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@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck unlikely but do you watch anime? i realised i actually have these 2 #anime conspiracy theories that combined are similar to your #chess-#poker theory. like you think chess is staged & poker is staged and there's a connection. similarly... #yuri #chessdrama #pokerdrama
@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck but not just any yuri ships but yuri ships between imouto's. i call these 'double imouto ships' (imouto is japanese for younger sister eg @GMJuditPolgar is an imouto of @SusanPolgar who ...
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Poker is easy when you river the nuts but it's hard when you only beat a bluff

In today’s solver hand breakdown we’re going look at how a hand plays account in a solver across each street.
🧵👇 Image
1/ Flop: OOP checks their entire range and IP bets 50% pot at a very high frequency. OOP continues by calling all their pocket pairs along with some of their best ace-highs and king-highs with backdoor flush draws. ImageImageImage
2/ Turn: On this low turn card OOP is actually meant to donk 25% pot at a reasonable frequency. All the overcards missed. Ace-highs now have additional gutshot equity so OOP bets out small to “protect” their pocket pairs, some flush draws, overcards and gutshots. Image
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🚀Degen Strategy🚀

💰How I turned $2048 into $100,000 in 1 month, and NOT losing it all back.

👉 No bullshit, at the end of the thread, there is a link for you guys to verify trade record on @Myfxbook

#forex #crypto Image
1⃣ A High Conviction View.
$DXY (USD Index) was trading around 105, a hard support, which if it holds, I have high conviction it will bounce to 110 in a short time, aka, bullish continuation bias.

With that view, I chose to short #EURUSD and Long #USDJPY Image
2⃣ Money Management (MM) is 🔑

I deposited $2048 on 08.08.2022, with that fund, I can trade up to 100 lot #EURUSD. But my trade size is only 0.1 to 0.5 lot.

First trade was a loss, neverminded, I tried again the next day and started making some small wins. Image
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Two of my biggest passions have been #poker and #trading. Trading was my first job since 2009. The less known fact - I played poker 500+ nights. There are many similarities between the two. Here is a thread about the parallels to help your trading and poker

A thread🧵
1. Keep folding cards. Do not play average cards for too much money. Card selection is everything. Especially true if you are a beginner.

Similarly, in trading, do not do many trades. Be selective. Trade only when you have a good trade idea with many strong reasons
2. Connected to point 1. Be patient. Wait for the right opportunity. Some of the world's best poker players play may be 3% of the cards they get. Some of the best trades I know trade may be 3 or 4 trades in a month. Look at 50 ideas, shortlist 10, and trade may be 2
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The global pandemic certainly had an influence on the #Poker industry, which currently experiences a temporary boom with record numbers for live events.

But not everything is as shiny as one might think so bear me out for a little thread during an airport layover.
Many staff (especially dealers) were forced to sit on the bylines for more than 1.5 years, many of which had to take regular day jobs. A big portion of them returned but in the grand scheme of things, it's certainly not the same anymore.
For poker players it didn't matter that much because they could cluck buttons from the comfort of their home. Online poker was booming and took a major hit when the live scene resumed almost business as usual.
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Alle einarmigen Banditen stehen still, wenn dein reichweitenstarker Account das will.

Nachdem einige Streamer:innen mit einen Streik gedroht haben, hat #Twitch ab den 18. Oktober reichweite Slotseiten verboten. Slots-Streaming wird so gut wie unmöglich.…
In D hat die Debatte um Slots über die Jahre Fahrt aufgenommen und eskalierte nun in Twitch-Deutschland, weil zwei hochnäsige Jungs sich total daneben benommen haben.
Auf der #GamesCom ist es dann eskaliert.
Mit dem Teilverbot ist Gambling-Streaming damit fast unmöglich. /TN
Persönlich: Ich finde es gut, dass Slots bald auf #Twitch so gut wie verboten sind. Die Sportwettenausnahme und vor allem diese FIFA-Packungen-Ausnahme finde ich allerdings ziemlich schwach. Gerade diese Packungen werden ja einen jüngeren Publikum präsentiert. /TN
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Le pire!
Ces hypocrites #Médias dégueulent sur la "sale populace de twitter" dans leurs émissions d'alcoolo de PMU mais nous y insultent/emmerdent!
Pas abo à ce compte ni ne regarde ces inaptes cooptés inéduqués, mais leurs tweets me sont imposés! (et ça se victimise)
Estelle Denis, c'est la nana qui se croit intelligente alors que pistonnée & cooptée de naissance...
Estelle Denis #EstelleMidi se croit intelligente! Elle a fait une "Bulle" (car #FamousPeople*) en #WSOP en perdant son AA en faisant le geste pour "Se coucher" en disant à voix basse "Call".
Insultant alors le croupier de "débile" alors qu'il a un meilleur niveau, +100 de QI…
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#Tether - Let's take a look at the team that created USDT and their strange connections - #illegal ones. 🧐

