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I warned you Jack and what did you do, WHAT DID YOU DO?
You took 2 more Dragon's from the children
YET the child porn distributor we've been reporting for 4+ days is still here distributing videos of children being sexually abused
I will start off with 1 every hour till they are all exposed Jack. Every single hashtag that leads to the child porn distributors, child sex traffickers and every single pedophile you give sanctuary too on this pedo platform haven for child sexual abuse. I will start at 9 PST.
Ok #Patriots before I do this I want to give you all the link to report child sexual exploitation on Twitter.
I'd like you all to report the handles you find exploiting children on that form. When you do twitter will send a CSE case number to your email
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This platform is full of them..openly discussing their sick perversions...
These, my friends, are #MAP (minor attracted person) or #NOMAP (non offending minor attracted person).

Let's also look at the account @ROYALMRBADNEWS…
The account @ROYALMRBADNEWS has openly said he's a #MAP (Minor Attracted Person)
You only have to see his other past tweets to get his thoughts on young girls...
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“Policy Options to Impose Costs on #Beijing’s Coercive Envelopment of #HongKong: Version 1.0”

#NatSecLaw negates #SAR’s judiciary & freedoms

Our #ChinaSignPost™ 洞察中国 report (#102) offers analysis & recommendations…
#HongKong’s long-deteriorating situation has come to a head.

Today, just b/f #July1, Beijing imposed a popularly-opposed #NationalSecurityLaw negating the Special Autonomous Region’s judiciary & freedoms.…

Dissidents are vulnerable; everyone is at risk.
#Beijing has abruptly abandoned binding commitments & reassurances, which underwrote #HongKong’s handover from Britain in 1997, & its subsequent special treatment by the United States & other nations.

Now, sadly, Hong Kong’s identity & status lies damaged & altered irrevocably.
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This #SOASLangs week, we'll delve in our #African languages holdings @SOASLibrary and @SOAS_SpecColl, or rather just brush on their surface: with several 100s of languages and dialects represented, it is our most #multilingual collection!

#AfricanLanguages #Multilingualism ImageImageImage
Let's start with #Swahili also known as #Kiswahili.

This @SOAS "Language for Lockdown" video is a great introduction to the 1,200 years history of Swahili: .

#SOASLangs #SOASfromHome Image
@SOAS @CAS_SOAS @SOAS_SpecColl hold a great collection of Swahili manuscripts, see

Among them figure a few copies of al-Inkishafi "The Soul's Awakening", a 19th cent. poem by Sayyid Abdallah bin Ali bin Nassir.

#Swahili #SOASLangs #SOASfromHome #Inkishafi Image
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#LeeWarren #PLIM #REPORT #Volume 11#1
When have the most inhumane acts occurred in time?
Was Nazism born of secret societies and the occult?
Was Hitler under demonic influence?
Was Stalin controlled by demons?…
#World #Leaders & the #Occult #EVIL #Satanic #System

World leaders gathered around a moving luminescent #pyramid in a circle with symbols. They wear a lapel pin of an unholy triangle, the #illuminati pyramid

World Leaders #Wearing Illuminati Pyramid Pin
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/29/2020-2…
Coronavirus Bills Are So Big, Only Money-Printing Can Pay Them - Bloomberg…
#coronavirus #pandemic #Bills
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Researchers have... - Maps on the Web…
#pacific #maps #garbage #patch
Global cooling event 4,200 years ago spurred rice's evolution, spread across Asia…
#rice #asia #cooling #evolution
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/24/2020-2

The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S.

