on the upcoming UNSC July vote on cross-border access into #Syria:

"It's important that we do everything in our power to keep cross-border assistance flowing into #Syria.. cross-line is clearly not enough.. I will do everything I can do expand the [existing] mandate."
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In 2021, #Assad's regime produced & exported ~$30 billion worth of #Captagon -- roughly 35x #Syria's legal exports.

That *enormous* operation cemented #Syria's status as a narco state of international significance.

My latest, for @MiddleEastInst:…
@MiddleEastInst The regime's integral role in #Syria's #Captagon industry is well known -- and Maher al-#Assad is *the* central figure.

Drugs are literally the lifeblood of #Assad's regime & it's destabilizing the #MiddleEast. Dozens have died in #Jordan in recent months in border clashes.
@MiddleEastInst Despite how much is known & although #Assad's regime remains the most infamous perpetrator of war crimes in the C21st, the world is clearly ignoring the #Captagon threat.

In #Jordan, where it's turned deadly, authorities continue to engage with the very regime behind the threat.
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@kentonthibaut reports on #China’s discourse power activities in #Africa, #LatinAmerica, and the #MiddleEast, how China leverages its reach to gain influence, and the impact these activities have on democratic resilience worldwide. 🧵👇…
@kentonthibaut (2/8): As #China continues to take an increasingly active role on the world’s stage, its efforts have largely bolstered authoritarianism and eroded institutions in fledgling democracies worldwide through their use of their immense diplomatic, media, and political power.
@kentonthibaut (3/8): #China sees disseminating CCP-approved narratives in the Global South to enhance their discourse power as key. The strategy includes:
1. Co-opting foreigners' voices to spread pro-China messaging
2. Using international platforms to spread #propaganda in target environments
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North Africa, Ethiopia and Middle East long range rainfall forecast bulletin:

The interaction between the two greatest Equatorial forests is having a massive impact on weather (see quoted thread for more).
This bulletin begins with a look at Ethiopia where rains over the #HornOfAfrica have been steadily building in April (img: today). A strong big rainy season is indicated by this, notwithstanding a strong La Nina which is typically associated with droughts (see quoted thread ^^).
We can see a glimpse of the GERD today - Easter Sunday in the Western Church - through the clouds (Rosieres Top Right - GERD Bottom Left). Satellite images of the dam - which this year will have its 2nd filling - may be increasingly hard to get with increasing cloud.
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#Ethiopia #NorthAfrica #MiddleEast long rang rainfall forecast bulletin 2022 - #1

Around this time last year I began posting rainfall forecasts for East Africa & Horn of Africa. These expanded to include North Africa & ME.

I am restarting them today.
The big picture. The West African Monsoon is undergoing an intense period and significant amounts of atmospheric is transiting the Sahara bringing clouds & rain to the Middle East.

Rain forecasts for East Africa show significant rain over the coming fortnight.
Sub thread: Covers the past two weeks as West African Monsoon was building. Interestingly the rains appear to be arriving in the Horn and East Africa at roughly the same time, and at similar intensity to last year.
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Basta collaborazione con l’occupante! Per la distruzione dello Stato sionista-fascista d’Israele!

A thread ⬇️…
Il sionismo intensifica la sua occupazione, con decine di giovani uccisi nei quartieri palestinesi, con nuovi insediamenti di coloni, posti di blocco e retate, mentre migliaia di prigionieri palestinesi sono in carcere
Pubblichiamo di seguito la nostra traduzione di questo articolo (…) di Haqeqa Al Maqhoureen (La verità degli Oppressi)(…)
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#Chinese Foreign Ministry gives very interesting details from #China FM Wang call with #Israel FM @yairlapid. Thread: As far as I remember, this is 1st time China praises the #AbrahamAccords, if without naming them. Wang Yi says "China is pleased to see Israel establishing 1/9
and developing normal ties with countries in the region, which is part of the reconciliation in the broader #MiddleEast 中方乐见以方同地区国家建立并发展正常友好关系,这应是中东整体和解的组成部分." So far, China has been was quiet re Israel's closer ties with #UAE, #Bahrain 2/9
despite its professed support for stability. Wang repeats China's stance re Israel ties with #Palestinians, says supports resuming talks on #two #state solution, repeats China's offer to facilitate direct negotiations between Israel and Palestinians. China had already hosted 3/9
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#DPR Tank duelling with Ukr AT Missile crews
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Footage of Chechens during street fighting in #Mariupol
The launchers they're firing seem to be disposable RPO-A with thermobaric rounds
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Chechen unit in a large weapons depot they captured in #Zaporozhye Region
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HAPPENING NOW: @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen. Stephen Townsend & @CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie back on #CapitolHill, testifying before the House Armed Services Committee