➡️ Origin, core-team and shady connections/frauds

This is a continuation of the last thread, which you can find below ⬇️

[2/x] CHAPTER ONE - #NYAG INVESTIGATION - In the Bitfinex and Tether fraud case

Tether claimed at the outset that it would cooperate with the NYAG, after which it obstructed the handing over of relevant documents and prolonged the process.
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1/ This Decade in Macro

A thread on our predictions for the next decade.
2/ I spend much of my time attempting to figure out what’s going on in the world, and then make bets based upon my assumptions.

Like in poker, I’m right more than I’m wrong, but I’m still wrong a surprisingly high percentage of the time.
3/ I’m just one person with extremely limited information relative to the information that is available, and who is highly aware there’s more that he doesn’t know than that he does know.
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I'm giving away a seat to the 1K #WSOP ladies event thanks to a generous friend! To qualify, please link your hendon mob and tell me about or link to your favorite ever #poker hand played by a woman or gender minority. (Have to be in Vegas 6/29 to win) #chessqueens #pokerqueens
CC @NadyaKGB, @pokerpower and @obrientweet (among others!) for the inspo!
I'm going to open my DMs for anyone who's semi-anonymous and would prefer not to link to their hendon publicly! 🥰
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Note that there are apparently video #poker games where an optimal strategy would allow the player to break even or even beat the house. Evaluating the accuracy of this claim is beyond the scope of this paper… However, on most video poker machines, even expert players are playing against a house edge.

Video lottery machines There is a great deal of confusion about the nature of VLTs.… People often use the term VLT when referring to video poker or video slots located in a casino. There are four main differences between a VLT and a video slot machine. First, in some jurisdictions,
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Dolly Parton is trending

because #GuardianHatesTrump

Here she adapts one of her songs

to shill for #PigPharma

Dolly Parton Rejects Medal Of Freedom From Donald Trump Twice…

"“I couldn’t accept it (from Trump) because my husband was ill and then they asked me again about it and I wouldn’t travel because of the COVID,” she recalled."

Sensed he was spotlighting her?
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[#Thread] Mesdames et messieurs, devant vos yeux ébahis (musique de cirque), nous allons aborder le thème :

Comment gagner de l'#argent avec les #cryptomonnaies

Thread à déguster très frais accompagné d'une coupe de Dom Pérignon bien assis dans votre fauteuil préféré. ⬇️
Avant de commencer, sachez qu'il n'existe pas de méthode miracle et chaque #investissement vous demandera du #temps ou de l'#argent.

Certaines méthodes vous permettront de gagner de l'argent de façon passive, d’autres demanderont un peu de travail et certaines compétences.
Ensuite, mon but est de simplement "donner des pistes" au travers de ce #thread.

Les caractères étant limités, des exemples ainsi que d'avantages d'#explications seront disponibles sur l'#article complet en fin d'article sur @AuCoinduBloc.

(L'article est un pavé)
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Learning to play Kuhn Poker with Monte Carlo Counterfactual Regret Minimization (MC-CFR) in #python

📝 Code/Tutorial:

This isn't deep learning. But it'll be interesting if you do machine learning, like incomplete information games or play #poker.

2/8) Kuhn Poker is a simple 2-player betting game with three cards (A, K, Q). A single card is dealt to each player. Players take turns betting chips and the player with the higher card wins the chips. If a player folds the other player wins the chips.

3/8) CFR finds the Nash equilibrium with self-play. In each iteration, it calculates the regret of following the current strategy instead of playing each action. Then it updates the strategy with regret matching:

strategy = regret of action/total regret of all actions

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I am walking around freezing NYC, thinking about my departure to Miami next week, and it suddenly hits me...the retail trading boom everyone is talking about is something i've seen before.

I was once the "teenage gambler" who "didn't have a clue".

A quick story...

Many might not be aware but 2004-2011 was the golden age of poker, driven by the boom of online platforms like SportingBet, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and others.

Similar to trading, the ease of these poker platforms democratised the game and spread it internationally...
The World Series (WSOP) transformed from a bunch of sweaty guys (yes, mostly guys) trapped in a window-less casino into Burning man - desired by many, but only a few got to experience it.
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Chess is booming as a result of @netflix's brilliant 'The Queen's Gambit'.

Now the #poker world is crying out for its own film/TV show to bring wider interest to the game.

Here are 5 true-life poker plot lines (& the ideal casts) that we should see onscreen.