#Map #Census2010
Scientists concerned that coronavirus is adapting to humans | Society | The Guardian…
#society #humanity #coronavirus #mutations
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1/5 New @CEPII_Paris working paper on #taxevasion with @VVicard and A. Guillin…
We employ a standard gravity framework to quantify abnormal stocks of FDI and portfolio securities over 2009-2017 for up to 236 jurisdictions.
2/5 we provide evidence that about 40% of global asset are abnormal stocks and that: (a) the bulk of international assets in tax havens are `abnormal', i.e unexplained by standard gravity factors; (b) there is a strong heterogeneity among jurisdictions,
3/5 Heterogeneity on the #Map: the larger a country, the more their international financial exchanges are NOT driven by economic and geographic factors.
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1/ Facts: a fair few pedophile defenders working in professional positions:
* Regard pedophilia (#map, #mappositivity) is an innate, unchangeable "sexual orientation."
* Believe pedophiles *should* interact online.
* Say pedophiles should declare that they are non-offending...
...and that we, the public, should believe them.
* In other ways, very much support an incipient pedophile support movement/community, treated as an identity group.
* Clearly don't care about the possible negative long-term consequences of such a community.
* Are thoroughy convinced that their "research" demonstrates the consequences will be all roses.
* Actively work to remove the stigma/taboo of "pedophilia," which they angrily insist means *only* sexual attraction toward children, never any behavior.
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Parpol dengan suara terbanyak pada pemilu legislatif DPRD Kabupaten/Kota 2019 di setiap kabupaten/kota di Indonesia.
#politics #map #electoral_map #Indonesia #pemilu #2019
DKI Jakarta tidak memiliki pemilu legislatif DPRD kabupaten/kota. Warna peta pada DKI Jakarta merujuk ke akumulasi suara per kabupaten/kota administratif pada pemilu legislatif DPRD Provinsi 2019.
Parpol dengan suara terbanyak pada pemilu legislatif DPRD Kabupaten/Kota 2019 di Aceh.
#politics #map #electoral_map #Indonesia
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X : Any chance we can meet for coffee?
Me : Virtual or in person?
X : In person.
Me : Whereabouts?
X : I'll be in London next month.
Me : Ok, A coffee shop in London Hythe.
X : Where's that.
Me : About 70 miles away.
X : Something a bit more local?
Me : Hythe is local ... to me.
X : Ok, virtual?
Me : Sure. What's up anyway?
X : I need to pick your brain on how to bring IT and the business closer together?
Me : Easy. You put IT in charge. It's a lot faster for engineers to learn about business than it is for business to learn about engineering.
X : There's a lot to learn about business.
Me : No there isn't, it's mostly story telling. Engineers won't have any issue with finance & law, most will know how to build teams and the strategy / leadership parts of business are mostly snake oil ... it's not like engineering.
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So, to #Map Camp news. Really delighted that @RainmakerCXO has kindly taken the inclusion sponsorship. This means we can afford to expand significantly the number of subsidised diversity tickets for the event as well as look to add a quiet room & signing -…
Now, and this is me being a bit greedy ... I'm on the hunt for a climate sponsor for #Map Camp ... a company willing to help us offset the environmental costs of our event.
X : Where are the non diversity tickets?
Me : You mean standard tickets or early birds? They all sold out. There are supporter tickets left though. Otherwise it's just diversity tickets and if we sell out of those, there are some women only standard tickets that were set aside.
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This is a public call for comment.

@Bunnysideas was in the server in the beginning, and also in many #MAP servers (their words - to "infiltrate" them).

One of their associates we know of has a Gab, and that gab is followed by a similar Bunny account which mutually follows them.
Further, this "Bunny" on Gab reposted a stream where the "#NOMAP Bunny" I kicked out of the server early on "debates" AoC.

For context, listen to @Bunnysideas:

... then listen to NMB:

And tell me they're not the same person.
Bunny follows the following accounts right now - proof in screenshots:

@D22three1, @Harukitheshota, @caitlinmap

So at least you're adjacent, and I see no reason to believe anything other than what many people would suspect reading this thread.

But you have a channel. Use it.
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THREAD: #Map: ISIS attacks in June 2019 (Interactive)

251 attacks - 52 less than in May - but some in less expected places (Mozambique, southwestern Syria, Grozny), increased activity in central Libya, a conflict against Taliban and pledge videos.
The month began with another "offensive" - "The Battle of Attrition", which brought almost 20 attacks each day. After it ended, there were days when there were less than 3 attacks claimed by ISIS.
June was also a month with quite a number of official videos - every 3-4 days there was a new release showing ISIS fighters from around the world (West Africa, Sinai, Khorasan, East Asia, Caucasus) pledging their allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
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THREAD: #Map: ISIS attacks in May 2019 (Interactive)