Joined by @DeptofDefense UnderSec for Policy Sasha Baker
#China has made a decision, a deliberate decision to compete w/America in #Africa & win that competition" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend

"They compete primarily thru economic means & diplomatic means..."
"The primary thing that concerns me w/#China's military competition in #Africa is that they are seeking, actively seeking a military base on the #Atlantic Coast of Africa" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend

"That would be bad for America's security..."
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HAPPENING NOW: @CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie & @USAfricaCommand Cmdr Gen Stephen Townsend testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee

Chairman @SenJackReed opens up talking abt #Iran missile strike in #Irbil #Iraq...
Intro remarks from ranking member @JimInhofe

"#Iran is the foremost threat" in the @CENTCOM region, he says

"Our partners increasingly doubt America's resolve" he adds, blaming what he calls "Pres. Biden's misguided policies"
"The threat posed by #Iran is graver than ever" @CENTCOM's Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie warns in his opening remarks

"#Russia's invasion of #Ukraine moreover has violently demonstrated its willful disregard for int'l norms just have we have seen thru Russia's actions in #Syria
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For what it’s worth, *IF* #Assad’s regime begins sending troops to #Ukraine, they’ll be no more than cannon fodder in a battle & environment that’s completely alien to them - it’ll be like “sending Martians to fight on the Moon,” as I told @WSJ:…
When, on the rare occasion, #Assad needed capable urban warfare fighters, he turned to #Hezbollah — NOT his own military.

#Syria’s military was good at brutal, sustained sieges, indiscriminate bombardment, horrific [sectarian] violence, mass torture & organised crime. That’s it.
Within months of #Russia’s military intervention in #Syria in Sept 2015, #Putin furiously reacted to the poor performance of #Assad’s forces — they simply couldn’t take advantage of Russian backing.

To solve that, #Russia had to send in SOF ground troops & work with #Hezbollah.
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NEW—Global estimates of #ExcessDeaths indicates that 18.2 million people may have died because of the #COVID19 pandemic by December 31, 2021, according to our analysis published in @TheLancet…
The peer-reviewed analysis found over 18 million* deaths as opposed to the reported nearly 6 million deaths, more than 3 times higher.

“COVID effectively increased the global death rate each year by nearly 20% in both 2020 and 2021,” said IHME Director Chris Murray ⤵
💡So what is #ExcessMortality?

Our excess mortality estimates reflect the full impact of the #pandemic on mortality around the world (after correcting for known biases), not just the deaths directly attributable to SARS-CoV-2 infection.
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The European commission says that the #EU is resilient to a sudden drop in #Russian gas and has enough supply to last through the winter.

@DaveKeating reports on the details ⤵️
@DaveKeating "It's time to start thinking of the collateral price everyone is paying for this #war."

Ghassan Salamé, Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at #SciencesPo discusses the new #EU gas strategy ⤵️
@DaveKeating 🇷🇺🇺🇦 Are there parallels to be made between the crises in the #MiddleEast and the ongoing #Russian war in #Ukraine? ⤵️
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Breaking: House Intel Committee posts @ODNIgov's 2022 Annual Threat Assessment, aka the Worldwide Threat Assessment

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the #UnitedStates & its allies"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the #UnitedStates in multiple arenas—especially economically, militarily & technologically—& is pushing to change global norms & potentially threatening its neighbors" per @ODNIgov report
"#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can—locally & globally—employing techniques up to & including the use of force" per @ODNIgov report, compiled w/info available up to January
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1/West destructive approach to #UkraineRussiaWar by ignoring massive influx of Nazi Militia/Modern #Terrorists to #Ukraine through a Pawn is turning a Regional Conflict to Global Catastrophe! It conjures up cia-made Terrorists/ISIS.. in the #MiddleEast..
Those who made Nazi &WWII ImageImageImageImage
2/for their illegitimate goals, now supporting Neo_Nazi in #Ukraine toward WWIII, a Global Threat backed by #NATO whose leadership must go trial for #War_Crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.. &now using #Ukrainians in its ProxyـWar against #Russia
3/#Ukrainian people must not leave the state, Stay Home, Stand to Warmongers-based Western Terrorists& kick them out of your Country.
By the way, mass “disinformation/fake footages” cannot be ignored. To many extent, the events have been staged!

#N0_To_War ImageImageImageImage
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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⚡️ Head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin (key points):

• The more successfully the Russian special military operation in #Ukraine develops, the stronger the hysteria becomes in the #UnitedStates and other #NATO countries.
• The masks have been dropped. The #West is not just trying to surround #Russia with a new "Iron Curtain". We witnessed attempts to destroy our state, attempts of its "cancellation".
#NATO bombed #Yugoslavia under the pretext of rescuing the "unfortunate" #Kosovo Albanians, and now their leader Hashim Thaci himself is on trial for war crimes and trafficking of human organs.
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