A thread👇👇👇

Whether it's a 3hr movie directed by Martin Scorcese or an 8hr Netflix series, it would be incredible to see the story of @TexDolly--from NBA-ready college athlete to road gambler to the Godfather of poker--on screen.

What do you reckon, @briankoppelman? 👇
2) Synopsis:

In the early 50s, a devastating leg injury crushes the NBA dreams of prodigious college athlete Doyle Brunson. He turns to illegal poker games to fuel his competitiveness and soon finds himself on the road with a crew of Texan card sharks. Over the next 60 years...
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Here's the story of a teenager forced to drop out of uni for medical reasons, whose dad then introduced him to #poker mixed games.

Today he's one of the greatest mixed game players of the modern era with 3 WSOP bracelets, 7 COOP titles, & millions in cashes.

Thread time👇👇👇
1) Benny Glaser left his family home in Southampton to study product design at university when he was 18.

He discovered poker with friends and joined the university pub poker league.

“My housemates had a poker league too,” he says.

But his studies were sadly cut short.
2) Benny Glaser was forced to drop out of uni for medical reasons, but he took his love of poker back home with him.

"When I got back, I started playing both No Limit Hold'em and Limit Hold'em online," he says.

He began taking the game pretty seriously.

Then one day...
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To share what you wish you would have known years ago is to handover the chain of tokens, to the people, willing to unlock a better tomorrow. #giveback #NerdZen #TokensToZen #TheNerdsJourney
TokenToZen  #1:
Be Homo Ludens. Play is research. Innovation never stops playing. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. Our world needs true game changers. Be part of the action! #PlayYourDay #Gamification #SimonSinek #InfiniteGames #NerdZen #TokensToZen
TokenToZen #2:
If you ever got to choose what you will loose: Your Eyes or your Ears: How will you decide? A life without sight or a silent one? Choose wisely. Want a hint? Silence is consent? #DecisionMaking #MeaningfulConnections #NerdZen #TokensToZen
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A thread of learnings from poker for startups/founders/businesses in general:
1. Find a table where you can win/Play where you can win - Compete in markets where you can win. The aim is winning not winning against someone specific
#poker #startups
2. Milk a good hand/Ride the wave - If you find yourself in the right place at the right time, ride it. That is the part of the luck which you need to maximize. Be nimble footed, be opportunistic. #poker #startups
3. Know when to fold/Pot Control/Minimize risk - If you find yourself in the middle of an adverse situation or a hypothesis which seems to be failing - put the brakes om, slow down, revaluate and decide #poker #startups
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I have been asked how this would work. I welcome you to join me on a journey how #cashless #casino's could operate in 2020. I'll explain it based on the example of "Awesome Casino Vegas" or "ACV" which I made up for this example.

This is the exciting future in a thread... (1/x)
ACV is a #casino in #vegas and needs to go cashless. They choose to issue a stable #token on the #CSCL. $1= 1ACVT. They have their own branded #whitelabel version of the #casinocoin #BrankrollManager. Their customers can purchase #tokens at a cash cage... (2/x)
...or via #debit/#credit (and #crypto 😉) via the wallet. Customers get #KYC'ed on the fly when onboarding during the wallet setup. All transactions can be pinned down to an individual. They know exactly who is who and who did what and when. (3/x)
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A thread on the changing nature of #Vice during the #Corona Virus #Covid19
Beginning with Alcohol... 1/
US: Sprits sales increased by 75% year on year.
Online alcohol sales increased 291% in the last week of March
RUSSIA: Misconception that alcohol will protect drinkers from the virus resulted in a 65% increase in alcohol sales according to the market research firm GfK.

WHO have issued a report on “myth” and “facts” you can check out here:…
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First time streaming a big poker tourney on my new combined chess AND poker channel on and I won it! ❤️#PASCOOP #PokerStarsPA #chess #poker
A few minutes later I choked vs. my evil brother in a totally winning bullet game on stream. He can't let me be happy for even one hour!!! @GregShahade 😡
I was too engrossed in the final table to play chess, so we were watching top games on @chesscom , mostly Hans Niemann vs @GmNaroditsky and then later @GregShahade!

That is why the analysis bar is showing :)
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On a poker table the day before yesterday, a wise man told me Twitter where you give gyaan. Here is my first attempt, connecting the similarities between poker, and trading #poker #trading
Learn to survive
If you don't bet, you can't win. If you lose all your chips, you can't bet. Learn the balance. Survive your initial days until you learn. Don't go against the pros on your first night with a pile of cash. Start small. #poker #trading
Table selection
If you earn less than 100k, don’t play tables with 25k buy-ins against millionaires. If you lose, you are out in one game. Similarly, if you have a 2L trading account, you shouldn't trade 4 Lots of Yes Bank at 20x leverage. Try 1 lot Nifty. #poker #trading
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