303 attacks (39 more than in April) in total. In May ISIS claimed activity in 16 countries.
Two new Wilayahs, bigger activity in DRC and more. Stay here for more information.
Unlike April, there was no big "worldwide" offensive in May. Despite this, the number is much bigger than a month ago. 10+ attacks daily weren't anything unordinary. This trend has stayed in the first days of June as well.
Syria witnessed "rebranding" of Barakah branch of Wilayah Sham - it was moved back to Hasakah province. A big increase in the attacks in Hasakah was noticed. ISIS claimed more attacks in Middle Euphrates Valley Region, too.
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Il y a 2-3 ans, j'ai commencé à "collectionner" et à renseigner dans une base de données des pochettes de disques dans l'optique de rédiger sur #spacefiction un billet portant sur l'usage des cartes (et globes) sur ces dernières... Corpus de pas loin 200 pochettes à ce jour ! 1/4
Et puis, le temps me manquant, j'ai mis le projet de côté... Je le prendrai très certainement plus tard, et d’ailleurs, de temps en temps, quand je tombe dessus, je rajoute encore des pochettes au dossier. 2/4
Mais en attendant, plutôt que de les laisser sur mon disque dur, j'ai décidé de les partager ici et de me lancer dans un #thread au long cours. Il y a des albums de tous les styles de musiques et des artistes de tous les niveaux. 3/4
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Dear #dnd #battlemap and encounter #map users and designers: A musing thread...
About 25% of my way-too-much gaming is #dnd. As a long-time user of battlemaps (vs. terrain), I prefer to use printed or printable battlemaps at the table when I run dungeons (I use more Theater of the Mind when running heists and other non-dungeon action sequences).
And I've been using battlemaps from DAY ONE of my D&D life, because I started with The New Easy to Master Dungeons and Dragons Game boxed set that came with that amazing vinyl(!) Zanzer's Dungeon map.
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For clarity. When i say #showertime. I mean when the government puts drugs in your shower head, and you're dosed every time you take a shower. You'll be easily manipulatable, and appear crazy to the regular John.
You might also be impartial to taking showers, exhibiting all the symptoms of "mental illness". (and or smelling and looking like shit). So Obamas church crew, being led by "#mentalhealth professionals, local law enforcement officials" can come and get you. Under #ExecutiveOrder
But can you prove it to a Judge like Jeffrey Steven White??

Ask @SharylAttkisson

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#Map: #ISIS activity in the last 3 months (Heatmap). About 100 hours of work during these 90 days, but totally worth it.


As in most of the heatmaps, red area = high activity. Blue = there was something.

More information below.
Euphrates Valley south of Deir ez-Zor remains the main area of ISIS attacks. Red area in and near Baghuz is from, obviously, the SDF offensive in January and February. After the territorial defeat there only Hajin witnessed any attacks (three, to be exact).
Regarding the area NW of Hajin, despite SDF's best wishes (and counterterrorism campaigns) the threat still persists. The people knowing more about it say it's closely related to the local tribes, whom they are/were supporting etc.
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First tweet (not posted by a political handle or advertisments) in our data collection with #loksabhaelections2019! First tweet with inked status! #Elections2019 #SocialMedia #VotingRound2 #IndiaElections2019 #ProfGiri #Research #TNElection2019 #OruviralPuratchi
From 0700 - 0830, we have 20,019 tweets (original, retweets, quotes). Around 9,075 unique users posted these tweets with 2,200 users posting original tweets. Most popular hashtags: #LokSabhaElections2019 14774, #TNElection2019 6153, #Elections2019, 3165, #Ajith 2342, #Thala 2186
Most active users with their number of tweets (original, retweets, quotes) posted,
('@RanjanaSiroha', 76),
('@ThalaDhas', 70),
('@Ebinson18', 64),
('@PsYcho_bwy', 61),
('@Thala15111', 59)
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Tweeps, have you been to the landmark @LouvreAbuDhabi #Louvre #AbuDhabi? No worries. Got @twitter. Had the chance to visit while in the #UAE for the @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal #MENASummit. Follow this thread for a #TwitterTour of highlights.… #art #museum
Hello #LouvreAbuDhabi! @LouvreAbuDhabi ~ in all directions, the #magic of art & creativity on display. Crossing borders. Crossing cultures. #artmatters #museumlove
#Stunning. This two-headed figure is one of the oldest monumental statues in the history of humanity. It is some 8500 years old. On display at the @LouvreAbuDhabi. 👥

@VisitAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #LouvreAbuDhabi
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(So 3rd attempt writing this thread. Now condensed)

#DnD World Building thread:

I'm writing up a largely sandy island for a #DnD5e campaign 🏝 The island is loosely shaped like a spear head, with a mountain ridge running along what might be seen as the spears ridge / fuller 🗡
I love the phonetic sounds of the Arabic language for this location. I'm currently thinking the island is called internationally as Al 'Ard Ramali. Which roughly translates to The Land of the Spear. Is that too many syllables for a countries name? Does it flow? ⁉
At the very tip of the island (the pointy end), is the capital, a large trading port city that is literally & physically split in two ⚓ It is known for trading in exotic items, precious metals & precious gems. Due to the desert environment that largely covers the island, food...
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